Challenges of Big Brand SEO and Finding the Right Partners for Success


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  • Flight Centre is the largest travel agency in Australia with over 600 stores. Escape Travel has over 100 additional stores.
  • Searchisstill the mostpopularway for users to find a website (on average)accounts for more than direct, email or social referals (for most sites).
  • Starting with search in mind – Better results when thinking of search from the start of any new web project than trying to fix things up afterwards. Can ensure good structure and design for well optimised pages that will be good for SEO and as high quality SEM landing pages.
  • Keeping up date with algorithm updates and new factors impacting search.
  • Bigger doesn’t mean better. Try to be lean and nimble with a focus on quality and user experience. Always put the user first. Google making these changes for a reason and the focus is all about quality. Generally speaking, SEO and providing great content and pages that customers will enjoy and will convert well are now all in line. Good opportunity to improve your site and be deserving of high rankings.
  • Check out Youtubevideo on Google Flights:
  • Focus is on quality, user experience and conversion. Creating a smaller, higher quality site with content that is share worthy. Still in development and will take time to roll out in phases.
  • 3 mains steps are research, select, manage
  • Check experience of agency in terms of the staff doing the work and experience with other clients.
  • Owning your Google Adwords account may not always be possible but always ensure you have full access. No reason an agency should ever insist on owning the Analytics and Webmaster accounts – just insist they use your accounts.
  • If you have any questions after reviewing this on Slidedeck – just tweet me.
  • Challenges of Big Brand SEO and Finding the Right Partners for Success

    1. 1. THE CHALLENGES OF <br />Search marketing<br />For big brands<br />& picking the right partners for success<br />Interactive Minds | Brisbane | 05 Oct2011<br />Richard Greenwood | SEO Manager | Flight Centre t: @expressseo<br />01<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    2. 2. Search Marketing<br />at flight centre<br />02<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    3. 3. Our brands<br />Our core search team manages SEO and SEM for three of Flight Centre Ltds largest retail brands. <br />Flight Centre<br />Escape travel<br />Studentflights<br />03<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    4. 4. MeetThe Search Team <br />Our search team has separate specialists for both SEO and SEM and feeds into senior management and site managers for each brand .<br />Jordan payne<br />Richard greenwood<br />DAVID TAIT<br />Online execs<br />FC: Fran Curro<br />ET: Michelle Bianchi<br />SF: Dan Shaw<br />Online Marketing Manager<br />SEO Manager<br />SEM Manager<br />04<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    5. 5. Search team roles<br />Seo manager<br /><ul><li> SEO Strategy for each brand
    6. 6. Manage relationships with SEO agencies and link builders
    7. 7. Provide input on improvements on site architecture, coding, content and design.
    8. 8. Reporting to management and other business areas
    9. 9. Help source additional linking opportunities</li></ul>Sem manager<br /><ul><li> SEM Strategy for each brand
    10. 10. Reporting to management and other business areas
    11. 11. Input on ad creative and account structure to improve QS/QI
    12. 12. Managing creation of landing pages
    13. 13. Management of budgets across a portfolio of accounts
    14. 14. Analysis of marketing activity to improve ROI
    15. 15. Manage relationship with SEM agencies</li></ul>05<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    16. 16. Setting the<br />scene<br />06<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    17. 17. Searchis not standalone<br /><ul><li>Don’t treat search as an ‘add on’ or as ‘someone else's’ job.
    18. 18. Search should be an integral part of your entire marketing mix.
    19. 19. Keep search in mind throughout the business
    20. 20. e.g. If you sponsor an event, ask for link.
    21. 21. Starting with search in mind – Better results when thinking of search from the start of any new web project than trying to fix things up afterwards.</li></ul>}<br />{<br />Search should<br />Not be an<br />afterthought<br />07<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    22. 22. Keepyourfinger on the pulse<br /><ul><li>Search constantly changing
    23. 23. What worked a few years ago might not work now – e.g. meta keywords
    24. 24. Don’t get complacent:
    25. 25. Don’t rely on outdated knowledge
    26. 26. Don’t assume others will already know . e.g. developers
    27. 27. In house experience critical to drive projects and keep your agency to task.
    28. 28. Be prepared to change the way you do things</li></ul>A few blogs to follow..<br /><br />08<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    29. 29. The changing face<br />Of Search<br />09<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    30. 30. {<br />Google panda really<br />changes The way <br />a lot of us Need to <br />approach Seo forever<br />Rand fishkin - seomoz<br />}<br />10<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    31. 31. Panda meetsflight centre<br />Impacts of Panda and preparing for further waves<br />Thin content<br />Tens of thousands of pages of thin<br />content on product pages, legacy<br />content and strategies.<br />Duplicate content<br />Content duplicatedacross brands<br />and othersuppliers.<br />Legacy site issues<br />Content on multiple systems<br />causingmessy site architecture<br />and crawl errors.<br />11<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    32. 32. Lookingahead<br />Customisedresults<br />Traditionaladsacross top and side<br />plus ten standard organicresultsbecominglesscommon.<br />Google flights<br />Huge impact on travelsector.<br />Similarthingsrolling out in other<br />competitive industries.<br />Social drivensearch<br />Social signalsinfluencingsearchresults and changing how people findwhattheywant and need.<br />Mobile search<br />Google takingintoaccount mobile<br />accessibility plus impact of apps.<br />12<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    33. 33. Life on the inside<br />13<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    34. 34. Pros and cons of big brand search<br />A big brand name and organisation lends some advantages to search marketing but also presents many challenges in keeping up with smaller, nimbler online only competitors.<br />cons<br />Pros<br />oftencompetitiveindustry<br />In house resources<br />Complexorg structure<br />Bigger budgets<br />Hard to benimble<br />expertise<br />Manyplatforms & systems<br />Brand strength<br />Conflictinginterests<br />Google Account managers<br />Legacy content<br />BUreaucratICprocesses<br />14<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    35. 35. How we’vetackledthese issues<br />And how you can too..<br />Project management <br />Knowledge sharing<br />Sharedproject management toolssuch as<br />Basecamp and JIRA for trackingtasks.<br />Twowayknowledge sharing amongother teams and to senior management.<br />Increasedresources<br />Consolidatesystems<br />Moving content awayfromlegacysystems. For example, movingmost content onto a single CMS.<br />Allocatedadditional budgets for content<br />creation, development and link building.<br />Site ownership<br />Seofrom the start<br />SEO no longer treated as an afterthought. <br />Feedback providedfrom the start for new<br />site sections and redevlopment in the works.<br />Currentlyhiring a webmaster whowillbe<br />beresponsible for site issues such as crawl<br />errorsfound in Google Webmaster Tools.<br />15<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    36. 36. Tips for Picking Your<br />NExt Search agency<br />16<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    37. 37. Picking YourSearchAgency<br />Short description of the page content<br />2<br />3<br />1<br />REsearch<br />Select<br />manage<br /><ul><li>Monitor performance of agency results and responsiveness.
    38. 38. Do they delivery what was promised?
    39. 39. Ensure transparency is maintained.
    40. 40. Don’t let yourself be forgotten once the honeymoon period ends.
    41. 41. Experience
    42. 42. Resources
    43. 43. Technology
    44. 44. Reporting
    45. 45. Inclusions
    46. 46. Transparency (it’s not magic)
    47. 47. Client Retention
    48. 48. Client Case Studies
    49. 49. Agencies own results
    50. 50. Value / ROI
    51. 51. Terms of contract - include a get out clause
    52. 52. Set expectations and service standards
    53. 53. Establish key contacts</li></ul>17<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    54. 54. A few<br />pitfalls<br />To avoid<br />18<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    55. 55. The Cookie cutter won’tcutit<br />Picking your own package is often ineffective for client and agency<br />Premium<br />Basic<br />Regular<br />5 Keywords<br />10 Keywords<br />20 Keywords<br />CompetitorAnalysis<br />2 HoursConsultancy<br />5 HoursConsultancy<br />Analytics Setup<br />Directory Submissions<br />Monthly Report<br />Monthly Report<br />Monthly Report<br />Account Manager<br />29995<br />39995<br />$<br />$<br />49995<br />$<br />mo.<br />mo.<br />mo.<br />Buy<br />Buy<br />Buy<br />19<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    56. 56. {<br />Beware <br />of SEO guarantees, <br />they are not Always <br />in your interest<br />}<br /><ul><li> No one can actually guarantee organic Google rankings
    57. 57. Can push focus onto secondary terms so agency meets terms of guarantee rather than focusing on the harder to achieve high traffic terms.</li></ul>20<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    58. 58. Stay in control<br />Make sure you own your key accounts rather than your agency to avoid being trapped<br />or losing vital data if you ever change providers.<br />examples<br />Google analyticsaccount<br />Google webmaster toolsaccount<br />Google adwordsaccount<br />Equivalents for othersearchengines<br />21<br />Search Challenges| Richard Greenwood | @expressseo| 05/10/2011<br />
    59. 59. Thank You<br />For LIstENING<br />ANY<br />Questions?<br />Slidedeckavailable via Slidesharelink via Twitter @expressseo<br /> Richard Greenwood | Follow me: @expressseo<br />