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LocoMatrix - Talk to Async Group



Presentation to Brighton Javascript Group - http://asyncjs.com/geomobile/

Presentation to Brighton Javascript Group - http://asyncjs.com/geomobile/



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  • Project with BU, iPhone / Android / HTML5 – geolocation + canvas
  • Biologist – Musician – Synthesisers – Electronics – Microprocessors – Alarm Systems for the Elderly – Machine Code – Assembler – Forth – C – C++ - HTML – PHPLocomatrix
  • Fat story, FP, GPS, Bluetooth, Nokia, Fruit Farmer, Treasure HuntiPhoneIntern, Richard Smith, HTML5, Canvas, Treasure Hunt
  • BU, TSB, authoring system for mobile phone games for schools, indecision, Treasure Hunt on the go, Symbian plus, Product / Scratch / Curriculum
  • Local schools - BOGfest – Alan Drew – hi-tech projects +GPS – something for the curriculum – visit to Lullingstone – Romans / archaeology / Timeteam / IT /
  • Something that was like a real dig – needed to occupy class for a day - a number (3) games – like time team – stages – metal detect – geofizz – dig – plastic pipesDig – originally something more complex and like a video game with real people – owl / hare / mole etcCommittee too complicated – programmers too much to do
  • Wanted 3D model of what building looks like - Sketch Up – make ruin and geofizz plan – led to results beamed to classroom and Flash game
  • Treasure hunt – HTML5, iPhone user interface, geolocation, fwd, back, links to video, audio, Flash!?You too can play this – treasure.locomatrix.com
  • Pipes / box / flash / animation
  • Simple rubbing out of top layer – could lead to a whole class of games – pairs – 3D rub outCould have an application for real geofizz - students
  • Made out of bits from the other 2 games – needed to be long for detection – what’s the blue bit for – telling children the truth
  • In poor reception area – no connection to WiFi – Zoom boxMeans that each game (page) may take a while to startAnswer – only using AndroidSo build an Android appMore programs moving from computer to web – accounts, project managementMobile network will improve so long-term solution …

LocoMatrix - Talk to Async Group LocoMatrix - Talk to Async Group Presentation Transcript

  • A location-based archaeology game for primary schoolsRichard Vahrman – LocoMatrix
  • What you are about to receive
    An apology
    Bit of background
    A video
    Some geeky stuff (not hardcore)
    And a bit of canvas
    Maybe look at a post-grad presentation
    You to pub, me to rehearsal
    Soon – BOGfest – play LBGs
  • What it is (and what it isn’t)
    if (navigator.geolocation) { navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(success, error); } else { error('not supported'); }
    A location simulator is helpful
  • Background (Me)
  • Background (LocoMatrix)
  • What is (are?) Invisible Buildings?
  • A Trip to Essex (and then to Kent)
  • … and off to Billericay
  • Bottom-up approach
  • Top-down Piece of Genius
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Metal Detector
  • Geofizz
  • Mole Digger
  • Problems, what Problems?