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Radar Powerpoint


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This is a presentation based on a research paper I have written on RADAR.

This is a presentation based on a research paper I have written on RADAR.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. RADAR
    Ryan Rice
    TED 111
  • 2. History
    Bats use a basic form of radar
    They send sound waves that reflect off of an object just as electric radar systems do
  • 3. History
    The first form of radar created by humans was the telemobiloscope
    It was mainly used to detect ships to avoid collisions
  • 4. History
    Radar was kept fairly secret during World War II
    Following the war, it was published that the United States used radar to measure the distance to the moon
    It was later discovered that Hungary had done this two years earlier than the U.S.
  • 5. Uses in Society
    A common use of radar is in forecasting the daily weather
    For example, they use radar to reflect off of moisture in the air to predict precipitation
  • 6. Uses in Society
    Airplanes use radar to avoid collisions and to coordinate landings
    Operators visually watch the radar outputs and relay the information to pilots
  • 7. Uses in Society
    Police officers use radar to detect people who drive over the speed limit
    Their radar units are compact for easy portability and fast, accurate use
  • 8. Uses in Society
    Ground mapping radar is often used in construction settings
    They drag the unit across the ground to determine if there are any objects or unstable soil where they plan on building
  • 9. Uses in Society
    The military use radar to detect enemy artillery as well as their own machinery
    They can show where their vehicles and soldiers are in relation to enemy machines
  • 10. Future
    The US Military is currently using groundbreaking radar
    This radar allows soldiers to see objects and people through walls
  • 11. Future
    New radar in Germany is due in 2012 for ground and low altitude detection
    Supposed to have unmatched precision
    The application can potentially be branched to border surveillance
  • 12. End
    Technology will continue to grow, and radar will advance with it
    Growth of radar technologies will be accompanied by a wider variety of applications
    Radar in the future will most likely be as common as cell phone applications are today