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This is the presentation I gave to all staff on the day of starting my new job as Commercial Director at Foviance. Foviance is one of the UK's leading Customer Experience Consultancies.

It covers:
- The 3 interest areas required to be a leader (according to Charles Handy)
- My interest in Design for Behaviour

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  • This is the presentation I gave to the collected company at Foviance on the day I started as Commercial Director – 6 December 2010
  • Anyone know who this guys is?Handy argues that rounded leaders must have three interest areas
  • These usually include: work + family but most company leaders neglect the third.My third is art
  • My three favourite painters1) Ken Kiff – deep exploration of the human psyche
  • Victor Willing – magnificent draftsman. Exploration of the inner space and psychological effect of combinations and relationships. Later emphasis on psychological portraits
  • AndrzejJackowski – exploration of symbolism of personal experience.
  • What I’m reading at the moment. (Dec. 2010)
  • Richard Sedley - Foviance New Starter Presentation

    1. 1. New starterpresentationRichard Sedley
    2. 2. CV1990 - 1991Ran a photographic library1991 - 1995Ran a publishing department1995 - 1999Ran design agency1999 - 2010Director at cScape – established CEU2007 - presentCourse Director for Social Media, CIM
    3. 3. Charles Handy
    4. 4. UXPicture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03Work Family Art
    5. 5. UXWork Family Art
    6. 6. Green ManOil on board134.6 x 121.9 cmKen Kiff
    7. 7. Place with a Red ThingOil on canvas200 x 250.2 cmVictor Willing
    8. 8. Earth-stepper with Running HareOil on canvas, 152 x 234 cmAndrzej Jackowski
    9. 9. UXWork Family Art
    10. 10. Jo (Mrs S) Marianne Max
    11. 11. UXWork Family Art
    12. 12. 01Design for behaviour
    13. 13. Persuasion windows open…• when you are in a good mood• when your world view no longer makes sense• when you can take action immediately• when you feel indebted because of a favour• immediately after you have made a mistake• immediately after you have denied a request Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do, BJ Fogg
    14. 14. 02First we guess (second we test)
    15. 15. A B
    16. 16. A B Form Whitepaper Whitepaper FormConversion rate = 84% Conversion rate = 72% 44% 91% completion accuracy completion accuracy Embedded Persuasive Strategies to Obtain Visitors’ Data. Gamberini, Petrucci, Spoto, Spagnolli
    17. 17. 03Play is serious business
    18. 18. Flow highA psychological Arousalstate where aperson is fully Anxiety Flowimmersed andfocused on an Satisfactionactivity or task.Mihály Worry ControlCsíkszentmihályi Apathy Relaxation Boredom low low Skill level high
    19. 19. “ …whoever plays, plays freely. Whoever must play, ” cannot play. James P Carse Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility (Page 4, Chapter 2.)
    20. 20. Variable reinforcement highCreate outcomes,small or large,without being able Variable intervalsto predict Variable rewardswhat action is going Engagementto be able lead tothat outcome. Fixed interval Regular reward low short Time long
    21. 21. A B
    22. 22. Fun ≠ motivation
    23. 23. IDEASTwo things I’d like to do1. Create a consultant’s eLinkletter2. Share reading material and ideas
    24. 24. Extreme Measures Consumer.ology Simple and Usable web,The dark visions and The market research mobile and interactionbright ideas of Francis myth, the truth about designGalton consumers and the psychology of shoppingMartin Brookes Philip Graves Giles Colborne
    25. 25. THANKSI’m looking forward to being Foviance’s newCommercial