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This describe the University Honors Program's process of building an e-portfolio process with students. It was presented in December 2007 to a group of faculty and staff.

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  • DEBBIEProbably should give a brief intro about the University Honors Program, the restructuring and the four thematic areas
  • DEBBIEStress that invitations to students were not solely based on academics and test scores
  • JENHonors experiences include seminar courses, experiential learning projects, Honors English (101H, 102H and 289H) and Honors 101
  • JEN
  • RICHAt the time the decision was made, the Basic Portfolio was selected over the Personal Portfolio, although the Personal Portfolio was more robust
  • RICHShow the following examples:The template presented to studentsMichelle Wong (COB)Incorporated graphicsTailored the portfolio to her personalityBuilt the pages as graphics and imported them in the portfolioLauren Woodrick (DAAP)Used a color and font structure to personalize her portfolioDavid Hertlein (Engineering/ACCEND)Formatting issues
  • RICH
  • RICHTeaching the building processIt would be best to present the assignment in a classroom with computer terminalsFoster a tactile learning process where the students would start the portfolio with guidance and supervisionEliminates forgotten informationPresent the components of the e-portfolio as one assignment to avoid push-backStudent push-back on the relevanceThe simplicity of the template turns students offStudents still question how the template pertains to their academic/professional pathCompeting with social and professional networking portals (LinkedIn, InCircle, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Bebo, Plaxo, etc.)Concerns on the portability of the final productWill the students have the capability to access their portfolio after graduation?How can we successfully transfer the portfolio to another server?
  • RAJ
  • RAJ
  • End of presentation, field questions or discussion
  • E Portfolio Requirement

    1. 1. E-Portfolio Requirement University Honors Program
    2. 2. Background about the University Honors Program  Incoming class of 256 students  Students are represented in every college  150 participated in the Honors 101 class during autumn 2007  75 students registered for Honors 101 for winter 2008
    3. 3. E-Portfolio Objectives  Establish student goals and milestones during the collegiate experience  Outline learning objectives as students participate in the University Honors Program  Chronicle and log a student’s required Honors experiences  Maintain an ongoing history of co-op and/or work experience  Maintain an on-going history of campus involvement and community engagement
    4. 4. Desired Outcomes  Enhance student learning and success  Use as a source for assessment  Create intentional touch-points between the student and the University Honors Program throughout a student’s college experience
    5. 5. Background  E-portfolios were created in Blackboard 7 and introduced during the transition from Blackboard 6 to 7  Used Basic Portfolio functionality, where the design is simple  Mandated every Honors 101 student to build an e-portfolio as a requirement for graduation
    6. 6. Process  Tailored existing templates to reflect Honors programmatic requirements  Worked with the Blackboard Support Team to activate and upload the templates for students to use  Walked the students through a step-by- step process to build and share the portfolio  The students created personal development plans to populate the e- portfolio pages  Required students to share their portfolio with the University Honors Program staff
    7. 7. Technical Challenges  No existing content available as a template and/or benchmark  Various students experienced technical problems ◦ Formatting text ◦ Sharing the portfolio ◦ Linking documents  Identifying content progress
    8. 8. Educational Challenges  Teaching the building process ◦ Present the assignment in a classroom with computer workstations ◦ Present the components of the assignment as one assignment  The simplicity of the templates generated student push-back on the relevance  Competing with social and professional networking portals (LinkedIn, InCircle, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Bebo, Plaxo, etc.)  Concerns on the portability of the final product
    9. 9. Where do we go from here?  Create concrete intentional touch- points to review and update the e- portfolio  Build the evaluation process as part of the graduation requirement  Devise the evaluative rubric
    10. 10. Where do we go from here?  Need a University-wide platform  Need to provide additional resources and features to guarantee continual use and mantainence (i.e., Blackboard Outcomes)  Need to move beyond the LiveText/Blackboard debate
    11. 11. E-Portfolio Requirement University Honors Program