Report of Redbridge DPULO workshop, August 2010


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Over the last 18 months, a group of organisations and Redbridge Council have worked together to establish a Disabled People's User-Led Organisation (DPULO) in the area. This report summarises a workshop where everyone came together to discuss establishing the DPULO.

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Report of Redbridge DPULO workshop, August 2010

  2. 2. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 2Jargon Buster 5Introduction 7 Background 7 Purpose of the Workshop 7 The national policy context: Transforming Adult Social Care 7Creating a User Led Organisation: What has happened so far? 10The Purpose of the workshop 11Workshop Summary 13 Key Recommendations from the Workshop: 13The Guest Speakers 15Question and Answer Session 16Possible roles for the User Led Organisation 18Appendix 1: 20Organisations who attended 20Appendix 2: Documents 21Appendix 3: Equality, Diversity and Evaluation of Event 22Appendix 4: Redbridge User Led Organisation Road Map 24 1
  3. 3. Executive Summary 4. Go out and meet people Connect with individual organisations to explain the User Led Organisation process and the reasons for it. This should include minority groups and groups supportingThe Vision people with learning difficulties.Promoting independence, 5. Language we useinclusive living and a credible Other groups, carers, older people, minorityvoice for everyone who uses organisations, must feel more involved inservices in Redbridge this process. For example, the term ‘user of services’ might be misleading.The Key Messages Social care is an issue that can touch the1. The Role of User Led Organisation. lives of every family whether we are carers,The express wish of attendees was that the old or young, disabled people, experiencingUser Led Organisation should have a mental health conditions or from a blackprominent ‘engagement’ role in Redbridge. and ethnic minority group. People who useThis is compatible with a brokerage type of local services and their families want andfunction. expect choice, control, dignity, respect and2. Tell people what the User Led equality to be at the heart of service Organisation is doing provision. People also quite rightly insist onThe User Led Organisation should have its the right type of support and care. All theseown website to publicise all decisions and elements are essential to ensure thatactivities. everyone has the opportunity to make the3. Involve more service users most of their chances in their life as well asGreater involvement of users of services is to lead fulfilling, flourishing and purposefulessential. This might be achieved via the lives.Redbridge User Reference Group. Users of The journey for the Redbridge communityservices must have greater influence upon started back in June 2009 when Adultdecisions made by the Steering Group. Social Care and local grassroots organisations in Redbridge agreed to 2
  4. 4. explore the potential of setting up a UserLed Organisation (ULO) in Redbridge. Over The Guest Speakersthe last year, the ULO Steering Group has The first part of the day was given over totalked to a wide range of people and three main speakers. They were Johnorganisations culminating in the Workshop Powell, the Director of Adult Social Servicesat the end of April 2010: ‘Nothing about us in Redbridge, Nick Danagher, a member ofwithout us’ Equality 2025, UK Government Network onThe event received wide support. 81 Disability Equality and Neil Nerva, part of thepeople attended of which over half identified London Division of the Department ofthemselves as users of local services. There Health. Each spoke about how importantwere also representatives or users from over this development is and how committed30 different organisations including: social they were to establishing a ULO & Centrecare; the NHS; independent; third sector for Independent Living in Redbridge it.and service user organisations. A wide and Indeed, it should be remembered thatdiverse range of people turned up including: without Transforming Adult Social Servicescarers; older people; people with a learning funding to support this process from thedisability; people with mental health London Borough of Redbridge it is unlikelyconditions; physical and sensory we could have got to this point in the Userimpairments; long term chronic conditions; Led Organisation’s development.young and old and people from minoritycommunities. The Role of the User Led Organi- sationThe Purpose of the workshop The rest of the day was given over to theThe purpose was, first, to inform them of Workshop participants. They were firstthe progress that had been made in asked for their opinions about the progressRedbridge towards developing a User Led so far. In the second part participants wereOrganisation. Second, was to ask asked to select the roles they wanted theparticipants what roles a User Led User Led Organisation to play in Redbridge.Organisation should play in Redbridge. Overwhelmingly, the participants wanted itThese objectives are in line with the to be a “Campaigning organization” thatTransforming Adult Social Care initiative. gives a louder voice to people that may notFrom April 2011, “anybody who receives be able to express their needs as individualssocial care support will have genuine choice and a One-stop shop that could provideand control over the services they receive services including Brokerageand the way they receive them.” 3
  5. 5. Strategic DirectionHaving listened to the views of local peoplewe are now ready to take the next steptowards independence.  This reportsummarises our vision for the future basedon the findings from the workshops and thediscussion and debates we have had withvarious stakeholders, local service users • Use and promote plain languageand policy makers over the last year. • Build on the work already provided by the voluntary sector, to provide a • It must be controlled and run by the unique service, across service user people using its services and carer groups based on individual • It must be a universal service that needs ; anyone, experiencing barriers, serv- • Let people know what it is doing and ice user or not, will be welcome to involve more seldom heard citizens use using a range of methods including • Empower people to have greater an internet website, easy read and control over their lives, by helping translated material etc  them make meaningful choices • Promote  greater inclusion, inde- • give people a louder voice to influ- pendence and health and well being ence decisions that affect their lives • Work with local organisations to as- • take forward issues voiced by  the sist with the delivery of local strategic membership including those raised priorities. at the workshops • It must meet its obligations and • Provide advice, information and bro- commitments to funders kerage support User Led Organisation Steering Group MembersAge Concern Redbridge - London Borough of Redbridge - Redbridge Carers SupportService - Redbridge Concern For Mental Health - Redbridge LINk - Redbridge Disability Association - Redbridge Forum for People with a Learning Disability - Redbridge PeopleFirst - RUN-UP - The Daffodil Advocacy Project - RADAR (The Royal Association forDisability Rights) - Refugee and Migrant Forum for East London - Redbridge Children &Young Peoples Network 4
  6. 6. Jargon Buster Commissioning The process by which local authorities decide how to spend their money to get theIt is helpful to set out some definitions of best possible services for local people.words and phrases used in this report. Direct paymentsUser Led Organisation These are monthly payments given toUser-led organisations are those where the service users as the means of controllingpeople who the organisation represents or their own care - allowing more choice andprovides a service to, have a majority on the flexibility. They enable people to purchaseManagement Committee or Board, and their own care rather than use councilwhere there is clear accountability to services.members and / or service users. Individual budgetsBrokerage Individual budgets (IBs)  give a clearThe scope of the Broker’s role includes allocation of cash to an individual to controlhelping people to identify the changes they the way money is spent to meet his or herwant to make to their lives; find support care needs. IBs can bring together a varietyservices and community opportunities that of income streams from different agenciesthe person requires; negotiate with as well as social care. People can useproviders and prepare community resources individual budgets to buy services fromas necessary; cost and write a support plan public, private and voluntary sectors.and identify and obtain funding. Independent livingCentre for Independent Living Means having choice and control over yourCentres of independent living are grass life.roots organisations run and controlled bypeople who use local services. Their aims Inclusive livingare that people who use services should Means being fully included in yourhave control over their lives and achieve full community.participation in society. They work towardsthese aims by representing peoples views Outcomesboth nationally and locally, and by providing The end results or impact something has onservices which promote independent living. a service users life eg. Improved quality of life 5
  7. 7. Personal budget replace the current care management process over the next three yearsThis is an individual budget made up solelyof social care funding. Service users Service user means people who needPersonalisation support and / or equipment in order to goThe process by which state provided about their daily lives and who use servicesservices can be adapted to suit service that are provided as part of the welfareusers. This means everyone having choice state.and control over the shape of their supportalong with a greater emphasis on prevention User-led Groupsand early intervention. Are groups run by and for the people theyPutting People First speak up for. The group is managed and controlled by its membersThe Governments shared vision andcommitment to the transformation of adult The social model of disabilitysocial care Says that the problem is not someone’sReSURG impairment, illness, frailty or learning disability but instead, the problem is thatReSURG is the Redbridge Service User they don’t have the support, equipment orReference Group. It was set up to provide housing they need and they don’t haveservice user and carer input into the work choice and control over their daily lives.that Adult Social Services are doing to Although the social model of disability wasdevelop more personalised social care. This initially developed by people with physicalis a role that the ULO will carry out in the impairments, it is just as relevant to peoplefuture. However, as the ULO Steering Group with a learning disability, older people, andis busy setting up the new organisation, it people with mental health support needs.was decided to set up ReSURG as aninterim measure, with a plan for it to mergewith the ULO when the time is right.Self-Directed SupportThis is the name given to the change in theway the whole social care system operatesto give service users the choice, control andpower over the support they receive. It will 6
  8. 8. IntroductionBackgroundThis is a Report of the views andconclusions of service users and Social Care, is to develop ways of ensuringorganisations that attended the ‘Nothing people can exercise choice and control overabout us without us’ Workshop on Tuesday their lives. To help give them a voice on27th April 2010. This event was essential to service development through advocacy andensure that people locally learnt about what brokerage support linked to thehad happened so far. Also, it was important development of a User Led Organisations inthat people are involved in all future each region.decisions about the role a User Led The second reason for this Workshop wasOrganisation would have in Redbridge. to ask the participants what roles a UserPurpose of the Workshop Led Organisation in Redbridge shouldThere were two reasons why we asked have? The purpose of a User Ledpeople who use local services to attend this Organisation is to help the London BoroughWorkshop. First, it was to inform them of of Redbridge meet its agenda forthe progress that had been made in Transforming Social Care (TASC) locally.Redbridge in developing a User Led The national policy context:Organisation. One of the central Transforming Adult Social Carerequirements identified by the Department There has been a gathering policyof Health Strategy “Putting PeopleFirst” (see Appendix 1); Transforming Adult momentum leading to local authority and health service reform. A number of key 7
  9. 9. messages and themes have emerged in responsibilities) should have a user-ledparticular that public sector services will organisation modelled on existing Centreshave to change the way they look after for Independent Living”[see appendix 2].people. In particular by putting service users Putting People First (December 2007) hasat the heart of the process; enabling them an objective “Support for at least one localto decide what care, support or service will user led organisation and mainstreammeet their needs in the best way possible, mechanisms to develop networks whichhow it should be provided with an emphasis ensure people using services and theiron supporting people to live independently families have a collective voice, influencingand to have choice and control over the policy and provision”.[see appendix 2]way they wish to live their lives“A User Led Organisation is an organisation that is run and controlled by people who use support services including people with physical and/or sensory impairments, mental health service users, people with a learn- ing difficulty, older people, and their families and carers. Social Care Institute for excellence (2009) ”In January 2005, in Improving the life The March 2009 Transforming Adult Socialchances of disabled people, the Care local authority circular (LAC) states thatGovernment set out an ambitious vision that a core component should be “An enabling“By 2025, disabled people in Britain should framework to ensure people can exercisehave full opportunities and choices to choice and control with accessibleimprove their quality of life and will be advocacy, peer support and brokeragerespected and included as equal members systems with strong links to user ledof society.”[1] Promoting independent living organisations. Where ULOs do not exist, aand the active participation of disabled strategy to foster, stimulate and developpeople in the design, delivery and user led organisations locally.”[Appendix 2]monitoring of resources and services are The Local Authority intends to change therecognised as being fundamental to the way services are provided to adults  inprocess of improving their life chances. Redbridge. From April 2011 “anybody whoImproving the life chances of disabled receives social care support will havepeople also made the recommendation that genuine choice and control over the“By 2010, each locality (defined as that area services they receive and the way theycovered by a Council with social services receive them. (see Appendix 1 for link) 8
  10. 10. There are four areas in which this will be • SOCIAL CAPITAL. This is key andachieved. means engaging with people to show them how they can influence the decisionsThe four areas are: that affect their lives. People who have• UNIVERSAL SERVICES. This support needs, their carers and others means creating general support and who find support difficult to access need services available to everyone locally to be encouraged to be part of those (universal services). These services discussions about community life. including things like transport, leisure, How The User Led Organisation education, health, housing, community safety and access to information and helps this advice. A User-Led Organisation will play an important role in transforming the way• E A R LY INTERVENTION & services are delivered. It will be a vehicle PREVENTION SERVICES. This is through which people can make their views about the support available to assist know. The User-Led Organisation will also people who need a little more help, at an deliver unique services that people want early stage to stay independent for as long and cannot be easily run by smaller as possible. For example, support to organizations. Finally, it will be the place recover from the effects of illness or help where advice and information can be easily to manage a long- term condition from found. someone with experience of a similar condition. It can even be job training, Redbridge began the process of creating a gardening or exercise. local User Led Organisation in March 2009 with a Report to the Redbridge Health &• CHOICE AND CONTROL. This Social Care Advisory Committee (Appendix about self-directed support. This means 1). Since then a number events have taken having services available to meet people’s place, which have lead to where we are needs rather than people having to fit in today. with the things on offer. People who need support should be able to choose who provides that support, and control when and where the services are provided. 9
  11. 11. Creating a User Led Organisation:What has happened so far? DATE EVENT April 2009 Public meeting about how TASC will inform the Commissioning Strategy June 2009 Developing a User Led Organisation in Redbridge Workshop: This began discussions with service users and existing user led organisations about how to become a User Led Organisation – (see appendix 2 for doc).September 2009 Workshop to Develop a model for User and Carer involvement. From this Workshop the Redbridge User Reference Group was established (ReSURG) – (see appendix 2 for doc). October 2009 The Voluntary Sector produced their ‘ROAD MAP” to the establishment of a ULO – (see appendix 1 for Road Map link)November 2009 London Borough of Redbridge accepted the Report and Road Map as the route to be taken to establish a ULO in Redbridge. January 2010 First meeting of User Led Organisation Steering Group. This group is charged with creating the User Led Organisation. March 2010 ReSURG met and endorsed progress so far. April 2010 Stakeholder Group met and chose structure of the User Led Organisation. 10
  12. 12. The Purpose of the workshop The Visual Journey To aid the recording of the event, a graphic artist (Ryan Jones) was commissioned to capture people’s views in a graphical representation. Quite, simply this provided a visual representation of everything that happened at the Workshop. This pictureThe first aim of the workshop was to askparticipants for their views about the was in the form of a journey. This allowed people to follow the proceedings visually,progress made so far towards establishing aUser Led Organisation in Redbridge. The and enabled the artist to capture all the presentations, the responses of thesecond aim was to ask attendees to statetheir preferred choice of role a User Led attendees, and feedback at the event.Organisation might have in Redbridge. The Limitationschoices were set within Transforming AdultSocial Care Agenda. They also had an The scope of the Workshop was to provideopportunity to raise any “burning issues” information about the progress of the User-that they had and which would be recorded Led Organisation’s development and, moreand taken up at a later date. Finally, i m p o r t a n t l y, t o g i v e a t t e n d e e s t h eevaluation forms were handed out at the opportunity to influence the next steps in itsend of the event to give participants the development. Its aim was also to encourageopportunity to comment on the quality of greater involvement in this process. Therethe Workshop and also to suggest ways in were no pre-meetings to better informwhich to improve communication and attendees. This did place some at asubsequent involvement.. disadvantage. Nor did we distinguish between employees of organisations and service users when we asked for people’s 11
  13. 13. views. It is estimated that more than half of significantly influence what the User Ledthose who attended were made up of Organisation will eventually do.people who use services. Finally, attendees Despite widespread publicity, it is likely thatwere asked to choose the role they wished many people were unaware of this event orto see the User Led Organisation adopt in could not attend. This Workshop is only oneRedbridge. They were reminded that the small part of the engagement androle of the User Led Organisation has yet to involvement of users of services inbe determined. Their views would not be Redbridge. There will be many subsequentbinding and the User Led Organisation meetings and events, large and small, tomight do other things. However, their maintain the momentum begun at thisopinions stated at this Workshop will Workshop. “ ULOs are local and driven by what their users know works for them. With the right level of resources they could be a power-house for social change towards full participation for all as equal citizens because their voice is authentic. Maynard-Campbell 2007 ” 12
  14. 14. Workshop SummaryThe workshop involved 81 participants. Local Authority Circular (March 2010 - seeThese included service users and voluntary appendix 2 for reference) based on thesector organisations. The purpose of the principles of “nothing about us without us”.event was to, first, inform them of the According to the Circular: “This is a phraseprogress that had been made in Redbridgein developing a User Led Organisation. The widely used by those users and carers who want to contribute to the transformation ofsecond was to ask the participants whatroles the User Led Organisation in services. At the heart of personalisation are the principles of empowering customers toRedbridge could potentially take on. take more control over their lives, and toKey Recommendations from the assist them in making choices as to howWorkshop: and when their care and support needs are1. The Role of User Led met. It is expected that not only will allOrganisation service users understand what the changes will mean for them but also that those whoThe express wish of attendees was that the want to contribute to the development ofUser Led Organisation should have a new services and new ideas can do soprominent ‘engagement’ role in Redbridge alongside the local authority as partners inand to act as a forum where users of local delivering the local transformation.”services can voice their views and opinions This is also clearly compatible with ain effect to be a ‘coalition of voices’ . brokerage type of function.This clearly ties in with the transformationprogramme set out by Department of Health 13
  15. 15. 2. Tell people what the UserLed Organisation is doing 4. Go out and meet peopleThe User Led Organisation should have its Meet with individual organisations to explainown website to publicise all decisions and the User Led Organisation process and theactivities. reasons for it. This should include minority3. Involve more service users groups and groups supporting people with learning difficulties and a learning disability.Greater involvement of users of services isessential. This might be done via the 5. Language we useRedbridge User Reference Group. They Other groups, carers, older people, minoritymust have greater influence upon decisions organisations, must feel more involved inmade by the Steering Group. this process. For example, the term ‘user of services’ might be misleading. “ A lot of thought is going into forming a User Led Organisa- tion which will co-ordinate many issues that other smaller organisations either struggle or cannot cope with. In es- sence to give a stronger voice to people with a disability so they do not remain invisible. ” 14
  16. 16. be to the Local Authority in helping it deliver better services in Redbridge.The Guest Speakers We would like to take this opportunity to thank the London Borough of Redbridge forJohn Powell, Director of Adult the many thousands of pounds they haveSocial Services committed to this Project.John reminded us of the London Borough A special thanks, also, to John for findingof Redbridge’s great commitment to choice the time to attend, despite being delayedand control for all users of services. Also, abroad by the Icelandic Volcanic Ash!how important a User-Led Organisation will“Supporting people to become active citizens would be part of providing in-formation. There’s no point in just having information for information’ssake. There are lots of elements on this list which could be put together. ”N i c k D a n a g h e r, m e m b e r o f undertook at the June 2009 Workshop. NeilEquality 2025, UK Government spoke of the hope to see more adventurous services supported by Local Authorities. He,Network on Disability Equality also, recognised the difficulties that mightNICK DANAGHER was also a guest be faced when establishing a User Ledspeaker. Nick reminded us of the historic Organisation. However, he applauded thecontext of the struggle disabled people have ‘coalition’ model approach Redbridge hashad to gain control of their lives. The title chosen to ensure User Led Organisation‘nothing about us, without us’ is representation. He saw it as accountablesymbolic of the purpose of a User Led and representative, both key to ensuringOrganisation. It is to empower disabled that the voices of users of services arepeople and help them exercise choice and heard.control over their lives. We would like to thank all the speakers forNeil Nerva, London Division of the taking the time to attend the Workshop.Department of HealthLike John Powell, NEIL NERVA kindlyreprised his role as guest speaker, a role he 15
  17. 17. Question and families did not use information technology. They would be penalised. The User LedAnswer Session Organisation should ensure all had equal access to information.This session followed a description of what Some also felt the language used in thehad taken place over the last year in workshop was far too complex anddeveloping the User-Led Organisation. excluded many who attended. It wasPeople were invited to ask questions in suggested that smaller meetings to explainresponse to what they had heard. Below is the issues more clearly would be verya summary of the themes that came from useful.those questions. Concerns raised about what aConfusion about the ULO’s role User Led Organisation would beand how we can get involved like A large User Led Organisation thatMany people felt they or their organisation represented everybody would lose thehad not had an opportunity to get involved. ‘spontaneity’ of a smaller organisation.It was suggested that those responsible There was little trust in a very conservativeshould have smaller meetings with individual Local authority to be innovative withgroups to explain what had happened. services. Can we believe in all this ‘user control’ rhetoric? The view was that thereThe User Led Organisation could was no outcome-based accountability whenbe the interface between a union performance measures fail to be delivered.of small organisations, users and “Whose measures do we accept? Whatthe local authority about the outcomes that the users have?”It was felt that services and service user How it relates to us: Real Lifegroups were very fragmented. That, A few users gave examples of being bulliedparticipation of users and their organisation and harassed by children or neighbourswere always after the decisions had been because of their disability or beliefs. Theymade. Users were merely asked to ‘rubber wanted a User Led Organisation thatstamp’ decisions already made. considered wider social issues to beThe ULO must be accessible to all important, not just social care issues.There was a concern that key information They considered early intervention andwould only be web based. Many users and prevention to be vital. A User Led 16
  18. 18. Organisation should use and support the It is important to state here that all the focusexisting voluntary sector to have area is on adult social care. The funding of themeetings especially to break down stigma User Led Organisation and the people it willat grass-roots level. be expected to assist will be adults who use adult social care services. It is not yet clear ifThe User Led Organisation and this will include young people in ‘transition’children and carer’s of disabled or not.childrenPeople who are carers of disabled childrenwanted to know whether the User LedOrganisation would represent them? “ When you look at the feedback people gave, most of the points made were about individual rights. We need to be able to advo- cate for our communities. Our voices need to be heard first – who is campaigning for you? It’s not campaigning where you tie yourself to railings but about having clear representation to the local authority. ” 17
  19. 19. Possible roles for the User LedOrganisationWe asked the participants what roles they 4. Supporting people to be activethought a User-Led Organisation should citizens (community engagement).have? To assist this process, the attendeeswere given a list of 5 options to choose 5. Building and supporting communityfrom. networkThe list from which people were asked The Most Popular Choice: Ato select from were: campaigning voice that empowers and engages local service users 1. A One-Stop Information Shop. Of this, attendees said: 2. A centre to help people to plan and “When you look at the feedback people find  the care and support services gave, most of the points made were about they need (Brokerage). individual rights. We need to be able to 3. A campaigning organisation. advocate for our communities. Our voices need to be heard first – who is campaigning for you? It’s not campaigning where you tie 18
  20. 20. yourself to railings but about having clearrepresentation to the local authority.” Also: Also: “Our organisation is isolated because we are faith based. It makes it harder “Are we reinventing the wheel with for us to be integrated with the wider some of these ideas? It would be range of groups, which has useful to capacity build the existing implications for our funding.” organisations to provide the best care, but the campaigning issue is the most important potential function of a ULO. Is there an issue of not actually being able to campaign if you are in receipt of public money? You can’t criticise “ the local council if they are funding you.” “Supporting people to become active citizens would be part of providing in-Second most popular choice: One stop formation. There’s no point in just hav-shop and a Brokerage service ing information for information’s sake. There are lots of elements on this listThe majority of attendees agreed that both which could be put together.”a one-stop shop and brokerage and adviceare services they would like the User LedOrganisation to run. ” “There was a concern of what you mean by a one stop shop. If it’s just a leaflet drop then forget it. But if it offered brokerage and campaigning we could accept that. But we thought a ULO should incorporate all the options and no one could exist without the other. So we thought the ULO should be a hub which actually undertakes the campaigning on behalf of individuals, but the overriding thing about it is for it to maintain its independence and autonomy.” 19
  21. 21. Appendix 1:Organisations who attendedAir Football Refugee & Migrant Forum of East Lon-Department of Health don (RAMFEL)Indigo Project - Transition Group Re-Start (working with ex-offenders)Intake and Brief Intervention Team Richmond Fellowship Employment Service RedbridgeInterface RedbridgeJewish Cares Mitkadem Centre for RUN-UPWellbeing Sikh Community Care ProjectLondon Borough of Redbridge SpringboardNHS Redbridge The Daffodil Advocacy ProjectNorth East London NHS Foundation The Royal Association for DisabilityTrust RightsPensioners Forum ThinkartsPeoples Platform Uniting FriendsRedbridge Carers Support ServiceRedbridge Concern For Mental Health Thanks to:Redbridge CVS Maddy Edwards, BASIS CoachRedbridge Disability Association Maggie and her team at the Blue River CafeRedbridge Forum for People with a Ryan Jones, the graphic artistLearning Disability The Parish Church & Community Centre ofRedbridge Indian Welfare Association St Pauls Goodmayes for use of the venue.Redbridge Link Chris Wyatt and the Redbridge MusicRedbridge Music Lounge LoungeRedbridge People First Roxanne Keynejad, for taking the notes andRedbridge Resource Centre collating themRedbridge Transport Elliott Tucker for producing a film of the event 20
  22. 22. Appendix 2:DocumentsDeveloping a model for Service User and Carer Involvement in the Transforming Adult SocialCare Programme, Sept 2009. (Search on ‘transforming‘)accessed May 6, 2010Developing a User Led Organisation in Redbridge, June 2009 on ‘transforming‘) accessed May 6, 2010Putting people first: a shared vision and commitment to the transformation of adult socialcare; DH (2007) accessed May 6, 2010P u t t i n g P e o p l e F i r s t : Tr a n s f o r m i n g A d u l t S o c i a l C a r e w e b s i t e : h t t p : / / accessed May 6, 2010Redbridge User Led Organisation Update to REDBRIDGE HEALTH AND SOCIAL CAREADVISORY COMMITTEE, March 2009. (search on‘transforming‘) accessed May 6, 2010Road Map - Redbridge ULO Roadmap Stakeholder Event October 22nd Endorse ReportAccountability to users of ULO Relationship to stakeholders Next Step. (Search on ‘Road Map’) accessed May 6, 2010Local Authority Circular LAC (DH) (29 March 2010) 1, TRANSFORMING ADULT SOCIALCARE – the Social Care Reform Grants, 21
  23. 23. Appendix 3:Equality, Diversity and Evaluation of Event Ethnicity (Some of the categories below reflect self-defined identities) 6% 2% 2% 10% 2% 2% 4% 6% Black African 4% Black Caribbean Indian Mixed Ethnicity White British White Irish Brown British Chinese Jewish Did Not Respond 62% Faith 12% 4% Christian 44% Hindu Jewish Muslim 21% None Sikh Did not Respond 2% 15% 2% 22
  24. 24. Age 6% 12% 8% 8% 6% 2% 2% 10% 2% 25 to 34 2% 35 to 49 4% 6% 50 to 65 Black African 65+ 4% Black Caribbean Under 25 Indian Did not respond 19% Mixed Ethnicity White British White Irish 47% Brown British Chinese Jewish Did Not Respond 62%I found out all Iwanted to know 6% 15% 19% Strongly agree Agree Disagree Dont know Did not answer 13% 47% 23
  25. 25. Appendix 4: Redbridge User Led Organisation Road Map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
  26. 26. Produced and published by Redbridge Concern for Mental HealthTo discuss the report please contact:Jon Abrams020 8925 25
  27. 27. Equality Choice Respect Support VoiceDignity Control