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Funding Happy Learning Center

  1. 1. For your information Online Application Application Entry Questions Questions 1. Entry Name 2. What is the social/environmental problem that you are trying to solve? Details Happy Learning Educational Trust Briefly, tell us why it matters. The Teaching methodology is boring and uninteresting which results in poor concentration and poor performance. At present the Parents are paying 100% fees and Teachers are not putting 100% effort to solve the core issue of poor performance from kids. This reduces the confidence and emotional IQ of kids making them under performers for life. 3. How and what are you doing to solve this problem? How do you go about doing this? Who is the customer? Talk about how you will secure the resources you need, your main activities and how you deliver the solution to your target customers. We are providing High Quality education with trained teachers in Meditation, goal visualisation and positive mind set training, making education a fun learning ,memorable experience for kids. We have a home based tuitions for 4 kids a batch with camera monitoring on laptop for kids revision. We emphasise on daily meditation and goal visualisation to maximise on the inner potential to create power kids. We monitor the quality of education imparted by the teacher daily by a quality monitoring team who reviews the video recording to give feedback to the teacher, parents and kids. We are able to spot the learning patterns of kids through the recording. 4. What's new about what you're making? How is it better/different from existing solutions? How do you know people actually want/need what you are offering? What are people currently using to meet that need? Briefly talk about your existing and potential competitors. We are a high performance premium 5 star tutorial teaching only 4 kids in a batch on Camera monitoring to improve students’ performance. We are personal performance trainers for life like olden days Gurukul
  2. 2. system. We teach meditation and Goal visualisation 5. Who exactly is your target customer and how many are there (that you can reach)? Watch Geographically, where is your impact? What is the scale you hope to reach? At present only the rich and famous and upper class people can afford our rates. We can create models for low cost budget using the recorded videos of teaching for poor class of students. 6. How will you reach these customers to sell your product/service to them? 7. If different from your target customers, have you talked to your target beneficiaries? Share some validation you have done with them on your proposed solution. In addition, share how they are involved in your business model. 8. How do you know and ensure that your venture will have the impact it intended to have? Or, how do you get users? We are training more teachers in in different areas in Mumbai and Thane to open more home based branches. We put Advertisements, stalls in social functions in the area. Referrals from satisfied customers. Organising Tech fest in the area to promote invention innovation scientific creativity in kids. We organise free meditation goal visualisation session in all complex. We have testimonials of satisfied Parents and children on video. Our referrals are huge. We have overflow of kids in our business which we cannot cater due to capacity issues. We want a home based business in our methodology in all complex in Mumbai and then India Though not compulsory, you may find it useful to use the Theory of Change ( We have powerful results from kids and parents are very satisfied with our tuitions. 9. How will or do you make money If relevant, also briefly outline how you will acquire capital to start up. ? We will make 15% of profit .We are going to have Teachers network where the first 2 levels get 5% each of the profits like MLM. This will ensure the Teachers learn how to master conducting the business and then share their business knowledge and skills for 5 % profit for the in numerous business network of teachers they create .Life is all about sharing good things. 10. Convince us that your team will be able to execute your business (idea) well. You may not have all the necessary skills needed in your team now. Identify the gaps and share how you plan to overcome them. If relevant, you can share about expertise/resources that partners will bring. If not an existing partner, please be realistic as to who would find value in partnering with you. We have taken consultancy from Franchise India to ensure business continuity and stability where every branch will live the brand of Quality education to bring True education back to India.
  3. 3. 11. The URL for your 3-minute pitch video. (strictly less than 3-minutes) Some questions that your video should answer are: a. What problem do you want solve? b. Who has this problem? c. How big is this problem? d. How will you tackle this problem and how is your solution better than what already exists? e. Show us that the team has what it takes to execute this idea. You may illustrate the solution or show your prototype (if any). 12. Is this an idea, or is it an existing venture? Please record and upload your video to Youtube or youku using yourwebcam, check out If company, please answer question below. We have registered as Trust for women empowerment in 2013 andhave been running the tutorial from 2006. 13. If applicable: How much funding have you raised? What are your annual profits? Funding raised includes paid-up capital, grants, loans, investment from Venture capitalists, private investors, governmental or industry sourcesand other forms of funding. We have spent more than 10 lacs. We make one lac per teacher profit per month. 14. Summarise your business (idea) in 100 words. We create inventive innovative scientific power kids. We want to make education a fun learning memorable experience.