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New business opportunities in a low carbon economy
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New business opportunities in a low carbon economy


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  • 1. New Business Opportunities in a Low Carbon Economy Dr Chris Preist
  • 2. ‘‘ …environmental issues arent a fad, climate change isnt just an emergency; like globalisation it is a force ’’ that will shape and reshape the business landscape for decades to come. Thomas A. Stewart, Editor of the Harvard Business Review
  • 3. Strategies for Success….• Jump on a Big Bandwagon…. Carefully! – Renewable Energy• Help create a new bandwagon. – Food Emissions• Develop Enabling Services – The IT industry• Low Carbon as part of a package – Newspaper Publishing• Anticipate Future Needs – Geoengineering
  • 4. Jump Carefully on a Big Bandwagon• EU and China committed to 20% renewable energy by 2020• EU aims to invest €50Bn in energy R&D over the next 10 years – €6Bn Wind; €16Bn Solar; €9Bn Bioenergy• BUT Recession could cut solar panel industry in half by end of next year
  • 5. Improve the State of the Art - BrightSource
  • 6. Try Something Different - Magenn
  • 7. Try Something COMPLETELY Different - AVETech
  • 8. Help create a new bandwagon• Food is responsible for 20% of (consumption based) climate emissions of UK.• Much of this is non-carbon: Methane from animals and Nitrous Oxide from fertilizer use. It will be untouched by advances in efficiency and generation.• Currently receives little governmental attention – But that is likely to change
  • 9. Capture and Reuse: BioEnergy Solutions
  • 10. Change Intestinal Flora - Queensland
  • 11. Cut out the ‘Middleman’ – The Netherlands
  • 12. Enabling Services• Climate Change and Decarbonisation requires massive Information Management – and the IT companies know it!• Powerful corporates such as Walmart are requiring detailed information from their supply chain.
  • 13. Dynamic Carbon Footprinting - SAP
  • 14. Part of a Package• Smaller sources attract less government attention (and funding)… but still are under pressure.• Carbon reduction alone will not justify action economically, but may contribute to a justification.
  • 15. Personalised Print on Demand Newspapers
  • 16. Anticipate Future Needs• A number of climate scientists believe that emissions reductions may not be enough to prevent positive feedback cycles.• ‘Plan B’: Geoengineering• Currently funding is almost nonexistent, but in 15-20 years there could be large scale public- private partnerships in this space….
  • 17. Atmospheric Sulfate Particles
  • 18. Deep Ocean Sequestration - Atmocean
  • 19. Lots More….• City Eco-retrofit (€11Bn EU planned)• Flood prediction and adaptation• Agricultural adaptation• Carbon Capture and Storage• Reduced Emissions from Deforestation• Carbon Sequestration - Biochar
  • 20. Points to Consider• Understand the scale of the problem addressed. Does govt attention/incentives match the scale?• Look at the whole lifecycle – and beyond. It could bite you….• Check for low-tech alternatives• Relate to other business drivers. Do they support or hinder the technology?