Improve Employee Engagement with HR Case Management


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Improve Employee Engagement with a HR Case Management Application like LBi HR HelpDesk

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Improve Employee Engagement with HR Case Management

  1. 1. www.lbisoftware.comLBi HR Help DeskWebinar Series PresentationEnhancing Employee EngagementPresented by:Howard KaplanDirector of Business Developmenthkaplan@lbisoftware.com516-921-1500 x 135
  2. 2. Agenda• LBi Overview• HR Help Desk Overview– Differentiators– Technology– Reporting & Analytics• Improving Employee Engagement• HR Help Desk Demonstration• Wrap Up
  3. 3. LBi Software• Established 1982– Small and agile – Personal attention– Emphasis on quality, not volume• Primary Focus on Human Capital Mgmt (HCM)Solutions– Legacy in custom HCM development– Custom & packaged solutions
  4. 4. LBi Software• Web 2.0 Development expertise• IVR/CTI/Speech Recognition expertise• Mission/Business Critical solution delivery
  5. 5. HR Help Desk HighlightsAn HR-Specific helpdesk solution Confidentiality & Security 2 Knowledgebases + Wiki KB Common Problems KB Document Repository Built-in work flow Custom & Standard Tasks Employee Interactions Integrates with your HRMS Email integration Employee surveys Social Media Integration
  6. 6. HR Help Desk Differentiators• Built specifically for HRIS integration– Employee Self Service Automation systems– Benefit Enrollment systems• Unique hybrid packaged / customized solution– Feature rich– Designed from the ground up for rapid modification toexacting client needs• Scales to tens of thousands of users
  7. 7. HR Help Desk Differentiators• Multi-platform architecture• On premise or hosted deployment– Single Tenant architecture – every install standsalone. Shared-nothing environment• Multi-Language availability
  8. 8. HR Help Desk Technology• Developed in J2EE• 100% Web based– Any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)– Optimized for iPhone/iPad, Android native browsers– No controls to install (Flash, ActiveX, Silverlight, Java Applets, etc.)• Single Sign-on• Supports multiple databases– MySQL– Oracle– DB2– Microsoft SQL Server• Supports multiple OS’s– Linux– Windows– Solaris/ / / /
  9. 9. HR Help Desk Case Entry OptionsFlexible EmployeeAccess Secure Web Portal access Email case submission Phone – CTI/IVR
  10. 10. HR Help Desk ReportingTurn one report template into several reports:• Quick Answers• Urgent Cases• Overdue Cases• Closed Cases– By CSR/Agent– By Division– By Category– By Date Range
  11. 11. Build Your Own Report LibrarySchedule reports to run& select recipients
  12. 12. HR Help Desk Report Export
  13. 13. HR Help Desk Data ExportEasy dataextractionTurn report data intoactionable analytics: Excel Pivot Tables &Charts Other Analytic programs Data extraction for non-technicalusers direct from every report screen
  14. 14. HR Help Desk Executive Dashboard
  15. 15. Improves Employee Engagement• Cases resolved faster• Minor concerns resolved before they fester– Identify frequent issues that could becomepervasive• Consistent adherence to company policies &procedures– Fair & equitable treatment
  16. 16. Improves Employee Engagement• Employee feel directly engaged with HR– More personal attention• Issues are managed with complete privacyand confidentiality– Employees may request how to be contacted– Conforms to HIPAA, PHI, PII and other regulations• Greater employee satisfaction– Equals greater performance & customer care
  17. 17. HR Help Desk Benefits• Fewer calls into HR– Save time and dollars– Free up resources for more strategic work• Enhances Talent Management systems• Efficient case tracking and archiving– Legal issues, disputes, harassment, etc.– Case detail history reporting• Analytics
  18. 18. www.lbisoftware.comDemonstration
  19. 19. What Our Customers Are Saying“We implemented this LBi HR Help Desk in a large organization with users in50 states and several countries. Employees were able to utilize the productwith no training and had seamless interaction with the on-line product rightfrom the start. Administration of the system was very simple, easy to navigateand easy to understand.LBi team was professional, timely and experts in understanding our needs andsystem requirements. Great experience with product and company, woulduse again. ”Erin Quinn – General Dynamics
  20. 20. What The Experts Are Saying“There is no longer any doubt that employeeengagement yields a positive ROI. In its pioneeringresearch into employee engagement, Gallup found that‘increasing employee engagement directly correlateswith a positive effect on key business metrics’.”Gallup Consulting
  21. 21. What The Experts Are Saying“User Advice: It is tempting to assume that HR call center functionality needscan be met by IT ticketing systems, but privacy and security requirespecialized functionality… Knowledge and policy management are vital forsuccessful shared-service deployments, so ensure that you include these inyour assessments…”“Business Impact: A poorly run shared-service center can derail the whole HRfunction. Building a stable foundation for improved HR administration cansignificantly cut HR costs, and will lead to better employee service. Theeffective deployment of these tools will help reduce HR administrative costs.Successful shared-service projects often lead to cost reductions of 30%.”Gartner
  22. 22. What The Experts Are Saying“LBi Software is passionate about helping HR see thechallenges that lie ahead and providing insight into howto handle them.”Lisa Rosendahl – HRBN
  23. 23. What The Experts Are Saying“…developing and applying measurement strategiesthat ensure efficiency, effectiveness and businessalignment is among the 10 best practices of highimpact HR organizations…”Bersin & Associates (now Bersin by Deloitte)
  24. 24. www.lbisoftware.comThank YouPresented by:Howard KaplanDirector of Business Developmenthkaplan@lbisoftware.com516-921-1500 x 135