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Talk no. 3, Call to Servanthood
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Talk no. 3, Call to Servanthood


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Talk No. 3Call to Servanthood
  • 2. John 13:2-16You Should WashOne Another’s Feet
  • 3. It was the last supper of Jesus with his disciples, the night before his death on the cross. It was during this final moment when Jesus gave his disciples the summary and the core of all his teachings.
  • 4. Jesus came to serve and not to be served. Anyone who wishes to follow Jesus should also be a servant.
  • 5. In the olden days, servants were like commodities you can buy in the market for the price of a pair of sandals. The life of the servant depends completely on his master. He is owned by his master. He has no rights at all. The life of a servant is to serve his master.
  • 6. Washing the master’s feet is the work of a servant. Washing feet during those days is not the same as the “foot spa” today. Today, we wear sacks and shoes. Feet are usually clean.
  • 7. In the olden days, people only wear sandals as footwear. They had no vehicles, so they just walk. Roads were usually dusty. Feet are the dirtiest part of the body.
  • 8. The dirty feet is the symbol of our sinful life. Jesus came to make us clean. He came to wash our sinful hearts.
  • 9. Jesus showed his disciples how they should serve one another. Jesus commanded his disciples to follow his examples, they should wash one another’s feet. Anyone who wishes to follow Jesus should imitate Jesus. The slave cannot be greater than his Master.
  • 10. To wash a person’s feet, youneed to kneel and to bow down.  To be a servant is to bow down down.  To be a servant is to be humble.
  • 11. Humility & Obedience are the qualities of a good servant. Without humility, obedience will be very difficult. A proud person thinks highly of himself. He will always question the authority. To be a servant requires total trust and obedience to your master.
  • 12. Story of Humility & Obedience Naaman, the Leprous General [2 King 5:1-15] Peter had a big catch [Luke 5:1-11]
  • 13. We are leaders in our community. The Lord is calling us to become servants.
  • 14. For Reflection: What does “washing of the feet” mean to me concretely in my Ministry? Whose feet am I supposed to wash?