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"Houston, We Have A Problem!"

"Houston, We Have A Problem!"
Talking points from Hays CISD presentation at TxDLA 2010



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  • CR Really our ultimate goal in Instructional Technology is to solve problems. It’s what we do everyday….determining what the instructional needs or problems are and what tools and strategies can be used to improve performance.
  • AB Our Virtual Business Card
  • CR Talk about how important it is that you have support to work together to meet teachers instructional needs
  • AB
  • AB Where we’re going -- The ultimate goal -- All of the thigs we’re talking about come back to two main topics.
  • CR Hays cisd mission control will lead you in this discussion but we understand that we have a variety of expertise in this room and we want to learn as much as possible. So we invite you to share your experiences with us this morning….
  • CR The first tool we’re going to focus on is VC.
  • CRBackground about our first virtual field trip
  • AB We’ve obviously had positive experiences with VC or we wouldn’t be here. Let’s watch this quick video to
  • AB
  • AB Expand on # of students reached, utilizing district personnel strengths and passions, using webcasting where visual interaction is not necessary
  • CR Training (region 13), Mentoring (student teacher), Observations (sp ed)
  • AB Collaborate with teachers from all over, gain information from people outside of our district, find partners for our classes. We participated in JAZZ last summer. JAZZing up your curriculum with videoconferencing. 123vc.net
  • CR
  • CR ASL course
  • CR
  • CR Set it to DHCP, dials out, so it can move around
  • AB We had district support -- $5k/year – we used it all in year 1, not even close in subsequent years After you observe VFT – you get the hang of it, use your internal resources torecreate th same or sometimes better experiences Of course – studentcollaborations are free!
  • AB Exchange –Wales, Novel Conversations/Debates Master Lessons – Lewis & Clark, Butterflies Challenges –Around the State, Monster Match, Landmarks, Habitat Hunt, Who’s Who Hybrids - Ecosystems
  • CR
  • AB Teacher Pd is the missing link in any successful program! --set aside time for instructional leadedrs to plan VC lessons that integrate with curriculum --if it doesn’t correlate to what they’re required to do….”MUST HAVE TIME IN YOUR CURRICULUM” --what goes into feeling prepared --teachers spread the news –
  • “ Christie, We have a problem” SOMETHING GO WRONG. --
  • AB/CR
  • The first tool we’re going to focus on is VC.
  • CR Hays Virtual School TxVSN Eduphoria eCourses Web 2.0 Tools
  • CR
  • CR
  • AB
  • AB
  • CR
  • CRiNACOl Standards Teacher Reflection Instrument
  • CR Our students are taking fully online classes outside of the normal shool day. Students upport is essential to success!! Even at the high school level they are still just kids! Advising Orientation Mentors Technology Access @Home -- Spanish IB Mobile Devices Pilot
  • CRMoney TxVSN LMS – Project Share, Tuition
  • CR Wordpress – ad free Social Networking Policies Wiki Projects ePals – free and safe student email Emerging Quickly - Delicious Links
  • CR
  • CR
  • AB
  • AB/CR

Hays CISD TxDLA Presentation Hays CISD TxDLA Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • “ Houston, We Have A Problem!” Presented by: Amy Bradfield & Christie Rickert From Hays CISD
  • Christie Rickert Distance Learning Specialist rickertc@hayscisd.net http:// www.hayscisd.net /dl http:// delicious.com/haysdl Amy Bradfield Instructional Technology Specialist [email_address] haysdl http:// wordpress.hayscisd.net /it/
    • Distance Learning Specialist
    • Instructional Technology Specialist
    • Administrators
    • ESC
    • Teachers!
    Meet “Mission Control” Photo From:
  • The Tools
    • Videoconferencing
    • Online Learning
  • Extended Learning Opportunities 21 st Century Skills
  • Interact!
    • We will use Wiffiti to interact
    • In this presentation!
    • What problems have you solved?
    • What challenges have you faced?
    • Surprises?
    • New Ideas?
    • Questions?
  • Videoconferencing Solving Problems with and in
  • Our First Virtual Field Trip
  • Our Vision Of Videoconferencing Today (Click here to watch our Teacher Tube Video)
  • Problems Solved With VC
  • Sharing Resources Within Hays CISD
  • Reducing Travel Time
  • Teacher Training www.123vc.org
  • Time & Money
  • Offering Classes Expand Course Offerings
  • Problems Solved In VC
  • Equipment
    • Mobile Units
      • Increase access
      • Lower cost
    • Webcasting
    • Web conferencing
  • Cost of Programs
    • “ Do It Yourself”
    • VC Budget
    • Presentations
    • Collaborations
  • Finding Quality Programs
    • Emphasizing New ISTE Standards
    • Highlights
      • Exchanges
      • Master Lessons
      • Challenges
      • Hybrids
  • Scheduling
    • Database
      • Teacher requests
      • Managing mobile units
      • History of Statistics & Evaluations
    • Wikis
      • Project information
      • Specific schedule
  • Teacher Support
    • Planning meetings with ITS
    • “ Buy In”
    • Preparing for VC
    • Materials from content provider
  • Videoconferencing Spotlight: Tracey Mulligan, Kyle Elementary Emily Herrin, Hemphill Elementary
  • Let’s Talk! WIFFITI !
  • Online Learning Solving Problems in and with
  • Where We Are Where We’re Going
  • Teacher Professional Development
    • Teacher Technology Proficiencies
    • LPAC Procedures
    • Blood borne Pathogens
  • Providing Courses
    • Credit Acceleration
    • Courses Not Available
    • Schedule Flexibility
  • Community Communication
  • Online Collaboration For Students
  • Increase Access
    • Mobile Minds http://mobileminds.wikispaces.com
  • Problems Solved In Online Learning
  • Quality Courses Teacher Self Reflection
  • Student Support
  • Money
    • TxVSN Allotment
    • LMS
    • Tuition
  • Web 2.0
    • WordPress Server
    • Policies
    • EPALS – Monitored Email
    • Delicious Links
  • Virtual School Spotlight: Kris Peterson, Lehman High School
  • Let’s Talk! WIFFITI !
  • Best Practice Docs
    • Epals
    • Blogs
    • VC
    • Virtual Schools
    • http://wordpress.hayscisd.net/it
    Mission: Possible
  • Christie Rickert Distance Learning Specialist rickertc@hayscisd.net http:// www.hayscisd.net /dl http:// delicious.com/haysdl Amy Bradfield Instructional Technology Specialist [email_address] haysdl http:// wordpress.hayscisd.net /it/