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N6200 Release Deck
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N6200 Release Deck


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This is a deck used to help explain the value of the new N6200 series systems

This is a deck used to help explain the value of the new N6200 series systems

Published in: Technology

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  • It’s clear the world is getting smarter. Billions of devices are connecting people and businesses, creating wonderful opportunities On a smarter planet, every moment is a transaction. Every transaction creates data that is stored, copied, analyzed, classified, and audited; sometimes for decades.
  • These new devices, and the transactions they enable, are generating vast amounts of data <click> As you can see, opportunities are unlimited, but resources are not. Addressing client needs requires smarter systems. Smarter systems are optimized for the workloads and the realities of a Smarter Planet.
  • Storage is a complex topic, and I don’t mean to over-simplify; but the success of an information infrastructure can be measured by the ability to drive continuous improvements in three core areas: Storage Efficiency Service Delivery Data Protection Because of rapid data growth and flat budgets, many organizations have been busy managing day-to-day workloads. Often, there wasn’t time or resources to look at overall storage efficiency, service levels, and data protection policies. Now, as many organizations return to growth, these foundation infrastructure issues are becoming more relevant. Clients with gaps in these core areas may feel their IT organization is an obstacle to growth or a high cost service provider. The stakes are high. Now, Clients may have a short window of time to make Information Infrastructure changes that can enable the next wave of business growth. Let’s take a moment to look at each topic.
  • Customers need NAS systems that allow them to tame content hyper-growth more easily. The new N6200 Series models now offer increased storage capacity; IBM N6210 Series scales up to 480 TB and the IBM N6240 Series can scale up to 1,200 TB to dominate relentless data growth. For greater expandability and productivity both products include integrated SAS ports at 6Gbps; with the new I/O expansion module the IBM N6240 can increase the slot-count by 50% and have up to 12 PCIe slots in the systems for host & back-end connectivity, as well as for flash cache support. The IBM N6010 Series can have up to 4 PCIe slots in a dual configuration. Performance: The new N6200 Series systems provide a powerful platform to manage system data, nearly improving system performance in the range of 50 to 400% vs. previous systems, depending on the workload and model. The IBM N6040 Series delivers a higher performance than the IBM N6210 Series due to differences in the multi-core processors and amount of memory that are designed into each system. The new software structure available in the IBM N6210 and N6240 Series simplifies system configurations, delivering more value at a lower cost: Customers now can get Continuous Availability and Secure Multi-Tenancy software as standard, plus then can select the protocol they need for free (rather than having iSCSI as default and having to buy any other protocol). Add on software has been simplified down to 6 key products, and customers can buy only those who need, or buy all of them in a bundle. In a nutshell, the new IBM System Storage N6000 Series offer: Greater flexibility with the extra expandability and scalability More performance Higher availability Better value and more powerful tools to manage data Also, a new 8 Gbps FCVI adapter is now available for FC connectivity for MetroCluster and SnapMirror functions, for improved resiliency, connectivity and data protection.
  • January 26, 2011 The explosion of information is generating ever growing storage requirements. The need for business to create, organize and distribute files is switching storage from traditional structured data to unstructured, file-based content. Facing this reality, customers need NAS systems that allow them to tame content hyper-growth more easily. The IBM Storage portfolio is suited to address customer requirements for NAS storage with IBM N Series in the entry and mid-range market segments. IBM N series also addresses the storage requirements of solutions for multiprotocol applications and plays a key role with storage virtualization and integration. On January 25 2011 IBM is introducing two new N6000 Series models for mid-range NAS storage. They provide important improvements in capacity and performance and carry over the key features and benefits our customers love: efficient hardware, common management, upgrades, training, people, diagnostics, provisioning, bundles and more. IBM is introducing the IBM System Storage N6210 Series for small and medium business and the IBM N6240 Series with higher capacity and performance benefits to alleviate stronger storage requirements, replacing N3600 and N6040 Series respectively. We continue to offer the high performance N6000 Series products, the IBM N6060 and N6070.
  • Goal of Slide: Highlight the differences between the current software structure on current systems and the new software structure on the new N6200 systems.   Key Points: With the new N6200 systems, we’re rolling out a new software structure that delivers more value and simplifies system configurations. Currently, midrange & high-end systems have some software included in the base and then have an a-la-carte menu for adding on 30+ software products. In addition, iSCSI protocol is included with the system while other protocols, if needed, must be purchased separately. The new systems have a simplified software structure. 3 key features: More value is now standard with each system Enhanced flexibility for customer to decide which protocol they want include, for free, in their system purchase. Add on software has been simplified down to 6 key products. Or buy them all with the Complete bundle. And, option to buy any additional protocols that are needed.
  • Goal of Slide : Highlight the value of Data ONTAP Essentials Key Points: Data ONTAP Essentials included with each new N6200 system. Includes more value-added and highly differentiated N Series software for $0 charge with every N6200 storage system shipped. Data ONTAP now includes: MultiStore - our secure multi-tenancy software for shared storage infrastructures, ideal for cloud environments MetroCluster - our automated, continuous data availability software for mission-critical applications Core Storage Management software – centrally monitor, manage, provision and protect all your data with policies One protocol of choice – offering our customers true unified storage architecture for less Protocols: One protocol of choice is included in Data ONTAP Essentials for $0 charge. Additional protocols are now all at the same price. This is good news for NAS customers, as N Series used to charge for both CIFS and NFS. Now, one protocol is included and the customer is only charged for one protocol, not two. Add-on Software: SnapVault – includes both SnapVault Primary and SnapVault Secondary licenses. Customers can easily perform disk-to-disk backups of data within the same system using tiered storage or perform remote backups SnapManager Suite – includes all SnapManagers and SnapDrives in one, convenient software product. Customers virtualizing their server infrastructure and running multiple applications on shared storage, now only need to purchase one software product for integration and enhanced data protection for their applications. SnapRestore – Restore LUNs and file systems from previously backed-up snapshot copies in seconds, irrespective of size or number of files. SnapMirror – Synchronous, semi-synchronous, and asynchronous data replication software that delivers simple, efficient, and flexible disaster recovery for business-critical applications. FlexClone – Instantly create transparent virtual copies of production databases or virtual machines, without needing any additional storage capacity or compromising performance. Complete Bundle – Includes all protocols and all extended-value software in one, all-inclusive, convenient software bundle at a highly competitive price.
  • Optimize your NAS storage with IBM N Series and IBM Real-Time Compression appliance * Extraordinary storage efficiency that allows users to get up to 5 time of their storage capacity back by compressing data up to 80% and helping to reduce the overall $/TB of your NAS storage * And while achieving this storage efficiency there is no application / storage performance degradation and scales linearly, as data grows so does performance. * And finally and most importantly, IBM Real-time Compression can be deployed transparently without impacting the storage infrastructure, applications and exploits storage services such as snapshots, clones, replicas and backups including deduplicated backups.
  • This positioning chart is meant to give you a high-level view of where I think SONAS can fit in the IBM Disk Portfolio. Think of SONAS as a large enterprise scale out NAS system, as a system that would benefit a customer that requires extreme scale out capability for a file based system requiring high performance, and needing fast access to millions or even billions of files, all accessible from a single global location, and positioned for the customer that is able to invest over $250,000 dollars. Please turn to slide number twenty three (23)……………………….
  • Goal of Slide : Highlight key N6200 technical specifications & differences, if customer asks about them.   Key Points: 2 new models in the N6200 family: N6210, N6240 There are 3 primary differences between the 2 models: expandability, scalability, performance: Expandability (number of slots): The N6240 with expanded I/O have expansion capabilities (on-board connectivity, as well as 12 PCIe slots) for host & back-end connectivity as well as for Flash Cache. This model has more expandability than the IBM N6210 (4 PCIe slots in addition to its on-board I/O). There are two versions of the N6240: with and without the Expanded I/O. Most customers will choose to purchase/deploy the Expanded I/O models (which are 6U tall instead of 3U tall) since the extra size enables 12 PCIe slots in the systems, for additional connectivity as well as for Flash Cache modules. Ready for future connectivity requirements. Scalability: The IBM N6240 can scale up to 1200 TB of storage capacity. The IBM N6210 can scale up to 480TB. Performance: The IBM N6240 delivers a higher performance than the IBM N6210. This is due to differences in the multi-core processors and amount of memory that are designed into each system. More performance information will be made available as benchmarks are run & completed. The new IBM N6240 and N6210 Series models can offer: Greater flexibility with the extra expandability and scalability More performance (increase varies by model) Higher availability (from the new service processor and alternate control path).  
  • Transcript

    • 1. IBM System Storage N6000 Series R21 - January 25, 2011 announcement Increased storage efficiencies for a smarter infrastructure Ulises Zavala – IBM Storage Market Segment Manager January 25, 2011.
    • 2. Agenda
      • Data Storage for a smarter planet
      • IBM System Storage N Series advantages
      • Delivering value to customers
      • Resources and contact information
    • 3. The world is becoming smarter every day What’s making it smarter? More information!
      • 2.5 billion RFID tags sold in 2009
      • 900 million GPS devices sold annually by 2013
      • 76 million smart electric meters in 2009. 200M by 2014
      • Text messages generate 400TB of data daily in the U.S.
      • MRIs will generate a Petabyte of data globally this year
    • 4. Smarter Systems are Creating an Information Explosion 2000 2005 2010 2015 Terabytes Petabytes Exabytes Zettabytes Gigabytes
      • Storage requirements growing 20-40% per year
      • Information doubling every 18-24 months
      • Storage budgets up 1%-5% in 2010
      The information explosion meets budget reality
    • 5. Critical Success Factors Managing Information Growth without Complexity Data Protection Maintain access to information throughout its useful life Service Delivery Understand what you have, improve service, beat expectations Storage Efficiency Reduce cost, improve performance, increase flexibility
    • 6. IBM Has Helped 1000s of Clients Solve Storage Issues Control Costs, Improve Cycle Times, and Mitigate Risks Storage Efficiency IBM System Storage N6240 Series
      • New IBM N6240 Series scales to nearly 1.2PB plus has the extra PCIe slot connectivity to adapt to growing storage workloads.
      • New IBM N6210 expanded I/O configurations significantly add to the number of PCIe expansion slots available for extra connectivity; new I/O expansion module increases 50% the slot-count in an IBM N6240 Series
      • Simplified software structure, for a more integrated
      • data management and protection
      • New 8 Gbps FCVI adapter, improved FC connectivity
      • for MetroCluster and SnapMirror functions
      Up to 5x more data Compress data up to 80% with IBM N Series+IBM Real-Time Compression appliance bundles
    • 7. Entry level pricing, Enterprise Class Performance Excellent performance, flexibility and scalability at a lower TCO Highly-scalable storage systems for large enterprise data centers. Up to 1.2PB N6200/Gateway Series N7000/Gateway Series Up to 1176TB N3000 Series Up to 136TB IBM System Storage N Series Portfolio For customer NAS storage requirements Ann.Date: Jan 25, 2011 GA Date: Jan 28, 2011 New N6200!
    • 8. Flexibility and continued price/performance leadership
        • New I/O expansion module – 50% more slots
        • Two PCIe v2.0 (Gen 2) slots in controller
        • Onboard SAS ports
        • Midrange performance improvements (50-400% depending on workload/model)
        • Higher spindle and capacity
        • HA available in 3U and 6U footprints
        • Better Reliability, Availability, Scalability, Manageability
        • Service processor (SP) remote management
        • Goes beyond RLM and BMC
        • Adds high-end RASM capabilities to midrange
      I/O Scalability RASM Key N6200 Features
    • 9. 3U 6U 6U Dual-Enclosure HA More expansion slots Single-Enclosure HA Same rack space, more performance; additional expansion capabilities Or Half the rack space, more performance New N6210 Both Flexibility and Space Efficiency Single-Enclosure HA Current N6000 New N6240
    • 10. Key Software Enhancements - More Value Easier to Configure Current Platforms (A-la-Carte Structure) New N6200 Platforms (Simplified Structure)
      • Included Software:
      • iSCSI Protocol
      • System Management, Data Protection, Storage Efficiency, Performance Optimization
      Extended Value Software: 30+ A-la-Carte Software Products
      • More Protocols
      • SnapRestore®
      • SnapMirror®
      • FlexClone®
      • MultiStore®
      • MetroCluster™
      • SnapDrive®
      • Operations Manager
      • Protection Manager
      • Provisioning Manager
      • SnapManager® for VI
      • SnapManager for Exchange
      • SnapManager for SharePoint®
      • SnapManager for SAP®
      • SnapManager for Oracle®
      • SnapManager for SQL Server®… More
      • More Value Now Standard
      • Standard Management Software
      • Add Continuous Availability
      • Add Secure Multi-Tenancy
      • Enhanced Flexibility
      • Now choose the included protocol (iSCSI, FCP, NFS, CIFS)
      Simpler to Configure 6 key products + protocols Complete Bundle SnapRestore + Optional Protocols SnapMirror FlexClone SnapVault ® SnapManager Suite
    • 11.
      • Data ONTAP® Essentials
      • Included with IBM N6200 Series controllers at no additional costs:
      • - Protocols: More flexibility with choice of one protocol at $0 charge. Additional protocols now all at same price .
      • - Key technologies included:
        • Performance optimization: FlexCache®, FlexShare®
        • Storage efficiency: Deduplication, thin provisioning, compression, Snapshot™, RAID-DP®
        • Core management: System Manager, Operations Manager, Provisioning Manager, Protection Manager
        • High availability : RAID-DP, Snapshot, DSM/MPIO, SyncMirror®, OSSV, MetroCluster™
        • Secure multi-tenancy: MultiStore®
      Best Value with the New Software Structure Foundation Building Flexible Customer Solutions
    • 12.
      • IBM Brand Equity & Single Vendor proposition
        • Higher customer value with a single IBM solution package
      • IBM Total Solution
        • Support for IBM storage technologies to provide flexible storage solutions : SVC, XIV Systems, DS8000, DS4000, DS5000, STN6500
          • IBM N Series Gateway + IBM Storage Systems
          • IBM N Series + IBM Real-Time Compression appliance (file storage + data compression)
        • Ability to combine IBM Server, Storage (DAS, SAN, NAS, Tape), Storage Management Software, Virtualization, and Services
          • IBM N Series + IBM System x for VMware environments
        • IBM management offerings for integration with N series: Tivoli Storage Manager and Tivoli Storage Productivity Center
          • IBM N Series + IBM TSM for backup
        • Service offerings: GTS Installation and Migration Services
        • Warranty - 3 year for hardware and software
        • IBM Global Financing
      • Global Services, Distribution and Support
      • Simplified Contracting
      The IBM N Series Advantage
    • 13. IBM N Series + IBM Real-Time Compression appliance bundle Make Your Storage Extraordinarily Efficient
      • Up to 5x capacity increase for new and existing storage
      • Keep more archive data online / active
      • Reduce data transmission costs
      • Reduce backup / restore times
      Clients can keep up to 5x more data online IBM N Series Cache Cache 1,200 1,200 IBM N6240 Physical Capacity (TB) Nominal Data Stored (TB) 6,000 1,200 IBM N6240+STC6500 IBM RTCa
    • 14.
      • WW Contacts:  
        • Ulises Zavala Orozco,, Worldwide Marketing, N Series, [email_address]
        • Kenneth Griffo World Wide Sales Executive, N Series, [email_address]
        • Matthias Werner, EMEA product management support, N Series, [email_address]
      •   Contacts by Geography and Region:
        • Americas: John Hamano, [email_address]
        • Asia Pacific and Latin America: Joe Screnci, [email_address]
        • SWIOT: Anne Auge, [email_address]
        • CEE: Maxim Mounin, [email_address]
        • MEA: Jean Michel Carre, [email_address]
        • NEIOT: Ian Shave, [email_address]
        • Japan: Kazuhiro Hori, [email_address]
      N Series IBM Contacts
    • 15. N Series Resource List
      • N Series Sales Kit for IBMers
      • N Series Sales Kit for IBM Business Partners
      • N Series Newsletter
      • N Series Newsletter for IBM Business Partners
      • N series sales tactics IBMers
      • N series sales tactics Business Partners
      • N series Interoperability Documents
      • N series ISV Technical Reports
      • N series Redbooks and Redpapers
      • N series vs. Competitive Sales Kit
      • Customer References
      • Partner World Home Page
      • N series on
      • N series on – Disk Page
      • N series Resource Library on
      • N series Support Site on
      • N series entitlement and registration
      • Frequently asked questions
      • Competitive Information Via Competeline
        • Phone 888-426-5525, Option 4
        • E-mail: Compline/Atlanta/IBM@IBMUs
      • Pre-Sales Support
        • North America TechLine
        • Latin America TechLine
        • CEE/MEA/NEE/SWE TechLine
        • ASEAN/India/SA TechLine
        • A/NZ TechLine
        • Korea TechLine
        • Japan TechLine
    • 16.
      • Backup
    • 17. NAS
      • SONAS
      • Supports requirements for very high performance and petabyte-scale capacity demands.
      • Integrated ILM
      • All-inclusive software licensing .
      • N series
      • NAS storage (or multiprotocol)
      • Compliance NENR Storage requirements
      • Scattered Remote Office / Branch Office
      • Heterogeneous gateway.
      • Simple two-site high availability.
      • Replication.
      • Application affinity (Snap Manager).
      IBM N Series and IBM Scale Out NAS Positioning N series is a very important component of the IBM Portfolio SONAS is positioned for specific opportunities Enterprise Class 300 or more TB Midrange 100 to 300 TB Entry Up to 100 TB 1/3* of NAS Market Opportunity 2/3* of NAS Market Opportunity
    • 18.
        • IBM can be the single source for a total solution including servers, storage, software, services and financing, with worldwide presence, brand equity and reputation
        • IBM has better solution integration (server+storage) and a deeper technical expertise than most competitors
        • The IBM N series products have the most mature, robust, and trusted NAS platform in the industry, according to leading analysts
      • Vs EMC - Celerra
        • IBM’s N series products are designed as true NAS appliances; EMC’s Celerra platform merely provides a functional extension for FC SAN arrays to serve data in a NAS fashion, adding operational complexity.
        • The Celerra integrated models support up to 960 disks, while IBM N series supports up to 1,176 disks for more scalable deployments.
        • EMC Celerra gateways only support EMC storage arrays, representing a proprietary lock-in. The IBM N series gateways support heterogeneous enterprise storage systems
      • Vs EMC – VNX (ann. 1/11)
        • IBM N Series has been providing customers with a single platform to manage NAS and multiprotocol storage requirements by years, EMC has just made this available with VNX basically by “patching together completely different operating systems on the same controller
        • Nothing revolucionary has been announced with VNX basically EMC is following NetApp/N Series lead and product value but they still have a lot to do to catch-up (protocols supported, drives supported, etc.)
      IBM N Series - Competitive Silver Bullets
    • 19. New N6200 Family Key Specs HA Config N6210 N6240 Max Storage 480TB 1200TB Form Factor 3U 3U or 6U PCIe I/O Expansion Slots 4 4 or 12 Onboard 4Gb FC 4 4 Onboard 6Gb SAS 4 4 Memory 8GB 16GB OS Version Data ONTAP 8 ®, and 7.3.5
    • 20. 3U I/O Expansion Module Controller Chassis 3U Chassis N6200 Configuration Flexibility
    • 21. MDF & Rebates
      • NetApp MDF Will Continue in 2011
      • Private Cloud Channel Rebate
        • $10K US per deal
        • System x, Networking, N series bundle
        • Private Cloud Bundle Material
      • RtCA Rebate Incentive
        • New N series, RtCA
        • $10K US
      • Distributor and Reseller Competitive Attack Incentive
        • New N series Gateway, Existing EMC or HP Disk
        • $10K US per deal