Link Building: A Quick Reference to Bringing Your Off Site SEO Campaign Up to Date


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Link Building: A Quick Reference to Bringing Your Off Site SEO Campaign Up to Date

  1. 1. Linkbuilding:A Quick Reference to Bringing Your Off Site SEO Campaign Up to Date Brought to you by: Richard Ortiz @RichardOrtiz2nd
  2. 2. Now you may recognize sites like this: @RichardOrtiz2nd
  3. 3. Or like this @RichardOrtiz2nd
  4. 4. And maybe you heard that content is king so you tried software like this… @RichardOrtiz2nd
  5. 5. So why shouldn’t you use these tactics? They worked in the past you’re telling me? @RichardOrtiz2nd
  6. 6. Adorable aren’t they?Image source from and @RichardOrtiz2nd
  7. 7. The dreaded message… @RichardOrtiz2nd
  8. 8. Why go through all the hassle of link building when you can just buy links? @RichardOrtiz2nd
  9. 9. Oh yeah…Image source from @RichardOrtiz2nd
  10. 10. Don’t spam websites!! @RichardOrtiz2nd
  11. 11. But Richard.. What else is there to link building? @RichardOrtiz2nd
  12. 12. Off the top of my head• Create a blog• Guest blog posts• Check your competitor’s backlinks!• Meetups• Blog comments• Infographics• Memes• Videos• White papers• Be an expert!• Answer questions on forums• Donate to charity• Ebook• Press Releases• This is just the tip of the iceberg @RichardOrtiz2nd
  13. 13. Use these tools to check your competitor’s backlinks•••• Or if you are hard on cash go with the new Bing Link Checker in Bing Webmaster Tools @RichardOrtiz2nd
  14. 14. Meetups:A great way to meet people in your industry, to learn, and ohyeah…grab a link!! @RichardOrtiz2nd
  15. 15. Got a creative spark in you? Want to be the next Ron Howard? Create a video than!!!Almost 6 millionviews in only a fewshort months andtheir razors aref***ing great @RichardOrtiz2nd
  16. 16. Be a content provider not a content generator!!Aesthetically pleasing Actually serves a purpose @RichardOrtiz2nd
  17. 17. Some great sites to help you with your guest blog outreach your best friend will always be: @RichardOrtiz2nd
  18. 18. Got the time and resources? Create an ebook? @RichardOrtiz2nd
  19. 19. Everyone knows about Press Releases Some quick data for youBisnar and Chase law firm Console and Hollawell law firm• Created content just for the purpose • Created content with the reader in of creating mind• Getting 15-20 pickups per press • Getting 150-200 pickups release • Getting picked up by Yahoo News,• Only getting local papers, nothing Bloomberg, Houston Chronicle and national other quality new sites Which is the flower and which is the vase? @RichardOrtiz2nd
  20. 20. Some last thought..They say that link building is hard but that’s not true.Its just not easy is allDon’t just build links, take the time to buildrelationships that will last the course of a campaign.Think outside of the box. In fact you shouldn’t beanywhere near the box. @RichardOrtiz2nd
  21. 21. Thank you everyone for your time!! Richard Ortiz Department Head of Online Marketing @RichardOrtiz2nd