Relationship Building
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Relationship Building






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Relationship Building Presentation Transcript

  • 1. WelcomeRelationship BuildingHow it SHOULD begin:Presented byRich LehmanHttp://MYPLAYERSCARD.COM
  • 2. EXPECTED vs. PERCIEVED SERVICEThe “WOW” ExperienceThe truth is we all have expectations created by pastexperiences, word-of-mouth, readings, movies,...infomercials....but, when realitystrikes and those expectations are positively surpassed bymuch, we tend to say WOW.Creating a cultural experience that naturally has a positivefeeling is essential to the overall success of all companies.If you, as the organizational leader can create positive teammember participation in the organization, it will flow to yourcustomers. Always remember the power of word of mouth andin many cases...perception is reality!
  • 3. » Squeaky WheelExceeding Expectations“Squeaky Wheel,” an animated short abouta little wheel who takes apart the machineand comes up with a better way to dothings."Sometimes You Need to Change the Squeaky Wheel, Not Grease It."
  • 4. CRMCustomer RelationshipMarketing
  • 5. The frameworkWhat is CRM?CRM consists of:•Helping an enterprise to enable its marketing departments to identify andtarget their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generatequality leads for the sales team.•Assisting the organization to improve telesales, account, and salesmanagement by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, andstreamlining existing processes (for example, taking orders using mobiledevices)•Allowing the formation of individualized relationships with customers, withthe aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits;identifying the most profitable customers and providing them the highestlevel of service.•Providing employees with the information and processes necessary toknow their customers, understand and identify customer needs andeffectively build relationships between the company, its customer base, anddistribution partners.
  • 6. Doing things the Fairmont WayStories to TellFairmont Winnipeg in Winnipeg Manitoba CanadaThis is a very old and modest hotel but the service is impeccable. Generally the staffrecognize you at the door and greet you like family. One day in particular I wasabsolutely blown away. I used to fly into Winnipeg on business about 10 times a yearalways taking a cab from the airport. On this particular day I stepped out of the car anda brand new employee immediately walked up to me and said "Welcome back Ms.Berg you are in room 1102 handed me my keys and told me my bags would be upshortly". I have no idea how this new employee knew who I was in the 30 seconds theyhad to identify me but that was a WOW moment.I was later telling this story to a coworker who told me his own WOW story aboutFairmont Winnipeg. He was checking out one day and they inquired about this stay hetold them it was great and jokingly made a comment except the lack of red m&ms. Thenext time he returned on business there was a martini glass of red m&ms in his roomto greet him.Neither of us are VIPs or celebrities just business travelers and this service was sobeyond what you expect it builds significant loyalty in their brand.
  • 7. Doing things the Fairmont WayStories to TellFollow-up discussion –• I never know how they know the details but they must have an amazingdatabase system and in order for this to be carried out they must utilize ateam approach at every stage.• Even though they are not the most glamorous hotel they do build intenseloyalty mainly because of their exceptional customer service.• I once had a university professor say that the only sustainablecompetitive advantage in todays business world is customer servicebecause companies simply fail to provide this.
  • 8. We all have names!!!Notable StoriesOf great tradition in the hospitality industry is to train your staff to callpeople by their first name or their last name: Always remember theirnames.Well, it seems simple, it does not cost much (hardly anything) but this isa simple experience that at any public place (hospitality or not!) makesme say wow. Specially, if I am not a patron yet and is a high volume ofcustomer location.For instance, I do travel a lot to South America, Caribbean and USA but,sometimes, I spent quite sometimes going back to a hotel or restaurant.When I go, a warm smile and how are you Mr. Garcia or Anibal...and Iam dead!!. Even if you know they have been trained to do it, if someonehas research your reservation and notified the bellman or front deskpeople or hostess...just the fact that they did it makes you feel special.
  • 9. We all have names!!!Staff Shortcomings• I am the same!! Terrible with names!! Dont you feel embarrassedwhen someone comes to you...hi Katherine...Hi…eh? dah!! Dah!!Dah!!• Ive always been horrible with names, so I make sure that when I amintroduced or on the phone with someone that I repeat their nameback to them in the conversation at least once or twice.• And at work I have created a traditional hardcopy “Facebook" with allour regulars pictures and any other pertinent information.
  • 10. TheexperienceInvestin/managethedestination/experienceMemorablevisit, vibrantenvironment,anticipationIncreasedvisitstraffic, staytimeexpenditureIncreasedprofit &property value– word ofmouth, repeatvisits
  • 11. » Invest in the design, management and promotion of thedestination/experience. This leads to:» Creation of memorable customer visits, a vibrant environment, andanticipation of future experiences, this in turn leads to:» Growth in visitor numbers and foot traffic, growth in dwell timeand greater spend per customer. This leads to:» Greater profitability for both the company and its partners; and forproperty-based investment, and increase in property values and/orsales and repeat visitation.» The increase profitability in turn leads to the ability to investfurther in the experience and hence starting the cycle again in thelonger term building renewal.
  • 12. TheExperienceInvestin/managethedestination/experienceMemorablevisit, vibrantenvironment,anticipationIncreasedvisitstraffic, staytimeexpenditureIncreasedprofit &property value– word ofmouth, repeatvisitsMarketingandPromotionMarketingandPromotionCreatingthe Buzz
  • 13. » Creating the Buzz˃ In an experience destination, more customers can create a morevibrant environment and this in turn creates more buzz and vibrancyimproving the overall experience for the customers.» Promoting and Positioning˃ Promotion and Marketing leads to better positioning of theexperience and more customers. This leads to “Tell a Friend and Bringa Friend”. The memorable experiences and anticipation create word ofmouth, repeat visits, and bringing friends to share the experience.
  • 14. » Define and discuss the connectionbetween customer service andrelationship management.» Describe and comment on an experiencethat prompted you to say "WOW" whilepatronizing a public facility.Discussions.