We Create Power Kids in the WorldIt’s your Attitude that Creates the Altitude of Success in LifeWe wanted to save the live...
We organize free 3 hrs workshop on How to improve in studies" on every Saturday and Sunday ,where weteach meditation and G...
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We Create Power Kids in the World


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It’s your Attitude that Creates the Altitude of Success in Life
We want to save children from mental pollution.
The current school education system.
The tutorial business methodology.
The attitude of parents towards children to study.
How to improve your kids performance in studies.

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Transcript of "We Create Power Kids in the World"

  1. 1. We Create Power Kids in the WorldIt’s your Attitude that Creates the Altitude of Success in LifeWe wanted to save the lives of poor students in school who do not know the correct methodology of study.They get poor marks which makes them feel sadder every day. Parents dont understand the problem and treatthem badly at home, insult them, humiliate them, torture them. Life is about enjoyment .How can I make mychildren fell great every day? The poor kid has already given up on life. He feels life is boring. He has to studyfrom 7 am to night11pm.Study study and study!. Too much of anything is bad for health. The value ofeducation in the eyes of the child is lost. He feels inferior day by day. Nobody spends time to understand theroot cause of the problem. How to make studies Interesting? .How to make studies in an enjoyable format?What is that we should do to make children eagerly wait for the next class? How can I make studies in aninteresting format so that all want to display their skills of understanding and show their creativity in class?What is that I should do that make the children listen to me day after day? Teachers need to have an interestingnature. When I teach I am a stage actor? My job is to garner the attention of children in my action moment bymoment .Children remember my dialogues. They remember the funny jokes that I crack to defuse tension tomake kids laugh hilarious in class. The children are eager to come to class the next day and with rapt attentionthey listen to every line of information I down load into their system. Every child has to be taught in thelearning format of the child brain.The British People ruled our country for 200 years. Children are ruled by poor grade of teachers in school &tuitions. They dont know their rights. Teachers abuse poor students in class psychologically. There is nomotivation in school to improve you daily. To challenge your belief system that “I can study better and betterevery day in every way”. Tutorials treat only good students with respect. The rest of the kids are given Egyptiantorture psychologically. They don’t ask questions in class fearing ridicule for kids in class. What is the use ofsuch kind of classes? Parents are paying full fee but getting only half results. Ideally should pay half fees tojustify the return. Parents keep quite thinking about victimization by teachers in school and tutorials. Teacherswith negative attitude should be thrown out of the education system. They should be banned from teaching bysome rating agency from the govt. There is no independent agency that accesses the education being deliveredin school. There should be camera recording for every class in school and tuition. Teaching is a service industrywhich should have complete transparency. You are handling the future of the nation Handle with care!They aresensitive to every word you utter. Every child who refuses to go to school should be enquired. Every schoolshould have a camera in class to monitor the performance of teachers and study the behavior of kids in class bya psychologist /observer.The kids are the future treasure of the nation should be given respect.Today children get poor marks because of poor grade of teaching methodology. In olden days children weretaught in memorisable format in school. When kids remember all the 6 songs they watch in a Hindi movie. Thisshows the memory capacity is very good. They have good listening and memory skills.Every tutorial should publish their actual results online. Just showing a few kids getting good marks and nothighlighting the failures rate is not transparency.We run a Home based Tutorials run by women in Hiranandani Meadows & Edenwoods Complex. For the last 6years.We teach only 4 kids at a time like Gurukul system in ancient India giving 100% result. Quality time and effortgives quality results. We have daily Vipassana meditation and Goal visualization session to charge the beliefsystem to achieve what you want.We plan to create a home based business opportunity for any women / student who want to teach from home inevery complex in Thane/Mumbai.
  2. 2. We organize free 3 hrs workshop on How to improve in studies" on every Saturday and Sunday ,where weteach meditation and Goal visualization sessions in all complex .We have conducted in Singhania school forall the children.We take tuition at home for 55 kids who practice Vipassana meditation every day. After few months all are toppers inclass, school. Many have qualified for English and Maths Olympiad in the state and India levels.Today we want to create a school in dhamma tradition, like ancient time Gurukul Education.One teacher and 4 students inone class.We want to save children from mental pollution.The current school education system.The tutorial business methodology.The attitude of parents towards children to study.How to improve your kids performance in studies.