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A well-designed and mature HR Case Management solution can provide great value through powerful analytics.
By delivering HR Help Desk Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in a graphical Executive Dashboard format, senior management will have the right information at their fingertips, in real time and with pain points clearly and visually presented, to make the critical decisions necessary to maximize organizational performance.
We will also show how this valuable data can enhance other KPI tools such as Balanced Scorecard analytics. Find out why Big Data analytics is truly a necessity to succeed in today's highly competitive business climate!
We will discuss and demonstrate how LBi HR Help Desk analytics can transform your organization by providing a keen understanding of your workforce dynamics, including exposure to general employee attitudes, management issues, festering labor disputes, and other workplace concerns that can impact productivity

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  • Value of HR analytics in the full enterprise.
  • Tie in HR and ERP. HR performance has an impact on overall corporate performance. No ETL
  • Big Data analysis has its legacy in integrated ERP systems (ie SAP, PSFT, etc.) and earlier iterations of ERP.

    MRPII incorporated worker resources, the supply chain, financial management, machine utilization, etc.

    ERP integrated all core business processes in a single system.
  • ERP integrated all core business processes in a single system.

    But they didn’t handle 100% of a business’ needs.
  • Don’t get caught up in the name. Data Whse refers primarily to structured data. Cognos, Business Objects, SQL Server reporting

    Unstructured = ppts, email, Word and Excel docs, OneNote files, etc. We will not focus specifically on Big Data analytics.
  • Big Data has been around forever. Think about what banks and government agencies did with 100% paper records. They were VERY GOOD at filing!
  • All digital, and if not controlled will fall into a database black hole
  • Analyze the root cause of employee morale. The greater the related data sources the more accurate results.

    Some people confuse the term Big Data with KPI. Data areas you want to analyze that will make the most impact on your business.

    LBi HR Help Desk KPI tool does not rely on big data
  • Not a tutorial but a very high level description and the importance of HR in their processes
  • Initiatives that are as much about people as they are processes. Not a deep dive. The mother of all analytics processes.

    Attempts to inter-relate all organizational areas. “How does employee satisfaction and skills development relate to financial performance?”
  • Measures used.

    HR has turnover records, but the HR Help Desk can detail the root cause. Festering issues that lead to turnover and employee discontent.

    The ultimate goals of Balanced Scorecard initiatives may differ (supply chain improvements, cost cutting, etc.) but it all comes back to the workforce.
  • Black and Green Belts own the project(s).

    Yellow Belts are generally part of the core workforce, and not necessarily managers or executives.

    If you are not collecting the data, you wont get the accurate results you require.
  • Japanese process, like just in time and lean manufacturing. Not unlike Six Sigma.
  • HR measures – Can be drawn from HR Help Desk.
  • Much HR data can come from the Talent Mgmt system, but it lacks Help Desk HR interaction detail. HR Help Desk maps 1:1 with talent mgmt.
  • Highlight HR Help Desk
  • Top HR Blogger. A lot has been written about HR analytics. Josh is one of the leading contributers.
  • Talent Analytics in HR Help Desk. #1 - #4.
  • Summary and detail reports
  • Comparisons and statistics
  • True analytics – Answering the “why” questions
  • The Next Step is up to you. (not in HR Help Desk)
  • HR Analytics and KPIs with LBi HR HelpDesk

    1. 1. HR Analytics and KPIs with LBi HR HelpDesk Presented by: Howard Kaplan – Director of Business Development 516-921-1500 ext. 135
    2. 2. Agenda • Webinar Goals • LBi Introduction • Evolution of Big Data Analytics • Enterprise Analytics Programs and HR • What the Experts are Saying • Getting Started • HR Help Desk Demonstration
    3. 3. Webinar Goals Non Technical Presentation HR Analytics - Not Just for HR Impact on Corporate Performance Encourage Executive Stakeholders to Embrace HR Analytics
    4. 4. LBi Software • Established 1982 • Primary Focus on Human Capital Mgmt (HCM) Solutions for the Enterprise – Legacy in custom HCM development – Custom & packaged solutions • Mission/Business Critical solution delivery • Enterprise HR Help Desk / ESS Solutions
    5. 5. The Evolution of ERP MRP • Material Requirements Planning • 1960’s MRPII • Manufacturing Resource Planning • 1980’s ERP • Enterprise Resource Planning • 1990’s to today
    6. 6. ERP + Best of Breed(HR perspective) ERP HR Help Desk Talent Mgmt With the advent of ERP + Best of Breed, Big Data analytics furthered the evolution HR Data
    7. 7. What is Big Data? • Blanket term for any collection of data sets – Large and complex data sets – Difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications • More than evolution of the term “data warehouse” – Structured and unstructured data – High-variety information assets • Requires innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making
    8. 8. Big Data circa 1940
    9. 9. Big Data Today
    10. 10. Big Data Analytics Today • Focused primarily on: – Financial performance – Process improvement – Customer analysis/demographics • Primed for HR analytics
    11. 11. Big Data vs. KPI • Big Data = Data • KPI = Key Performance Indicators = Analysis • KPI’s may or may not require Big Data sources – May use “small data” effectively • KPI’s derived from Big Data can provide even deeper insights into the issue(s) being analyzed What if HR could not only analyze internal employee satisfaction data but also compare data to others in your industry, or relate this data to financial performance?
    12. 12. Enterprise Analytics Programs It’s all about the people
    13. 13. Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.
    14. 14. Balanced Scorecard and HR HRIS HR Help Desk Talent Mgmt
    15. 15. Six Sigma Define - articulate the business problem, goal, potential resources, project scope and high-level project timeline Measure - establish current baselines as the basis for improvement Analyze - identify, validate and select root cause for elimination Improve - identify, test and implement a solution to the problem Control - sustain the gains Waste, defect reduction and quality improvement
    16. 16. Six Sigma and HR Yellow Belt participates as a core team member or subject matter expert (SME) on the project
    17. 17. Kanban Primarily used in manufacturing but also in high tech, professional services and software development firms
    18. 18. Kanban and HR “Respect the current process, roles, responsibilities and titles” “Encourage leadership at all levels”
    19. 19. Talent Management and HR Help Desk Recruiting & Onboarding Training & Development Performance Management Succession Planning Off-Boarding • What happens if I have to miss the training class? • My manager is not including me in critical meetings • Can I change my mentor? • When is the next review period? • I believe I received an unfair review • Why is my co-worker getting a raise? • My direct report refuses to sign his review form! • My raise is not correct. Please verify my salary. • How many weeks will I be in management training? • Who is my new advisor? • My severance is not correct. Please verify? • Can I change my last day to 12/22/13? • How do I sign up for COBRA? • When can I cash in my pension? • New employee HR Help Desk orientation • Develop early lines of collaboration
    20. 20. So Where Is All The HR Data? • HR System Demographics, employment history • Payroll / T&A Wages, hours worked, leave/absence • Talent Mgmt. Training, develop., performance • HR Help Desk Problems, requests, questions, feedback • Survey Data General feedback • Other Sources External, ERP, vertical specific, etc. Better Data = Better Analysis Results
    21. 21. ...How well do organizations truly understand what drives performance among their workforce? The answer: not really very well. Do we know why one sales person outperforms his peers? Do we understand why certain leaders thrive and others flame out? Can we accurately predict whether a candidate will really perform well in our organization? …The vast majority of hiring, management, promotion, and rewards decisions are made on gut feel, personal experience, and corporate belief systems… …Companies are loaded with employee, HR, and performance data.. For the last 30 years we have captured demographic information, performance information, educational history, job location, and many other factors about our employees. Are we using this data scientifically to make people decisions? Not yet. This, to me, is the single biggest Big Data opportunity in business. If we can apply science to improving the selection, management, and alignment of people, the returns can be tremendous… Josh Bersin: In Forbes Big Data in Human Resources: Talent Analytics Comes of Age
    22. 22. Analytics Leaders Gain Tremendous Returns The research also showed that these leading companies generate high returns for their hard work: their stock market returns are 30% higher than the S&P 500, they are twice as likely to be delivering high impact recruiting solutions, and their leadership pipelines are 2.5X healthier. In addition, these HR teams are four times more likely to be respected by their business counterparts for their data-driven decision-making, giving them true potential to help change the business. Josh Bersin: In Forbes Big Data in Human Resources: Talent Analytics Comes of Age
    23. 23. Josh Bersin: In Forbes
    24. 24. Analytics and HR Help Desk Finding the Root Cause of Critical Personnel Issues
    25. 25. Build Your Own Report Library Schedule reports to run & select recipients Talent Analytics Level #1
    26. 26. HR Help Desk Data Export Easy data extraction Turn report data into actionable analytics:  Excel Pivot Tables & Charts  Other analytic programs  Data extraction for non-technical users direct from every report screen Talent Analytics Level #2
    27. 27. HR Help Desk Executive Dashboard Talent Analytics Level #3
    28. 28. Tying it All Together(HR perspective) ERP HR Help Desk Talent Mgmt HR Data Talent Analytics Level #4 The Next Step is Up to You
    29. 29. HR Help Desk Technology • Developed in J2EE • 100% Web based – Any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) – Mobile version for iPhone/iPad, Android native browsers – No controls to install (Flash, ActiveX, Silverlight, Java Applets, etc.) • Supports multiple databases – MySQL – Oracle – DB2 – Microsoft SQL Server • Supports multiple OS’s – Linux/Unix – Windows Server – Solaris / / / /
    30. 30. Getting Started • Establish goals and analytic requirements • Ensure the required systems are in place, with open data architectures – ERP / HRIS – HR Case Management – Talent Management – Email – External source data (i.e. census info, surveys) • Align technical resources and tools (i.e. IT, vendors, analytic software, etc.) • Start small and think strategic
    31. 31. HR Help Desk Demonstration Effective Workforce Case and Ticket Management