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How bad do you want it career center feb 2011
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How bad do you want it career center feb 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How Bad Do You Want It? Your Answers Will Reveal Your Commitment to a New Job Rick Ross NGP [email_address]
  • 2. Just saying you want it isn’t enough
    • I want . . . .
    • You still lack one thing . . .
    • Is your search effort like this?
    • I’m filling out applications, sending emails and attending CTSG . . . What is it that I lack?
  • 3. It’s never been this hard before
    • What’s changed?
      • Large population of lower cost workers
      • Easier to apply
      • Full-time employees have high peripheral cost
      • International alternative
      • Economy
      • Corporate fear of commitment
      • Keyword searches eliminate check list candidates
  • 4. What do we do
    • Have you considered contracting
      • W-2 or 1099
    • It’s got a beginning and an end
    • Great way to approach employers
    • Leads to FTE in many cases
    • Companies with hiring freezes often hire contractors
  • 5. Ever considered teaching?
    • What about a new career
      • - career information  - where to study  - employment resources  - financial aid information
  • 6. What about . . .
    • Maybe an interim job
    • How about other cities
    • Create a business
    • Or let’s ramp up the search with an aggressive approach
  • 7. Let’s take some real action
    • You are now self employed so you need goals
      • Physical
      • Personal
      • Business
      • Financial
      • Family
      • Spiritual
    • Are you disciplined enough?
  • 8. Do you know the Nashville Market?
    • How many companies with over 5,000 employees? How many NYSE? How many healthcare related companies in Davidson County?
    • How many Nashville based companies can you name?
    • Do you have at least 100 potential employer targets?
    • Let’s build a contact list . . .
  • 9. Quick, Easy and Free
    • An unlikely source of employer contacts – the library
    • Brentwood, Williamson County and Metro Nashville offer Reference USA
    • Detailed listings of businesses by city, business type, employees, revenue or specific company searches
  • 10. Reference USA Demo
    • www.brentwood-tn/library
    • Databases
    • Reference USA
    • US Businesses, Custom Search
    • Choose your criteria
    • Build your list
  • 11. Create a Target List Company Address City website contact/title number email comments Advocat 1621 Gallera Bwood Ray Tyler, VP Ops 615-771-7575 [email_address] lvm 1/5; call 1/14 MedSolutions 730 Cool Springs Frkln Jessica Riley sales 615-468-4001 [email_address] Surgis Inc 8 Cadillac Dr Bwood Jeff Carden, finance 615-665-3000 [email_address] lvm and sent em Lab Corp of America 1400 Donelson Nville Linda Mayer, fin 615-229-2931 [email_address] ipm 1/29 Ardent Health 1 Burton Hills Nvill neil hemphill HR 615-296-3000 Fresnius Medical 750 OHB Bwood Doug Chappell 615-345-5500 [email_address]
  • 12. Top Ten Ways to Build Your Contact Database
    • Family
    • Minister
    • Neighbors
    • Linked In
    • Professional Associations
    • References
    • Stock Brokers
    • CTSG
    • Former bosses
    • Find the Library and learn to use ReferenceUSA
  • 13. Guidelines for Success
    • Grow and refine contact list
      • 75 ‘A’ contacts
      • 150 ‘B’ contacts
    • Use LinkedIn for additional contacts
    • Set goals and hold yourself accountable
      • Physical Family
      • Business Personal
      • Financial
    • Plan your day everyday and find motivation
  • 14. What to do after you apply on-line
    • Sit and wait
    • Hope and pray
    • Take some action
      • Linked In find someone to contact
      • Call – use ReferenceUSA to get a name and number
      • Ask for feedback on your application and resume
      • Who are you going to call?
  • 15. How to deal with a recruiter
    • Understand how they work
    • Call them back
    • Understand their terms
    • How did they find you
    • Insist on bcc for client presentations
    • Don’t let them present you without your approval
    • Limit references and set the rules
    • Ask for status
    • Remind them that you are still alive
    • Remember they represent the client
  • 16. Top 10 Ways to Prepare for an Interview
    • Confirm the location
    • Ask about the dress code
    • Know who you are meeting or to ask for
    • How many meetings or how much time
    • Drive out a day early to be sure you can find the office
    • Have references, extra resume copies and a portfolio
    • Prepare notes
    • Be ready to accurately complete an application (dates are important)
    • Research the company and interviewers
    • Practice the top 10 interview questions
  • 17. Top Ten Cover Letter Rules
    • Send a cover letter
    • Use a RE:
    • Where you got the information about this job
    • Tell them why you are sending your resume
    • Bullet 4-5 specific reasons they should hire you
    • Summarize
    • Action – ‘at your earliest opportunity’
    • Meet with me so that we can discuss how I will become immediately productive
    • Keep it short and make it effective not memorable
    • Include your contact information
  • 18. Top Ten Interview Questions
    • Tell me about yourself
    • What are your strengths/weaknesses
    • How much does an iceberg weigh
    • Tell me about a time you were successful
    • Greatest accomplishment
    • Why should we hire you
    • Where do you want to be in 10 years
    • What would your previous manager tell me about you
    • What is your dream job
    • Why were you fired
  • 19. Seven Deadly Sins of Interviewing:
    • Pride: An excessive love of self
    • Sloth: Laziness, idleness and wastefulness
    • Greed: An excessive quest for money and power
    • Gluttony: The desire to consume more than you need
    • Wrath: Feelings of hatred, revenge or denial
    • Lust: The desire to do what you want, not do what you should
    • Envy: The desire for what you don't have now
  • 20. Top Ten Interview Strategies
    • Look the part
    • Be on-time
    • Do research and be prepared
    • Ask the magic question early
    • Understand the process
    • Answer the question that is asked
    • Give specific examples
    • Show enthusiasm
    • Listen
    • Close – don’t be afraid – close to a plan of action
  • 21. Top Ten Ways to Magnify your Efforts
    • Tomorrow starts every night – plan you day
    • Break your day into 2 halves – you now have 10 days/week
    • Call a friend to get you going
    • Make your first call by 7:45AM
    • Stick to a schedule
    • Use motivators
    • Take a long lunch
    • Tell your family about your schedule so they don’t apply their agenda
    • Create goals: yearly, monthly, lifetime – have someone hold you accountable
    • Reward yourself
  • 22. Top Ten Ways to Dismiss Yourself From Consideration
    • Arrogance/lack of interest
    • Jokes/Profanity/Political Statements
    • Job Upgrade attempt
    • Too much information
    • Lying on a resume
    • Slow responses
    • Alienating the recruiter
    • Using corporate resources
    • Not being prepared
    • Not qualified
  • 23. Are you Wishin’ or Wantin’ a job?
    • Let’s find out . . .
  • 24. Top Ten things when you’re Wishin:
    • You visit the Internet daily to find a job and send resumes
    • You send resumes even if you’re not exactly qualified
    • You’re talented and someone will call you
    • A recruiter will find a job for you
    • I’ll stretch my resume
    • I just want a job
    • You can’t wait for the Sunday paper because you have always found a job from classifieds.
    • “ He’s holding out for a management position”
    • Your lawn looks great and the house is clean
    • I’ve never had to network before and I always found a job
  • 25. Top Ten things you do when you are Wantin:
    • You have created a target list of at least 50 companies that would be able to use your skills, experience and talents
    • You posted your resume/attending events/out and about
    • You are not afraid to tell people that you are a free agent
    • You can state definitively what you want to do
    • You have written your goals down
    • You are tracking your progress
    • You know it’s up to you to find a job
    • You are using all of your resources
    • You could invoice for your skills/can create a job
    • You understand the reasons that employers hire
  • 26. What’s the difference between wishin’ and wantin’ ???:
    • Wishin’ eventually gets a job and usually settles for a job.
    • Wantin’ always gets a job and it’s almost always an upgrade.
  • 27. In Epitoma
    • There are jobs, there is tough competition; you will need to do things that make you uncomfortable to get to your objective
    • Don’t take rejection personally
    • Engage your family with efforts, struggles and progress
    • Get out everyday
    • Have some daily quiet time
    • Ask God for his help
    • Get rid of your anger and resentment
    • Once you have been through this and get a job, you will never fear being fired again.
    • It’s God’s time and it’s on time every time.
    • Patience, persistence and prayer!