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Manufacturers Into Marketers



With consumer focus on value and customers wanting to drive differentiation, there has never been a bigger opportunity for private label brands. But with opportunity comes new expectations most ...

With consumer focus on value and customers wanting to drive differentiation, there has never been a bigger opportunity for private label brands. But with opportunity comes new expectations most private label manufacturers have never faced. Demand for insights, true innovation, first to market product ideas and category leadership from private label manufacturers.



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Manufacturers Into Marketers Manufacturers Into Marketers Presentation Transcript

  • INTO Manufacturers Marketers 2
  • Need To Identify What Is Keeping You Up At Night And Overcome 3
  • Marketers say they 74% need to develop more compelling and fact- based customer sell-in presentations Source: Barkley FMS Survey 4
  • Marketers say they 82% need to better understand consumer insights and needs Source: Barkley FMS Survey 5
  • Marketers say they need 86% to better define their positioning to create a more unique and compelling proposition Source: Barkley FMS Survey 6
  • First, How To Overcome The Reactions To Today’s Category & Product Reviews 7
  • Companies Must Provide More... Rationalization Justification For Every Recommendation 8
  • Second, Re-define Your Private Label Strategy In Today’s Terms
  • It Was Easier When Private Label Stood For... Cheap Crap Copy Cat Crap 10
  • These Brands Are Building Trust & Confidence WITH THEIR PRIVATE LABEL!!!!! 11
  • Consumers Are NOTICING More Private Label On Self Acceptable Quality Superior Savings 12
  • Buyers Are NOTICING Greater Loyalty Greater Profits 13
  • Private Label Buyers Want To Be FIRST with innovation 14
  • ‣ STAKE your claim ‣ FIND your soul mates Barkley’s belief: ‣ Be DISRUPTIVE ‣ CELEBRATE Resourcefulness 15
  • Stake Your Claim ‣ Identifies where to focus resources ‣ Customers ‣ Product segments ‣ Marketplace overview 16
  • Cannot Determine Where To Go Unless You Know Where You Need You Are To Be Here You Are Here 17
  • 1. Conduct A Customer Analysis ‣ Plot key customer metrics to prioritize customer opportunities. ‣ Goal is to identify 4 customer clusters: ‣ Tier 1: Strategic investment - forward thinking; dedicated customer teams; proprietary solutions and innovation ‣ Tier 2: Focused growth - sales force invests time vs customer teams; service oriented; tool box to solutions and innovation ‣ Tier 3: Manage for profit - maintenance service to maintain sales 100 Customer 1 Customer IV 80 Customer B Customer 3 Customer I Customer III Customer A 60 Customer 2 Growth Customer C 40 Customer II Customer 4 20 Customer V 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Sales
  • 2. Conduct A Portfolio Analysis ‣ Plot key customer metrics to prioritize your product segments within your portfolio. ‣ Goal is to identify where to invest resources vs where to manage for profits Maintain Position Aggressive Growth 100 Product Product Segment 1 Segment IV 80 Product Product Segment B Segment 3 Product Product Product Segment I Segment A Segment III 60 Product Brand Attractiveness Segment 2 Product 40 Segment C Product Product Segment II Segment 4 20 Product Segment V Assess Potential Minimize Support (Change the Game) 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Category Attractiveness
  • 3. Develop A Perceptual Map Attribute Attribute ‣ Plot the brands within each product segment with the attributes they own. Brand A Attribute Brand C Attribute ‣ Identify opportunities within each product segment for growth. ‣ Allows you to have frank conversations Attribute with customers on what brands have the strength to be in the set. Brand B Attribute Brand D Attribute Your Brand Attribute
  • Find Your Soul Mate ‣ Identify the consumer segments within the category ‣ Attitudinal beliefs ‣ Product segment usage ‣ Brand usage ‣ Consumption dollars and lbs. 21
  • Important Emotional Elements Important Functional Elements Overview   Description of consumer segment             Important Characteristics     Occasion Characteristics Product segment usage  B  Beta All Others Gap   Prod Seg #1 6% Prod Seg #2 2% Demographics All Prod Seg #3 Beta Others Gap A 2% Average Age: Prod Seg #4 0% Female: Prod Seg #5 Household Income: -8% Have Children: Work Part-time Ethnicity:
  • Map Ownership Of Consumer Segments By Product Segment And Brand Consumer Segment Consumer Segment Consumer Segment Product Segment Competitor Y Competitor X Product Segment Product Your Segment Brand Competitor Y Product Segment 23
  • Provides... ‣ Consumer segments ‣ Consumer need states ‣ Product segment usage by segment and need state ‣ Brand/product usage by segment and need state ‣ Size of price by segment and need state ‣ Brand perceptual maps for each product segment ‣ Factors motivating purchase by product segment ‣ Etc. 24
  • Be Disruptive ‣ Insights drive true break through solutions with customers and consumers 25
  • Consumer Data Allows You To Write A Clear & Focused 3-Year Brand Strategy 26
  • Ultimately Allowing Your Company To... 27
  • 1. Become A Category Expert 28
  • Re-Define Your Role With Customers Category Expert ‣ Knowledge of facts and data for: ‣ Brand ‣ Category ‣ Competition ‣ Customers ‣ The Customers Competition Fact Based Selling ‣ Able to gather data and facts to review and make recommendations Relationship Selling ‣ Close ties to individual(s) and your Brand that helps you get things done 29
  • Re-Define Your Role With Customers Category Captain ‣ Everything in Category Consultant and… ‣ Partnership with Customer on Category Decisions ‣ Plan-o-Gram Leadership Category Consultant ‣ Able to find ‘INSIGHTS’ and Communicate with Compelling Selling Stories ‣ Play Teacher/Mentor/Expert Role with Customer
  • Category Definition Process Step 4: Develop the category structure with shopper insight Step 3: Determine the consumer purchase hierarchy Step 2: Determine the products that meet the consumer need Step 1: Determine consumer needs for the category
  • More Trusted Voice Since You Have the Customers Best Interest At Heart 32
  • Translate Insights Into Dynamic Selling Stories 33
  • 2. Guides Your Product Portfolio 34
  • Identifies A Product Hierarchy Differentiation What makes it different? (Limits price sensivtivity) Relevance Why should the consumer care? (Benefits to particular users) FTLQ Why should the consumer believe? (Familararity, Trust, Leadership, Quality) 35
  • 3. Drive NPD 36
  • Disciplined NPD Process ‣ Build upon an understanding of the: ‣ Consumer segment insights ‣ Consumer need sate ‣ Size of prize opportunity Identify Filter & Commercialization Facilitate Validate Business Refine Of Ideation Concepts Opportunities Concepts Concept 37
  • BrainGame NPD Ideation Workshop 38
  • Celebrate Resourcefulness ‣ More focused investment dollars. ‣ Work more efficiently and effectively. ‣ Extend your impact beyond your budget. 39
  • ‣ STAKE your claim ‣ FIND your soul mates Barkley’s belief: ‣ Be DISRUPTIVE ‣ CELEBRATE Resourcefulness 40