Why mobile Marketing matters in 2011


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As the proliferation of smart phones continue to rise, marketers can no longer ignore mobile marketing.

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Why mobile Marketing matters in 2011

  1. 1. Mobile Trends• Over 6 billion people in the world In 2000, there were• 3.95 Billion Mobile Phone Users. over 2 million• 67% of the entire population has payphones in the a mobile phone United States, today• 850 million cars that number is• 1.7 billion PCs (desktop + laptops) around• 1.2 billion landline telephones 700,000, the major• 1.3 billion Internet accessors carriers AT&T and• 1.4 billion televisions Verizon have both• 1.5 billion credit cards exited the business.
  2. 2. Mobile Trends• Samsung claims it sold more than 300 million mobile handsets in 2011.• Apple has sold at least 222 million iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) to date• Android continues to grow steadily with half a million devices activated every day.
  3. 3. Mobile Trends
  4. 4. • Smartphones and other browser-equipped phones expected to grow to1.82 billion by 2013, compared to 1.78 billion PCs.
  5. 5. Mobile Trends• Fewer than 6% of businesses are doing any type of mobile marketing• The percentage drops to less than .05% for companies doing less than $10 million per year
  6. 6. Top 5 Mobile Marketing Myths
  7. 7. QR What? • Quick Response Code • 2D code used to drive people to your company’s Website • They link offline to online, and print to mobile • QR Codes are capable of handling all types of data, such as numeric and alphabetic characters, Kanji, Kana, Hiragana, symbols , binary, and control codes. • Up to7,089 characters can be encoded in one symbol.
  8. 8. QR What? • How are they used in Marketing? • Direct mail campaign • On a product or corporate brochure • Press ads • Promotional items • View Videos • Call Cell Phones • Write to Email addresses • Upload Contact Information • Range in size – ½” to side of building
  9. 9. QR What?
  10. 10. QR What?• QR Codes have grown over 1,200% in the second half of 2010• Considerations when Planning a QR Code Campaign
  11. 11. QR What?• 1. Be Everywhere – Mobile barcodes should be incorporated into all digital and traditional media so the consumer has 360-degree exposure to the mobile marketing campaign.
  12. 12. QR What?• 2. Drive Value and Make it Easy – Giveaways, – Discounts – free tickets – exclusive access will compel consumers to interact with and scan your code.
  13. 13. QR What?
  14. 14. QR What?• 3. Keep it Simple – Branded or custom QR codes are certainly getting some buzz, but it’s also important to create a code everyone can recognize. – A simple black and white checkered format will increase the number of phones and code readers that can scan it.
  15. 15. QR What?• 4. Build Customer Affinity – Consumer who has just scanned your code is on the move. – She will be viewing the brand content on a mobile screen - expects instant results. – Make sure the barcode links through to a mobile-enabled site rather a PC-designed site.
  16. 16. QR What?• 5. Account for Objectives and Analytics – Set goals before integrating a mobile barcode – Monitor the campaign via a barcode management platform.
  17. 17. QR What? Tesco Subway Store Increased online sales by 130%Seoul, South Koreahttp://2d-code.co.uk/qr-code-grocery-shopping/
  18. 18. QR What? Tesco Subway Store• Mission: Become #1 without increasing stores• Idea: Let the store come to the people• They created virtual stores in Subways• While waiting for train, riders could purchase products with their smartphones• Purchase would arrive shortly after they got home
  19. 19. 1024px
  20. 20. 320px
  21. 21. Close Encounters
  22. 22. Close Encounters
  23. 23. Mobile Websites Encounters
  24. 24. Close Encounters
  25. 25. Close Encounters
  26. 26. Close Encounters
  27. 27. Who Are You• Understanding the Smartphone user• Users search the internet with a degree of urgency• They want results now and if you can’t give it to them, they will go somewhere else.• Must offer highly targeted content and a strong call-to-action
  28. 28. Close Encounters
  29. 29. Who Are You • The Millennial Generation – 16-34 — also known as Gen Y or the WE Generation — is the new demographic that businesses compete to attract.• This is the generation for whom the PC and Mac were always a reality. MP3 players, particularly iPods and iPhones, have been necessities instead of options.
  30. 30. Who Are You• Almost 25% of the US Population• 200 billion in Direct Spending Power• 500 billion in indirect spending• 70% say they are asked for advice• 68% don’t make a major decision without discussing it with others• 70% agree that having their friends’ approval on decisions is important• Twice as likely to have 200- 500 friends on Facebook than older generations
  31. 31. The place at which independent and often unrelated systems meet and acton or communicate with each other… Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - 1986
  32. 32. The Mobile Interface• Touch-Screen Interface• Use interactive page elements, sized appropriately for a touch-interface. • submit buttons • form elements • links and navigation
  33. 33. The Mobile Interface• Provide an easy way to connect with your company• The goal is to get them to interact• Sign up for a newsletter• Connect with your social media• Purchase your product• Add an additional incentive for taking the steps for interacting.
  34. 34. The Mobile Interface
  35. 35. The Mobile Interface
  36. 36. The Mobile Interface
  37. 37. The Mobile Interface
  38. 38. The Mobile Interface
  39. 39. The Mobile Interface
  40. 40. The Mobile Interface• Mobile-Specific Content• Content should be simplified, easy to digest – Viewers on mobile devices are scanning for information, – They do not spend a lot of time reading information – Your content will probably need to be rewritten for mobile-friendly reading.
  41. 41. Text Messaging (SMS)
  42. 42. Text Messaging (SMS)
  43. 43. Text Messaging (SMS)• SMS, or a text message, is one of the easiest ways to start gaining traction in the mobile marketing world.• Text messages have a 95% -100% open rate!• Average open rate of an e-mail is 10%.• Messages are short, so they are read in full.• Average time to open is 4 minutes
  44. 44. Text Messaging (SMS)Who is using SMS?• Coca-Cola – “My Rewards” Code under bottle cap• American Idol• MGM – Get Discounts• Pizza Hut – 2000 consumers opted-in• Nascar – coupons, in-venue texts for fans at event• McDonald’s –Return of McRib
  45. 45. • Determine your game plan.• QR Codes great way to get your message across and get people to your website.• Build a Mobile website• Employ an SMS strategy
  46. 46. • For more information, contact Rick Clark• www.clarkwebdesign.com• 321-805-0588 Call Rick Visit Site