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This presentation focusses on a series of elements that our own agency have seen working time and time again for our own clients and delivers 5 simple takeaways to sell more in 2014.

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  • Your are Richard Hill CEO and Founder of SEO Traffic Lab and Etoomi – Online Ecommerce Training Platform :P
  • Seo dead .. LOL
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  • People are impatient, especially with internet connections getting faster people expect sites to load quickly and if they don’t they will find one that does.Slow sites raise suspicion and lower confidence, so even if a visitor sticks with a slow site they are less likely to convert as they won’t trust the site enough to enter their card or other personal details.Search Engines can crawl a quicker site more efficiently
  • Numerous studies have found that there is a link between site speed and conversion rate. Everybody wants to improve their conversion rate, so site speed can be a relatively easy way to make a positive impact.We have worked on lots of clients sites in order to improve speed and we have seen positive results, including reduced bounce rate and an improved average time on site. These improvements have had a positive effect on search engine traffic.
  • First thing you need to do is found out how fast your site is and whether there are an improvements that can be made?You can use either GTMetrix or Google Page Speed Insights.In the lab our tool of choice is GTMetrix, which grades your site and give a great break down of the areas which you can improve.I tested this new site using – you might have heard of it –!! As you can see it scores pretty well but they could improve areas.
  • READ ****** or PDF VersionImage Optimisation – resize your images using photo editing software – tools like Photoshop can do this in batch.Content Delivery Network – Amazon Cloudfront for example – stores your images on a separate server rather than requiring your resources to load.Gzip Compression – reduces the size of your sites content (typically can around a 60% decrease in size).Implement Caching – caching means your sites contents – such as the template doesn’t have to be loaded every time the browser goes to a page on your site so it makes it quicker.
  • A sample of our clients and the percentage increase in traffic when comparing November 2013 with November 2012.
  • The advantage of a responsive site over a separate mobile site is that it takes less work in terms of maintenance.You have one site rather than two to maintainYou have one product database to keep updatedYou have to use one single interface to update your web presence.Your Searhc Engine Optimisation will impact your desktop and mobile perfomance rather having to have to separate strategies your mobile SEO should be part of your whole SEO strategy.
  • Social Networks are growing all the time.YOUR customers and potential customers will be using them.Make sure your brand is active on these important social networks.
  • Building your social following and you will have an engaged audience that you can expose your content too.A great way of keeping people up-to-date with new products and offers.A great way of encouraging brand loyalty.Don’t be purely about sell, sell, sell – engage with your audience, like and share what others do. Remember if people like your social personality they will like your brand by extension
  • So you are using social networking to build an engaged audience, but you need a content strategy to serve them the content they want.Creating great content, that your audience wants is imperative online, especially for success in the search engines.You need to create a content strategy and the best way to do this is by using a content calendar.Schedule your different types of content and look at what events in the yearly calendar you can create content around.Relevancy and being current is a great way to encourage engagement and interaction, which will lead to links.Links lead to greater authority in the eyes of the search engines. Greater authority leads to improved rankings, more traffic and ultimately more revenue!
  • Different types of content preform different functions as you can see from the excellent content marketing matrix laid out by Smart Insights. Your content strategy should contain a mixture of these types of content in order to help match customers purchase intent and decision style..
  • Look at what other in your industry have done and try to find something that has had a lot of attention, such as a lot of social shares.Take this concept and update or improve it, then expose it to the same source that way you are likely to get more interaction, with an audience that are already engaged with this content previously.This will help establish your authority and lead to links.
  • Are you using a review platform or “customer feedback engine”? If not you want to look at implementing this a.s.a.p at there are loads of positive benefits that you can gain from reviews.Here are some of the well-known platforms that e-commerce site owners use.
  • These are the benefits of having reviews on your site. They are a hidden gem in the arsenal of an SEO….Natural language – reviews will be written in natural language and so they will help your on-page content
  • Five important areas to work on that will lead to better rankings, more search engine traffic and more importantly improved conversions and revenue!
  • Ecommerce SEO Masterclass

    1. 1. Ecommerce SEO Master Class Richard Hill CEO & Founder
    2. 2. Richard Hill
    3. 3. People are impatient!
    4. 4. “ A one second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction on conversions. Sources:, ”
    5. 5. Test Your Site… GTMetrix or Google Page Speed Insights
    6. 6. Optimise Your Images.. Implement Consider a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Gzip Compression Implement Caching
    7. 7. Mobile Optimisation Client Type/Industry Mobile Tablet Retail - Clothes 59.35% 85.04% Retail - Pet 234.83% 214.42% Construction 102.50% 136.53% Vehicle Parts 142.86% 108.52% SEO Traffic Lab 803.39% 1645.83% Retail - Pet 139.22% 104.40% Finance 110.50% 99.82%
    8. 8. Make Your Site RESPONSIVE One Site One Product Database One interface One SEO Strategy
    9. 9. Social Networks Google Plus - 540+ million Total Users Facebook - 1,310,000,000 billion Total Users Twitter - 645,750,000 Total Users Pinterest - 70+ million Total Users Source: Research date: 1.1.14
    10. 10. Build Your Audience Post regularly - consider scheduling tools Curate content relevant to your niche Interact especially with influencers Don’t just sell, sell, sell
    11. 11. Content Strategy
    12. 12. Types of Content
    13. 13. Find and Recreate
    14. 14. Customer REVIEWS
    15. 15. Unique Content Freshness Increased Trust Natural Language Increased Click Through Rates
    16. 16. 5 Simple Takeaways to Sell More in 2014 Site Speed Mobile Optimisation Social Networks Content Strategy Customer Reviews
    17. 17. Question Time
    18. 18. Ecommerce SEO Master Class Richard Hill CEO & Founder