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Whether building up your own blog audience or guest posting this slideshow features lots of cool take-away tips that you can easily implement today. Learn how to find blogging inspiration, promoting …

Whether building up your own blog audience or guest posting this slideshow features lots of cool take-away tips that you can easily implement today. Learn how to find blogging inspiration, promoting your posts for maximum exposure, landing the best guest blog spots and more.

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  • @HetalPatel4 Awesome! Glad you found them useful Hetal :-) Makes it all worthwhile...
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  • @gaganbassi Thanks mate! Glad you liked it and find it useful, I have some cool ideas for a part 2 so I will upload that as soon as possible :)
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  • Thanks Rick for sharing the #protips!! Personally, I feel it's hard to get more shares, likes, tweets & other social engagement for a well written blogpost. However, your valuable tips will help to achieve the desirable results :)
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  • 1. Making Good Blogs, Great. Awesome, actionable tips to make your blog posts more sharable, likable, linkable and memorable. Contents: 1. Topic Inspiration 2. Anatomy of an Awesome Post 3. Promoting your Blog 4. Assessing Guest Blog Opportunities 5. Guest Blogging Bargaining Chips 6. #ProTips
  • 2. Why? Whether writing blogs for yourself or as guest content for links, creating masterpieces are worth the extra effort... • Future-proof (unaffected by search engine updates) • More engagement, comments, links and shares • Improve brand/author credibility & reputation • Justification to exist (content is created for a purpose, not just adding to the noise) • More interest from outreach to blog owners [guest blogging]
  • 3. Topic Inspiration for Blogs Deciding what to talk about is hard. Use the following resources to find inspiration... • Twitter (and Topsy.com) – search #hashtags, monitor thought leader/influencer posts, trending topics • Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, Quora and industry forums • YouTube • Google Trends & News – Jump on time-sensitive topics and try and pre-empt growing areas of interest • Competitor Blogs – Which posts get the most engagement? • WordTracker’s Keyword Question Tool • Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  • 4. Other Blog Ideas • Solve a common question, problem or error that people often ask about • Create a “one stop shop” list of resources for a specific topic • Write a well-reasoned (or controversial) counter-argument to a popular article or blog
  • 5. Other Blog Ideas (Cont.) • Take a difficult or hard-to-grasp topic and make it simple • Review a new product, tool, service, etc... • Interview someone (influential people, a business owner, peers etc...) • Make a prediction – Where is your industry going? What will your world be like in 2 years time?
  • 6. Anatomy of a Memorable Blog Post Today, people are scanners, not readers. Instantly engage them with rich content instead of paragraphs of text... • Intriguing editorial title, opening paragraph and sub- headings • Captivating image(s) • Multimedia content (videos, graphs, slideshows, galleries, embedded sound clips etc.) • Clear, readable formatting • Summary of take-aways
  • 7. Think About... • “Click to Tweet” links on key take-aways • Call-to-action on share buttons • Expose other related content and relevant articles • Disabling comments in favour of sending readers to discuss on your social media profiles • Connecting your author profile to your Google+ profile for rich snippets
  • 8. Promoting Your Blog Posts Exposing your new content is arguably as important as creating it. Consider the following promotion tactics for new posts... • Post your latest articles on your social media networks • Answer relevant open questions on forums and link to your article • Comment on other related blogs and link to your article • Bookmark within relevant categories on StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati etc. • Send to your mailing list or include a link within newsletters
  • 9. Promoting Your Blog Posts Continued... • Add a link in your email signature • Alert real-world contacts such as friends, co-workers, suppliers etc (online and offline) • Outreach to thought leaders and influencers in your niche • Consider paid advertising • Utilise share buttons with a compelling call-to-action • Ask for a link within your content • Create the HTML for readers to copy+paste into their own sites (Tynt automatically adds your URL when readers copy+paste excerpts of your content)
  • 10. Assessing Guest Blog Opportunities Just because a blog looks good, doesn’t mean it will benefit your link profile or build brand awareness. Look a little deeper... • Audience engagement – Do previous posts attract comments? How frequent? How legitimate? • Social engagement – Does the blog owner have a solid and outspoken following? Are they an influencer in their niche? • Quality of existing content – Is the blog owner proud of their blog? Do they accept any old rubbish? • How do page authority and back link profiles of a sample of historic posts look?
  • 11. Assessing Guest Blog Opportunities Continued... • Ownership – Does the blog owner internally link to guest blogs in their content? Do they share posts on their social media profiles? • Owner credibility – Do they have a positive reputation in the industry? – Do they consistently write for anyone else? – What social media platforms are they active on? – Do they have a clear passion for their blog/niche?
  • 12. Bargaining Chips Bloggers may try to charge you to guest post. Here’s what you can do to sweeten the deal without handing over cash... • Submit pre-written meta data (remove any extra work) • Offer to promote & share their blog on your social media channels • Offer to reciprocate a guest blog opportunity • Offer to write a second blog on their chosen topic • Offer exclusive content (or free sample products) [#Tip: Avoid bloggers who charge – they often care more about the money than quality of content and accept rubbish]
  • 13. #ProTips Visit rickeliason.com/blogging for more tips on optimising and promoting your blog like these... 1. Use more than one resource for your research – don’t simply regurgitate what is already out there 2. If you embed videos in your blog be sure to upload a XML video sitemap to get rich snippets 3. When guest blogging, link to previous posts the owner has written within your blog where relevant – flatter them 4. Links posted on Google+ get instantly crawled – do this for guest blogs to get your content indexed quickly
  • 14. If you take nothing else away, please follow these guys! When it comes to blogging, these guys know their sh*t. Here are some of my personal favourites who I know you will love! 1. Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) 2. Heidi Cohen (@heidicohen) 3. Kristi Hines (@kikolani)
  • 15. Lastly... Please follow me on SlideShare. This is just the beginning, there is lots more to come... Feedback is always welcome 