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Newsletter - November

  1. 1. November 2012Qualities to Look for In Quality EmployeesHere are some other key qualities to look for when interviewing job candidates tohelp ensure you hire quality people.Likeable – Enthusiasm and a great attitude are welcome additions to any business,not to mention contagious.Creative – Thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo are great ways November 2012to improve your existing processes and methods.Motivated – A dedicated, hard­working employee will likely be a successful one.  Attend this Months Webinar and YouPassionate – For people who love what they do, it’s not just a job for them.   Could Win a $250 VISA Gift Card!Flexible – Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done is an In today’s fast­paced business environment, we all have to wear multiple hats toinvaluable member of any staff. remain competitive in this challenging economy. We believe that efficiency and organization will help your company grow and succeed beyond your expectations.Qualified, rather than experienced – Hire someone who excels in the traits youcan’t teach, and teach them the ones you can.  If you have not yet attended our DocuWare Live Webinar, we invite you to join us on November 20th for our next document management Webinar. Prepare to Give a Great All registered attendees will be entered to win a $250 VISA gift card! Presentation • Practice – Know what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it. Practice your speech until you are comfortable with it. You may have received some reminders inviting you to attend our document management Webinars, and we hope you’ll join us this month so you can see what all the buzz is about. • Check your equipment – Inspect any equipment you will be using for your presentation ahead of time. In less than 40 minutes, learn how document management will increase your efficiency, while saving you • Get to it – Warmly introduce yourself and get into your money. subject matter as quickly as you can. We’ve helped many businesses just like yours:  • Speak to them – Don’t just speak aloud, look your • Get organized  audience in their eyes and talk to them. • Improve customer service Your Email Signature Can Help • Talk slowly – A relaxed pace, taking pauses, and • Get mobile access to information Drive Your Business thinking before you speak will help eliminate the dreaded • Increase cash flow & reduce costs  “ums” and “uhs.” Your email signature is a prime piece of real estate that you Most of our clients see return on their investment within the first year of implementing a document management solution.should be using to maximize exposure and help you drive Having information where you need it, when you need it is good for business. We believe that DocuWare has the solutionyour business. Is your email signature up to par? Here area few things to consider to transform your email signature you need to grow your business, increase efficiency, and save money.from blasé to brilliant:  Space is limited! Register now to reserve your spot. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email withSize matters - Keep your signature short and sweet. Too information about accessing the Webinar.much information will turn off the reader or just be ignored,so it should be limited to four lines or less.The bare essentials – Your email signature shouldinclude your name, title, company name, email address,website, and your phone number (the best way to reachyou). You can also add your company’s logo (keep it small)and a brief tagline explaining what your business is about.Don’t bother with – You waste space by includingunnecessary details. Inspirational thoughts or quotes mightnot be appropriate for your professional email account, soleave those out too.Make the most of it – Use your email signature to includea link to your corporate brochure, or your product catalog.Simple text like “Check out our product catalog” or “Clickhere to view our brochure” will suffice. Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382
  2. 2. November 2012 November 2012Common IT Mistakes Small Businesses Should Say Goodbye to Stress at the OfficeAvoid It’s extremely easy to get fed up and stressed out at work. Approaching deadlines,Here are some of the most frequently made IT mistakes to avoid: difficult customers, heavy workloads, unexpected problems, and technical glitches can all lead to frustration and push you past your breaking point. However, its easy• Failing to Protect Your Data – Is your confidential data safeguarded against to release that steam and restore calm and order to your life — simply unplug andpotential security breaches? Are you prepared for an emergency, such as theft, fire, unwind for a little while. In short, get up, get out, and get over it.flood, or server failure? Are your files and records backed up for disaster recoverypurposes? Take a short break. When you feel overwhelmed, stop what you’re doing, get out• Not Changing with the Times – Keeping current with the latest technologies can of your chair, walk away from your desk, and temporarily leave your troubleshelp prevent your company from ending up with outdated, inefficient equipment and• Choosing the Wrong IT Provider – The right IT provider doesn’t just sell you Go for a stroll. Even if for just a few minutes, walking away from a stressfulequipment; they manage that equipment, as well. situation can help you relax and clear your head, so take a hike. Literally!• Employing Unreasonable Password Requirements – While weak or non­existent passwords are unacceptable, making your requirements so strict that Get out. If possible go outside and walk around the building or through the parkingemployees must resort to writing passwords on sticky notes undermines your policy. lot. The fresh air and sunshine will pay dividends and do wonders for your psyche.• Leaving Everything in One Employee’s Hands – If a single person in youroffice knows all of your passwords and how everything works you could be setting Stretch and relax. A simple stretch can ease your physical and mental stress in ayourself up for an enormous problem. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  few short minutes. Hot Products Product Not Available Please add a productThe Value of Workflow Paper vs. Digital Documents:Adaptability What You Should Know aboutWhen choosing a document management workflow solution, Document Imaging DocuWare Smart Connectit is essential to find a solution that is adaptable — it must By converting your hard-copy documents into electronic Direct Document Access from within Your Businessbe flexible enough to change as your business, its needs, files, you can turn information on paper into valuable digital Applicationand processes change. But what makes a document data. Document imaging utilizes scanners to convert paperworkflow solution adaptable? Access documents directly from the program you are documents into electronic, searchable files with the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Once converted, your Product Not Available working in with just the click of a button. DocuWare stores1. It won’t rock the boat. It is critical that a workflow all kinds of business documents in one central, digital data can easily be indexed, identified, accessed, and Please add a productsolution can be modified without disrupting existing document pool. With Smart Connect, you can integrate managed electronically.processes and workflows mid-production. An adaptable everything that DocuWare has to offer directly in yourworkflow solution is one that allows you to easily add new business applications—without any additional Digitizing documents will allow you to reduce the papermodules whenever a new requirement arises. programming. clutter in your office, as well as the amount of time previously spent prepping and handling those documents.2. It is easily modified. Modifications should be relatively How it works: You’ll also benefit from improved collaboration andeasy to make and completed in a short amount of time, to decreased storage costs.accommodate last-minute jobs or revisions. An adaptable Smart Connect takes relevant search criteria to grabworkflow solution is one that enables you to react and matching documents out of DocuWare. Since you set the When you prioritize document imaging as a critical businessmake changes quickly and easily. search criteria, all related documents will be displayed. process, you’ll quickly realize all of the benefits that come Process orders, check invoices, and clear up inquires—with with this practical solution. Compared to paper documents,3. It welcomes add-ons. You need a solution that is Smart Connect all of the documents you need are available digital documents are also:flexible enough to handle the growth of your company, in seconds. Simply click on Smart Connect and make theallowing you to add to it as necessary to accommodate most of the valuable information stored within your • Less expensive to store your expansion and development. An adaptable workflow documents. For example, if you are working in an ERP or • Less expensive to transport and distribute solution is one that provides scalability to ensure it can be accounting system, just one click on Smart Connect and • Easier to locate expanded as your business changes. you’ll get a list of all the documents that belong to a • More search friendly  business transaction. Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382 Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382