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A collection of screenshots and annotations that websites that I've designed in the past

A collection of screenshots and annotations that websites that I've designed in the past

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  • 1. Web Design andDevelopment PortfolioRichard Casson
  • 2. Global Link-• Information architecture: restructuring existing content and navigation to makesite more usable and accessible• Brand development: strong colours and bright imagery to emphasize ‘child-friendly’ identity• Content management: content updateable by staff through database-drivenimplementationtechnologies• HTML• CSS• PHP• SQL / MySQL• phpMyAdmin• Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady1
  • 3. Global Link Websitelayout, design and brandBright and bold design to reflectGlobal Link’s brand and identity.Redesigned layout andcategorisation of content toimprove usability.Restructure of informationarchitecture – making contentmore accessible and emphasizingGlobal Link’s focus on educationand community-based work.2
  • 4. Global Linkcontent managementPassword protectedadministrative area- staff can updatewebsite contentwithout knowledgeof HTML.Changes made inadministrativearea immediatelyreflected in otherareas of website.3
  • 5. Global Linkdatabase-driven contentMySQL database – createdusing phpMyAdmin – toprovide dynamic content.Database updateable bystaff through easy-to-useinterface within password-protected area of site.4
  • 6. Global LinkCSS for presentation and accessibilityCSS used to separatepresentation from markup,allowing for easier updatesof the site and improveddesign…… and accessibilityfor a range ofbrowsers anddevices.5
  • 7. Northwest Global Education Network- (no longer online)overview• ‘Global Education Services’ database: searchable database facility with userregistration and login.• Information architecture: restructuring previously fragmented content to makesite more usable.• Page templates: CSS/XHTML templates developed to allow website administratorto create new pages and add contenttechnologies• XHTML• CSS• PHP• SQL / MySQL• JavaScript• phpMyAdmin• Adobe Photoshop / ImageReady6
  • 8. Northwest Global Education Networklayout and designRedesigned site andincorporated existingbrand.Reordering of layoutand re-categorisationof content toimprove usabilityand emphasizeimportant content.7
  • 9. Northwest Global Education Network Websiteuser registrationRegistration section for globaleducation service providers tosubmit their organisations detailsto the database – add educationservices – added to list ofsearchable education services.User adds servicesAuto generatesregistration emails toregistered user andwebsite administrator8
  • 10. Northwest Global Education Network Websitedatabase-driven search facilitySearch facility returnsrecords from databaseaccording to userspecified keywordsand search criteria9
  • 11. Northwest Global Education Network Websitecontent managementPassword protectedadministrative areawhere administratorcan manageregistered users anddetails submitted:• Reset passwords• Removeinappropriateregistrations10