Make it scale – you need 1000 fans


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How do you earn money via Social Media. Why is this the time do something with Social Media. No silver bullets, but just an overview of what is important and what the benefits are for you.

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  • Dunbar's number is a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are relationships in which an individual knows who each person is, and how each person relates to every other person.[1] Proponents assert that numbers larger than this generally require more restricted rules, laws, and enforced norms to maintain a stable, cohesive group. No precise value has been proposed for Dunbar's number, but a commonly cited approximation is 150.
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  • Manpower - Social Networks vs. Management? Harness the Power of Social Media
  • Gary V.
  • Make it scale – you need 1000 fans

    1. Make it scale – you need 1000 fans<br />Rick Mans - Social Media Evangelist<br />
    2. The LONG TAIL of music<br />
    3. 1000 True Fans<br /><br />
    4. Whyyouneedthem<br />But the long tail is a decidedly mixed blessing for creators. Individual artists, producers, inventors and makers are overlooked in the equation. The long tail does not raise the sales of creators much, but it does add massive competition and endless downward pressure on prices. Unless artists become a large aggregator of other artist's works, the long tail offers no path out of the quiet doldrums of minuscule sales.<br />One solution is to find 1,000 True Fans. While some artists have discovered this path without calling it that, I think it is worth trying to formalize. The gist of 1,000 True Fans can be stated simply:<br />A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author - in other words, anyone producing works of art - needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.<br /><br />
    5. YourBrainCanOnlyHandleThisManyFriends<br />150<br />
    6. I prefer to make other people famous, as it scales better.<br />Makeitscalable<br />
    7. Where Are You?<br />
    8. You are just a name on a List not a member of a community<br />I already have an account on….<br />
    9. Ifyou are not in Google, you do notexist<br />
    10. The Internet and its attendant array of consumer devices, networks and content sources have fundamentally changed how customers, employees and partners expect to interact with the enterprise (Gartner CIO survey 2008/2009).<br />
    11. Don’t miss the social media boat<br />
    12. What is thatsocial media thing<br />The social media boat?<br />
    13. Twitter 'costs British economy £1.38bn'<br />Talking about last night's Eastenders costs British economy £1.38bn<br />Eating biscuits costs British economy £1.38bn<br />Unjamming the photocopier costs British economy £1.38bn<br />
    14. The switch<br />Web 1.0<br />Web 2.0<br />Traditional media<br />Google search<br />Flickr<br />Mainly Broadband<br />Mainly narrow band<br />Alternative media<br />netvibes<br />Publishing is complex and limited to few traditional media and online merchants<br />Value is created by aggregating content (portals)<br />Wikipedia<br />Easy and free publication for all<br />Value is generated by tools allowing to publish easily<br />2004<br />2005<br />Broadband is (becoming) a right in Spain and Finland<br />
    15. The Intelligence is in the Connections<br />Intelligent Web<br />Web OS<br />Web 4.0 <br />Semantic Web<br /> 2018<br />Intelligent personal agents<br />Real-Time Web<br />Web 3.0 <br />Natural Language Search<br />SWRL<br />Activity streams<br />2009<br />OWL<br />SPARQL<br />Lifestreaming<br />AJAX<br />OpenID<br />Semantic Search<br />Social Web<br />Microblogging<br />Widgets<br />ATOM<br />RSS<br />RDF<br />Mashups<br />P2P<br />Memetrackers<br />Office 2.0<br />Web 2.0 <br />Javascript<br />Flash<br />SOAP<br />Virtual worlds<br />Blogging<br />XML<br />Social Media<br />1999<br />The Web<br />Java<br />HTML<br />Social Networks<br />SaaS<br />Connections between Information<br />HTTP<br />Wikis<br />Directory Portals<br />VR<br />Online Services<br />Lightweight Collaboration<br />Keyword Search<br />Web 1.0 <br />Websites<br />BBS<br />Gopher<br />1989<br />SQL<br />MacOS<br />Consumer online services<br />The Desktop<br />Groupware<br />SGML<br />Multimedia <br />CDROMs<br />Databases<br />Windows<br />File Servers<br />The Internet<br />PC Era<br />Email<br />IRC<br />1977<br />FTP<br />USENET<br />PC’s<br />File Systems<br />Connections between people<br />
    16. The worldalwayschanges<br />
    17. Internet statistics<br />100 billion– The number clicks per day<br />55 trillion– links on the Internet<br />5% - The percentage of globalelectricityusedfor the Internet<br />90 trillion – The number of emails sent in 2009<br />81% – The percentage of emails that were spam.<br />200 billion – The number of spam emails per day (assuming 81% are spam).<br />1 million - IM messages per second<br />8 terabytes– Traffic per seconde<br />234 million – The number of websites as of December 2009.<br />47 million – Added websites in 2009.<br />
    18. Social Media statistics<br />24 – Hours of video uploaded every minute onto YouTube<br />600k - new members on Facebook per day<br />900.000 -The number of blogs posts put up every day<br />700 million – The number of photos uploaded per day on Facebook<br />400 million – People on Facebook.<br />50% – Percentage of Facebook users that log in every day.<br />500,000 – The number of active Facebook applications.<br />84% – Percent of social network sites with more women than men.<br />1,73 billion – Internet users worldwide (September 2009).<br />18% – Increase in Internet users since the previous year.<br />126 million – The number of blogs on the Internet (as tracked by BlogPulse).<br />27.3 million – Number of tweets on Twitter per day (November, 2009)<br />57% – Percentage of Twitter’s user base located in the United States.<br />4.25 million – People following @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher, Twitter’s most followed user).<br />
    19. Social Media is a set of communication and collaborationtechnologiesadoptedbypeople in theirdaily lives<br />Social networks: <br />Social structures of individuals who are bound together by common values, visions, ideas, friendships or interests<br />
    20. HumanInteraction in a Virtual World<br />Social Media is<br />
    21. Teensaren’tthat Internet savvy<br />
    22. Technologychanges, being a teenager does notchange<br />
    23. Youshould have started 6 monthsago<br />Ifyou want to have successwithsocial media right now<br />
    24. everything you do should at least create the beginning of a relationship<br />Whenyou are in social media<br />
    25. What is in IT foryou<br />
    26. Building meaningfulrelationships<br />Withyourfriends and colleagues<br />Withpeopleyoudon’tknow (yet)<br />Build trust<br />
    27. Increasedvisibility<br />Become the go-to-expert<br />
    28. Mindsharing and insight<br />Getnewinsights (for free)<br />Help others<br />Get feedback and input from experts<br />Shareyourinformation<br />
    29. (Business) Opportunities<br />Youcanbeconnected to more people<br />More peoplewillbeable to findyou<br />Theywillbeaware of your expertise<br />
    30. Goldrush<br />Just like the gold rush, this is going to<br />end…what are you waiting for?<br />
    31. Rick Mans<br /> 6 512 10 144<br />