Fisher BioServices - Services Overview


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Fisher BioServices - Services Overview

  1. 1. Our Services • Biorepository and Biobanking Services • Clinical Trial Specimen Management • Cell Therapy Storage and Distribution Superior Stewardship for Valuable Assets Biological materials whether research specimens, active pharmaceutical • Biological API Storage ingredients, cell lines or vaccines, require critical and specialized care. A and Distribution complete system that ensures end-to-end integrity of your materials is crucial to mitigating potential risks and avoiding damage to your valuable assets. WithOur Expertise expertise in logistics and repository services, we understand the special needs • Specimen Management involved in managing biologics for disease research and drug development. and Distribution For over 25 years we have been trusted • Kit Production and to manage biological materials for Distribution thousands of clients. Our highly trained team of experts, specialized processes, • Laboratory Services and unique capabilities ensure that we − Specimen Processing meet the expectations of every client. − Molecular Biology Services Employing strict document control via GMP-compliant SOPs and Good • Cold Chain Logistics Documentation Practices, Fisher • Documentation and QC BioServices ensures that every vial, bag, and container is cataloged and archived • Data Management for instant retrieval and efficient processing or distribution.Peace of Mind fromWorking with the Best Trusted with Millions of Samples Fisher BioServices is privileged to have been chosen to be the steward of moreEnsure that your valuable than 170 million biological samples making us the world’s largest provider ofbiological materials are safe, biorepository services. National and international health agencies, pharmaceuticalstable, and secure. and biotech companies as well as major academic research centers have given • End-to-End Seamless us the opportunity to serve their needs. Solutions with Integrated Using the same strict standards and On-Site Capabilities procedures employed in our own facilities, • The Largest Biorepository we also provide on-site management with a Global Footprint capabilities for companies that maintain in-house biorepositories or biobanks. • Best Practices Developed Over More than 25 Years You can trust Fisher BioServices, the pioneer in biorepository, biobanking and cold • Data and Specimen chain logistics services, with your valuable Tracking with a Best-in-Class assets whether your samples are housed in Inventory Management our repositories or located on your site. System
  2. 2. Material Collection SolutionsWe know how critical collection is to clinical specimen quality and theresearch outcomes you are seeking to achieve. Our sample collectionkits are designed to meet your unique needs. Having built specimenkits with simple four-tube configurations to complex kits withhundreds of components, we leverage our experience to ensureyou get exactly what you need when you need it.All collection kits are IATA-compliant and contain appropriate, fullylabeled sample collection components. You have access to yourinventory and kit configurations any time, 24/7. You can submitorders for production, track shipments, and manage your kits andclinical supplies on-line.Designing and producing the right kit is critical. We also apply ourexpertise to manage kit distribution for patient specimen collectionand the shipment of biological drugs to clinical sites. We have theexperience to handle a wide spectrum of requirements.State-of-the-Art Laboratoriesfor Superior ResultsBiospecimen processing is an integral facet of the services we deliver.Our in-house automated biospecimen processing capabilities extendour services beyond secure storage and handling and enhance thevalue we bring to you.Whether you need simple blood fractionation and aliquoting orDNA/RNA extraction and analysis, your specimens are continuouslymaintained and handled under a standard set of protocols and SOPs.Our laboratories follow current Good Laboratory Practices toensure that procedures are performed correctly and are accuratelydocumented.
  3. 3. Connect withUnmatched Options for Global CoverageCold Chain Management We can support your needs in multiple markets on a globalCold chain logistics are the bedrock of basis.biological material management and we prideourselves on being the “cold” company. With With more than 20 repositoriesextensive storage options including controlled worldwide, Fisher BioServicesambient, refrigerated, freezer, ultra-low freezer, has the largest global footprintand vapor- and liquid-phase liquid nitrogen, we of any supplier.ensure that your valuable materials are kept inthe “cold”. Our storage facilities are equipped Our offices are located inwith emergency back-up generators for total infrastructure support and are Maryland, Massachusetts,coupled with 24/7 emergency response services. California, the UK, Switzerland, and South Africa.Fisher BioServices pioneered the use of trucks equipped with liquid nitrogenfor transporting biological material such as cell banks, vaccines, stem cell Our Global Capabilitiestherapeutics and biologic API material. We can meet your most stringenttransportation requirements with a full range of options for worldwide controlled • Web Access to Materialstemperature shipping from room temperature to -196°C. and DataOur logistics skills and expertise have been tested repeatedly having been • Compliance with Localsuccessfully challenged to transport thousands of samples at a time across the Regulatory Requirementscountry or ship sensitive material at cold temperatures into some of the hottest • Cold Chain Logisticsclimates in the world, sometimes with very short notice. • Standardized Processes and ProceduresSecure and Readily AccessibleInventory Tracking System • Multiple Locations for Seamless Service SolutionsManagement of millions of samples requires a system that could only have beendeveloped by a team of experts that does it every day. Designed and built by • Qualified Person (QP) ServicesFisher BioServices, our proprietary, FDA-compliant IN-TRAK® InventoryManagement System allows us to know when, where and by whom your Responsivematerials are accessed. to Your Needs With the IN-TRAK® system, we • Our company is dedicated have the ability not only to track to understanding your and locate your samples but also to needs. record critical on-going temperature information. Using our web portal • We bring the added value and our IN-TRAK® system, you of an experienced, specially can easily order materials and trained team of professionals conveniently access data. IN-TRAK® committed to a high level of also captures laboratory sample quality. processing information and the • We can translate your most output from sample aliquoting. complex requirements into complete solutions and operational plans.
  4. 4. TransportationCollection andReceiving Processing End-to-End Seamless Secure Solutions Storage • Over 25 years of experience andDistribution • Greater than 170 million biological samples in our repositories • More than 20 biorepositories worldwide • In excess of 2,000,000 biological specimens shipped and Inventory received annually Management • Hundreds of unique specialized liquid nitrogen shipments per year • 100+ client audits every year • More than 30 million DNA/RNA specimens processedSeamless and stored SecureSolutions About Fisher BioServices Fisher BioServices is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the leader in serving science. Through this relationship, Fisher BioServices can offer you multiple solutions. Whatever your scientific pursuit, members of the Thermo Fisher Scientific family can help you achieve the best possible outcomes from your research and development programs. We are proud to have the largest portfolio of products and service solutions for scientists in the world.
  5. 5. Fisher BioServices USA 14665 Rothgeb Drive, Rockville, MD 20850 | 301.315.8460 Fisher BioServices UK Woodside | Bishop’s Stortford | Herts | CM23 5RG Fisher BioServices CH Steinbuehlweg 69 | CH - 4123 Allschwil | Switzerland©2012 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. All rights reserved. FBS 12-001 Request Information