Gratitude Series Unsigned Artists


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Online concert series featuring unsigned artists, similar to MTV Unplugged.

This is the sponsorship deck.

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Gratitude Series Unsigned Artists

  1. 1. Gratitude Unsigned Artists
  2. 2. Set List 3. Mission Statement 4. Live Shows 5. Exclusive Content and Shows 6. Schedule 7. Artists Online 8. e-Commerce 9. Sponsorship Opportunities 10. Contact
  3. 3. Mission Statement Gratitude utilizes music, art, and the most progressive forms of entertainment, technology, and marketing to empower artists, companies, and viewers alike to create the most powerful change possible in the worlds most deserving causes.
  4. 4. Live Shows The “Show of Gratitude” Series Bi-weekly concert series of unsigned artists Four artist per show, eight artist per month schedule offers 72 artists per year, each translating into a unique branding opportunity for sponsors Up to four artists per month are chosen online by fans Artists perform for Causes important to them Charitable donations can come in form of event/artist sponsorship, product placement, audience participation, etc. Multiple general Branding opportunities for corporate sponsorship Promotion of artists’ websites, causes, and sponsors during broadcasts of concert series Broadcast live via online streaming platform
  5. 5. Exclusive Content The Shows Between The Shows Regularly scheduled shows featuring Gratitude’s Artists Artist Profiles and Introductions Performance Recaps Cause and Initiative Presentations Upcoming Concert Previews Shows serve to bring artists and fans together while promoting the "Artists' digital profile All shows open for sponsorship Multiple opportunities for viewership and exposure
  6. 6. Schedule Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Recap Show Artist Artist Replay Of Last Of Last Introduction Introduction Saturday’s Saturday’s Show #1 Show #2 Concert Concert Pre-show Of Artist Artist Live Concert 1 This Week’s Introduction Introduction Artists 1-4 Concert. Show #3 Show #4 Performing Recap Show Artist Artist Replay Of Last Of Last Introduction Introduction Saturday’s Saturday’s Show #5 Show #6 Concert Concert Pre-show Of Artist Artist Live Concert 2 This Week’s Introduction Introduction Artists 5-8 Concert. Show #7 Show #8 Performing *Schedule subject to change
  7. 7. Artists. Online. Artists and Fans, Together Online Each Gratitude Artist will have an online presence on our official digital portal Through our online platform, fans can Interact with artists and each other View upcoming performance information Watch exclusive content of their favorite Gratitude Artists Purchase and download music, videos, and merchandise Much more! Artist pages will also include links to the causes they support and ways viewers can support and donate to the causes Open for corporate sponsorship
  8. 8. e-Commerce Monetizing Fan Loyalty Gratitude will produce, market, and distribute music, videos, and merchandise for our artists Artists’ online pages will feature heavy branding and direction to our e-Commerce sites where their digital content and merchandise can be purchased Featured artists will have preferred placement links to their Gratitude e-Commerce page where fans can purchase their music, videos, and merchandise Heavy co-branding and sponsorship opportunities are available in our e-Commerce pages
  9. 9. Sponsorship Branding Opportunity Overview Premier Sponsor Online Offline Product Placement Collateral Inserts (CD’s and DVD’s) Artist Product Usage Special Offers Through Branded Green Room Digitally Distributed Content Embeded Logos on Player Window Incorporation Into Merchandise Packaging Click-Throughs on e-Commerce site Sponsor Activation at Venue Additional Sponsorship Opportunities Venue Sponsorship Travel Sponsorship Lodging Sponsorship Food & Beverage Sponsorship Music and Technical Equipment Apparel Direct Charitable Donations