Applying social media monitoring in business


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Prepared for the the Get Influence Social media Manager Training sessions, this is a short entry level guide to using social media monitoring in business. For explanations of the slides or the examples please contact Smoking Gun PR.

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  • (micro) Blogs, wikis, forums, social networking sites, UGC, video/photo sharing sites\n
  • Ultimately company decision\nSome CEO’s monitor!\n
  • Don’t forget the human resource cost!\n
  • Tested 9 of the leading social media monitoring tools for their ability to find influencers for the topic of baby food.\n \n \n \n Search ran for 1 month across all tools\n
  • plethora of information = overload\n
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  • Who likes licorice?\n Who’s heard of Panda Licorice?\n Who’s never tried it?\n
  • - board tracker\nsocial technographics\n- cision\n- technorati\n- twitter\n\n
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  • Applying social media monitoring in business

    1. 1. “Applying social media monitoring in business” @smokinggunpr 23 March 2011
    2. 2. Topic guide What is monitoring? How to monitor What to listen for Business examples
    3. 3. What is monitoring?Ability to listen to conversations / trackbuzz - specific words/businesses/products/peopleMeasure sentiment / engagement aroundcontentAssist in measurement & evaluation
    4. 4. Who will own socialmedia monitoring?SalesCustomer serviceMarketingPR/comms team
    5. 5. Free tools Google Alerts G-lerts Howsociable Socialmention Addict-o-matic Boardreader Boardtracker
    6. 6. Fresh Networks tested 9 of the best paid monitoring
    7. 7. What’s right for you? Depends on your resource - fiscal and human Channels you want to drill into How much data can you handle?? Ease of use/reporting
    8. 8. Practical examples
    9. 9. Panda Liquoricehelp ‘launch’ Cherry flavour - 2 audiencesdrive product trialraise awareness of product health benefitscontinue the ‘Love Licorice Day’ that Panda ownsbuild a presence on social media
    10. 10. Next steps - social media specificplatform ID - audience characteristics vobjectiveslistening to target groups - insights, topics,themesfinding key influencerscreating relevant content - spikes of activity atthe right times
    11. 11. Campaign overview social media Panel of experts - advice + media opps +comps + links to their
    12. 12. What did we do?blogger outreach - mummy, foodie goodie bags for Good Housekeeping eventsrewarded brand advocacy -freebies Calendar hooks - easter, veggie week, Love Licorice Day, Britain’sCreated content: Next Top ModelRed Panda adoptions / Chester Competitions:Zoo iPod comp - picture ledVideo - vox pops / playing National media holiday Twitter ‘I love licorice’ call tohighly targeted sampling/ action - 150 samplesplacement built database - newsletter & surveys Rosemary Conley trip Dos Hermanos News stories Britain’s next top model food swaps - Hendersons
    13. 13. Other business usesBio-strath = crowd sourcing product trialistsGames developer = crisis management@lloydsTSBOnline = reputationmanagement@btcare = customer service@brother_uk = sales
    14. 14. SummaryAccept that you’ve lost the ability tocontrol every company message somonitoring is essentialOne size does not not fit allShare the loadDon’t be afraid to experiment
    15. 15. Contact: Rick Guttridge 0161 839 1986 Smoking Gun PR LinkedIn