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Mobile Web East Africa, Nairobi Kenya, 3 February 2010

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Mobile Web East Africav2 Ms07 Pdf

  1. 1. Mobile Web East Africa 3 February 2010, Nairobi, Kenya Rick Joubert
  2. 2. The mobile phone is the most ubiquitous consumer technology on earth #2 = FM Radio (3.9 Billion)
  3. 3. Business model / process impacts 1. Financial services 2. Music / Gaming 3. Photographic Industry 4. Navigation industry 5. Time piece industry 6. Hardware 7. Software 8. Web Coming soon 1. Health care 2. Government 3. Publishing
  4. 4. Access: Population Population in SA with entertainment / communication technology in their household AMPS
  5. 5. Growth of unique mobile phone access in SA 1999 2009 11% of SA adults had access to 70% of SA adults use a mobile phone. (at least one) mobile phone. Source: AMPS
  6. 6. Growth of unique mobile phone access in SA among the economically active population 1999 2009 20% of SA working adults had access 82.5% of SA working adults use a mobile to (at least one) mobile phone. phone. Source: AMPS
  7. 7. Penetration of mobile phone ownership in SA By expanded LSM 70% of the SA population has access to a mobile phone. Source: AMPS 2009 A
  8. 8. In South Africa today.. There are almost twice as many There are more than four times as many mobile phones as there are TV sets. households with a mobile phone than computer. 44% of e-mails are sent and SMS text messaging is used by almost received from a mobile phone. four times more people than e-mail. There are 5.3 times more homes with There are almost six times more mobile mobile phones than landline telephones. phone subscribers than Internet users. Source: AMPS 2009 A
  9. 9. www Web users, RSA* 5 Million unique 11% •Arthur Goldstuck, World Wide Worx
  10. 10. Mobile Web, RSA 10.1 Million unique mobile web users* (less than 30% have access to the PC Web) •Strategy Analytics
  11. 11. “Mobile Web” definition tiers* Tier 1 The WAP Internet Tier 2 The mobile application Internet Tier 3 Web browsing on phone * Goldstuck/Joubert
  12. 12. Access: Population Population in SA with entertainment / communication technology in their household AMPS
  13. 13. • $300 million p.a. • 2000 films p.a. • $30K budget per film • Average film sells 50K disks at a price of $2
  14. 14. DVD player shipment by region Source: “In-Stat”
  15. 15. AdMob Mobile Metrics: August 2009 (ads called from the AdMob network) - Apple iPhone = number 1 handset on every continent in the world… - Except……
  16. 16. AdMob Mobile Metrics (ads called from the AdMob network) - Apple iPhone = number 1 handset on every continent in the world… - Except…… - Africa! - Africa: no1 = Nokia 3110, no2 = Samsung E250
  17. 17. “Internet” access channels PC Web SMS Smartphone access to PC Web USSD Mobile applications Voice Mobile Web (WAP)
  18. 18. Driving forces • Growth in data networks & coverage • Mobile data access charges • Content! • + handsets - price • Compliments – e.g. Mobile Wallets
  19. 19. Business model/monetisation • Commerce • Transactions / financial services • Content • Advertising
  20. 20. Positioning map of users of various media Age and Income Source: AMPS 2009 A
  21. 21. 7th Mass Medium Print Recording Cinema Radio TV Internet Mobile
  22. 22. US Internet ad spend
  23. 23. 30 September 2009, UK
  24. 24. UK ad spend At the end of its third year of full commercial adoption in the UK (2000), online ad spend amounted to £153M That was 0.9% of UK ad spend
  25. 25. In developing markets mobile is the FIRST screen (and often the only screen)
  26. 26. Mobile as a medium* 1. First personal mass media 2. Permanently carried 3. Always on 4. Built-in payment mechanism 5. Available at point of creative inspiration 6. Accurate audience measurement 7. Captures social context of media consumption * Tomi Ahonen
  27. 27. “..available at the point of creative inspiration…”
  28. 28. The consumer will press 1 for more information and receive an SMS back with a link to the SA Unite portal.
  29. 29. Hero, lead or support? • Media Display advertising • Direct Marketing Push messaging, lead generation • Integrated Marketing Interactive response channel for other media • Community Building and CRM
  30. 30. Suzan calls Mike Ring She expects to hear Suzan listens to the Ring a ringing tone superimposed but hears an advertising ring advertising Tone 3-8 message instead seconds Now Playing Mike Receives benefits for allowing ads to be played on his ring back tone Messages Rotate The messages are rotated so each time the caller makes a phone call he/she hears a different A-Tone.
  31. 31. In South Africa advertising agencies are beginning to GET IT
  32. 32. 37 Agencies getting involved It is an area of massive potential in this market and we have invested resources because I believe OMD needs to take a leading role as the largest media agency in SA.” Josh Dovey CEO, OMD
  33. 33. Size of the prize? Continental Africa: $8 Billion p.a. advertising spend* *estimate based on multiple sources including EIU, WARC and World Fact Book
  34. 34. What will be spent on rate carded Mobile Advertising in RSA in 2010? $50 Million* *personal estimate (not yet validated by MMA) * Excludes push messaging and integrated mobile response
  35. 35. Thank You