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Various Testimonials of various Cancer.

Various Testimonials of various Cancer.



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    Testimonials Testimonials Document Transcript

    • http://www.mangosteenfruitinfo.com/
      MiscellaneousAuthor: Myrna S.Title: Radiation Cystitis caused by Prostate Cancer Treatment In 2002 my husband was diagnosed with encapsulated prostate cancer.  Because of his age, surgery was not an option, so he was treated with hormone therapy and targeted radiation.  He went to Boston, where he underwent 6 months of hormone therapy and 39 radiation treatments that ended in mid-March, 2003. Luckily, the cancer went into remission.Late in 2004, although the cancer remained in remission, he began to experience occasional bleeding from his bladder.  Doctors told him that this was a rare side effect of radiation therapy and probably would be troublesome from time to time, since radiation continues to work in the body long after treatment ends.  I became involved with Mangosteen juice at about that time, and my husband began to drink it twice a day - but only to please me.  He did not believe it would help. Lo and behold, the bleeding stopped after a few days.  Always a very physical person, Ed had done all of his own work, and we have a landscaped yards of about 2 acres.  Believing that he was okay, he began to resume strenuous outdoor activities in the spring of 2005, and the bleeding resumed.  A curtailing of physical activity and more Mangosteen juice once again stopped the bleeding.  We burn wood as our primary source of heat, and wood preparation had always been part of Ed's activities.  In midsummer, 2005, he purchased a load of approximately 8 cord of logs to be cut and split for burning.  Since the bleeding had been stopped for several months, he believed himself to be fine.  He proceeded to cut, split and stack the cord of wood in about two weeks with only about four hours of help from children and grandchildren.  The bleeding resumed - worse than ever, and not even the Mangosteen could stop it.He was rushed to the emergency room early in September in critical condition.  During the next month he underwent three surgeries, eight interventions and received more than 14 units of blood.  He contracted a staph infection and was set back yet again.  I began taking Mangosteen juice to him in the hospital, and the infection was defeated.When he was released, the bleeding had been stopped; however it resumed within days of his return home.  Mangosteen again stopped the bleeding; however, the entire lining of his bladder had been virtually destroyed, and the bleeding kept recurring, although much lesser in amount.  Ultimately he was sent for hyperbaric oxygen treatments - 20 prescribed initially, then 20 more, then 20 more, then 20 more, until he had received 80 of these treatments in the hyperbaric chamber.  That is the greatest number ever administered to one patient at that hospital.  (That represents a commitment of 2 hours in the sealed chamber per treatment every week day for 80 days!  Plus about 3 hours of travel time to and from home each day.)The bleeding did not stop, but did lessen.  Now we pushed the Mangosteen into high gear, and the bleeding lessened even more.  However, he literally could not bend over to tie his shoes, because  the bladder was so damaged that any pressure caused bleeding.  He was receiving two units of blood on an outpatient basis every two weeks when the Urologist decided to operate again in August of 2006.  He told us that removal of the bladder with the resultant bag was a vey real possibility.  By this time, my opinion was that the bladder was mostly healed, with only a few problem areas still bleeding.  Mangosteen was keeping him otherwise completely healthy, I knew, and I believed it had healed most of the bladder.At the end of the surgery, the Surgeon showed me photos of the inside of the bladder - he had found only two areas that needed repair.  He did that, and Ed was released from the hospital in three days.  Bleeding stopped.Again, by this time Ed was drinking three ounces Mangosteen juice, three times a day, and the bleeding has remained stopped since that last surgery in August of 2006.Ed resumed all of his physical activity by spring of 2007, and in September of 2007, he bought more logs.  He cut, split and stacked not eight but ten cord of wood in September of 2007.  There wasn’t any bleeding and he didn’t even get tired.  He has continued Mangosteen juice and now uses only three ounces twice a day.  He takes only two medications, both directly related to the prostate cancer, which remains in remission.  It is now late March, 2008, and he is right now outside doing yard work.ED will be 82 years old in June
      Mangosteen Juice Testimonial For Effects On Cancer # 1
      December 6, 2008 by the777group
      Cancer testimonial # 1
      Terry says that his mother in law beat cancers throughout her body, by  taking large amounts of mangosteen juice for two months and then reducing her consumption.
      In November on 2003 my mother-in-Law, Dorothy D., was diagnosed with cancer. She had had a right side mastectomy and lymph node removal in 1988 and was thought to be cancer free, but in November of 2003, a lump appeared on her neck.
      We took her to a physician who immediately had a surgeon remove the lump [as] it was found to be malignant. The previous cancer found in 1988 had reappeared and was now spreading through her body. A full body scan showed wide spread metastatic cancer in her:
      lymph nodes
      chest wall &
      which was the cause of a chronic cough that she had for several months prior to the discovery. This was in addition to the one removed from her neck.
      The first oncologist wanted to start chemotherapy immediately but my wife wanted a second opinion and we took her to Moffitt Cancer Center, world famous for cancer research and treatment. The oncologist at Moffitt reviewed the previous findings and ordered another full body scan which confirmed the original tests. He was less aggressive and suggested a different strategy.
      Since the current cancer was related to the previous breast cancer, he thought a hormone called Femara may help.
      N.B.: Femara is a prescribed drug, shown to be “is an oral non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor that has been introduced for the adjuvant treatment of hormonally-responsive breast cancer.” wikipedia: Femara
      Femara, he said, had proven effective in slowing down this type of cancer but was not a cure. He advised taking the Femara hormone for two months to see if it was able to slow the spread and that would give them knowledge as to the approach to take in her future treatment.
      She started the Femara the next day.
      Being a new (and not serious) distributor of mangosteen juice, [mangosteen juice is mostly sold via network marketing] I hadn’t taken the “folklore” of it’s effectiveness on various illnesses seriously, but now I had a reason. I began to investigate the possibilities of mangosteen juice. Interestingly enough, I found that xanthones were very effective in fighting breast cancers. Numerous studies by credible medical centers showed the same conclusions.
      I called my upline [Terry's mangosteen juice network marketing sponsor], J. H., who referred me to a lady in Canada that had knowledge of mangosteen juice effectiveness with this type of cancer. After talking to her extensively, my mother-in-law started taking one half bottle of mangosteen juice  per day for two months prior to the next doctor’s appointment when she was due for another full body scan [This is equivalent to 1/2 The 21 Day Challenge, taken for more than twice as long].
      When the oncologist arrived in the waiting area after the next scan, he had a puzzled look on his face and asked her:
      “Mrs. D., how do you feel?”
      …at which she replied:
      “Doctor I’m feeling fine, why, is there something wrong?”
      He said:
      “Well, I can’t figure this out, I’m going to have to consult with my colleagues on this, because your tests shows no tumors, none.”
      Needless to say, we were all emotional and knew what had “done the trick”. Still with some doubt as to mangosteen juice efficacy, I went online and read all about Femara and found it to be as the doctor had represented:
      “It’s not a cure, but has been shown to slow down the spread of this type cancer.”
      My mother-in-law continued to have a new scan every two months for one year and then every six months. As of this date, no tumors have appeared. She continues to take 6 oz. of mangosteen juice daily [twice the maintenance order of mangosteen juice] as a preventative measure.
      Terry D.
      Bradenton, Florida- April 2006
      Mangosteen Juice Testimonial For Effects On Lung Cancer Testimonial # 2
      January 6, 2009 by the777group
      Testimonial For Lung Cancer # 2
      Lita claims that she beat lung cancer in just under three months on mangosteen juice.
      On May 2002, I was diagnosed with lung cancer [Adenocarcinoma]. The tumor on my left lung was 5 cm in diameter, plus another 2cm engulfing my aorta. The thoracic surgeon informed my husband and [me] that surgery [was] not possible because of the location of the tumor. He said that just a prick of the needle to the aorta [could] be catastrophic.
      The radiologist also said that the fast reaction of the radiation [could] unplug the holes on the aorta, due to highly possible invasion of the tumor on the walls of the artery. The oncologist suggested chemotherapy, if I want to take the big risk. She was concerned about the effect of the chemo on the aorta, which might cause internal bleeding. She was only giving me an option because of my age (I was just 48 years old then). She said that if I was older, she wouldn’t even consider it. My oncologist presented the worst case scenario:
      without the chemo, in 15 - 18 months it would be downhill for me
      with chemo, [if] the result [was] not good, it might be the end of me in three months time
      After almost two weeks of deliberation with my family, I decided to have the chemotherapy and take my chance. I had the therapy for five months and with positive results, the radiologist took over and gave me thirty days of radiation.
      I was in remission from December 2002 to December 2003. Unfortunately, there was a re-growth of about 2cm in the location. Again, I underwent a series of chemotherapy from January to April 2004. This time, the effect of the drug was too much to bear:
      I lost all my body hair
      my fingernails and toenails
      my taste buds were gone and
      swallowing was [very] difficult
      My oncologist decided to give me a two-week break after which I was scheduled for another series of chemo with a different drug. However, with just one treatment, the tingling sensation I felt in my toes and legs returned. I explained [this] to my oncologist and she decided to stop the treatment altogether:
      [as] the therapy wasn’t helping me anymore
      it had no effect on the tumor and
      it had potential to cause more damage to my organs
      The doctor made an appointment for me to see a palliative care doctor, which I cancelled.
      I spoke with my Aunt Tess from the States about the matter. [She] begged me to try mangosteen juice. [Though] I was hesitant, she sent me the first four-bottle batch of juice anyway. I agreed to start drinking the juice on June 17, as a birthday present. Three days upon drinking the juice, 90 mls (3 oz. ) x three times a day [the maintenance order for mangosteen juice]:
      the bloated feeling I had been subjected to during treatment had disappeared
      I was able to carry out more activities around the home and
      before I realized it, I could continue walking and performing house chores for extended periods without feeling short of breath
      The quality of my life had improved. I haven’t taken any medicine/pain relievers since then. I had the progressive chest and abdomen scan on September 6. On September 7, upon seeing the oncologist, she commented on my healthy appearance. She read the results of the test, the conclusion stating:
      “Near complete resolution of the left pleural effusion. Otherwise stable features with no evidence of disease progression.”
      She displayed the films to us, explaining:
      “There is no evidence of cancer cells, only the scarring caused by radiation. Congratulations, you can now enjoy your life again! No more tests, just follow up in three months time.”
      My faith in God kept me going.
      Mangosteen Juice Helping People With Lung Cancer, Testimonials # 3 - 4
      January 29, 2009 by the777group
      Lung Cancer testimonial # 3
      My mom has been diagnosed with cancer for almost 5 years now, last December they diagnosed her with lung cancer. She had numerous tumors, both small and large.
      She started taking mangosteen in June of this year. She went in September for her regular CAT Scan and it showed a remarkable improvement. The larger tumors have seemed to shrink and some of the smaller ones have disappeared all together. I think that the Mangosteen along with the chemo treatment has been remarkable along with her strong will to keep fighting, when she was diagnosed with colon cancer 5 years ago they told her she wouldn’t live longer than 2 years and 5 years later she is still doing well.
      Michelle M.
      Lung Cancer testimonial # 4
      Mark’s mother’s testimonial is actually about her speedy recovery from post Lung Cancer surgery using mangosteen juice.
      My mother is headstrong on anything. You can’t tell her the time of day without an argument, which is exactly what I got when I introduced her to mangosteen juice. She is 65 years old and has childhood asthma, sinus issues, and she had a tumor in the roof of her mouth about the size of a dime. The tumor was checked out 5 years ago and was determined not to be cancer.
      When I finally got her to use mangosteen juice on a regular basis (3 oz. per day) [the maintenance order for mangosteen juice] she realized results within 3 weeks. Her sinuses cleared up. Her breathing was better. The most amazing thing she realized is the tumor in her mouth was shrinking. As of today it has disappeared.
      The big test was cancer. She went to the VA hospital in September of ‘05. It was determined she had a growth in her left lung that was cancer, the doctors took it out. The surgery wiped her out to the point that she could not recover fast enough to receive chemotherapy or radiation. If you go to far past the time of the surgery, chemo is useless. She was sinking after 4 months, still in the hospital. At that point I basically forced her to start taking mangosteen juice again.
      We made her do 3 oz. a day regardless of how much she did not want to. Within a month she did a huge turnaround. A month after that she was released. The doctor, needless to say, was very suprised of her recovery and even remarked about it. She is still using mangosteen juice to this day and is getting better and better….to the point she is off of her oxygen and is driving again. I attribute this to mangosteen juice.
      The information that brought me to the point of using this for her is a study done in 2002, called French’s study. Scientist in Taiwan identified a xanthone in the mangosteen fruit called the Garcinone E Xanthone. They ran this Xanthone against [several] of the leading chemotherapy treatments on the market, and it out preformed all of them [see: Xanthone Research # 24].
      I can’t give proof that this is what brought her around, but I can say that she is a believer and so am I.
      Mark T.
      Grand Island, Nebraska, USA
      Mangosteen Juice Helping People With Lung Cancer, Testimonial # 5
      February 11, 2009 by the777group
      Lung Cancer testimonial # 5
      Yvonne* provides a fairly good account of her husband’s battle with lung cancer while taking mangosteen juice.
      In May 2008, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer; could not be operated, and was given 3 months to live, we were told the treatment was very aggressive and 75% of the people died because they could not tolerate the treatment of a massive doses of chemo and radiation. He is 79 years old.
      We decided to give it a try and with lots of prayers from all over the world*, I increased the mangosteen juice to 1/2 bottle a day [that's about triple the maintenance order for mangosteen juice], I would give him 4 oz. of mangosteen juice and 6 oz. of water, 3 times a day and lots of natural juices.
      He never had the chemo side-effects of Nausea and Diarrhea and his blood counts have been good. The only problem he has had so far, is the radiation, they gave him too much.. (30 treatments) and it burned his esophagus. He stopped eating and drinking for many days, (including the mangosteen juice)…and his blood cells (white, Red and Plackets) went to almost 0. It really started to get bad and scary and was touch and go for a couple of times. When a person gets this sick they lose control of what is going on, this is when it really will depend of the caregiver to find ways to get the person to drink the juice. I have to add the [mangosteen juice network marketing company] vitamins…[was what] helped with the success of the grand finale.
      Today my husband Ruben is cancer-free, has gained about 25 pounds..just had his first hair cut, went back to teach at the college his beloved Anthropology classes and we are getting ready to go to Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving and spend Xmas in Ohio with our youngest daughter and her husband.
      I have a very detailed testimony of what went on day by day..(medications blood counts etc. etc.) * and yes; I did lots of research about everything they were giving him and about blood counts. I became an expert; the doctor and nurses at the treatment center were amazed how strong Ruben was and how good he was bouncing back and responding to the Chemo - we never told them about the mangosteen juice until the very end, the day he told us he was CANCER-FREE.
      I really wanted to save my husband. [He] wanted to live, we were ready to try anything [and] we are s-o-o-o happy we did.
      Yvonne S.
      November 19, 2008
      *It would be remiss of us not to inform you that Yvonne S. is actually reasonably well known in mangosteen juice circles. She is a truly admirable and honest woman, providing much help and encouragement to those who need info or help. Her husband, Ruben actually has another testimonial at Heart Disease testimonial # 1 and the publishers of this site congratulate him on his fight back and wish both he and his wife have long and happy lives.
      However, for those who haven’t read the testimonial clearly, in paragraph 2, Yvonne says quite clearly that her husband was already on mangosteen juice and that she increased the amount he was consuming and then ALSO gave him the mangosteen vitamins. Obviously the mangosteen that Ruben had been consuming wasn’t enough and he needed more.
      This is not a push for mangosteen juice sales. This is a warning to urge you to ALWAYS work with sympathetic doctors in monitoring your health. Please don’t EVER consider rejecting conventional Medicine as it usually provides excellent and quick diagnosis.
      Further, don’t be lulled into thinking that the maintenance order of mangosteen juice will “cure” everything. It may not! However, in working with conventional Medicine, mangosteen juice may help you live to a ripe old age. Be prudent and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
      See also: Xanthone research #24 for a documented scientific study on the effects that xanthones (the powerful super-antioxidants in mangosteen juice)  have upon killing Lung cancer cells
      Posted in Cancer - Lung Cancer | Tagged Alternative Therapies, Cancer, Cancer - Lung Cancer, Mangosteen, Natural Healing | 2 Comments
      2 Responses to “Mangosteen Juice Helping People With Lung Cancer, Testimonial # 5”
      on March 3, 2009 at 8:30 pm Carola Kirschneit
      is it possible to somehow get in contact with Yvonne S.?My mother has got lung cancer and things look bad. She has begun a chemotherapy now and we don’t know if we should give her the advice to take the mangosteen juice during this therapy. Everybody around says she should not take anything during the chemotherapy.I would be very thankful to get in contact with someone like Yvonne and her husband since they have gathered a lot of experiences drinking this juice because of cancer.
      I really hope to get an answer.Yours sincerely,Carola Kirschneit from Germany
      on March 3, 2009 at 9:40 pm James Mangosteen Dean
      Dear Carola,
      It is my privilege to provide you with a quick answer, I hope it will be of help:
      1 “Everybody around says she should not take anything during the chemotherapy.” See: Science Daily, in particular, paragraph 3 “This review demonstrates that there is no scientific support for the blanket objection to using antioxidants during chemotherapy. In addition, it also appears that these supplements may help mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy,”
      2 I am not in the position to pass on anyone’s email address. However, I can point you towards the Yahoo mangosteen juice user’s group Mangosteen Stories, where you will find mangosteen juice users and possibly even Yvonne S.
      N.B.: You will have to have a Yahoo email address to become a member.
      This is a small but very responsive group and I’m reasonably sure that you will get several answers within a few days. One very trustworthy member to look for is an English man called Peter (S., I think) and a couple of American ladies, Betty P. and Laurie. If you search through the testimonials, you may even find their email addresses and contact them directly. Do tell them that I sent you there!
      I realize that time must be of the essence but it is the best that I can do. So, I wish you (and her) good luck and please consider giving us an update on what happens with your mother.
      Mangosteen Juice Testimonials For Quick Post - Chemotherapy Recovery # 1 - 2
      December 7, 2008 by the777group
      Post - Chemotherapy testimonials # 1:
      Monica claims that she experienced no pain after chemotherapy & radiation therapy because she was on mangosteen juice.
      I am 33 years old, a wife and mother of three children, and was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after (my last) baby’s birth. I had chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiation after that.
      After the mastectomy, I was introduced to mangosteen juice by a lifelong friend and I had tremendous results. The doctors couldn’t understand why I didn’t have the pain or the burns the other women in my support group were experiencing from the radiation.
      Then I ran out of mangosteen juice and started experiencing their symptoms.
      I started back on mangosteen and the improvement was dramatic. I have increased energy and a sense of wellbeing. This allowed me to keep up with my children and all the medical treatment I was in need of. I also finished my Masters in Education during this very challenging time. Thank you.
      Monica R.
      North Tonawanda
      Post - Chemotherapy testimonials # 2:
      Eve says she made a quick recovery from chemotherapy  and radiation therapy after going on mangosteen juice.
      I had recurrent breast cancer, and I was going through my 3rd round of chemotherapy (Taxol and Carboplatin) when I was introduced to mangosteen juice back in January 2004.
      I asked my oncologist about this, and he also said not to take an excess of anti-oxidants. He said I could get all my anti-oxidants only from the “food” I eat. So, since mangosteen is a food, I took only 2 oz. a day [¾ the maintenance order] during chemo and radiation treatments.
      Once I started taking the mangosteen juice, I had no more nausea and I never got a cold or the flu which was going around at that time even though my blood counts were low. I did still experience the severe body aches and fatigue from the chemo.
      Once my therapies were over, I went to drinking 6 oz. a day [twice the maintenance order], and I have recovered nicely from both therapies & regained my blood counts within 1 month:
      I have come out of the depression I was in during this recurrence of cancer
      I had Acid Reflux & was on Prevacid for past 5 years, & now I don’t need the Prevacid
      I also had borderline high blood pressure, which is now normal
      I had Fibromyalgia, which is completely gone also
      I am a believer in drinking mangosteen juice for the rest of my life! I feel great!
      Eve H.
      Aug 2004
      Mangosteen Juice Helping People With Colon Cancer, Testimonial # 1
      December 7, 2008 by the777group
      Colon Cancer testimonial # 1
      Richard believes that large doses of mangosteen juice helped shrink his colon cancer to the size of a walnut, small enough to be cut out by surgery.
      My name is Richard O., and I want people to hear my story.
      It started in January of 2004. I went to the doctor with a painful stomach. He misdiagnosed it and gave me some pills. That was a Friday. On Monday at work, I had new symptoms, air and other stuff coming out of my penis. A call to the doctor came back with:
      “Oh, that’s not good.”
      [I made] an appointment with a second Doctor who saw me the next day. He also said:
      “Oh, that’s not good.”
      (must have gone to the same school). He did examine me and found colon cancer. He said it was bad. I took a lot of tests that day and the testers said it would take a week or so to hear from the Doctor. He called the next day and scheduled me for surgery that Sunday with the surgeon voted the best colol-rectal surgeon in Kansas City.
      After surgery, the surgeon said he could not take it out now and would schedule me for radiation and chemotherapy to try to shrink the melon-size tumor so he could try to take it out, although he did say I would probably lose my bladder and prostate.
      That’s two more doctors.
      He also hooked me up with a specialist for the urinary tract surgery.
      N.B.: The cancer had spread from the colon to the bladder, prostate, and spinal column. The doctors concluded that they dared not try to remove the tumor and cause catastrophic damage (fatal damage), they would try to shrink it first.
      The chemo and radiation came and went and the surgeon got sadder and sadder every time I saw him. He said he might not be able to take it out, as it was not shrinking.
      I checked this out on the Internet and found that I would have about a year to live. I was 54 and just met my life partner 4 years ago, (married 3 years ago) and I wasn’t willing to let that go yet. A (GOD-sent), good friend told me of a juice that might help and I went to the surgeon and asked if I could hurt the radiation or chemo and he said I couldn’t hurt them and I should try any thing and everything that I could think of as they weren’t shrinking the tumor.
      I drank a lot of mangosteen juice and 3 weeks later the Surgeon smiled and said:
      “It’s shrinking.”
      At that point I had known him for 4 months and this was the first time my wife Virginia and I saw him smile.
      Two weeks later he said it had appeared to separate from the bone, which meant he could at least remove it, even though that meant sacrificing the bladder and prostate (yes he was smiling again). That meant that I would be able to spend a lot more time with the love of my life.
      Now the surgery, (Virginia, said I would be just fine and I believed her), I slept through the whole thing but when I awoke and saw my wife grinning from ear to ear (and she has the prettiest smile), I knew it was good news but I didn’t under stand how good until I talked to the surgeon. He was like a kid with a new present at Christmas, and said:
      “This is the worst case of colo-rectal cancer I’ve ever worked on and it turned out with the best results I ever had”.
      He also said that radiation and chemo cannot shrink a tumor from melon size to that of a walnut and he also said he does not know how it peeled itself off of the bladder and prostate. The hole in the bladder was healed up and was in great shape and that did not make sense. He said once in a practice you can only hope for one of these.
      Needless to say he is now studying mangosteen juice for use in his practice.
      Richard O.
      Mangosteen Juice Helping People With Colon Cancer, Testimonial # 2
      December 25, 2008 by the777group
      Colon Cancer testimonial # 2
      Francis’ testimonial is a rare triumph for both mangosteen juice and Chattanooga’s Oncology Department. Diagnosed with serious colo-rectal cancer, Francis tried mangosteen juice but the treatment (apparently) was only partially successful. He then underwent chemo and radiation treatments with surprising results.
      I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in February of 06. It was a tumor that consumed 80% of the rectal space. I had always used natural products when anything was wrong so I wanted to find something to believe in concerning this cancer. The doctors in Chattanooga told me I would be dead by August if I didn’t start chemo and radiation right away. I refused and put the word out to find something natural.
      A friend told me about the mangosteen’s power to possibly shrink tumors. I started investigating. I saw a brochure written by Dr. Amod Tootla. My wife recognized him right away from living in Michigan where he practices. I called him and when he spoke with me he recommended the 21 day cancer challenge [see: The 21 Day Challenge]. I started right away.
      At the end of that time I had the tumor re-measured and it had not shrunk enough. I started chemo and radiation for the recommended 5 week treatment. I never experienced one single side effect to either one of those treatments! Dr. Tootla said that that was due to participating it the 21 day challenge juice. It built up my immunity to fight against the poison (chemo) and the radiation.
      The doctors in Chattanooga hoped that the tumor would shrink by 50%, but much to their surprise…. it was completely gone! Thanks to Prayer, mangosteen juice and Dr Tootla I feel better than I have felt in 10 years (I am 70).
      Francis W. M.
      Mangosteen Juice Helping People With Colon Cancer, Testimonials # 3 - 4
      January 26, 2009 by the777group Colon Cancer testimonial # 3
      Marty claims he beat colon cancer by drinking a bottle of mangosteen juice every day for 42 days!
      My colon/rectal cancer was discovered Sept. 2002. After radiation & chemotherapy, I had surgery in Jan, 2003 in which a section of my colon was removed & given a colostomy. During surgery it was found that I had 5 lesions on my liver, where the cancer had metastasized. I was told that no further surgery could be done on the liver because of the number of lesions. I was further treated with 2 types of chemotherapy to stop the growth of the cancer.
      The doctor told me that I had 6 months to live if I did not take the chemo treatments and about 18 months to live if I used the chemo. I proceeded with the chemotherapy and in August, 2003 [and meanwhile] I was introduced to mangosteen juice by a friend. I was told about the effectiveness of the xanthones in mangosteen juice to fight cancer cells and I decided to try this alternative.
      I began taking one bottle per day of mangosteen juice along with a gallon of distilled water. I did this for twenty-one days. [see: The 21 Day Challenge].
      (Coincidentally], I [had been] previously scheduled for a CAT scan about 14 days into the program. The scan showed that four of the five lesions in my liver were no longer discernable in the scan. My doctor was surprised and asked that I have a more detailed scan, using the MRI. I had this scan and the results confirmed that there was only one lesion left.
      At this point I hadn’t told the doctor about the mangosteen juice & still didn’t at that point. The doctor reminded me how I would have only about 1 in a million chance of recovering from liver cancer. He said:
      “Marty, you may be that one!”
      The doctor then suggested a PET scan. This resulted in confirming the same results As the CT and MRI. There appeared to be just the one remaining lesion, which by then had been reduced to less than one centimeter in size.
      Then I told the doctor about the mangosteen juice and gave him some literature. I continued taking the mangosteen juice for the 21 days & THEN I REPEATED the 21 day process.
      I am still drinking mangosteen juice , however, have decreased the amount to 3 - 4 oz. per day [the maintenance order for mangosteen juice]. I believe that the xanthones in mangosteen juice  (along with the power of prayer) were responsible for the disappearance of the cancerous lesions in my liver.
      I will keep taking mangosteen juice and recommending it to all others.
      Marty G.
      Apple Valley, MN
      Colon Cancer testimonial # 4
      In October 2004, Gerald believed his life was ending when his colon cancer re-appeared. He was undergoing radiation treatment when he was introduced to mangosteen juice, which he reluctantly tried. 30 days later he was feeling great and off 11 of his 12 medications.
      My name is Gerald E. H. I live in Anacortes, Washington I am a 77 year old gentlemen who never smoked a day in his life time and drank alcohol very moderately. I have had comparatively good health all my life up until November 8th, 2001 at which time I went to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, which, they said, will continue for the rest of my life.
      On April 20th, 2004 I was operated on for malignant colon cancer and had a colostomy. My surgeon said he removed 95% of the cancer and only 5% remained. That was left due to my not being physically able to endure 2 major surgeries at one time.
      I chose not to undertake radiation/chemotherapy treatment that was advised by my surgeon. I decided to go to the Hoxsey Clinic (alternative medicine therapy) in Mexico. They put me on a strict vegetarian diet with a special herbal tonic and I improved rapidly. During all this time I had no pain.
      A couple weeks prior to Nov. 8th, 04 I began to have pain in my lower rectum area. I returned to my surgeon and he found another tumor the size of a walnut. Reluctantly, I began a 7 week radiation program under the advice of my surgeon. The radiation made me sick and nauseated. I should mention that during the month of October everyone, including myself, thought my life was ending. I began to lose weight, and was in pain when I would go to my house of worship for services. I had to lay on a lounge chair I was too weak and in too much pain to sit.
      Through the concern of a dear friend in December 2004, I reluctantly started mangosteen juice. I thought to myself, “another gimmick.” At that time I was on 10 prescription drugs.
      I then started taking a mangosteen juice regimen on December 4th, 2004. [By January] I was able to stop ALL my medications except Coumadin [for Gerald's heart problem]. I stopped:
      Diltiazem HCL
      If this is not a record, I don’t know what is! Freedom from so many prescribed drugs in 30 days made me feel 10 yrs younger.
      It was during the last three weeks of my radiation therapy, that I informed my radiation doctor that I was on the mangosteen juice. He advised me to discontinue it, which I chose NOT to follow through*. I continued taking my 2 oz. of juice daily [2/3 the maintenance order for mangosteen juice] with meals along with radiation. My radiation treatments then ended Dec. 20, 04; at which time my doctor was unable to physically find any trace of cancer.
      I personally feel very positive it is all gone. Only time will tell. From the day I started taking mangosteen I immediately started feeling better. Today I feel like I could run a 10 mile marathon [N.B.: Technically, a marathon is 26 miles+ !]. I can truthfully say I feel as strong & youthful as I was 10 - 15 years ago. I can only speak for myself.
      Yvonne, my wife started taking mangosteen about 3½ weeks ago. She has:
      much more energy now
      no more Arthritis pain in her hands and fingers
      the Eczema she has had since childhood has completely cleared up.
      Every M.D. I have seen this past month cannot believe the changes in me. They say:
      “Jerry, we don’t know what you’re doing but keep it up!”
      It’s unbelievable!
      Gerald H.
      Anacortes, Washington
      January 2005
      N.B.: While we cannot condone Gerard ignoring a doctor’s directions, latest research indicates that antioxidants are actually a great help when patients are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Nevertheless, orthodox medicine frequently ignores the evidence and still discourages the practice, see Cancer.org. We consider this institutionalized ignorance, at best, negligence and at worst, murder!
      We would have suggested that Gerald find a medical doctor sympathetic to alternative medicine to oversee both his disease and his mangosteen juice regimen.
      Mangosteen Juice Helping People With Colon Cancer, Testimonials # 5
      February 7, 2009 by the777group
      Colon Cancer testimonial # 5
      This colon cancer testimonial was originally posted at Breast Cancer.org and when you read it, you may understand why we were reticent to publish it.
      However, despite reservations, we consider it important that you understand how mangosteen juice is used. In particular, what it can achieve and in terms of the Human Spirit, what it can’t.
      Hi,  just wanted to share my story about the  mangosteen juice, My father had bowel cancer in 2005 - he passed away in 2007. In his battle fighting cancer, he suffered from severe Depression in the early stages and towards the end.  His cancer had spread fast and we had little hope.  It spread all through out his body and in the last few weeks in hospital, [when] he was getting treated for his depression, we were told he would only last a few days maybe a week.
      It was then I discovered the mangosteen juice in my research [for] alternative treatment.  I took my father home and tried to get him to try The 21 Day Challenge for end-stage cancer. He had to drink 1 bottle of mangosteen juice per day with 1 gallon of water (approx. 3 1/2 litres of water) for 21 days. He couldn’t keep up with drinking the water so, he drank what he could throughout the day.
      I was so amazed that 8 months later he was at peace with himself. He put weight back on and was walking again.
      My father didn’t want to go on anymore so he stopped drinking the juice.
      To this day I believe that the juice was shrinking his tumours slowly and if he did do the 21 Day Challenge several times and continued to drink it he may have survived a lot longer.  I really believed it worked for him and I recommend The 21 Day Challenge to anyone with end-stage cancer. Its worth a try if [you] only have days or weeks to live.
      Breast Cancer.org member Dess03
      Mangosteen Juice Testimonial For Effects On Colon Cancer Testimonial # 6
      February 13, 2009 by the777group
      Colon Cancer testimonial # 6
      This is an extremely frustrating testimonial to present, in that Tanya goes into great detail about her emotional response to finding out that she had colon cancer and also that she’s been very happy with the effects of mangosteen juice. However, she doesn’t give much info about what she thinks the juice has actually done!
      Life has a way of changing itself at a moments notice. Just when you think everything is, “normal”, life throws you a curve ball. That’s exactly what happened to me this past summer. In May of 2006 life threw me a major curve ball.
      I have a great life including a wonderful family, great kids and terrific job. I’d always thought of myself as being pretty healthy. Then I was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor [see: carcinoid tumor, wikipedia]. The tumor was found inside my appendix. Shortly after my diagnosis, I was advised the tumor could have possibly spread to my colon, lymph nodes and intestines.
      I didn’t really understand everything I was being told. The one thing that stood out was the “C” word - CANCER. I was scared. I thought:
      “I’m too young to be diagnosed with this. I have a 2 year old son I need to raise. I have a great dental hygiene career I enjoy. My life isn’t meant to have curve balls!”
      The curve took another turn. My surgeon told me I had to have more surgery and have part of my colon, small intestines and lymph nodes removed to be biopsied [sic]. I would also have to see an oncologist. That’s when I began my mission to improve my health and promote rapid healing.
      Being a health-care professional, I was determined to find a natural alternative to prescription drugs and traditional medicine. I searched online for natural antioxidants and treatments for cancer. Many sites provided information regarding antioxidants contained in cranberries, carrots and many types of berries but one of the results caught my attention; MANGOSTEEN. I had never heard of this fruit before, but the information stated it contained the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit. It had over 40 xanthones in the rind of the fruit. It also helped the body combat cancer and many other diseases by fighting off the free radicals in the body which breakdown our systems. Imagine, a natural way to build our immune system allowing us to fight chronic conditions and diseases, like cancer. I thought:
      “This is definitely for me, where do I find it?”
      Ironically that’s when my father brought home a brochure entitled, “Mangosteen and Cancer”. He wanted me to read about this new juice made from the mangosteen fruit. After reading the pamphlet, I immediately wanted to try it. We bought bottles for me and my family and I’ve been sold ever since. I even became a distributor [Like Tanya, we maintain that the highest quality mangosteen juice is distributed via network marketing].
      This supplement has not only helped me, but it’s also helped my friends and family as well. My 2 year old son’s health has drastically improved. He was diagnosed with asthma as an infant. Prior to taking the mangosteen juice, he was sick on a weekly basis. Now he is healthier, happier and can breathe more easily.
      My 17 year old step daughter previously suffered from eczema and migraine headaches. Not only has her skin has shown a remarkable improvement since starting to use the mangosteen juice, but she has also seen a significant decrease in the number and severity of her migraines.
      Even my parents’ arthritis is better. And the list goes on and on. I can’t say enough good things about the mangosteen juice.
      Mangosteen Juice Testimonial For Effects On Colon Cancer Testimonial # 7
      February 24, 2009 by the777group
      Colon Cancer testimonial # 7
      Teri says that with mangosteen juice AND chemo treatments, that her colon cancer has probably been defeated.
      I want to share with you what mangosteen juice has done for me. I developed Cancer last year (2006). I had one big tumor in the colon. My cancer count was as high as 291 - I was not drinking the juice at the time of my attack because I thought I was healthy enough not to. Wrong… my [mangosteen juice network marketing sponsor] kicked it into high gear and sent me the juice for The 21 Day Challenge with the juice (that is drinking one bottle a day with 1 liters of water for 21 days).
      I had my first chemo after the challenge.
      20 days later I got my tests back and my numbers went down to 80.
      Second treatment blood count down to 10.
      I did a PET scan and they found another tumor of the same size (7 ml) on my liver. I got it removed after 6 chemo treatments they found the tumor was dead. I was drinking 6 oz. per day [twice the maintenance order of mangosteen juice] after The 21 Day Challenge and my doctor was aware of it.
      The nurse told me my CEA count [see: CEA count wikipedia] would never go past 10 ever again. My tumor shrunk from 7 ml to 3 ml in 2 treatments.
      After all 12 treatments I did my last PET/CT scan and they found another piece of tumor that was left from the last surgery. I am going to the liver specialist this week and doing a resect [Huh??]
      They tell me it is a live tumor but my CEA count is at 9 and they say my liver is very healthy. I feel great and people even say I look great (healthy) and I would have to say that the tumor is most likely dead as well. It is only 2 ml in size and that was over 3 months ago.
      I will let you know how things turn out after the new year.
      God Bless.
      Teri M.
      N.B.: Unfortunately, we have not been able to Trace Teri’s colon cancer update yet.