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Talk no. 2, Call to Discipleship
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Talk no. 2, Call to Discipleship






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Talk no. 2, Call to Discipleship Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Talk No. 2Call To Discipleship
  • 2. Matthew 11:28-30Take My Yoke,Learn From Me
  • 3. Discipleship is a relationship between a student and his teacher.• To be a disciple, you need a Teacher.• Discipleship is a process of learning from the Teacher.
  • 4. Two things a disciple should know:1 To listen attentively st:2 To follow closely nd:
  • 5. Attentive Listening [Not Selective Listening]• Not all who can hear can listen.• Listening is a gift.• Listening is a sign of humility. Only humble people can listen to others.• Proud people listen only to himself.
  • 6. We are formed and shaped bythe words we hear everyday.• To reflect the image of God, we should always listen to the Word of God.
  • 7. St. Paul said, “Faith comes from hearing.”• We received the faith in God only because somebody told us about God. We heard about God.• Our faith becomes strong and mature only by our constant listening to the Word of God.
  • 8. We listen, not only with our ears, but with our whole person.• Communication is both verbal and non-verbal.• To listen is to pay attention.• Listening is “self-giving.”
  • 9. Gift of Listening• A grace we need to ask God, “Lord, teach us to listen.”
  • 10. Listen to God speaking to us…• In the Words of the Holy Scriptures.• In the teachings of the Church.• In the silence of our hearts during our prayer.• Thru our daily experiences.• Thru people we meet everyday.
  • 11. Discipleship is spending time in listening and learning from the Teacher.• To things we consider important, we always find time; but to things not important, we always find excuses.
  • 12. The Lord’s invitation to us is “Learn from me!”• The disciples of Jesus went thru 3 years of formation-training before they were sent as Apostles.• In the parish, discipleship happens in the context of formation seminars and workshop-trainings.
  • 13. Personal Reflections• Do I see myself as a disciple of the Lord? How?• Do I spend time listening and learning from the Lord? How?