Customer Engagement and 10 Tips for Online Persuasion


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A three-part presentation on how online customer engagement has become a new science that requires an understanding of the role of persuasion.
Part one: The importance of Customer Engagement.
Part two: The role of Persuasion in Customer Engagement.
Part three: 10 tips for online persuasion.

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Customer Engagement and 10 Tips for Online Persuasion

  1. The role of Persuasion in Customer Engagement Richard Sedley Director cScape Customer Engagement Unit
  2. Overview • Customer Engagement: why now? • The role of Persuasion • 10 tips for online Persuasion
  3. The importance of customer engagement “Customer engagement is probably the most important activity any organisation will undertake in the next 3 years.”
  4. a Q a Q
  5. Green Red Blue
  6. Blogs Wikis Emails PPC Ajax Psycho- Customer Mobile RIA graphic Podcasting managed profiling relations Social Behavioural Contextual Video RSS networks targeting targeting casting
  7. What’s the significance of CE?
  8. How can you differentiate yourself? The science and practice of persuasion
  9. What is persuasion? The goal of persuasion is to change someone’s attitudes or behaviour.
  10. Why persuasion? Persuasion is the grease between acquisition, conversion and retention
  11. Four corners of persuasion • Credibility • Principles of motivation • Persuasion Windows • Persuasion as a dialogue
  12. Credibility • Presumed = General assumptions in the mind of the perceiver • Surface Simple inspection or initial first = hand experience • Reputed Third party endorsements, = reports or referrals • Earned First hand experience that = extends over time Stanford University, Persuasive Technology Lab, 2003
  13. The power of credibility B A Marketing Experiments Journal, Feb 2007 Conversion rate = 3.03% Conversion rate = 2.69% % change = 12.64% Projected monthly gain = $30,582.30
  14. Principles of motivation • Reciprocity • Commitment and consistency • Consensus • Affinity (Liking) • Authority • Scarcity Robert Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, 1984
  15. Persuasion windows • When you are in a good mood • When your world view no longer makes sense • When you can take action immediately • When you feel indebted because of a favour • Immediately after you have made a mistake • Immediately after you have denied a request Stanford University, Persuasive Technology Lab, 2003
  16. Web2.0: Persuasion as a dialogue To influence a person to change their attitude or behaviour The process of persuasion changes the persuader
  17. Ten tips for online Persuasion
  18. Are your headlines failing? 1. Engage you audience 7% click through 2. Do you want to engage your audience? 11% click through 3. Are you failing to engage your best customers? 14% click through
  19. Do you have social proof? “I think you’re great” “I think you’re great” “I think you’re great” “I think you’re great” “I think you’re great” “I think you’re great” “I think you’re great” “I think you’re great”
  20. Make them feel proud The first, the last, the best and the rarest?
  21. Exploit a thank you?
  22. Set their alarm clock Provide reasons to return (regularly)
  23. Use your authority Show off your status
  24. The power of the portrait
  25. More than just buttons Make sure you save your changes
  26. Loss is more powerful than gain
  27. Avoid trade-offs • At a Persuasion Window: • Choice = good • Trade-offs = bad
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