Coaching Needs Analysis


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  • Break the ice . . . . . . . .
    Dear ______ thank you for taking time to meet with me today as I promised on the phone I wont take up much of your time and my goal today is to hopefully discover a win-win situation for you, your agents and myself. Fair enough?
  • Before I find out about more about what your needs are do I mind if I explain to you who I am first?
    Former team leader and top producing agent. I have been in real estate for over 6 years and I love it more today than when I first got started. About 5 years ago I had the distinct honor of being invited to become a trainer for one of the most result-oriented programs in the country. A training program called sweathogs. Have you heard of sweathogs? I started a cleaning company in 1996 and then later started a speaking company called NABco. I have been married almost 20 years. My wife and I have found a key success key for our marriage and that is she gets to make the minor decisions and I get to make the major decisions . . . . Of course in 19 years of marriage I have’nt had an opportunity to make any major decisions but when the time comes I am ready. (Joke) And then, there are my two wonderful children Richard III and Eden . . . .
  • So here is how I see today unfolding . . . . .
    Please feel free to ask questions as we go through this process.
    Mr. _______ I have discovered that there are four or maybe five key steps to take in order to have an effective coaching program. The first step is for me to ask you a few key questions to help me understand your unique situation. The second step is to give you the elevator script sort of speaking on how coaching works and the impact it can have on your profits. The third step is to outline the process; the fourth step is to demonstrate the return on your investment and then hopefully, we should be in a position to make a mutual decision.
  • So now, are you ready for me to start asking you some questions?
  • <number>
    Please notice I said mandatory activities. Agents can actually remove themselves from the program. Why? Because when you remove the option to fail you automatically provide an environment to succeed.
  • Get real and Get right, a) Run toward what you want and b) Always be prepared for low-tide
    Find The Motivated and Lead Generate, a) If your ship doesn’t come in swim to it, b) Don’t cling to buyers c) Price reductions. Knowing what to say before you have to say it is confidence. Does that makes sense
  • So great coaching programs have these key ingredients in them . . . .
  • <number>
    Better trained agents. Better trained agents are more productive agents and ultimately take up less of the manager or brokers time.
    Better agent retention.
    Forms an attitude of Loyalty and Commitment
    Increase Production
    Why? Because of learning
  • <number>
    What about the Leadership meeting? Schedule the Happening before Xmas?
  • Coaching builds teamwork and culture
  • If your agents get 3 listings in 30 days then give them a credit of $50 toward their coaching program fee. For every additional listing over 3 up to a maximum of four closing offer an additional $25 per closing toward their coaching program fee. So, they could earn a maximum of $150 toward the cost of the coaching program.
    Six listings in 45 days give them a credit of $100 toward the program fee. . . . .
  • Coaching Needs Analysis

    1. 1. Created By Rich Williams For 1 STAR MastermindSTAR Mastermind™™ Productivity CoachingProductivity Coaching Planning Meeting:Planning Meeting: Keller WilliamsKeller Williams
    2. 2. Created By Rich Williams For 2 Gary Keller, The Shift
    3. 3. Created By Rich Williams For 3 Who Is Rich Williams? • Former Team Leader • Top Producing Agent • Certified Regional Trainer of Sweathogs • Business Owner • Coached, Mentored and Consulted over 15,000 People Since 1998 (NABCo) • Married for 20 years • Father of Two Wonderful Teenagers
    4. 4. Created By Rich Williams For 4 Step 1. QuestionsStep 1. Questions Step 2. The StoryStep 2. The Story Step 3. The ProcessStep 3. The Process Step 4. Investment & ReturnStep 4. Investment & Return Step 5. Mutual DecisionStep 5. Mutual Decision TODAY’S PROCESSTODAY’S PROCESS
    5. 5. Created By Rich Williams For 5 Client ProfileClient Profile ““What Do You Know About Coaching”What Do You Know About Coaching” 1. What training programs are you currently using? 2. What have you heard about Sweathogs? - Any sweathogs grads in your office 3. How many offices/sales associates are in your organization? 4. What is your present market share? 5. What is your average per person production? 6. What are your plans for the bottom 50%? 7. What are your plans/personal goals for your market center?
    6. 6. Created By Rich Williams For 6 Client ProfileClient Profile continued...continued... 8. When you have a special event, how many offices participate or sales associates in attendance? 9. What products or programs would you like your agents to use more often? 10. If you could change one thing about your sales associates, what would it be? 11. What could I do to make your job easier? 12. What would it take for you to commit to a Coaching Program today?
    7. 7. Created By Rich Williams For 7 A spaced training program thatA spaced training program that increases agents’ productivityincreases agents’ productivity through a combination of:through a combination of: • skill developmentskill development • mandatory activity, andmandatory activity, and • accountabilityaccountability We remove the option to fail!We remove the option to fail! STAR Mastermind™ Coaching
    8. 8. Created By Rich Williams For 8 “THE SHIFT” In the book the shift Gary Keller identified 12 key strategies for success in this shifting market. . . . . Two of the Keys were: 1.Get Real and Get Right 2.Find The Motivated – Lead Generate
    9. 9. Created By Rich Williams For 9 All the ingredients!All the ingredients! Hungry AgentsHungry Agents Need HelpNeed Help Abide by RulesAbide by Rules Commit To Do…Commit To Do… MaterialsMaterials Role PlayRole Play SpacedSpaced LearningLearning AssignmentsAssignments RewardsRewards PenaltiesPenalties ConsultingConsulting ForeverForever AttitudeAttitude
    10. 10. Created By Rich Williams For 10 Coaching Investment • 90 Day Commitment • Pre-Business Assessment Session • 2 In-class events per month • 2 Online Webinar Sessions • 2 30 minute conference calls per month • Coaching Materials and Weekly Email Support • 10% gross of closings in 12 months
    11. 11. Created By Rich Williams For 11 Pick And Choose Regional AT $49.95 Per Person “Ask About Multiple Class Discounts” • MREA Business Planning Clinic • Millionaire Mondays • Price Reductions • Listing Presentations • Sellers Mastery • Objection Handling • Smart Dialogues For The Signature • Fun With FSBOs • Text-Ology • Growing Your Biz • 12 Tactics For Tough Times • Time Mgmnt. 4-1-1 • Buyers Mastery • New for 2009 Webinars!
    12. 12. Created By Rich Williams For 12 •• Better-trained agentsBetter-trained agents •• Better agent retentionBetter agent retention •• Increased productionIncreased production •• Recruiting toolRecruiting tool •• Satisfied OP’s and TL’sSatisfied OP’s and TL’s •• Increased market shareIncreased market share What are the Benefits You Can Count OnWhat are the Benefits You Can Count On from STAR Mastermindfrom STAR Mastermind™ Coaching™ Coaching
    13. 13. Created By Rich Williams For 13 There is really only one question for an agent - Are you serious about growing Your Market Cener? If you are – then you need to encourage your agents to take the coaching!
    14. 14. Created By Rich Williams For 14 Who is STAR MM targeted at? • WhoWho takes the most managementtakes the most management time?time? •• WhoWho can create a negative companycan create a negative company image?image? •• WhoWho holds the most companyholds the most company dollars in their hands?dollars in their hands? •• WhoWho loses the most transactions?loses the most transactions? WeWe specializespecialize in thein the bottom 50%bottom 50% of agents . .of agents . .
    15. 15. Created By Rich Williams For 15 •• Increases their productionIncreases their production through time-through time- management techniques and themanagement techniques and the importance of following the KW modelimportance of following the KW model •• Helps them utilize newHelps them utilize new technologiestechnologies toto find what works best for themfind what works best for them •• Relearn the basicsRelearn the basics - giving them back- giving them back the tools that helped make themthe tools that helped make them become successfulbecome successful …… as well as theas well as the Top 50Top 50% of agents!% of agents!
    16. 16. Created By Rich Williams For 16 Step 1. Planning MeetingStep 1. Planning Meeting Step 2. Leadership MeetingStep 2. Leadership Meeting Step 3. The “Inspriational”Step 3. The “Inspriational” Step 4.Step 4. Program BeginsProgram Begins Step 5.Step 5. GraduationGraduation We go Thru a Step-By-Step ProcessWe go Thru a Step-By-Step Process for each Coaching program:for each Coaching program:
    17. 17. Created By Rich Williams For 17 Builds…Builds… Teamwork &Teamwork & Culture!Culture!
    18. 18. Created By Rich Williams For 18 What program expenses are involved? THE LEADERSHIP MEETING • 1. Meeting Room or training room • 2. Refreshments THE REGIONAL“INSPIRATION” EVENT • 1. Meeting Room • 2. Refreshments • 3. Travel Expenses • 4. Hotel (one night) THE COACHING SESSIONS • 1. Meeting Room • 2. Refreshments • 3. Graduation Party
    19. 19. Created By Rich Williams For 19 What are the next steps?What are the next steps? 1-1- Top Management:Top Management: CommitCommit to STARMM Program scheduleto STARMM Program schedule 2-2- Managers:Managers: Promote attendancePromote attendance at The Inspirationat The Inspiration 3-3- Agents:Agents: Prepare for a life-changing experiencePrepare for a life-changing experience!!
    20. 20. Created By Rich Williams For 20 Make it work! 3 Listings = $50.00 and an additional $25 for up four closings 6 Listings = $100.00 and an additional $25 for up to four closings INCENTIVES…
    21. 21. Created By Rich Williams For 21