What You Can Do With Social Media Now


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A collection of successful social media cases to show the audience on the Capgemini Cloud Computing Conference in Utrecht (February 17th) what social media can offer. And that investing in social media provides a return on investment

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  • http://press.wetpaint.com/page/New+Study+Indicates+Social+Media+Pays;+Correlation+Between+Brands+SM+Efforts+&+Financial+Performance
  • http://pbworks.com/content/casestudy-capgemini
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  • Erwin Blom – Handboek Communities
  • http://statistics.allfacebook.com/developers/single/zynga/27/
  • So having this hugely distributed Internet where you users are scattered over multiple services and website. How do you look at the concept of identity? It’s a LOT to ask a user to create YET ANOTHER account on your site. However, if the user is willing to do so, it means that he/she is assuming that they will get something out of it. You have a couple of standards that are emerging for online identity management: OpenID, oAuth, etc. However, the real gems are in the social graph: i.e. access to your friends, to your photos, to your profile information, etc. You see many sites now using identity providers from e.g. Facebook as the authentication mechanism and store extra information locally on the server.Other examples:Watchmen movie, BlueRay version: connect via FB Connect with your friends and watch together and chatGirlsGuideTo: the only way to connect is FB Connect. Actually some kind of social network that leverages another social network
  • These guys at Animoto did it using Amazon Web Services.
  • A couple of nights ago one of our customers—Animoto—saw a monster spike in traffic. Animoto has a product that helps you create web videos with music and graphics. They launched a Facebook app that lets people tell their friends when they’ve uploaded a video that includes that friend. You can see the spike in traffic that this new app caused. The X axis represents time elapsed and the Y axis represents the EC2 instances launched. Because they were using AWS, Animoto didn’t have to do a thing—AWS took care of everything.
  • By giving away 100 Ford Fiestas to influential bloggers, 37% of Generation Y were aware of the Ford Fiesta before its launch in the United States.  Is it any wonder why 25% of Ford’s marketing spend has been shifted to digital/social media initiatives?  Ford is the only US auto company that didn’t take a government loan.
  • Case-mate "Recession Case" drives record sales. Andrew Knight, VP of e-commerce, readily admits he was skeptical when a 22 year old on the marketing staff brought him the idea of selling a cardboard case for the iPhone (see image, above). Appropriately dubbed the recession case, this would retail for 99 cents."My initial thought was that this was never going to work. I was thinking we might sell a couple hundred but most of them we would just have to give away. What I underestimated was the power of social media!" said Knight. What happened is that Knight had met blogger Larry Greenberg through Twitter and Greenberg posted an article about the Recession Case. The next day, almost every major tech news site picked up on the recession case: Gizmodo, Engadget, TechCrunch, CNET, Mashable, etc."We broke our daily site traffic record by five-times and we set an all time revenue record in the same day! Our Facebook & Twitter traffic skyrocketed as the story spread virally and people shared it with friends and family. In four days we had sold over 7,000 recession cases! It was truly unbelievable how fast it took off," said Knight.Case-mate also offered free personalized "Sharpie Script" on the recession case. This sparked a mini-phenomenon of its own, as people were buying cases for each other to simply send a personalized message (aka being social).Knight points out another added bonus of the social propagation, "Our search rankings have improved nicely. Our two most important terms are 'iPhone case' and 'iPhone cases.' We are currently #1 for both of them on Google!"
  • BlendTec increased its sales 5x by running the often humorous "Will it Blend" Videos on YouTube, blending everything from an iPhone to a sneaker.
  • http://twitter.com/garyvee
  • What You Can Do With Social Media Now

    1. What You Can Do With Social Media Now<br />Rick Mans - Social Media Evangelist<br />
    2. Average 18% revenue growth during the crisis<br />
    3. Reduce email by 90%<br />&quot;Using a wiki cut down our email by 90%,&quot; noted Richard Fahey. &quot;Everyone had the latest version of each document, knew what changes were made when and by whom. Everyone received updates on changes which kept them fully informed of the project status.  It&apos;s a much more efficient, secure and transparent way of working.&quot; <br />
    4. We used PBWiki<br />
    5. Just pick the tool for your needs<br />
    6. Save 10% of your project spend<br />The CTO estimated that they could save 10% of their total project spend (save 70 million) by having one version of their project management guide built in the style of Wikipedia.<br />
    7. It is a different way of collaboration<br />Software is notthat important<br />
    8. 1.73 billion Internet users<br />Get to youraudience<br />
    9. Reach more than 100.000 people<br />
    10. Almost 25% of the Internet users have a Facebook account<br />Facebook couldbeinteresting<br />
    11. Buildyour platform on a platform<br />
    12. Facebook as an Intranet<br />
    13. Identity? Facebook Connect!It’s the social graph that counts!<br />
    14. And have a 400% increase in ROI<br />Spendyour budget on different media<br />
    15. Beinggirl<br />Procter & Gamble&apos;s Being Girl community is an online community targeted at young girls. P&G was able to use this community to market feminine hygiene products in a subtle way to an audience that doesn&apos;t want to talk about them.<br /> <br />What&apos;s very interesting to note is that P&G found community building to be four times more effective than traditional advertising.<br />
    16. Use the cloud<br />Don’t let the network effect killyou<br />
    17. Facebook helped Animoto, AWS saved Animoto<br />Amazon EC2 easily scaled up and down to handle additional trafficPeak of 5000 instances<br />Number of EC2 Instances<br />Launch of Facebook modification.<br />Steady state of ~40 instances<br />4/12/2008<br />4/14/2008<br />4/15/2008<br />4/16/2008<br />4/18/2008<br />4/19/2008<br />4/20/2008<br />4/17/2008<br />4/13/2008<br />
    18. It starts with a relationship<br />Networkeffects<br />
    19. Ford<br />100 Fiestas<br />37% of Generation Y<br />25% marketing spendonsocial media<br />No Governmentloan<br />
    20. Recession case<br />99 cents<br />Got coverage on Geardiary, Gizmodo, Engadget, TechCrunch, CNET, Mashable and many more big blogs<br />Result:<br />Broke site traffic record by five times<br />All time revenue record<br />Facebook and Twitter traffic skyrocketed<br />In four days 7000 cases<br />
    21. Becomean internet meme<br />Showcase the strengths of your product<br />
    22. Blendtec<br />BlendTecincreased its sales by 20% by running the often humorous &quot;Will it Blend&quot; Videos on YouTube, blending everything from an iPhone to a sneaker.<br />
    23. Keep In mind:<br />Nice examples, butwhatcan I do?<br />
    24. everything you do should at least create the beginning of a relationship<br />Whenyou are in Social Media<br />
    25. You should have started 6 months ago<br />If you want to have the same success with social media right now<br />
    26. Just like the gold rush, this is going to end…what are you waiting for?<br />It’s important to start right now<br />
    27. Rick Mans<br />rick.mans@capgemini.com+31 6 512 10 144http://twitter.com/rickmanshttp://www.linkedin.com/in/rickmans<br />