Docuware and Windows 8

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With DocuWare, you are ready to move with Windows 8. On your desktop …

With DocuWare, you are ready to move with Windows 8. On your desktop
or notebook, you can access your documents through Web Client, then
edit and safely store them. On your tablet or smartphone, you can use
DocuWare Mobile.

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  • 1. Ready for Windows 8 Dropbox DocuWare UsesIntegrationBy Jürgen Biffar New Interface By Claudia GöbelT he new Dropbox-Connector inte- grates DocuWare with this popularweb service, enabling the synchronization O n October 26th, Microsoft launched its new operating system Windows Windows 8 is offered in basically two versions. One runs under the name 8. It’s all about mobility: it runs not only Windows 8 and is optimized for desktopof a Dropbox folder with a DocuWare on PCs, but also on tablets and supports applications.basket as well as the automatic import the Touch interface. Microsoft wants tofrom Dropbox into DocuWare. lead users from a mouse and keyboard to The other is Windows RT which only runs touch screens. Windows 8 will look simi- on tablets with ARM processors andAll smartphones, scanners, laptops and lar to the interface already well known is only sold as pre-installed – for ex-other devices that save files in Dropbox from the Windows Phone and it will work ample, on the “Surface”, the tablet that >can now also be used to archive docu- with a new generation ofments in DocuWare. You can also easily apps.take along DocuWare documents viaDropbox on most mobile devices. Nearly With DocuWare, you are50 million people around the world are ready to move with Win-using Dropbox already to cost-effectively dows 8. On your desktopstore their files on the Internet, share or notebook, you canwith other people, and to synchronize access your documentsthem with smartphones, tablets and PCs. through Web Client, then edit and safely storeThe Dropbox-Connector can be used with them. On your tablet orour SaaS-solution DocuWare Online as smartphone, you can usewell as with traditional DocuWare in- DocuWare installations. It is now available to A DocuWare result list on a Windows RT tablettry out - free of charge - in its currentpublic beta version. nline M ore info o /dropbox DocuWare Info www.doc Nr. 45 – III/2012
  • 2. > ­ icrosoft will be simultaneously intro- M that you can continue to manage your ducing to the market. documents conveniently and easily into the future. Compared to Windows 7, Windows 8 is More info much quicker to start and shut down. Its apps are HTML 5-based, so that the DocuWare Online – live tiles can provide up-to-date Web Now in 7 Languages content or status messages from local www.doc applications. By Britta van Gehlen S ince the beginning of the year, inter- ested Partners and customers have had the opportunity to register and test DocuWare Online free of charge on a special microsite. While first available only in German and English, this microsite is now offered in additional languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Register now and test DocuWare Online free of charge for 30 days! Who knows whether using multi-finger touch combinations to control comput- ing will prevail at the workplace? But nline whether you prefer to work on a PC or M ore info o m a tablet – DocuWare offers clients for both solutions, so that you can be sure www.docuware 20 Years of S ince 1992, our newsletter DocuWare Info has accompanied customers and Over the past 20 years, electronic docu- ment management has firmly established DocuWare Info prospects through the developments of document management. It initially fol- itself across all industries and in all sizes of businesses. This is not only because By Michaela Wienke lowed an info sheet called New Papyrus, of technological progress (particularly in back in the day when we first developed storage media, monitor sizes, computing the DACS Board for scanner administra- power and bandwidth), but also because tion and data compression. of the widespread acceptance of elec-                                                     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Durante todo esse tempo, mantivemos to dos documentos e o coloca ções agora contidas no Docu- dali a livello mondiale, la suite di prodotti DocuWare per Grazie all’utilizzo di Internet, il client DocuWare 5 è com- neuer Module wie DocuWare REQUEST werden verständ- Möglich sind passwortgeschützter Zugriff oder ein Gast- beginnen und - mit für Sie zum Testen und Browsertechnologien. Alle Länder mit Name und Adresse genannt. Gerade Geld. Compliance-Anforderun- nossos olhos na meta de deixar você, nosso cliente, em como um índice de texto com- Ware 4.5. Para permanecer no la gestione integrata dei documenti è disponibile in 13 pletamente funzionale e in grado di accedere a tutti i rac- lich dargestellt. login ohne Angabe von Benutzer und Passwort. Nach der 30 Tage sind kostenlos . 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Der Freigabevorgang ternativa ou complemento para centemente a Versão 3 do AC- fra cui aziende internazionali con filiali e uffici in tutto il sufficiente configurare l’indirizzo IP corretto nel client. Il sicheren Langzeitarchivierung vertiefen? Mehr über die Volltextsuche unterstützen ihn komfortabel. Angezeigte Das alles gibt es r und de armazenamento do futuro e a indexação por conteúdo skalierbare Basisarchitektu circa typische, spontane Reaktion: Als Mitinitiator und Sponsor bietet DocuWare kann für jedes beliebige Doku- mondo, di ottenere in qualsiasi luogo prodotti all’avan- personale che lavora da casa, gli utenti mobili e le stazioni lität. Die hoch Jahren in a organização padrão através TIVE IMPORT, que agora ofe- automatische Archivierung, beispielsweise von Rechnun- Dokumente lassen sich ganz einfach mit Anmerkungen werden seit vielen die Broschüre über die Homepage kostenlos zum do texto, tornando-se umpadrão conforme sua adminis- guardia, nonché servizi di consulenza e assistenza forniti di lavoro remote potranno essere integrati senza difficoltà der Web Client 000 „Dann kann ich ja alle zu ei- ment genutzt werden. Beispiels- de critérios de índice, o usuá- rece um novo nível de ferra- gen, Word-Dateien und E-Mails, erfahren? Wissen, wie versehen und stempeln. von mehr als 100 Download an. tração ficou mais fácil. Nós também continuaremos a tra- da partner autorizzati DocuWare che dispongono di per- nel flusso di lavoro. Gli addetti alle vendite possono mante- 10 000 Unternehmen nem Vorgang gehörigen Rech- Einen Überblick zum Dokumenten-Management rio pode, agora, localizar docu- mentas de automatização diri- Sie Workflows ganz einfach mit Stempeln gestalten? genutzt. Sie möchten zer informações sobre as soluções proporcionadas pelo sonale altamente qualificato, appositamente addestrato e nersi aggiornati con i documenti più recenti mentre sono in zufriedenen Anwendern an! nungen, E-Mails, Lieferscheine gibt unser Video unter mentos por toda e qualquer gidas à produtividade. Dann sind diese Filme genau das Richtige für Sie. Sehen Auch das Ausführen von automatisierten Arbeitsabläufen ist Sie uns einfach DocuWare que combinem inovação com confiança, dan- in possesso di certificazione DocuWare. viaggio anche senza disporre di un accesso a Internet conti- mehr wissen? Rufen Sehen Sie unser Video an: palavra que contenha. Os acer- DVD-R como Padrão Sie selbst: mit den Aufgabenlisten des DocuWare Web Clients möglich. do a você as ferramentas para enfrentar a carga diária de tos – palavras chaves/índices Muito em breve o DVD-R subs- Greg Schloemer nuo. Henriette Struss Mehr Infos papel da maneira mais simples, rápida e eficiêntepossí- encontrados – são realçados tituirá completamente o CD-R http://www.docuwa vel. E se, por via das dúvidas, você perdeu algumas das especialmente no documento como meio de armazenamen- Mehr Infos últimas edições do DocuWare Info… pode acessá-las no exibido, até mesmo em docu- to mais importante. Em 2000, From Documents to Value HYPERLINK mentos escaneados de papel. o DocuWare foi o primeiro fa- http://info.docuware DocuWare-Info DocuWare-Info Nr. 73 – II/2011 Nr. 74 – III/20112000 2002 2004 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012DocuWare for ASP, a Connection of digital copiers, Newsletter gets a New First SaaS Integration Integration with Microsoft DocuWareprecursor of Cloud fulltext search becomes new layout DocuWare solution in Windows Outlook, DocuWare Mobile OnlineComputing standard, DVD-R as leading Web Client Explorer storage medium
  • 4. Why DocuWare? Choosing the Right Document Management System By Korbinian FrankT he choices for an IT system can be mind-boggling. In the area of inte-grated document management, there are Ability to Integrate Only with seamless integration into an existing IT environment can you ben- age - the system’s administration remains simple and well-structured.a number of systems with a variety of efit from efficient processes. DocuWare Security for the Futurefeatures. And no matter how detailed a can easily be integrated with virtually Thanks to modern browser technologies,company’s list of requirements might be, any enterprise solution with the help of its apps for mobile use, and mature cloudit can still seem rather complicated to simple, menu-guided configuration tools. offerings, DocuWare is extremely well-match it all up. You’ll probably smile when Automated storage and searches also help equipped for the future and will keep youwe say: “Relax… and just choose immensely with your document handling. on the leading edge of technology.D­ ocuWare!“ But we’re here to tell you why. Scalability See for yourself: check out our WhiteData Security While a company grows, so does its Papers in the product section of ourWith DocuWare, you and your documents document pool and the requirements website.are always on the safe side. Automatic of a Document Management System.synchronization and backup techniques DocuWare cannot be beat when it comes fos More inprotect against data loss. A sophisticated to scalability. The system can be flexiblysystem of rights and flexible filtering capa- expanded from single-user up to a multi- ombilities ensure that there is no unauthorized server environment. No matter how many cuware.c maccess to your data. documents, users, and locations you man- Mail: infoliAsklepios Orthopedic ClinicLindenlohe Patient Files Always Ready By Birgit Schuckmann » By eliminating a paper archive, the clinic was able toW ith up to 7,000 patients per year, the Asklepios Clinic Lindenlohe(an orthopedic clinic) seeks to provide Since DocuWare was introduced 11 years ago, their processes were significantly improved and revved up, according to further significantly reduce its costs,“ the optimal treatment for IT Director Markus Weigert: “Wasteful emphasizes Markus each individual. Since 2001, searches and tracking of medical records Weigert. “And they have been using Docu- in-house and new storage of documents without the paper Markus Weigert, Ware in conjunction with upon a patient’s release are all part archive, we’ve even IT-Director their hospital information of the past.“ All information about a reduced the fire risk system to do just that. patient’s illness and treatment history is in the building! « now available from a central document pool for authorized employees, around the clock. For patients of the Asklepios Clinic, this means a noticeable improvement in the visits helps determine the best path quality of care, since all the informa- of therapy. Documents are no longer tion needed by their doctors to make lost when circulating from specialist to good decisions is readily available. The specialist. ability to see documents from previous All brand and product names are trade- © 2012 DocuWare Europe GmbH, Germany, marks of their respective owners.