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The Anatomy of Temptations

The Anatomy of Temptations






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    The Anatomy of Temptations The Anatomy of Temptations Presentation Transcript

    • The Anatomy of Temptations “How to Deal with Temptations”
    • Jesus is Tempted in the DesertLuke 4:1-13
    • Do devils exist? The bible is veryclear in the existence of devils.
    • Even if we do not believe in devils, the truthremains that devils exist.The more we do not believe in theexistence of devils, the easier it is for the devil to enter our lives.
    • Mas madaling mahulog sabitag kung hindi mo alam na may bitag.
    • Pahayag 12:7-9•Saan ba nanggaling ang demonio?
    • Demonio > “Fallen Angels” “Si Satanas man ay maaaring magkunwaring anghel ng kaliwanagan.” (2 Cor 11:14)
    • Temptations areTrials/Tests to our Faith Job 1:6-12
    • The devil can only tempt us.We are still the oneto make the choice.
    • Devil possession?The devil cannot force itself upon us.Only if we open our lives to the devil.
    • Romans 8:31“If God is for us, who can be against us?”
    • Temptations can only come from the devil. God allows us “to be tested” so that our faith will be purified and strengthened.
    • 1 Pedro 1:6-7“Ang ginto, na nasisira, aypinararaan sa apoy upang malamankung talagang dalisay. Gayon dinnaman, ang inyongpananampalataya, na higit kaysaginto, ay pinararaan sa pagsubokupang malaman kung talagangtapat.”
    • In our gospel, the Holy Spiritbrought Jesus to the desert to be tempted. The Holy Spirit is with Him.
    • God will not allow us to betested beyond our strength. 1 Corinto 10:13
    • “Where temptationsabound, the grace of God abounds all the more.” (Romans 5:20) (1 Corinto 10:13)
    • How do we deal with temptations?
    • 1 st Defense: Be aware of thepresence of the devil.Know how the devil operates.
    • The devil is theMaster of Disguise. He is thePrince of Deception.
    • True Image of a Tempter?
    • 2 Corinto 11:14 “Even Satan disguises himselfas an angel of light.”
    • Mag-ingat!Hindi lahat ng maganda at mabuti sa paningin ay mula sa Diyos.“You can tell a tree by its fruit.” (Matthew 12:33)
    • The devil always appeals to (1) human logic, & (2) human senses. Madali, masarap at maginhawa
    • 2 nd Defense:Know the will of the Lord. Read the Bible. Learn the Teachings of the Church.
    • According to St. Jerome…“Ignorance of the HolyScripture is ignorance ofChrist.”
    • The greatest tragedy of Christians today… Religious Illiteracy or Ignorance of Faith
    • Beware!The Bible is not a “self- explanatory” book.The devil can even mislead you in understanding the Bible.We need to study the Bible guided by the Teachings of the Church (Apostolic Tradition).
    • Know theTen Commandments Know theCommandments of the Catholic Church
    • Jesus Christ is aGod of Relationships.We should establish apersonal relationship with Jesus.
    • Three things we should pray.“To know the Lord more clearly; to love Him more dearly; to follow Him more nearly, day by day.”
    • 3rd Defense: Know Your OwnHuman WeaknessesThe enemy, the devilwill always attack you in your weakness.
    • 1 Pedro 5:8-9“Humanda kayo at magbantay.Ang diyablo ng kaaway ninyo ayparang leon na umaatungal ataali-aligid na humahanap ngmasisila. Labanan ninyo siya atmagpakatatag kayo sa inyongpananalig sa Diyos.”
    • Isuot Ninyo ang Baluting Kaloob ng Diyos Efeso 6:10-18
    • Ang Baluti ng Diyos1. Bigkis > Katotohanan2. Takip sa Dibdib > Pagkamatuwid3. Panyapak > Pakikipagkasundo sa Diyos4. Kalasag > Pananalig kay Kristo5. Helmet > Kaligtasan6. Tabak > Salita ng Diyos
    • 4thDefense:Strengthen Your Will PowerThe Power to Say No to Sin.
    • Ayon kay Pablo (Roma 8:13)“Mamamatay kayo kungnamumuhay kayo salaman, ngunit kung pinapatayninyo sa pamamagitan ngEspiritu Santo ang mga gawa nglaman, mabubuhay kayo.”
    • Susupilin anghilig ng katawan Mag-ayuno (Fasting)
    • Self-Denial / Fasting Strengthen yourwill to say no to your body cravings.
    • 5th Defense: Prayer In the face oftemptation, pray!
    • When faced with temptations… Remember:The Holy Spirit is with you! Pray!
    • Matthew 26:40-41“So, you could not stay awakewith me even for one hour?Be on guard and pray thatyou may not undergo the test.The spirit is willing but theflesh is weak.”
    • Mark 9:28-29“When Jesus arrived at thehouse, his disciples began to askhim privately, ‘Why is it that wecould not expel the demon?’ Hetold them, ‘This kind you candrive out only by prayer.’”