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December Newsletter

  1. 1. December 2012Manage Your Team EffectivelyThe best leaders recognize their weaknesses and take action to improve theirmanagement skills and style. Here are some of the most commonly mademanagement mistakes that can and should be avoided.Breaking promises – Don’t make promises to your employees that you can’t keep.Instead of offering them rewards you know you can’t deliver, such as compensationthat’s not in your budget, be up front and honest with them. December 2012Not giving credit when credit is due – Recognize and reward your employeesfor their hard work and achievements. Letting them know that their efforts are Article has not been added to this box. Please return to the newsletter edit screen and add an article.appreciated costs you nothing and can go a long way in boosting morale.Resisting change – Change and evolution are essential for success in business. Beflexible and open to new ideas and different solutions.Failing to walk the walk – Make sure the rules that apply to your staff apply toyou, as well. And never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. Ifyou expect your employees to work late but you aren’t willing do the same, expectthem to lose respect for you. Prepare to Give a Great Presentation • Practice – Know what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it. Practice your speech until you are comfortable with it. • Check your equipment – Inspect any equipment you will be using for your presentation ahead of time. • Get to it – Warmly introduce yourself and get into your subject matter as quickly as you can. • Speak to them – Don’t just speak aloud, look your audience in their eyes and talk to them.Qualities to Look for In Quality • Talk slowly – A relaxed pace, taking pauses, andEmployees thinking before you speak will help eliminate the dreaded “ums” and “uhs.” Here are some other key qualities to look for wheninterviewing job candidates to help ensure you hire qualitypeople.Likeable – Enthusiasm and a great attitude are welcomeadditions to any business, not to mention contagious.Creative – Thinking outside the box and challenging thestatus quo are great ways to improve your existingprocesses and methods.Motivated – A dedicated, hard­working employee willlikely be a successful one.Passionate – For people who love what they do, it’s notjust a job for them.Flexible – Someone who is willing to do whatever it takesto get the job done is an invaluable member of any staff.Qualified, rather than experienced – Hire someonewho excels in the traits you can’t teach, and teach them theones you can. Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382
  2. 2. December 2012 December 2012Keep Your Projects on Track in the New Year Printing Money: Cutting Costs in Your PrintWhen managing a business project, it is common for unexpected problems to arise Environmentthat result in periodic setbacks. Some delays are inevitable, but if you take the Here are some ways your company can spend less money on ink, toner, and paper.proper steps, you can limit these holdups and prevent yourself from getting too farbehind schedule or over budget. Here are some tips to help you effectively manage Get the most out of your paper – Besides reducing the amount of printing in youryour projects and keep them on track: office, another smart way to use less paper is by utilizing both sides of the paper you do use. Duplex printing enables you to print on half the amount paper!Plan, Plan, Plan: A well-designed scope is critical to a successful project. You mustbegin with extensive planning up front and establish a clear, detailed plan of what Print only what you need – Printing from a website can produce an awful lot ofexactly needs to be accomplished, how it will be done, how long it will take, and who waste, such as graphics, banner ads, footers, etc. Freeware such aswill be responsible for doing it. PrintWhatYouLike enables to you to print only what you need from a URL.Assess and Mitigate Risks: Before beginning any project you must prepare for Utilize your settings – Using ‘economy’ or ‘draft’ as the default setting for yourpotential problems by proactively identifying and mitigating risks. Eliminate printer will reduce the amount of ink used, and can be overridden whenever youconceivable snags by reducing the likelihood of these risks occurring and limiting need to print something in high-quality. Color ink is more expensive than black ink,their impact in the event they do occur. so print in black and white or grayscale whenever possible.Document Your Plan: Be sure to clearly and thoroughly document the plan and all Choose the right font - Use lighter, ink-saving fonts that require less ink, such asessential information for your project. Everyone involved needs to know their role. Century Gothic instead of Arial or Times New Roman, or even invest in an “ecofont.” Hot Products Product Not Available Please add a productCommon IT Mistakes Small Say Goodbye to Stress at theBusinesses Should Avoid OfficeHere are some of the most frequently made IT mistakes to It’s extremely easy to get fed up and stressed out at work. DocuWare Web Clientavoid: Approaching deadlines, difficult customers, heavy Web-Based Document Management with Maximum workloads, unexpected problems, and technical glitches can Comfort• Failing to Protect Your Data – Is your confidential data all lead to frustration and push you past your breakingsafeguarded against potential security breaches? Are you Whether you’re on the move out in the field, at your homeprepared for an emergency, such as theft, fire, flood, or point. However, its easy to release that steam and restore Product Not Available office, or on your office workstation - you can easily access calm and order to your life — simply unplug and unwind forserver failure? Are your files and records backed up for many standard DocuWare functions directly via your Web a little while. In short, get up, get out, and get over it. Please add a productdisaster recovery purposes? browser. Thanks to the latest Web 2.0 technologies, finding• Not Changing with the Times – Keeping current with Take a short break. When you feel overwhelmed, stop and distributing documents and workflow management is asthe latest technologies can help prevent your company what you’re doing, get out of your chair, walk away from fast and convenient as with Windows programs. At thefrom ending up with outdated, inefficient equipment and your desk, and temporarily leave your troubles behind. same time, administration is much simpler Go for a stroll. Even if for just a few minutes, walking Be it product information, price lists, technical• Choosing the Wrong IT Provider – The right IT away from a stressful situation can help you relax and clear documentation, contracts or the status of an order orprovider doesn’t just sell you equipment; they manage that your head, so take a hike. Literally! delivery - DocuWare Web Client makes it easy to provideequipment, as well. all documents to employees, partners or customers. Get out. If possible go outside and walk around the• Leaving Everything in One Employee’s Hands – If a Internet access with a standard browser is all that is building or through the parking lot. The fresh air andsingle person in your office knows all of your passwords required to be able to view, edit and store the information sunshine will pay dividends and do wonders for yourand how everything works you could be setting yourself up in your DocuWare file cabinets from any location worldwide. psyche.for an enormous problem. Don’t put all of your eggs in one The Web Client is intuitive to use and provides rapid accessbasket. Stretch and relax. A simple stretch can ease your to file cabinets. Naturally, you can also search and display physical and mental stress in a few short minutes. documents and add annotations and stamps. Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382 Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382