3D Printing for SMEs: Threats and Opportunities


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A summary of the threats and opportunities that the emergence of 3D printing presents SMEs, as well as some tips on how SMEs can utilize fast prototyping to create innovative new products and services open up new business opportunities.

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3D Printing for SMEs: Threats and Opportunities

  1. 1. 3D Printing for SMEs
  2. 2. Threat or Opportunity?
  3. 3. Threats • • • • Lower barriers to entry Enables potential new competitors Drives lower prices and margins Disrupts existing business
  4. 4. Limited Short-Term Impact Potential Long-Term Disruption
  5. 5. Opportunities • • • • • Enhance product design and development processes Expand existing product lines Create new value-added products and services Enhance existing customer engagement Develop new customers and business
  6. 6. New Niche Markets Exciting New Growth Opportunities
  7. 7. New Market Models Ultra Specialized Mass Market Market of 10,000 Market of One Ultra Customized
  8. 8. New Business Models Ultra Specialized Cost Leadership Differentiation Elastification Ultra Customized Move Up the Value Chain
  9. 9. 3D Printing: The Magic of Fast Prototyping
  10. 10. Fast Prototyping is the Key New Market Models Fast Prototyping New Production Models New Business Models
  11. 11. Fast Prototyping Equipment 3DSTUFFMAKER Evolution DAVID SLS-1 3D Scanner 3D printer + 3D scanner for less than NT$100,000!
  12. 12. Fast Prototyping Flow Capture Idea Create Digital 3D File Print Sample Modify & Reiterate 2 Working Days < NT$10,000* *(Estimate: Time + Materials + Printer Utilization)
  13. 13. Enhances Design Process for Final Tooling Print Samples Feedback Modification & Optimization Final Tooling
  14. 14. New Business Multiplier Effect New Markets Customer Better Final Design Customer Richer Customer Engagement Print Samples for Multiple Customers Customer Customer Customization Options Final Production Prototype(s) New Applications
  15. 15. Rapid Prototyping Applications Enhance Existing Product Lines Product Development Create New Product Lines & Services Spare Parts & Accessories Additive Business Opportunities
  16. 16. Rapid Prototyping Benefits • • • • • • • • • Minimal investment Reduced new product development costs Increased innovation and creativity Faster design cycles Closer customer engagement Expansion into new markets Greater product differentiation Creation of new value-added products and services Higher margins
  17. 17. 3D Printing: The Next Steps
  18. 18. 3D Printing Realities: Limitations Size Printing Time Quality Materials Limitations Costs Manpower
  19. 19. 3D Printing Realities: Addressable Markets Jewelry Aerospace Industrial Specialist Markets Gift Items Art and Design Personalized Markets “Maker” Toys Mainstream Markets Dental Medical
  20. 20. Prototype your 3D Printing Business! • Learn about the technology • 3D printers • 3D capture and modeling • Carry out pilot projects • Find suitable products and applications • Identify staff and partners • Engage with customers • Basic market research • Understand needs and requirements Minimal Investment Required!
  21. 21. 3D Printing Prototyping Kit 3DSTUFFMAKER Evolution DAVID SLS-1 3D Scanner 3D printer + 3D scanner for less than NT$100,000
  22. 22. Initiate Pilot Project • • • • • Product Line extension New product concept Product accessory Product spare part Promotional gift item KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid
  23. 23. Develop Partnerships: Detekt • 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment • Advanced 3D printing services and solutions • Online 3D printing ecommerce platform
  24. 24. Develop Partnerships: Voltivo • Online 3D printing service • Rapid prototyping • Rapid manufacturing • Consulting Services
  25. 25. • Oliver Fueckert, Voltivo Group Ltd. oliver@voltivo.com • 20 years in High Tech Industry with 13 years in Asia • Great Passion for emerging technologies • “Every day is a school day” • Added the “3D Manufacturing” line of business in 2012 • Automated Online 3D Printing Service • Consulting services to Small/Medium Enterprise • 3D Printing Filament Distribution Voltivo Confidential 25 Quick Introduction
  26. 26. Thank You