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Customer Care Workshop 2011
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Customer Care Workshop 2011


Program that deals with elements that can affect customer service.

Program that deals with elements that can affect customer service.

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  • 1. Adding value to your businessLeadership is a potent combination of strategy and character, but if you must be without one, be without the strategy – Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkoff Blades & Blades c2011
  • 2. Blades & Blades c2011
  • 3.  How can you tell? What are you saying? When are you saying it? What feedback are you getting? Are you making money as a result? Blades & Blades c2011
  • 4.  Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organization Deliver reliable customer service Developing customer relationships Resolve customer service problems Maintain a safe and secure working environment Blades & Blades c2011
  • 5.  cus⋅tom⋅er1. a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.2. Informal. a person one has to deal with: a tough customer; a cool customer. Origin: 1400–50; late ME; see custom, -er 1 ; cf. ME customer collector of customs < AF; OF costumier, c. ML custumārius; see customary Blades & Blades c2011
  • 6.  Establishing effective relationships with customers Respond appropriately to customers Communicate information to customers Blades & Blades c2011
  • 7.  Health and safety Data protection Equal opportunity Disabilities There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it – Edith Wharton Blades & Blades c2011
  • 8. 1.1 Meet your organization’s standards for appearance and behaviour 1.2 Greet your customers in a way that will make them feel welcome and shows them you are interested in serving themEstablish 1.3 Communicate with your customers in a manner that makes them feeleffective valued and respectedrelationshipswith 1.4 Identify and confirm the needs and expectations of your customerscustomers 1.5 Treat your customers courteously and helpfully even when you are working under pressure 1.6 Maintain communication with customers to ensure that they are kept informed and reassured. Excellent customer service is provided by people who are good with people. 1.7 Adapt your behaviour to respond effectively to different customer behaviour Blades & Blades c2011
  • 9. 2.1 Respond appropriately to customers who indicate that they need or want your attention2.2 Select an appropriate way of communicating with your customers to suit their individual needs2.3 Respond promptly and positively to your customers’ questions and comments2.4 Allow your customers time to consider your response and give further explanation when appropriate2.5 Check with your customers that you have fully understood their needs and expectations Blades & Blades c2011
  • 10. Communicate information to customers 3.1 Locate information that will help your customer quickly 3.2 Communicate to your customers the information they need about the products or services offered by your organization 3.3 Recognise information that your customers might find complicated and check whether they fully understand 3.4 Explain clearly to your customers any reasons why theirneeds and expectations cannot be met. Blades & Blades c2011
  • 11.  Establishing effective  Are they gaps in what relationships with we are currently customers doing and what we Respond are supposed to do? appropriately to  What are the quickest customers remedies we can find Communicate and implement within information to 48 hours? customers Divide into groups Discuss Blades & Blades c2011
  • 12. 1. Prepare to deal with customersDeliver reliable customer service 2. Give consistent service to customers 3. Check customer service delivery Blades & Blades c2011
  • 13. Prepare to deal with your Give consistent service to Check customer servicecustomers customers delivery1.1 Keep your knowledge of products 2.1 Make realistic commitments to 3.1 Check that the service you haveand services offered by your your customers regarding products or given meets the customers’ needsorganization up to date using services during service delivery and expectationsinformation from your colleagues andorganizational literature1.2 Ensure that any equipment you 2.2 Make extra efforts to keep your 3.2 Identify where you could haveuse is in good and safe working order commitments to your customers given a better service to your customers and how your service could have been improved1.3 Ensure that the area you wok in 2.3 Inform your customers when you 3.3 Share relevant information withis tidy and the space is used cannot keep your commitments due others to maintain your organization’sefficiently to unforeseen developments standards for service delivery1.4 Prepare and arrange everything 2.4 Recognize when your customer’syou need to deal with your customers needs or expectations have changedbefore your shift or period of work and adjust your service to meet theircommences new requirements 2.5 Pass your customer on to the relevant person or organization if you are unable to deal with the needs and expectations and keep your customers well advised about what is happening. Blades & Blades c2011
  • 14. 1. Build customer confidence in the level of service providedDevelop customer relationships 2. Meet the ongoing needs and expectations of your customers 3. Develop the relationship between your customers and your organization Blades & Blades c2011
  • 15. 1. Build customer 2. Meet the ongoing needs 3. Develop the relationshipconfidence in the level of and expectations of your between your customersservice provided customers and your organization1.1 Deal with customers promptly 2.1 Operate within the limits of your 3.1 Give additional help and own authority in attempting to meet information to your customers in your customers’ and your response to their questions and organization’s needs comments about the products or services your organization provides1.2 Communicate with your 2.2 Recognize when there may be a 3.2 Discuss expectations with yourcustomers in a way that provides conflict between your customer’s customers and explain how thesecofidence and reassurance in their needs and the products or services compare with the products ordealings with your organization offered by your organization services you and your organization provide1.3 Manage the time taken to deal 2.3 Take all reasonable actions to 3.3 Inform others of feedbackwith your customers in accordance minimize the conflict between your received from your customers andwith organizational guidelines customers’ needs and the products or follow up within the limits of your services offered by your organization authority1.4 Reassure your customers that 2.4 Work effectively with others to 3.4 Identify new ways of helping youryou are doing everything possible to resolve difficulties in meeting the customers based on the feedbackkeep the commitments made by your needs of your customers and your they have given youorganization organization Blades & Blades c2011
  • 16. Identify customer service problemsResolve customer service problems Select the best solution to resolve customer service problems Implement the solution to customer service Blades & Blades c2011
  • 17. 1. Identify Customer Service 2. Select the best solution 3. Implement the solutionProblems to resolve customer service to customer service problems problems1.1 Gather and interpret information 2.1 Identify the available options for 3.1 Discuss and agree the proposedfrom your customers about problems resolving customer service problems option for solving the problem withthey have raised your customers1.2 Ask your customers appropriate 2.2 Consult with others to identify 3.2 Take action to implement thequestions to check your and confirm the options available to option agreed with your customersunderstanding of their problems resolve those problems1.3 Identify repeated problems and 2.3 Work out the advantages and 3.3 Work with others and youralert the appropriate authority disadvantages of each option for your customers to make sure that any customer and your organization commitments related to solving the problems are kept.1.4 Share customer feedback with 2.4 Select the best overall options for 3.4 Keep your customers fullyothers to help identify potential your customer and your organization informed about what is happening toproblems before they occur resolve the problems1.5 Work independently or with 2.5 Suggest to your customer other 3.5 Check with your customers toothers to identify problems with ways that problems may be resolved make sure the problem has beensystems and procedures before they if you are unable to help resolved to their satisfactionbegin to affect your customers 3.6 Give clear reason to your customers when the problem has not been resolved to their satisfaction Blades & Blades c2011
  • 18.  Consider safety and security What’s the plan folks? Blades & Blades c2011
  • 19.  Maintain personal health and hygiene Carry out procedures in the event of a fire Dealing with the discovery of suspicious items/packages Carry out procedures in the event of an accident Maintain a safe work environment for the customers, staff and visitors Maintain a secure work environment for the customers, staf and visitors Blades & Blades c2011
  • 20.  Clean, smart and appropriate clothing is worn Hair is neat and tidy worn in accordance with organizational requirements Jewellery, perfume and cosmetics are worn in line with organizational requirements Cuts, grazes and wounds are correctly treated by the appropriate person Illness and infections are reported promptly to the appropriate person All work is carried out in accordance with hygiene practices that must be adhered to within the working environment All work is carried out in an efficient and organized manner in accordance with appropriate organizational procedures and legal requirements. Blades & Blades c2011
  • 21.  In the event of a fire, the  Designated assembly alarm is raised points are reached and immediately registration done Fire fighting equipment is  Unexpected situations are correctly used in dealt with effectively and accordance with the appropriate person(s) manufacturer’s are informed where instructions and necessary organization’s procedures  All work is carried out in All safety and emergency an organized and efficient signs and notices are manner in accorance with adhered to safely and health Correct evacuation regulations and procedures are followed in organizational procedures a calm, orderly manner and in accordance with organizational procedures Blades & Blades c2011
  • 22. What are we doing about accident prevention? Blades & Blades c2011
  • 23.  In the event of an  Comfort and reassurance accident, basic first aid is are given to injured persons performed following  Accidents are reported and recommended procedures documented in accordance with organizational Assistance from the procedures appropriate person  Unexpected situations are responsible for first aid is dealt with effectively and sought immediately the appropriate person(s) are informed where Emergency services are necessary contacted in accordance  All work is carried out in with organization the organized and efficient procedures manner in accordance with Appropriate action is take safety and health regulations and to ensure safety or injured organizational procedures and uninjured persons Blades & Blades c2011
  • 24.  How many times have you witness unsafe conditions in your workplace? Did you actually do something about it? What did / could you do / have done? Does your workplace sometimes feel like the next side of this screen? Blades & Blades c2011
  • 25.  Hazards and potential  Accidents, damage and hazards to the safety of non-rectifiable hazards customers, staff and are reported promptly to visitors are promptly the appropriate person identified and rectified  Unexpected situations are Customers, staff and dealt with effectively and visitors are made aware of the appropriate person(s) all hazards and potential are informed where hazards in accordance to necessary the organizational  All work is carried out in procedures an organized and efficient Cautionary measures are manner in accordance taken to warn customers, with safety and health staff and visitors of regulations and hazards and potential organizational procedures hazards Blades & Blades c2011
  • 26.  What’s wrong in this picture? What’s right in this picture? Compare your findings… Are we guilty of anything found in this picture? Blades & Blades c2011
  • 27.  Potential security risks are  Suspicious individuals are identified and reported to politely challenged or the appropriate person in reported promptly to the accordance with the appropriate person organizational procedures Customer and staff areas  Unexpected situations are are correctly secured dealt with effectively and against unauthorized the appropriate person(s) access are informed where All establishment storage necessary and security facilities are  All work is carried out in secured against an organized and efficient unauthorized access manner in accordance Establishment, staff or with safety and health customer lost property is regulations and promptly reported to the appropriate person organizational procedures Blades & Blades c2011
  • 28. Blades & Blades Consultancy Services Maxwell Hill, Christ Church T. 246.420.4826 E. info@bladesandbladesconsultancy.com W. www.bladesandbladesconsultancy.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/richieb93LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/richieb Blades & Blades c2011