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Hamilton Family History
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Hamilton Family History


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My grandfather's (Freeman Lorne Hamilton) family photos and some descendants. The cousins have an annual get together.

My grandfather's (Freeman Lorne Hamilton) family photos and some descendants. The cousins have an annual get together.

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  • @tbendik1 Thanks for sharing! Some info is on
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  • @kcate I am interested!
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  • Hello Richard,
    Good slideshow, don't know if you are still responding to the comments left, but I am your 'cousin' through William Henry's daughter Edith Hamilton Struthers. I came across a Centennial book for flamborough which talks about our family (earliest settlers) and they have James purchasing land from his father-in-law Richard Forde on the 8th concession, 12th lot. I didn't find a homestead on the 10th but could that have been where James Sr. lived? Anyway, you may actually have been named after Richard Forde, cool eh?
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  • My grandfather was Ivan Hamilton, born in 1900 in Carlise and lived in the Hamilton House. He had a sister Florence and brother Cecil. I have many photos and some family history if you are interested.
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  • If you are related to anyone in this slide show please leave a comment. Also - I am on facebook - Richard B. Hamilton - in the Hamilton, Ontario network.
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  • 1. Hamilton Family Roots
  • 2. Carlisle United church is the old Methodist Church in Carlisle, East Flamborough. It is in the churchyard cemetery (to the right of the church) that a number of our extended Hamilton family members are buried. The church and cemetery are located on Centre Road at the 10 th Concession in East Flamborough (north of Waterdown).
  • 3. The Hamilton Family homestead was located in Carlisle – I think on the 10 th Concession. It was sold in 1908. It still stands, but has undergone some renovations. It is abutting the Carlisle Golf and Country Club. I suppose there is a possibility that the golf course could be on the old family farm. *note that this photo was scanned from an old “tin-type” picture.
  • 4. Richard Hamilton sold the family farm and this is a notice of the sale of farm chattels. Note the date of the sale – March 18, 1908.
  • 5. The front says “sisters” and the back tells us they are the Vollick sisters. The one on the left is Lavina Vollick Davidson and the one on the right is Amanda Vollick Van Norman. Amanda was the mother to our Minerva Ann Van Norman Hamilton.
  • 6. The notation on the front says Robert Hamilton. The problem is, which Robert? The possibilities are: Robert and Eliza Jane (Forde) Hamilton; their son Robert who married Violet?; their grandson Robert who married Florence/; or their great grandson Robert. These generations are on page 18 of our family history.
  • 7. Do you recognize these handsome gentlemen? They are the Hamilton brothers – circa 1922! From left, they are Delmer, Lorne, Ernie and Tracy.
  • 8. Willard Hamilton in 1989 standing by the Jacob Van Norman stone at the Salem Cemetery. The cemetery is located at Walker’s Line and First Sideroad in Burlington, Ontario.
  • 9. Stone Cairn at the the old Van Norman Cemetery (Mount Vernon Cemetery) in Burlington. It is located on Harvester Road near Appleby Line. It is difficult to find as it is behind an Industrial Mall across from the GO Station Parking lot.
  • 10. This is the gravestone of James Hamilton Sr. At the Carlisle Church Cemetery. He was born in 1786 and died in 1860.
  • 11. Willard Hamilton and 2 of his grandchildren (Kirk and Andrea Lewis) was taken about 1989 in the Waterdown Union Cemetery. This is the grave marker for Robert Hamilton and Eliza Jane Forde Hamilton.
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14. Tracy Hamilton and Jessie Austin Hamilton on their wedding day – October 16, 1912.
  • 15. Left to right – Jessie Hamilton, Willard Hamilton in the arms of his father Tracy Hamilton, Delmer Hamilton. Willard was born in 1913 so this would probably be in 1915.
  • 16. Here are (left to right) Tracy Hamilton, Richard Hamilton and Willard Hamilton. They are 3 generations of farmers.
  • 17. Wedding day for Willard Hamilton and Laura Marshall. With them are Jessie and Tracy Hamilton – parents of the groom. The year was 1944.
  • 18. Ruth Hamilton Boettger is holding her daughter Gwen on her lap. Murray Boettger is sitting in front. Richard Hamilton is sitting on the right and Tracy Hamilton is standing in behind. I would guess that this picture was taken later in 1946 or early summer 1947 – Gwen was born May 1946.
  • 19. Here is Tracy Hamilton by the front porch of the original farm house in Fruitland. Bill and Ruth Boettger bought this farm from Tracy and raised their family here.
  • 20. Bill Boettger, Tracy Hamilton and Ruth Hamilton Boettger. I’m not sure exactly when this picture was taken. It might have been before Bill and Ruth were married.
  • 21. Left to right – Tracy Hamilton holding Murray Boettger, Ruth Hamilton Boettger and Richard Boettger.
  • 22. Here are Tracy and Jessie Hamilton with their grandson Murray Boettger.
  • 23. I don’t recognize all of these but from left to right there is Betty MacMillan, Ruth Boettger, (could be Jessie), Tracy, Augusta, Richard, (could be Stuart MacMillan), (could be Myrtle), Ernie, Bill Boettger. Kneeling in front is Willard.
  • 24. Tracy and Jessie Hamilton.
  • 25. Tracy Hamilton with his second wife – Florence Shepherd Hamilton.
  • 26. Cousins – Donald MacMillan, Willard Hamilton, Ruth Boettger and Richard Hamilton in May 1990.
  • 27. Don MacMillan, Bill Boettger, Ruth Boettger and Marion MacMillan in 1990.
  • 28. Richard and Irene Hamilton – May 1990.
  • 29. Willard and Vera Hamilton in 1990.
  • 30. Cousins left to right – Willard Hamilton, Ruth Boettger, Howard Hamilton, Betty MacMIllan, Norene Atack, Richard Hamilton and Carman Hamilton.
  • 31. Standing left to right – Ruth, Willard, Gwen, Betty , Howard (in back), Norene, Richard, Carman. Kneeling in front – Doris, Katie, Helen, and Richard.