Integrated Video Transport Network Multiplexer


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Integrated Video Transport Network Multiplexer

  1. 1. Economical, Single-Platform Convergence Flexible as One, Two, Three 1 Select your digital/analog video servicesCURRENTLY SERVINGKEY PROFESSIONAL 2 Choose the network transport you want 3INDUSTRIES:BROADCAST Add voice, Ethernet, or telemetryPOST PRODUCTIONNETWORK FACILITIESCATV / MSOMILITARY BASESSURVEILLANCE Manage all these bandwidthDISTANCE LEARNING services from this web-TEST RANGES based console
  2. 2. Solving Contribution & Distribution ChallengesBROADCAST STATIONSUsing the TW-400 for STL (Studio to Transmitter Links) enables KBTX-TVto consolidate equipment and upgrade to HDTV while continuing touse their existing microwave transports.POST PRODUCTION SUITESMaintaining contribution-quality HDTV and SDTV betweenediting suites and local affiliates while controlling networkcosts is achieved by transcoding into SMPTE 310 orMezzanine-Level 270 and transporting in real-time, or bytransporting non-realtime using video-over-IP .EVENT VENUES / REMOTE PRODUCTION VANSMRN, “The Voice of NASCAR” configured their remote productiontruck with TW-400’s to backhaul live race coverage, non-realtimetransfer of video over IP to post production suites, and integrated voice and LAN communication with their home office, broadcast centers, and editing suites. NETWORK OPERATION CENTERS By reducing footprint, power, and heat, a major video longhaul carrier expanded bandwidth in their NOC without expanding facilities - and realized 60% savings in transport costs using our Dynamic Bandwidth Concentration to consolidate multiple network transports. INTERACTIVE DISTANCE LEARNING Iowa Communications Network deployed over 400 nodes to unify its voice, video, and data services across their 3000-mile statewide network - carrying HDTV, interactive classroom video, voice, & 10/100bT over a single SONET backhaul. CATV A national US space center deploys the TW-400 as a CATV head-end device, multiplexing dozens of channels for video sur- veillance and instructional television. VIDEO TRANSPORT FOR CNN & NBC A regional MSO chose the TW-400 for its reliability in transport- ing national broadcast services. Additional value was supplied from bandwidth consolidation that enables up to 400% more useable bandwidth over existing network pipes.
  3. 3. MultiService Chassis✔ Integrated platform lowers 40% CAPEX REDUCTION CAPEX up to 40% Separate encoders, transcoders, and transport chassis are typical-✔ Service Aggregation cuts net- ly required to achieve what our work transport bills TW-400 delivers in a single plat- up to 70% form - immediately saving you over 40% in capital equipment cost.✔ Integrated management Only the TW-400 architecture provides the versatility to select encoding options for today’s short-term require- system reduces OPEX ments . . . and the flexibility to adapt to evolutionary needs. Using hot-swappable modules, our system architec- ture guarantees a future-proofed strategy for your investment.✔ Comprehensive transport options accommodate ATM, CONVERGENCE ENGINE IP, &/or SONET networks The backplane supports over 2Gbps of traffic in each direction simultaneously, making the unit robust enough to provide bi-directional Studio-to-Transmitter links supporting simultaneous video, FM radio and remote truck transmissions. Up to four✔ Traffic aggregation enables 720 Mbps streams (2 up and 400% more useable bandwidth 2 downstream) can run con- on existing network transports currently on a single chassis, and multiple chassis can be✔ DVB/ASI transport provides daisy-chained to gang addi- tariff protection on nationwide tional services into a coordi- video backhaul nated network.✔ Integrated voice, telemetry & OPEX SAVINGS data options deliver a compre- By reducing the footprint, heat, and power requirements, you can relieve congestion in crowded Network hensive bandwidth manage- Operating Centers, transmitter huts, CATV headends, and post-production suites. And with our remote, central- ment device ized element management system, you can significantly simplify maintenance and provisioning. FUTURE-PROOFING YOUR INVESTMENT Immediate savings with full versatility to adapt to your specific requirements . . . now & tomorrow
  4. 4. Integrated Video Options Video Encode / Transcode Options download data sheet specifications at C O N V E R G E N C E 1 UNIVERSAL VIDEO ADAPTATION, ENCODING & TRANSCODING Our family of video modules can solve any encoding challenge. Each video module features automatic calibration/setup, multiple video and audio ports, and a logical range of encoding and decoding options. For example, the VAU module pro-NTSC / PAL vides real-time MPEG-2 encoding / decoding of NTSC, PAL, or SDI signals. Fully compatible with industry standards, itS-VIDEO, MPEG-2 also encapsulates (or deconstructs) the signal into either DVB-ASI or IP streams for transport. Choose the VSIM module to process dual streams of composite video, SDI, or Mezzanine HDTV at 270Mbps inbound/out- bound without compression or data loss. Compliant with SDI, SDTI, and DVB-ASI, you can use this VSIM in conjunction with our SMPTE 310 module to provide integrated DVB-ASI to DVB-SSI (SMPTE 310) conversion. CENTRALIZED, POINT-&-CLICK MANAGEMENT Using the TMS management system, you remotely provision video adaptation parameters such as compression rates and encapsulation methods, control allocation of bandwidth and modify quality-of-service levels. All signals are observable in270Mbps the digital domain, and calibration items like color burst frequency or composite luminance / chromanance levels can beHDTV / SDTV controlled remotely using the web-based user interface.SMPTE 310DVB / ASIVideo over IP
  5. 5. Integrated Transpor t Options download specifications for each module at Versatility . . . copper, fiber, or microwave C O N V E R G E N C E 2 Regardless of your current transport and network environment, we will gladly come to your studio and demo the TW-400 using any video feed and network transport you’re using today - or want to use tomorrow!.DS3 uWave/ IP Standards-based network modules assure plug-&-play compatibility and feature automatic setup and synchro- nization with any ATM, IP, or SONET network ADM In addition, our long-reach 1550nm optics lets you reach network nodes up to 75km away. You can also choose to deploy either point-to-point topologies or point-to-mul- tipoint to gain aggregation and concentration of service from several sites to maximize bandwidth utilization. For example, using the DS-3 network module with the SMPTE 310 SIM coupled with the VSIM, you can simul- taneously transport both HDTV compressed and SDTV streams, as well as Ethernet data and TDM traffic (T1)OC3 / OC12 SONET over a single DS-3 circuit. DS3 COAX Since many local affiliates use uWave for their Studio-to-Transmitter (STL) link, we provide direct coax con- nectivity to support your legacy transport investments. ATM Widely known as the transport-of-choice for multi-service traffic, ATM provides the Quality-of-Service guaran-OC3c / OC12c ATM tees and efficient bandwidth utilization that lowers operating costs while assuring mission-critical service levels for all your demanding video applications. SONET / SDH As the dominant transport medium throughout the world, compatibility with SONET/SDH ADMs is mandatory. Out standards-based compatibility lets you achieve plug-&-play access to any ADM tributary anywhere. IP . . . TWO OPTIONSDVB/ASI If you wish to access a pure IP network, the Ethernet port provided on every transport module will tie directly to Ethernet edge routers. Optionally, Video-over-IP can be encoded over traditional SONET or ATM backhauls and then groomed out to the IP switch at the Central Office. DVB/ASI . . . AVOIDING THE TARIFF TAX While network surcharges and tariffs apply to any traditional nationwide data transport, current FCC regula- tions will enable tariff-free transport of data services using DVB/ASI channels. Our SMPTE-310 moduleVideo / IP enables such DVB/ASI transport to reduce your payments to network carriers.
  6. 6. Add Voice, LAN,Avoid the penalties of box-on-boxchaos and benefit from a central- &/or Telemetry C O N V E R G E N C E 3 In addition to the TW-400’s configured for video service and transport applications, you can daisy-chain additional TW-400s to provide voice and LAN services to orchestrate a comprehensive, highly economical infrastructure integrating all your bandwidth management needs. Terawave will gladly provide consultationized EMS console for single-point to help architect this comprehensive networking solution to significantly reduce your capital costs andmanagement over ALL your band- deliver centralized management over all your bandwidth applications.width services and transports Native Service Ports Standardized voice and data ports are plug-compatible to eliminate the added cost of auxiliary routers, IADs and channel banks. While minimizing CAPEX, it also enables unified, web-based management of QOS service level agreements, rate-explicit bandwidth allocation, and remote activation of service ports. FXS VOICE FXS VOICE Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is provided using this plug-in module. Eight voice lines per card let you provision either in-house intercomms - just plug a phone jack into the FXS module - or public phone service via a carrier’s Central Office. 10/100BT LAN A single Ethernet port is always provided via any of our transport modules. Additionally, four 10/100bT ports can be added using the ESIM module to extend your office’s local area network to the transmitter shack, the remote truck, any remote event venue, or post-production suite.10/100bT LAN VLAN / TLS Carrier grade reliability with advanced DiffServ and MPLS support with Layer 2 filtering and VLAN Tag Stacking means you can implement a world-wide, highly secure private LAN service from any office or remote site. TELEMETRY & SERIAL DATA We offer three telemetry modules for both low and high bit-rates. Appropriate for broadcast control data, test range monitoring / mission control, and remote facilities operation, these modules provide an importantTELEMETRY option for transmitter, studio, and scientific or military applications.SIMPLIFYING BANDWIDTH SERVICES & MANAGEMENTA n i n t e g r a t e d s o l u t i o n t o a l l y o u r b a n d w i d t h m a n a g e m e n t n e e d s - Vo i c e , V i d e o , & D a t a
  7. 7. Reliability, Service & Suppor t Terawave Management System - TMS TMS provides a GUI interface for real-time system monitoring with fault and performance logs. By using this remote console, you can configure QOS & bandwidth levels for all nodes in any network configuration. This web-based platform is built for scalability using a robust Java/CORBA architecture. Remote provisioning means you can modify service parameters like compression rates on-demand using the extensive software- configurable paramaters on each video module. REMOTE SUPERVISION / MANAGEMENT OF YOUR NETWORK FROM WEB-BASED TMS Terawave’s application and customer service engineers can remotely monitor the health, modify bandwidth and QOS parameters, and provision new services for you from our Customer Care Center. Using the password-pro- tected security features in TMS, you can control when and how you want remote users to access your network. Engineer, Furnish, & Install Serving as a network consultant, Terawave’s network engi- neers can plan and budget comprehensive solutions for your unique application. We have provided EF&I support for sev-For configuration advice or a cus- eral video clients, and have a family of VARs, fully-trainedtom quotation, phone our Video and prepared to rapidly deploy a turnkey solution.Applications engineer toll-free at866-766-8372. TRAINING & UPTIME LOWER OPEX Whether you prefer on-site training, or want to use our appli-To find the phone number for a cations lab, our professional video services engineers standsales contact in your region, go to ready to deliver the competency-based courses that ensure maximum uptime for your mission-critical networks. CUSTOMER CARE Delivering the value-add, turnkey solution your business deser ves: training, technical suppor t, & applications engineeringTerawave Communications, Inc. 30680 Huntwood Avenue, Hayward, CA 94544-7021 Toll Free: 866.766.8372 FAX: 510.401.6513Terawave Communications and the Terawave logo are a trademark of Terawave Communications, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice.