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An overview presentation of the use of Social Media in B2B Marketing by for Madhouse Associates Seminar #MHSem. Contains stats, setting objectives, creating strategy measurement, top tips and examples.

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  • Social media for b2b - Madhouse Associates seminar

    1. 1. The myth of social media’s irrelevance in the business to business arena #MHsem Madhouse Associates Seminar 21 October 2010 1
    2. 2. 10 seconds on us
    3. 3. What we’ll cover today Is social media relevant for your business? Setting strategy How to make the most of Twitter How to make the most of LinkedIn How will you measure success? Next steps for you 
    4. 4. Why bother? Do you strive for: greater share of voice in your industry platform to show expertise 95% of new media users believe Another route to media relations companies should Reputation management have a presence SEO - what does google say about you on Twitter Brand loyalty (Tealeaf&Cone) Attract and retain customers and staff Find business partners Drive web traffic 4
    5. 5. Social media is a waste of time 36% of B2B execs surveyed said there was low executive interest in social media in their company, compared with 9% of B2C marketers who said the same. 46% of B2B respondents said social media was perceived as irrelevant to their company, while only 12% of consumer-oriented marketers had the same problem. (
    6. 6. Oh really... More than half (53.5%) of marketers surveyed said they currently use social media as part of their marketing strategy. This is up from 2009, when 45.0% of marketers said they used social media for marketing. ( 86% of B2B companies using social v 82% of B2C ( According to an eMarketer study, B2B online marketers focus on lead generation (38%), retention (34%) and awareness (28%).  ( The top applications for the use of social media for b2b marketers are thought leadership (59.8%), lead generation (48.9%), customer feedback (45.7%) and advertising on sites (34.7%). (
    7. 7. It’s not an island new research shows 70% of US journalists use social media to assist in their reporting - up from 41% in 09 ( B2B advertisers see cross- media marketing as most effective; 78% combine three or more major marketing methods. (
    8. 8. Creating your content and sparking conversations listening Your stories/ thoughts/ Microsite news page / your blog insights/ products Social media: social book Twitter/Linkedin - text marking: Tubemogul - video Digg etc Consumer Flickr - images Trade media: media local regional national Supplier & partner on and offline websites / blogs
    9. 9. Strategy Whats your business objectives? How does your marketing and comms plan support this? How do you want SM to integrate? Think beyond marketing formulate strategy customer service sales Secure exec buy in Create your social media policy 11
    10. 10. Who will own it? 60% of B2B firms have no staff dedicated to social media compared with 54% of B2C players (bizreport)
    11. 11. 13
    12. 12. Use a social media dashboard to control, collaborate and listen
    13. 13. Twitter’s for celebrities Wrong! Editors & writers from the FT, Building magazine, EN magazine, NW Businesses Insider,, MEN business, The Architect's Journal, Building Design, New Civil Engineer and Construction News, Quality NOt quantity Deeper, more meaningful relations Drive web/blog visits 15
    14. 14. All ears (as well as eyes and mobiles) Listen and you will find reward! People share links to research/blog posts/podcasts etc Use Twitter search to find relevant people Attending a conference/exhibition - chances are there will be a # tag (official or otherwise) so join in the action remotely
    15. 15. Twitter feed drives trade media coverage
    16. 16. Monitoring Twitter creates sales conversations 18
    17. 17. Monitoring Twitter and responding to customer service issues
    18. 18. 20
    19. 19. 20
    20. 20. Why use it? open doors for new business avoid email fatigue SEO benefit increase company profile enhance reputation conduct research position yourselves as thought leaders 21
    21. 21. What’s new? enhanced inbox inc ability to delete and carry out bulk actions start discussions in Groups receive email updates from your Groups see the ‘top influencers’ in each group 22
    22. 22. Do the basics your profile is highly visible on Google complete your profile use the same key words you optimise your site for have a credible business like picture personalise your URL (edit public settings) give recommendations seek recommendations create a company profile remember - people on there WANT TO CONNECT make your updates relevant to your potential clients Add to your smart phone 23
    23. 23. 10 top tips 1. join relevant groups & 6. check who’s following the discussions company profile/your profile regularly 2. enhance SEO by editing web links in ‘Other’ section (NB 7. Look up clients before pitches Public profile setting on Full) or making new business calls - get the inside track 3. give information /expertise freely 8. add apps ie presentations via Slideshare (B2B specifically) 4. run searches by job title - connect 9. check your connections own connections 5. control what, if anything, others see when you view 10.check your rivals connections their profile 24
    24. 24. advertising
    25. 25. The rules network online as you would offline be genuine don’t sell be helpful follow up with connections do whatever you promise to do 34
    26. 26. Measuring success 34% of B2B marketers said they were not measuring social success at all versus just 10% of B2C respondents. Set KPI’s v objectives like any other medium Online data is highly measurable and accountable Think beyond value - reach, tone, engagement, quality, followers, retweets, @ conversations, number of recommendations etc
    27. 27. Use listening tools to help you evaluate
    28. 28. Next steps review your business try -don’t be afraid of objectives and how SM can making mistakes or asking help you achieve them for help consider what you’re share your learnings with already doing and what colleagues more you could do post a comment/feedback set objectives, timescales on Twitter using #MHsem - and budgets (even just time one will be chosen at allowance) random to win 37
    29. 29. Where can I learn more?
    30. 30. Evidence based communications Multi-award winning PR consultants Contact: Rick Guttridge 0161 839 1986 07887 942 926 39