2011 University of Cincinnati Honors Program Newsletter


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This is the newsletter sent to all of the incoming students to the University of Cincinnati Honors Program during the fall 2011 quarter.

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2011 University of Cincinnati Honors Program Newsletter

  1. 1. Welcome to the University of Cincinnati & the University Honors Program!A select group of students, 5-8% of the incoming freshmanclass, has been invited to participate in the University HonorsProgram. You should be proud of your academic and co-curricular achievements!We hope that you will take full advantage of this excitingopportunity to enhance your learning and your collegeexperience. To learn more about University Honors, readthrough this newsletter and explore our website (www.uc.edu/honors).By the time you approach graduation from UC, we anticipatethat you and other honors students will have become leaderson campus and in the community and will have developed a Visit Our Open House atstrong respect for others in the community and the world. In Bearcat Bound Orientation!the University Honors Program, you will interact with engagedlearners, each with a sense of intellectual curiosity and interest You and your parents/guests have an opportunity to meetin lifelong learning. University Honors Program staff members during Day One of Bearcat Bound Orientation. Our open house willCongratulations! We look forward to meeting you at orientation take place during the Taking Care of Business portion ofthis summer and to seeing you at future honors events. Our the orientation schedule, between 2:00 and 3:30 p.m*.doors are always open to you. This is a good opportunity for you to learn about: • Expectations & requirements of honorsSincerely, students at UCRaj, Debbie, Jen, Jessica, Leah, Tricia, • Honors seminars & experiencesand Rich • Events especially for first-year honors studentsThe University Honors Program Staff If you are unable to attend the open house, you can also visit our office during other times that you are free during orientation. Our office in 700 Swift Hall is open until 5:00 p.m. * For the June 30 -July 1 session for the College- Conservatory of Music, the open house session will be In this Newsletter between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. Welcome Retreat ................................................................2 Academic Registration Information ...........................4-5 University of Cincinnati 705 Swift Hall / PO Box 210007 Completing Requirements ...............................................7 Cincinnati, OH 45221-0007 The LeaderShape Institute ................................................8 Phone: (513) 556-6254 | Fax: (513) 556-2890 E-mail: honors@uc.edu | http://www.uc.edu/honors
  2. 2. Page 2Register for the Annual Honors Welcome Retreat on September 15-16Each year, the University Honors structure that looks like a torch)Program hosts an overnight re- and we’ll go from there. Retreat How to Sign up for the Welcome Retreattreat for our incoming freshmen. Team Leaders will be preparedThis year’s retreat will take place with activities to help you meet 1. Fill out the enclosed registration form. You will need toSeptember 15 and 16 at Higher your new honors peers. know your UC M-number and UConnect e-mail addressGround Conference and Retreat (username@mail.uc.edu).Center in West Harrison, IN Move Into Your Room 2. Send your registration form and $50 payment (checks(about 30 minutes from campus). Before the Retreat payable to “University of Cincinnati”) toYou are strongly encouraged to Students who have registered forparticipate in the Honors Retreat. the retreat and have an on-cam- University Honors ProgramThis is the perfect opportunity pus residence hall assignment can ATTN: Fall Retreatfor you to connect with other move into their room beginning PO Box 210007incoming students and current on September 14. Students will be Cincinnati, OH 45221-0007UC student leaders in a comfort- required to pay an early move-inable, interactive, and fun setting. fee, payable to Housing and Food 3. Upon receipt of your registration, we will send you (toStudents who attend the retreat Services. To sign up for early your UC e-mail address) a confirmation and additionalmake connections with one move-in authorization, visit information on what to bring and where to meet onanother that last throughout their https://hfs.uc.edu/early after re- September 15.time at UC. In addition, you’ll ceiving your housing assignment.participate in large and small- Please list Rich Robles at (513) 4. Sign up to move into the residence halls early (optional,group activities focused on the 556-6255 in the Honors office as look to the left)themes of the University Honors the sponsor. Payment must be re-Program - community engage- ceived by the Housing and Foodment, global studies, leadership, Services office prior to arrival.and research and creative arts. Students moving into University Park Apartments should contactWe are confident that you will the management office for per-gain valuable information to sonal arrangements.enhance your first year at UC,both academically and socially. Other Commitments?We guarantee that you will meetfellow honors students and have a Students participating in orienta-lot of fun! tion (i.e., make-up and interna- tional) on September 15 and/orTo register for the retreat, submit 16 are not able to participate inthe enclosed registration form the retreat. Additionally, studentsand payment of $50. Space is partcipating in the UC Bearcatlimited to the first 200 students. Band’s week-long camp (alsoBe sure to register as soon as pos- at Higher Ground) are not ablesible! The deadline to register is to participate in the WelcomeAugust 19, but keep in mind that Retreat. Don’t worry. There willspaces could fill prior to that date. be opportunities to connect with other University Honors studentsSocial Gathering Beforethe Retreat during the year and through the Take me to the retreat Gateway to University Honors course (HNRS110H). page on the UniversitySince a significant number of stu-dents will already be on campus, Honors websitethe Retreat Team Leaders will http://www.uc.edu/honors/have an informal social gathering academics/honorsFYE/on Wednesday, September 14, retreat.htmlbeginning at 7:00 p.m., at SigmaSigma Commons. This is an op-portunity for you to meet yourTeam Leader before the retreatand the other participants. Thisoptional event will begin at theSigma Sigma monument (the
  3. 3. Page 3University Honors Academic Advising Gateway to University HonorsUniversity Honors academic advisors are here to support your success (38HNRS110H)as a University Honors student. Gateway to University Honors (38HNRS110H) is an engaging one-Your college advisor will help you with course planning and answer credit hour course that all honors students are required to take duringquestions about your major, while your honors advisor will assist you their first year (in fall or winter quarter).with University Honors Program opportunities, such as: The focus of this course is your success in college and beyond. You • Identifying experiences and classes that will learn about opportunities to become engaged in leadership, fulfill University Honors requirements and community service, research and creative arts, and global studies contribute to your personal, academic, and activities on campus and in the community through the creation of career goals. a self-designed honors experience. You will also begin an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio), which will help you chart your progress and • Completing proposals for honors experiences accomplishments throughout your college experience. and applications for other programs. We’re happy to write recommendation letters for Registration Information: students we work with! • You should register for the course in the fall quarter if your schedule allows and spaces are available • Connecting you to additional campus offices and resources to enhance your college • Sections will ONLY be offered in the fall and winter quarters experience. • IMPORTANT: Gateway to University Honors (38HNRS110H) does NOT carry a fee. If you are taking theYou’ll meet with your honors advisor at least once each year, but we maximum number of credit hours (18) as a full- time student,encourage you to contact us at any time with questions. If we don’t you can still register for the course without being chargedhave the answers, we’ll help you find them! additional tuition fees. Your college can give you special permission to take 19 credit hours in this situation.Leah Joos (leah.joos@uc.edu, 556-6288) advises honors students in theCollege Conservatory of Music, the College of Education, CriminalJustice and Human Services and the College of Design, Architecture,Art, and Planning. What’s an E-Portfolio?Jessica King (jessica.king@uc.edu, 556-6274) advises honors studentsin the College of Engineering and Applied Science. An e-portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student’s effort, progress, achievements, and competenciesJen Lile (jen.lile@uc.edu, 556-1003) advises honors students in the gained during a course throughout one’s time in college. It provides aCollege of Allied Health Sciences, McMicken College of Arts and richer picture of one’s performance in a more efficient, dynamic andSciences, College of Business, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy integrated process.and Raymond Walters College. University Honors students are required to maintain an e- portfolio using Nuventive’s iWebfolio. This platform provides a secure and Incoming students, especially those pursuing structured or efficient means for students to build portfolios. multiple majors, often express concern about completing honors requirements. The great news is that nearly every class you will E-portfolios have emerged at UC as a key tool in supporting take to complete University Honors requirements will also fulfill Integrated Core Learning (ICL), which is the University’s approach general education requirements for your major. Also, you can to integrating students’ General Education, major/minor coursework meet honors requirements with activities you’re already planning and/or other curricular and co-curricular activities. The University to participate in, such as co-op, internships, research with Honors Program is among the first university-wide programs using faculty members, leadership positions in student organizations, e-portfolios. community engagement projects, and more. The cost for an e-portfolio account is $100 for five years. E-Portfolio No matter what major you’re in, you can make University Honors accounts are purchased and built in the Gateway to University Honors a meaningful part of your college experience. Before and after course and are maintained throughout students’ time in the University you arrive on campus this fall, please contact your honors advisor Honors Program. whenever you have questions about completing requirements.
  4. 4. Page 4 Honors English, English Placement & AP You are required to take Honors sections of first-year English omposition courses. Honors English sections = 15ENGL112 or 15ENGL101H and 102H Please visit the English Department’s website— www.artsci.uc.edu/englishplacement—to learn more about the English placement process. Your ACT (or equivalent SAT) writing score determines the level of English in which you’ll begin.Please refer to this sheet when registering for autumn • If your ACT writing score is equal to or greater thanquarter classes with your college advisor. 28 (or an SAT writing score of 630)... then take 15 ENGL 112 Gateway to University Honors • If your ACT writing score is less than 28 (630 SAT writing)...then you can take 15 ENGL 101H You are required to take Gateway to University Honors (38HNRS110H) in your first year. If you have AP / IB / post-secondary / transfer credit for • You should register for the course in autumn any or all first-year composition courses, you do not need quarter if your schedule allows and spaces are to retake honors sections at UC. available. • If you have credit for English 101... • Sections will be offered in autumn and winter quarters. Then take 15ENGL102H • Gateway to University Honors does NOT carry a • If you have credit for English 101 and 102... fee. If you are taking the maximum number of credit Then Honors English requirement is completed hours (18) as a full-time student, you can still add the course without being charged additional tuition fees. Sections of 15ENGL101H will be offered in autumn Your college can give you special permission to take 19 quarter only; sections of 15ENGL102H will be offered in credit hours in this situation. autumn, winter and spring quarters. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT AP ENGLISH CREDIT: Learning Communities If you don’t have your AP English score at orientation, You may register for any learning community that please register for the English course you placed into. Once includes classes you’re eligible to take. If you are you receive your score, please note what, if any, English required to register for a learning community that courses you will receive credit for and adjust your schedule includes a non-honors English section, then you can immediately. work with your college and the learning communities office to change your course registration to an honors section of English. Taking Honors Seminars You may begin to take honors seminars in autumn quarter—please review the online list Questions? (http://www.uc.edu/honors/academics/Seminars/ Please contact your honors advisor (refer to autumn2011.html) for options. Most honors seminars page 3) with any questions about University can fulfill a breadth of knowledge (BoK) requirement, Honors Program requirements during or after and all honors seminars will fulfill an honors experience. registration.
  5. 5. Page 5How do I find honors classes on OneStop?• Log onto OneStop (www.onestop.uc.edu)• From drop-down menus: • Select “Autumn 2011-2012” for Term Select “Interdisciplinary Programs” for College or Program • Select “University Honors Program” for Discipline I know that I’m required to take honorsWhat if I don’t have room in my schedule to sections of first-year English compositiontake Gateway to University Honors courses ... but what about honors sections of(38HNRS110H) in autumn quarter? What if all other general courses?sections are closed when I register • You are welcome to choose honors sections of classesat orientation? whenever you have the option. Honors sections typically involve more peer and faculty interaction, more discussion,You are required to take Gateway to University Honors and more challenging coursework.(38HNRS110H) during your first year. If you are not able totake it in autumn quarter, then you’ll need to register for the • With the exception of 15ENGL101H, 15ENGL102H, andclass in winter quarter of your first year. No sections will be 38HNRS110H, some honors sections of 100- and 200-leveloffered in the spring quarter. courses do not count toward your University Honors graduation requirements. Visit http://www.uc.edu/honors/ academics/Seminars/expcourses.html to see a list of coursesMay I register for an honors seminar in autumn approved as honors experiences.quarter? • Please note that some honors courses are open by invitation and/or college program only. For example, most honorsAbsolutely! Please talk with your college advisor to learn if/how business courses are available only to Kolodzik Businessan honors seminar will fulfill a breadth of knowledge (BoK) Scholars and/or Lindner Honors-PLUS students.requirement. View the list of honors seminars at http://www.uc.edu/honors/academics/Seminars/autumn2011.html. Honorsseminars assist you in fulfilling University Honors graduation I’ve registered for autumn quarter classesrequirements: 1 honors seminar = 1 honors experience. and I’m finished with orientation ... what’s next for me as a University Honors student?What if the only sections of 15ENGL101H,15ENGL102H, or 15ENGL112 that fit into my • Make sure that you’ve registered for the Honors Freshmanschedule are closed? Retreat, held at Camp Higher Ground on September 15 and 16, 2011. For more information about the retreat or toContact your honors advisor to discuss possible solutions. access registration forms, please review the newsletter or visit our website (http://www.uc.edu/honors/academics/ honorsFYE/retreat.html). We hope to see you there! • Start making connections with current and incoming University Honors students by becoming involved in the University Honors Facebook group and the University Honors Linkedin group. Links are available on the University Honors Program home page (www.uc.edu/ honors).
  6. 6. Page 6What’s an Honors Experience?Honors students will complete six honors experiences duringtheir academic career at UC. Students have the flexibility toselect experiences that meet their unique learning goals andinterests. An honors experience could be any of the following:An Honors SeminarHonors seminars are engaging interdisciplinary courses thatalign with one or more of the thematic areas of UniversityHonors and engage students in active and experiential learning.Experiential components may include service-learning,domestic or international study tours, visits to sites in localcommunities, integration of lab work, or other activities inwhich students are actively engaged in learning outside of thetypical classroom setting. Honors seminars are upper-levelcourses (300-level or above) and most can apply toward generaleducation requirements. View a list of honors seminars, byquarter, on our website: http://www.uc.edu/honors/academics/Seminars.htmlA Course Approved as an Honors ExperienceThese specially identified honors courses are typically 100- and200- level courses, but could also include higher-level coursesthat do not fall into the definition of an honors seminar. Theychallenge students in ways beyond what a typical introductorycourse does and normally include active and experientiallearning. Examples include Honors Art History and HonorsPhysics. View a list of courses on our website: http://www.uc.edu/honors/academics/Seminars/expcourses.htmlAn Experiential Learning ProjectExperiential learning projects allow students to expand andapply their knowledge beyond the boundaries of academiccourses. Through established or self-designed projects, studentscan explore the world, conduct research with faculty, contributetheir masterpiece in a creative arts field, or provide significantleadership to campus or community organizations. View a list ofprojects on our website: http://www.uc.edu/honors/academics/experiences.html
  7. 7. Page 7Requirements for Students Entering in the 2011-2012 Academic Year Requirements 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th / 5th Year Honors 110H English 112 -OR- English 289H* strongly Interdisciplinary English 101H & 102H recommended capstone strongly Courses recommended (AP, IB or PSEOP credit for (fulfills 1 honors experience) those courses is accepted) Experiences Must have 1 experience Must have a total of 2 Must have a total of 4 Must have a total of 6 (explained in the completed by end of experiences completed by experiences completed by experiences completed previous page) summer quarter end of summer quarter end of summer quarter by graduation Document experiences in e-portfolio by graduation Create e-portfolio in Honors 110H and Document experiences Document experiences E-portfolio must E-Portfolio document experience in e-portfolio by end of in e-portfolio by end of include 6 experiences and in e-portfolio by end of summer quarter summer quarter be approved by University summer quarter Honors Program to graduate with Honors Minimum 3.2 cumulative Minimum 3.3 cumulative Minimum 3.4 cumulative Minimum 3.4 GPA university GPA at end of university GPA at end of university GPA at end of cumulative university summer quarter summer quarter summer quarter GPA at graduation Meet with your honors Meet with your honors Meet with your honors Meet with your honors Advising Meeting advisor at least once advisor at least once advisor at least once advisor at least once each year. each year. each year. each year.* Engineering students who take English 112 may take English 289H to satisfy the English composition requirement. In that case, English 289Hwill NOT count as a BoK. Engineering students who take English 101H and English 102H to satisfy the English composition requirement maytake English 289H as an SE BoK.
  8. 8. Page 8Sign Up for the LeaderShape Institute, Fulfill an Honors ExperienceAre you ready to create a extraordinary results within yourpersonal vision and learn to lead community!with integrity? Make plans toattend the LeaderShape Institute The University Honors Programat the end of the fall quarter, is pleased to present thisDecember 10-15, 2011! leadership opportunity for 60 Honors students. StudentsAt the LeaderShape Institute, wishing to enhance theiryou’ll spend six days creating leadership skills are expected toa comprehensive and powerful participate in the LeaderShapevision for the future that defines a Institute as that first opportunitybold change for your community, build on future endeavors.group, cause, or organization. As Additionally, as students areyou work through this vision, expected to take advantage of theyou’ll have an opportunity to time between academic quartersengage in reflection, planning, to continue their learning, thisone-on-one interactions, small is a good opportunity to fulfillgroup feedback, and large group one of the required honorslearning. The LeaderShape experiences.Institute environment resemblesa laboratory more than a formal To learn more and to register, goclassroom. You’re encouraged to http://www.uc.edu/honors/to practice new skills, give and activities/leadershape.html inreceive feedback from peers and September. The cost to attend is Take me to thefaculty, and risk new behaviors $200 (payment is not required LeaderShapein a safe, supportive atmosphere. with your online registration; you Slide ShowYou’ll leave with a healthy will be billed after registering). http://vimeo.com/3149606disregard for the impossible For more information, contactand the ability to produce Rich Robles at (513) 556-6255.University Honors Program Staff Raj Mehta, PhD Director Debbie Brawn Director of Programs & Administration Leah Joos Assistant Director & Academic Advisor Jessica King Assistatnt Director & Academic Advisor Jen Lile Assistant Director & Academic Advisor Richard RoblesAssistant Director for First-Year Experience & Leadership Tricia Yee Executive Staff Assistant