Called to be a Eucharistic Community


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Called to be a Eucharistic Community

  1. 1. Called to be aEucharistic Community
  2. 2. What is the difference between prayer & worship?Prayer Worship– Anyplace, anywhere – In a consecrated– Alone or with others place– For personal – Community activity intentions – To glorify God – We offer a living sacrifice
  3. 3. It is very important that we know the difference between prayer and worship.Sunday Mass is not just to pray alone,anywhere, but to worship God with thePeople of God.Sunday Mass is to offer a living sacrifice:Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. Jesus isthe presider and also the Living Sacrificebeing offered.In Sunday Mass, we also offer ourselves toGod in exchange for Jesus who offeredhimself to save us from our sins.
  4. 4. What does it mean to be a community?What is the differencebetween a community and acrowd?
  5. 5. What does it mean to live a Eucharistic Life?To live like the Bread of theEucharist is to become bread,willing to be broken and beshared.
  6. 6. We become what we eat.As Christians, are we living likebread for others?Like the bread, do we live a lifewilling to be broken and be sharedfor others.
  7. 7. A Eucharistic Community is a loving, caring, sharing community.There is no room forselfishness in a EucharisticCommunity.
  8. 8. This is our problem in the Philippines.We are a Christian country but weare not living a Eucharisticcommunity.There is so much corruption in thegovernment and private sector.Corruption is greed and selfishness.
  9. 9. Religiosity is different from spirituality.A person can be very religious butnot necessarily spiritual.Spirituality is living in the life of theHoly Spirit.
  10. 10. Called to Holiness: Lay SpiritualityUniversal Call to HolinessOnly God is HolyWithout God, no one can be holy.We can only be holy if we have God inour life.And to accept God is to turn awayfrom sin.We cannot serve God and stay in sin.
  11. 11. What is Lay Spirituality?To live in the Spirit as lay persons.To sanctify the family, theneighborhood and the workplace.As lay, your church is your family,your neighborhood and yourworkplace, where you are beingformed and transformed.
  12. 12. Lay spirituality is not only a life of doing but a life of being.Living in the Spirit is to live alife of love because God islove.
  13. 13. John 21:15-19Three time, Jesus asked, “Peter,do you love me?”Three time, Peter answered, “Yes,Lord, I love you.”To love as Jesus loves is the loveof a person willing to offer his lifefor his friends.What kind of love do we give toJesus?
  14. 14. What kind of love do we have for Jesus?In Greek, they have 3 kinds of love: Filial – love for family & friends Eros – passionate love for a spouse Agape – unconditional love; loving estrangers and even our enemies.
  15. 15. John 13:31-35“I give you a newcommandment: Love oneanother as I have loved you.”
  16. 16. Love is the summary of the commandments of God.The Greatest Commandment:“Love the Lord, your God, withall your heart, with all you soul,with all your mind, and with allyour strength. And love yourneighbor as yourself.”
  17. 17. Love is the coremessage of theHoly Scriptures.The Holy Scripture is the storyof God’s love for his people.It is the story of how God wentout of his way to show his lovefor his people.
  18. 18. God is love.The Kingdom of God is theKingdom of Love.To love God is to knowGod.
  19. 19. You cannot know God and not love. [1 John 4:8]If you say you love God andyet you do not know how tolove, you are a liar. [1 John4:19-21]
  20. 20. The love of God is…Not just a love based onfeelings, but a committed love.Feelings are passing andmomentary. Feelings will passaway. Feelings do not last.A committed love is a love thatendures.
  21. 21. God’s universal call tohumanity is the call to love.We have one common vocation: to love.God loved us first.To love in return is the only wayto respond to the love of God.
  22. 22. Love is our way to holiness.It is love that will make us wholeand perfect in the eyes of God.Perfect love is loving not only thepeople who are good to us, butloving even our enemies andpersecutors.
  23. 23. Love is not the same as like.You do not have to like aperson to love him.You can love a person even ifyou do not like him.To love is a decision.This is mature love.
  24. 24. “Love one another as I have loved you.”To love with the love of Jesus: alove willing to give up evenone’s life for a friend.A love that dies to oneself:“selfless love.”
  25. 25. The love of Jesus is“unconditional” & “unmerited.”Jesus Christ loved even thepublic sinners and socialoutcasts.Example: The Story of theGood Samaritan
  26. 26. Luke 6:32-33“If you love only the people wholove you, why should you receivea blessing? Even sinners lovethose who love them. And if youdo good only to those who aregood to you, why should youreceive a blessing? Even sinnersdo that.”
  27. 27. Luke 6:27-36Love for Enemies: – Do good to those who hate you. – Bless those who curse you. – Pray for those who mistreat you.Do good without expecting areturn.Do not close your heart to yourenemies.
  28. 28. Matthew 5:23-24Reconciliation before Communion“If you are about to offer your gift toGod at the altar and there youremember that your brother hassomething against you, leave your giftthere in front of the altar, go at onceand make peace with your brother, andthen come back and offer your gift toGod.”
  29. 29. Matthew 18:15-17Fraternal Correction: If your brother sins against you…1st step: Go to him and show him his fault, but do it in private.2nd step: If he will not listen to you, take one or two other persons with you so that every accusation may be upheld by the testimony of two or more witnesses.
  30. 30. Fraternal Correction3rd step: If he will not listen to them, tell the whole thing to the Church.4th step: If he will not listen to the Church, treat him as a pagan or tax collector.
  31. 31. Acts 2:42-47 Eucharistic CommunityThey spend their time together…– Learning from the Apostles.– Taking part in fellowships.– Sharing in meal.– Praying together.
  32. 32. A community is about relationships. Although we try to love all members equally, we can never be equally intimate to all. There will always be different levels of intimacy in a community. Among his Twelve Apostles, Jesus is closer to Peter, James and John. Among the three, Jesus is closest to John.
  33. 33. Dynamics of Human RelationshipBirds of the same feather flock together.– Same gender or sexual orientation.– Same age group.– Same economic status.– Same region, or race, or color, or language spoken.– Same interests.
  34. 34. 1 Corinthians 12:4-7“There are different kinds of spiritual giftsbut the same Spirit gives them. Thereare different ways of serving but thesame Lord is served. There are differentabilities to perform service but the sameGod gives ability to all for their particularservice. The Spirit’s presence is shown insome way in each person for the good ofall.”
  35. 35. Every person is a unique gift of God. Like gifts, we come with wrappers. Wrappers are not the gifts. The gift is inside the wrapper. We need to remove the wrapper to see the gift. Do not reject the gift because you do not life the wrapper.
  36. 36. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3“I may be able to speak the languages ofhuman beings and even of angels, but if Ihave no love, my speech is no more than anoisy gong or a clanging bell. I may havethe gift of inspired preaching, I may haveall the knowledge and understand all thesecrets, I may have all the faith needed tomove mountains – but if I have no love, Iam nothing. I may give up everything Ihave, and even give up my body to beburned, but if I have no love, this does meno good.”
  37. 37. In serving the Church…We can learn the work easily.The more challenging part is how wewill relate with others – how we loveone another.Human relationship is the harderpart.But it is how we relate with eachother that will make us holy and willplease God.
  38. 38. Called To Be A Community of DisciplesLike the day of the Pentecost, withthe coming of the Spirit, the walls ofdivision and differences were brokenand the disciples became one heartand one soul.They became a Community ofDisciples, a loving, caring andsharing community.
  39. 39. How do we make this“community of disciples” a reality in our parish?