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Caring Theories Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Caring Theories Part 2
  • 2. Lydia Eloise Hall 1926-Feb. 27,1969
  • 3. Central theme: 3 components of nursing– core, care, and cure Core
  • 4. Caring is the nurse’sprimary function. Care(hands-on bodily care)represents nurturance andis exclusive to nursing.
  • 5. Core involves thetherapeutic use of selfand emphasizes the useof reflection.
  • 6. Cure focuses onnursing which relatesto medicalknowledge.
  • 7. Person: The patient is composed ofbody, pathology, and person. People set theirown goals and are capable of learning andgrowing. Person
  • 8. Environment:It shouldfacilitate theachievement ofthe client’spersonal goal.
  • 9. Health: Thedevelopment of amature self-identity thatassists in theconsciousselection ofactions thatfacilitate growth.
  • 10. Anne Boykin 1944- Savina Schoenhofer 1940-Nursing as Caring
  • 11. Central Theme: Nurturingpersons, living, caring and growing incaring know persons as caring person
  • 12. Two Perspectives:» Perception of Person as Caring – all persons are caring» Conception of Nursing as a Discipline and Profession
  • 13. Discipline :» Nursing is a unity of science, art and illness» Nursing is a response which involves knowing, living, and valuing all at once» Develops knowledge
  • 14. Profession:» Based on everyday human experiences and responses to one another» Uses knowledge to respond to specific human needs
  • 15. Fundamental assumptions1. Person-as-person2. Person-as-whole3. Person-as-caring
  • 16. 7 Major Assumptions1. Persons are caring by virtue of their humanness.2. Persons are fully caring, moment to moment.3. Persons are whole or complete in the moment.4. Personhood is a process of living, grounded in caring.
  • 17. 7 Major Assumptions5. Personhood is enhanced through participating in a nurturing relationship with caring others.6. Nursing is both a discipline and a profession.7. Persons are viewed complete and continuously growing in completeness.
  • 18. The Dance of Caring Persons
  • 19. The Dance of Caring PersonsRepresents lived caring between the nurse and thenursed.» The contributions of each dancer including the nursed are honored.» Dancers enter the nursing situation, visualized as a circle of caring that provides purpose and integrated function.
  • 20. The Dance of Caring Persons: Ground Rules» Move freely, touch or don’t touch; all dance in relation to each other and to the circle» Each dancer brings a special gift.» With different notes and rhythms, all harmonize in the unity of the dance and the oneness of the circle.» Personal knowing of self and others leads to respect.