2013 nl summit chromebooks


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2013 nl summit chromebooks

  1. 1. Richard van DelftChromebooks and mobiledevices in the classroom admin session
  2. 2. G-workplace portfolio & services Customers Google Apps customers who want to use Google Apps beyond mail & calendaring Cloud Services of Google Apps IBM Notes Tools and Apps Development migrations - Social collaboration - Apps Script - Notes2Apps - EML viewer - OrangeScape & - whitepaper - Drive in Control Kiss Flow - services - Support Team Certified Deployment Specialists, Apps Script developers (certified Java), highly experienced in Lotus Notes, pragmatic, innovative
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  4. 4. TopicsIntroduction● Mobile usage: challenge or change● What is a Chromebook?● DevicesUsage● Use cases in the classroom● Mobile & Chromebook usageGoogle Apps Administration● Deployment project● Mobile device administration● Chromebook administration
  5. 5. Mobile usage: Challenge or Change IT has changed the classroom in the last 100 years
  6. 6. Why a chromebook?Speed ● boots in 8 seconds ● runs out of a browser (less clutter)Costs ● cheap devices ● low on maintenance, auto update ● many free or cheap applicationsEasy & Secure ● data in the cloud, access from anywhere, any device ● create & collaborate & communicate ● sync user settings & organisational policy
  7. 7. Chromebook devices Chromebook Chromebox netbook desktop device Dual-core Intel® Celeron, $ 199 to $1,449 16 GB SSD & 100 GB Drive $329 € 291
  8. 8. Chromebook devices & Costs$449 $249 $199 $329.99 $1,299 wifi $1,449 LTE/4G 1TB Drive 3 years ● Model availability in Europe is limited. NL delivers only Acer C7 & Samsung Chromebook ● $30 management console fee (yearly) is not included in list price ● Education fee (and device availability differs from business. Lenovo offers $459 chromebook ● Rent options
  9. 9. What is a chromebook: Chrome Store
  10. 10. Panic! I can not find my traditional windows appl
  11. 11. ChromebooksThe Good The bad1000s of Apps Quality of AppsCost Offline is limited, wifi or 3GMaintenance
  12. 12. 44 Smart ways to use smartphones in the class● Capture learning moments● use hangout to add outside audience members during class discussion or learning activity● Share spreadsheets of notes with Google Drive.● Use the stopwatch and timer apps to manage class time.● Get to know your students by having them complete a Google Form.
  13. 13. Deployment project for ChromebooksNetwork & Printers● optimize WiFi network for Chromebooks● think about printing: Consider Google Cloud printApps ● bridge the gap between your legacy client/server applications and the web. ○ RDP / Citrix ○ utilize web appsChange Management● offer best practices for usage ○ gurus / moderators ○ training
  14. 14. Chromebook ManagementLogin to the Google Apps Dashboard panelSeparate tab for devices
  15. 15. Chromebook Settings
  16. 16. Chromebook Management - ReportingLogin to the Google Apps Dashboard panelSee Reporting tab● Active usage● Version
  17. 17. Smartphones & Tablets
  18. 18. Mobile device management● Hovering over device entry will display device information● Blocking device prevents user from accessing data from the device● Wiping device removes all data from the device and resets to factory defaults
  19. 19. Mobile device management - ReportingLogin to the Google Apps Dashboard panelSee Reporting tab● Active usage● Sync type (=policy options)● Numbers per OS
  20. 20. Build one?Want a Chromebook business case!business case ● investment ● operational costs ● software costs ● security / risk ● cool factordrawback ● does the apps meet your requirementsstart ● pilot ● test web apps ● test wifi IDC Quantifying the Economic Value of Chromebooks for K–12 Education http://goo.gl/3GsAz
  21. 21. Chrome training (Google partners)
  22. 22. http://www.chromestory.com
  23. 23. Google Apps Solution provider Empowering your Google Workplace
  24. 24. Contact info Richard van Delft Google Solutions 06-20334439 www.G-workplace.com richard.van.delft@g-workplace.com Google werkplek www.WerkplekindeWolken.nl Google training www.Google-Cursus.com Chromebook www.Chromebook-voor-Bedrijven.nl www.Chromebook-voor-Scholen.nl