Shadow election i hub nairobi 10 january 2012
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Shadow election i hub nairobi 10 january 2012






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Shadow election i hub nairobi 10 january 2012 Shadow election i hub nairobi 10 january 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Shadow Electionfinding the best candidates and solutions Richard von Kaufmann // iHub Nairobi presentation 10.01.2012
  • Who is Richard von Kaufmann? Best Early-Stage Startup Barcelona 4 July 2008 co-founded 2007 Only Nordic startup selectedFilmmaker, 1995-2001 Intention Broadcasting presenter Graz, Austria September 2009 Creative Director Cactus Marketing & Advertising Media Lab Helsinki, 2006 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia joined 2010 Election Machine 2001-2003
  • “Traditional” Candidate Matcher View slide
  • Shadow Election View slide
  • The wisdom of crowdsSlides in this section courtesy of Zipipop, the Finnish social media agency
  • The Wisdom of Crowds
  • The Wisdom of CrowdsFrancis Galton, 1906Butchered weight:Average of crowd guess: 1,197 poundsActual weight: 1,198
  • Jelly Bean JarAverage of 56 students=871Actual amount=850Only one student guessed better
  • Wisdom of the crowds at work
  • Hive Mind image from
  • Crowd-wisdom on the Web420m unique monthly visitors 60% of web-servers run Linux 40 million monthly visitors20 million articles300 languages
  • How Google uses crowd-wisdom link = vote
  • Four conditions of a smart crowd:• Diversity of opinion• Independence• Decentralization• Aggregation*Conditions outlined in The Wisdom of the Crowds by James Surowiecki
  • Diversity of Opinion• private information
  • Independence• not influenced by others
  • Decentralization• specialist, local knowledge
  • Aggregate • mechanism for turning private judgements into collective decisions
  • Scale it up• more input produces better results
  • information + errorcrowd error probability averaged = ~0(i.e -10+50-60+20=0)“information” with reduced error
  • Crowdsourcing Solutions
  • The power of intuition are New findings in cognitive science ) showing that intuition (gut feeling ensed can be thought of as “cond any experience” and in m ve circumstance s can be more effecti y. than in depth analytical stud
  • Rating parameters (intuition) User’s comparison to the wisdom of the crowd
  • Shadow Electionfinding the best candidates and solutions
  •, 2011
  • Sustained peace
  • Current social media limitations How to make the message of the “crowd” understandable?
  • Our solution• Propose questions• Give answers• Rate other people’s answers• See the people with the best-rated solutions move up the “live” chart• Show support by indicating your vote for one of the candidates
  • Initial trialShadow Election was first trialled as Vaali.fiin the 2011 Finnish Parliamentary Elections.
  • Media content
  • Advocacy toolOrganizations can use it as an advocacytool by requesting that politicians answertheir specific questions.
  • The essence of the Shadow Election tool is to use intuition and crowdwisdom to promote the best candidates and find the best solutions.
  • Why’s it so important?
  • The human beans is making rules to suitthemselves, the BFG went on. But the rulesthey is making do not suit the little piggy-wiggies. Am I right or left?Right, Sophie said.Giants is also making rules. Their rules is notsuiting the human beans. Everybody is makinghis own rules to suit himself.”
  • Amnesty’s main weaponswhen it started in 1961 waswriting letters and newspaper articles.
  • Transparency InternationalFinland is consistently in the top5 least corrupt countries
  • There is a strongcorrelation between GDPper capita andTransparencyInternational’s CorruptionPerception Index (CPI).Despite relatively lownatural resources Finlandhas a high GDP per capita.
  • Good laws are not enough“The capacity to facilitate commercial transactionsthrough a system of laws fairly enforced is critical tothe development of the private sector.”
  • Engaging politicians in more open discussions=Better solution finding and more accountability=Fairer laws, and the fairer enforcement of thelaw, so that everyone benefits
  • Thanks! Richard von Kaufmann Creative Director // Chairman Tel. 045 11 222 73 Email: