5352 website evaluation on educator preparation and development


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5352 Evaluation

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5352 website evaluation on educator preparation and development

  1. 1. Website Evaluation on Educator Preparation and DevelopmentThe web site I chose to evaluate was http://techappsnetwork.org/. The name of the web pageis Technology Applications Teacher Network. The site is developed by various EducationCenters and the Texas Education Agency. This particular web site allows educators to log onand have unlimited access to model lesson plans developed by teachers. This will allowteachers to use the lesson plan which integrates technology into it as well as being able to useor structure the plans to fit their own lessons. The site provides a resource center,professional development resources, discussion boards, technology events and more valuableinformation at just a click of a button. It teaches technology applications geared for the 21stCentury learning such as digital graphics, desktop, web related information, multimedia andmore.With our school showing a lower score on the Key Area II: Educator Preparation andDevelopment from the Texas Campus STaR Chart, this web site clearly would prove to be apositive attribute to our staff. It has a discussion board that teachers can communicate withothers concerning lesson plans and ideas they might have for new ways of integratingtechnology so the teachers can be more prepared for the 21st Century learners. There is evena professional development page to acquire information about how to use more computertools to integrate technology into your plans.As for anything negative about the website, I would say that I just have not had enough timeto go through the entire site to be able to enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer. It is filledwith great information on integrating technology into your classroom. There are many likemyself that do not understand this new technology, but know that it will be helpful in thelong run.The value of this web site to the 21st Century learners and the Texas Long Range Plan ispriceless. That is right, priceless. No money to spend, just log in and enjoy the service itprovides to teachers. If you just look at who developed the site (TEA and ESC), you knowthat it will directly relate to the Long Range Plan for technology in the classroom.I encourage all other educators and administration to search through the web site to see whatall it offers to you. You will find that logging in is very simple. Using the menu to the lefthand of the screen is very easy to navigate. It allows you to maneuver through the web sitewith ease. With the classroom lesson plans, teachers will have access at their finger tips tosearch through copious amounts of lesson plans that can be utilized in their classroom today.As for administrators that want to gain an extra edge with providing other types ofinformation to the technology personnel for in-services, there is a wide variety of informationon integrating technology into the classroom via the professional development resources
  2. 2. page. There are three areas that the resources address: "1) instructional practices for teachingthe high school technology applications course, 2) strategies for integrating technology intocore content areas (math, science, social studies, and language arts), 3) teaching thetechnology applications TEKS in the K-8 curriculum."http://www.techappsnetwork.org/profdev/default.aspx, Professional development resourcespage.If you have not visited this web site before, I encourage you to give it a look. I have beenteaching in my current school now for six years and not once have I been told of or heard ofthis web site. This is one of the most beneficial web sites that an educator could use to helpintegrate technology into their classroom. Now that I know about it, I plan on introducing itto my fellow colleagues.