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I have included both examples of my most recent overlay architecture and student work.

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Richard Mulhern portfolio

  1. 1. In a time when Urban Spaces are eroding and Ephemeral Cities are “all the rage”, it is amaz- ing to find a city which preserves a unique preserved urban space. Siena’s Il Campo (the field) meets all the criteria including the various constituent groups desired for an ephemeral City, while providing a coveted Urban Space. The fact that the Campo is the center of the city and intersection of the tripartite divisions, the Terzi (thirds), shows how important a cultural in- vestment the Campo was, and why its lasting qualities endure today. The Campo is not simply a snap shot of Siena’s past, it is a vibrant unifying element which breathes and captures Si- ena’s present day, most notably at night, and especially in July. Siena’s independent spirit cou- pled with attacks from rival Florence and the impending Roman Empire helped it mature into a true civic state, where the citizens felt a sense of civic pride based on the dynamic of the commune and also due to its protection. Like the many hill towns of Italy, Siena was isolated and self-contained, but it was also one of the few Tuscan towns to remain truly independent and resist Roman and Papal rule. Over the centuries, this allowed the town to thrive, while successfully holding off its enemies; Siena became a bustling city and soon began its renais- sance. With solid institutions, such as banking and a burgeoning university, Siena began to produce cultural artifacts reflective of its civic virtues. “Artistic and intellectual development, for instance, flourished through special offices and supervisors of public works.” (ROWE 22). Siena’s strong banking system also led to many investments in the town, preserving its culture, and giving Siena its place in the region as a banking and mercantile city. Based on “popular government, committee rule, and communal municipal administration” (ROWE 9), Siena experienced,”republican independence, and belief in civic virtue” (ROWE 9), for some three hundred years. The importance of urban areas saw a significant rise in the 13th century, as towns and cities renewed their functions as centers of exchange. After the erection of over 50 towers throughout the city, a need for a unifying element in the town was evident. By the mid 13th Century this led to Siena’s identity coming from the Cathedral (Duomo), and the 56 towers belonging to the casati, dotting the city. The medieval families of Siena became PORTFOLIO RICHARD JAMES MULHERN PLANNING, SELECT ARCHITECTURE, AND DESIGN. consumed with their legacy, and sought to challenge rival families with exhibitions of social status, much to the detriment of the social community. Fortunately, quarrels were contained and did not unravel the town, unlike San Gimignano, who ultimately ceded to Florence to restore the order. Instead, the townspeople slowly started taking ownership for their neighbor- hoods with the erection and subsequent protection of the various fountains (brande), which were used to provide Siena with its drinking supply and to fight fires. “These also became places for community gatherings, particularly in the evenings and on holidays, a tradition kept alive to this day” (ROWE 16). The fountains served as early urban spaces, giving the locals a sense of ownership, and slowly unified the members of each Terzi in fellowship, and protection of their brande. With communities slowly fellowshipping around their respective brande, the terzi were further divided up into neighborhoods (contrade), and Siena laid down
  2. 2. ZURICH 2024 XXXIII SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES M.DOMINGO, Spring 2007 Utopian Architecture Spaces for Collective Dreams The site for the Zurich Olympic bid is presently a large park like location, just west of the city center. This project aimed at using the natural flows and energy of the site to integrate the 1.6 million square meters of program. An important aspect of this project was to focus on the different uses during and after the Olympics. By introducing an interactive terrain, with multiple venues, the park is adaptable to the various users of the Olympic site.
  3. 3. Zurich 2024 : XXXIII Summer Olympic Games 3D Rendering of the Olympic Site
  4. 4. Zurich 2024 : XXXIII Summer Olympic Games 3D Rendering of the Site Plan
  5. 5. Zurich 2024 : XXXIII Summer Olympic Games 3D Rendering of the Olympic Stadium
  6. 6. Zurich 2024 : XXXIII Summer Olympic Games 2D CAD Plan of the Olympic Site : Service Level
  7. 7. Zurich 2024 : XXXIII Summer Olympic Games 2D CAD Plan of the Olympic Site : Main Level
  8. 8. Zurich 2024 : XXXIII Summer Olympic Games 2D Section of the Olympic Stadium
  9. 9. Zurich 2024 : XXXIII Summer Olympic Games 3D Rendering of the Olympic Park
  10. 10. DE NIEUWE MARKTHAL 3RD INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE T.RIENIETS, Spring 2007 Form and the City Urban Strategies for Southern Rotterdam
  11. 11. Bloemhof is a neighborhood of a great cultural richness. It provides good living conditions, including many open public spaces, and a wide range of public and semi-public programs. It hosts one of the biggest markets in the Netherlands and a variety of cultures and lifestyles. Despite this potential, though, the area lacks local as well as regional identity. The existing cultures and generations are engaged in neither mutual exchange nor individual self- expression. To intensify the existing (and hidden) qualities of Bloemhof, we propose a representative new public building: De Nieuwe Markthal. The hall will act as a catalyst in the neighborhood, providing better access to the existing qualities and resources of the site, thereby enhancing the community. 3rd International Architecture Biennale Master Class Bloemhof Neighborhood Study
  12. 12. 3rd International Architecture Biennale Master Class Markthal Exterior Rendering & Elevation
  13. 13. 3rd International Architecture Biennale Master Class Markthal Interior Rendering
  15. 15. Hausvogteiplatz, Berlin Matching the interior with the exterior. The tenants would be most disappointed if they paid for an abstract façade and got a mundane interior in return. I lit up the circulation space by harnessing daylight from a skylight above and achieved horizontal fenestration by rotating the stairs, letting a stream of light trickle down. I augmented the walls of the room dependant on their adjoining exterior façade and introduced multiple level shifts which is articulated in the ceiling. Privacy Detail Floor Plans Privacy at the flick of a switch. The exterior windows come equipped with switchable privacy glass. Two layers of annealed glass are filled with a LCD interlayer allowing instantaneous switching between transparent and translucent states.
  16. 16. How to squeeze a building into the Berlin grid. Though a tall five-story structure it felt as if my building was being squashed by its neighbors. The program called for a façade that was only 6.5m wide. Thus I worked on extracting my building rather than getting trapped. The townhouse is pinched and poked in a rectilinear way while conforming to the grid of Berlin. Univeristy of Kansas Berlin Graduate Design Studio in cooperation with Nalbach + Nalbach
  17. 17. PGA NATIONWIDE TOUR 2009 CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER CLASSIC Spring 2009 Overlay Site Plans and 3D
  18. 18. The clubhouse at the Nicklaus Golf Club at LionsGate offered enough parking area in which to accommodate many of the back of house functions. The strategic location of video and leader boards was pertinent for this event. In addition spectator services and grandstands were distributed. In analyzing surrounding parking areas, the tournament officials were able to position a secured spectator entrance in an optimal location. An overall course evacuation plan was created due to the large distribution of spectators at any given time. PGA Nationwide Tour 2009 - Christmas in October Classic Clubhouse Area Overlay Drawings & Golf Course Overlay
  19. 19. DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION 2008 PEPSI CENTER, DENVER, CO Spring 2008 Overlay Plans 3D Site and Venue Modeling
  20. 20. The Democratic National Convention offered a site which required a far greater media presence than most sporting events. In addition, the secured perimeter was designated by the Secret Service giving us limited space in which to accommodate functional areas. The 3D modeling of the Pepsi Center and the surrounding site was the best medium to illustrate the plethora of different functions that took place in and around the venue. Democratic National Convention 2008 - Pepsi Center, Denver, Coloardo 3D Site and Venue Modeling
  21. 21. LG SNOWBOARD BIG AIR FIS WORLD CUP Overlay Plans 3D Site and Structure Modeling
  22. 22. The LG Big Air Snowboarding event has not yet occurred in the United States. Moscow, London, and Stockholm have each bore witness to this huge structure and the dynamic crowd that it attracts. The 3D modeling of this structure highlighted the massive scale, in which the structure is almost as tall as the average baseball stadium in the United States. The site plans show the area required both for the structure and the space needed for a proper fan area. LG Snowboard BIG AIR - FIS World Cup 3D Venue Mock Up - Overall Site Plan