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This is-botswana-2013-14

  1. 1. This is botswana 2013-14 Hospitality & Tourism Association of Botswana
  2. 2. This is Botswana CONTENTS GENERAL 3 4 This is Botswana is published by: Land & Marine Publications Ltd 1 Kings Court, Newcomen Way Severalls Business Park, Colchester Essex, CO4 9RA, UK Tel: +44 (0)1206 752902 Fax: +44 (0)1206 842958 E-mail: Africa Office: Suite A5, 1st Floor, Ojijo Plaza 20 Plums Lane, off Ojijo Road, Parklands PO Box 2022, Village Market 00621 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 (0)20 374 1934 Printed by: Buxton Press The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the editor nor of any other organisation associated with this publication. No liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies or omissions. Introduction 8 Mobile Safaris 10 National Parks 12 Hospitality & Tourism Association of Botswana Foreword Shopping 14 Exhibitions & Conferences 45 Destination Map FEATURES 17 Airlink 19 Wilderness Safaris 21 Air Botswana 23 Peermont Hotel 25 Botswana Development Corporation 27 Phakalane Golf Estate 29 Flying Mission Services 31 Mack Air 31 SKL Camps ISSN 1754-4793 33 Maun Lodge ©2013 Land & Marine Publications Ltd 33 Lansmore 35 Sunbeam Hotel 35 Thamakalane River Lodge 36 Avis Rent-a-car 37 Cresta Hotels 38 Gaborone Sun Hotel 39 Botswana Tourism Organisation 40 Desert & Delta Safaris LISTINGS 42 Members Index 44 Listing Index 46 Camps & Lodges 61 Mobile Safaris 70 Hotels 74 Self Catering 74 Guest Houses 74 Services 77 Tour Operators 78 Conservation & Wildlife Management 79 Air Charter 1
  3. 3. Foreword WELCOME TO A TRULY GREAT AFRICAN DESTINATION W elcome to the seventh edition of ‘This is Botswana’, the annual guide from the Hospitality & Tourism Association of Botswana (HATAB). I trust you find our publication comprehensive and informative about Botswana and the many tourism-related services provided by our diverse and energetic group of members. Botswana is a truly great destination. Our members aim to ensure that we retain our hard-won reputation as a nation that not only provides excellent value for money but also puts the emphasis on quality. highest standards of service, guiding, cuisine ENVIRONMENT Botswana has rightly chosen to put care of the and accommodation. VIBRANCY environment and maintenance of our fantastic heritage ahead of short-term factors. I believe But, largely thanks to the continued vibrancy this is the correct route for our nation to follow of our economy, we have a second element and, perhaps, for others to emulate. to our hospitality sector, bing the meetings, incentives, conference and exhibition (MICE), In my opinion, our appeal is twofold. First, this sector is centred in Gaborone, the capital Botswana is a premier safari destination city of Botswana. Gaborone attracts large where our game-rich national parks and numbers of business visitors and the city has reserves are rightly acknowledged to be excellent accommodation to meet their needs. among Africa’s best-run. In particular HATAB members in the safari sector offer the very I invite you to visit Botswana and enjoy all the wonderful sights and sounds the HATAB members have to offer among others camps and lodges, hotels, mobile safaris and air charter. As we say in Serswana: Le amogwetswe (you are welcome). An e-version of this publication is available on the HATAB website ( LILY RAKARONG Chief Executive Officer The Hospitality & Tourism Association of Botswana 3
  4. 4. Introduction THE PERFECT AFRICAN DESTINATION B otswana is one of Africa’s remarkable success stories – a beacon of hope and a shining example for others to follow. It is also one of the most politically stable and best governed countries in Africa and a textbook case of a nation that has developed and used its natural resources wisely. PROPELLED In a comparatively short space of time, Botswana has propelled itself from one of the world’s poorest countries to one with an extraordinarily high standard of living. This has all been achieved while adhering to the highest democratic principles, in a place where good standards of education and public services are the norm and where the average Motswana has been able to share in the nation’s prosperity. OUTSTRIPPING Botswana has ranked among the world’s fastest growing economies ever since the mid 1960s, outstripping the oil-rich Gulf States over this same period. It is one of only three countries worldwide – along with the Maldives and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) – to have moved upwards from Least Developed Country 4
  5. 5. since the category was devised by the United Nations over 40 years ago. INFRASTRUCTURE apparent in the tourism sector. Botswana’s Botswana has invested in its infrastructure, national parks and reserves are considered building new roads and airports, and has to be among the best-run in Africa and, with sought a more active role in the downstream almost half the country set aside for protec- production and distribution of its biggest tion, this is a huge area of land to manage. natural asset, diamonds. Gaborone aims to be a world centre for the processing, sorting and The nation has taken far-reaching measures marketing of diamonds. to ensure that its wildlife is protected. There are many species and the numbers continue The nation’s diamond wealth has been chan- to grow. It could be argued that Botswana nelled sustainably, and this is particularly has been too successful in some areas and its 5
  6. 6. elephant population is a case in point. Herds have grown significantly and Botswana and its near neighbours now need to find a solution to what has become a problem. BEAUTY Botswana has a stark natural beauty in its landscapes, ranging from the compelling Little wonder, then, that Botswana is such desert scenery of the Kalahari to the unique an attractive destination. But the govern- wonders of the Okavango Delta, and from ment has been careful not to overdo visitor Chobe National Park – one of the best in Africa numbers in a quest to rake in tourist dollars. in terms of animal densities – to the ancient On the contrary, Botswana prides itself on rock paintings at Tsodilo – a Unesco World a policy of quality not quantity. This is true Heritage Site – and the fascinating ancient when it comes to camp and lodge construc- culture of the San. tion, which is strictly limited, with tight controls on environmental impact. OPEN SPACES Botswana is more than just endless open spaces and great game viewing, however. There is another side to the country that is often overlooked by tourists flying into Maun and Kasane in the north. This is a modern and thriving nation. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the capital, Gaborone, a fast-growing city at the centre of the world’s diamond industry, with broad highways, gleaming high-rise buildings and glitzy shopping malls. In short, Botswana is a delightful mix of the new, the conserved and the protected. In fact, it’s just about the perfect African destination. 7
  7. 7. Mobile safaris WHY MOBILE SAFARIS HAVE A SPECIAL MAGIC T he Hospitality & Tourism the truly extraordinary wildlife of Association of Botswana Botswana and its often unique land- (HATAB) plays a crucial role scape. in the mobile safari sector. These safaris have to be regulated Mobile safaris are provided by more to ensure strict conservation of than 60 members of the Association. Botswana’s protected areas. Camp- The vast majority of these are based sites are officially designated and in and around Maun and Kasane mobile safaris operators cannot just and within easy distance of the 36 pitch a tent wherever or whenever Luxury – This generally involves a official campsites, from the game-rich they please. In fact, official HATAB- support truck or ‘go ahead’ vehicle Moremi to the wild and remote open run sites are pre-booked months, even that sets up the tents and the site spaces of the Kalahari to the south. years, in advance. To ensure privacy before the guests arrive in their and to preserve the fragile environ- game-viewing vehicle. Guests can The HATAB-run sites are located in ment, campsites are reserved for just expect to see a fire lit, welcoming parks and reserves: one operator at a time. drinks, uniformed staff and, probably, the aroma of freshly cooked food Chobe National Park – 23 sites, comprising – EQUIPMENT emanating from the bush kitchen with an evening of fine dining ahead. • Riverfront (Ihala): nine sites The operator may bring some equip- • Nogatshaa: five sites ment to the site such as showers and Comfortable – This is much more • Savuti: four sites toilets; but this must be removed on basic, with maybe a chair on which • Zwei-Zwei: five sites. completion of the visit and the area to sit and a glass of something as a returned to the same condition in welcome to the campsite. There may which it was found. be a hurriedly prepared fire, but there Moremi Game Reserve – 14 sites, would be no advance support vehicle comprising – • Moremi East (Khwai): five sites Because campsites are regulated in and the camp would be erected on • Moremi West (including Xakanaxa, this way, mobile operators tend to arrival after a day of game viewing. Third Bridge, Mboma Island, select a few locations as part of an Bodumatau and Xini Lagoon): itinerary, staying perhaps three or Budget – There are even fewer refine- nine sites. four nights at each site before moving ments at budget level, but staff would on to the next. Each site is used as a still be on hand to cook food and erect Nxai Pan National Park: four sites, base for game drives and in much the the tents. comprising – same way as if guests were staying at • Nxai Pan: three sites a permanent camp or lodge. Participation – This is for those fit, active and willing enough to cook • Baines Baobabs: one site. Not all mobile safaris are alike, their own food and erect their own Central Kalahari Game Reserve – four however, and depending on budget tents on arrival and then take down sites, comprising – and preference, guests have a range the tents before moving on to the • Deception Valley: three sites of options, from super-luxurious to next location. These participation • Letiahau: one site. back-to-basics, with some alterna- safaris are especially popular with tives in between. They differ from one young people. Many feel it gives them Mobile safaris offer visitors a highly another in terms of cost and fall into a greater insight in terms of being at enjoyable and flexible way to see four broad categories: one with Africa and its wildlife. 8
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. National Parks WORLD-CLASS GAME VIEWING IN A LOW-IMPACT ENVIRONMENT B otswana is not only a vast country Moreover, Botswana prides itself on being – covering more than 580,000 sq a low-impact destination, more concerned km – but also one of the world’s least with strict conservation than pure visitor densely populated. About 70 per cent of the numbers, and with tight controls over lodge country is formed by the Kalahari Desert, and camp building and extraordinarily high which extends across Botswana’s central belt. standards of wildlife management. An astonishing 37 per cent of the nation’s total land area – equivalent to a country the FOREFRONT size of New Zealand – has been set aside as The Department of Wildlife & National Parks national parks, wildlife reserves or wildlife (DWNP) has been at the forefront of management areas. Botswana’s remarkable conservation record. In fact, it could be said that Botswana has been In contrast to some other destinations, too successful with its conservation efforts. For this lack of population has largely resulted example, there are now thought to be about in an absence of human-wildlife conflict 120,000 elephants in Botswana – the world’s with space enough for everyone and room largest elephant population – whereas 50 years to create some of Africa’s largest and best ago there were just 8,000. Now the problem is wildlife reserves. one of too many rather than too few. 10
  10. 10. Perhaps surprisingly, Botswana has just four Linyanti Swamp: at about 900 sq km, this national parks but several reserves. That area is contiguous with the Selinda Reserve small number is more than offset, however, by and Namibia’s Mamili National Park. Linyati their sheer size, by the quality of the visitor is hard to reach, but worth the effort. Its two experience – and, of course, by the truly spec- rivers, the Linyanti and the Kwado, help tacular game-viewing: create the marshy landscape. Chobe National Park: famous for its large animal Mashatu Game Reserve: located in the concentrations. In fact, Chobe and its adjacent Northern Tuli Game Reserve bordering South reserves probably contain up to 50,000 Africa and famed for its Pete’s Pond waterhole. elephants – easily Africa’s biggest population. Mokolodi Nature Reserve: more of a sancKgalagadi Transfrontier National Park: tuary than a reserve, like Khutse Mokolodi, straddles the border with South Africa. This this privately administered reserve is close extensive park covers a total area of about to Gaborone and covers an area of just 30 sq 38,000 sq km, of which about 75 per cent is km. The reserve is well stocked with animals, within Botswana and was originally known as including white rhino. Gemsbok National Park. Moremi Wildlife Reserve: a well-run area SALT PAN Makgadikgadi Pans National Park: a large of about 5,000 sq km close to Maun on the eastern side of the Okavango with good animal concentrations. salt pan, or series of salt pans, in north-east Botswana. It is a national park because of the Okavango Delta: Botswana’s greatest natural uniqueness of the landscape rather than its feature and the world’s largest inland delta. wildlife. Savuti Channel/Savute Marsh (10,878 sq Nxai Pan National Park: linked to Makgadik- km): the Savuti Channel is an erratic water gadi Pan National Park and, as its name course that began to flow again in 2010 and suggests, a large salt pan. may stop again at any moment. The channel feeds the Savute Marsh, particularly rich in Botswana’s reserves, some of which are game at certain times of the year. contiguous, vary greatly and from those that are essentially national parks in all but name to areas that are little more than a wildlife centre close to an urban area: Central Kalahari Game Reserve: the world’s second-largest protected area of its kind, covering 52,800 sq km. Khutse Game Reserve: popular with visitors because it is close to Gaborone, but the wildlife viewing is underwhelming. 11
  11. 11. Gaborone shopping MALLS GALORE MAKE GABORONE A PARADISE FOR SHOPAHOLICS I t may not yet be Dubai, but Gaborone is fast emerging as the place to shop in southern Africa. Not a year goes by, it seems, without some fabulous new mall opening in Gaborone. And such is the size and scale of the city’s retail parks that shoppers are now being drawn from neighbouring countries to Botswana’s growing range of upmarket stores and opulent malls. The latest offering, the Airport Junction Shopping Centre, opened in 2012. As its name suggests, the new mall is located in the north of the city, close to Sir Seretse Khama International, and has an impressive 50,000 square metres of fully enclosed retail space. OUTLETS Estimated to have cost about BWP 385 side the city’s railway station (these days million, Airport Junction is an interesting mix there is only a twice-weekly passenger service of high fashion outlets, classy international to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe) so the mall gets brands and, of course, an anchor supermarket little business from rail passengers. But it is and department store. a busy part of the city. In fact, driving to and from the mall can be tricky owing to traffic Airport Junction opened for business just six congestion at certain times of the day. months after the BWP350 million, 31,400 square metre Rail Park Mall, located along- TARGETED In addition to the citizens of Gaborone, developers of the new mall have targeted shoppers from outlying areas, most of the tenants at the mall being retailers. The open food court covers an area of 2,000 square metres Reflecting its location and the everyday needs of its visitors, there is a Food Lovers Market, Choppies Hypermarket, Debonairs, KFC, Chicken Licken and furniture stores like Ellerines and Beares. 12
  12. 12. Food Lovers Market and Choppies are the expedition. This is reflected in the outlets anchor stores of the mall. The mall’s upper on offer, such as a supermarket and a fast deck is reserved for office accommodation. A food outlet. direct overhead pedestrian bridge has been constructed across the railway station for Game City had previously set the standard access to the mall. Stalls in the car park are and still does. Despite the recent competition, set aside for informal traders. this is still probably Gaborone’s most visually impressive and largest mall. OPENING River Walk provides a different kind of envi- Rail Park’s opening followed two other and ronment, one that extends into the evening. smaller shopping malls at Sebele along the River Walk’s unique selling point are its food Gaborone-Francistown highway. Uncovered and its delightful night-time ambience. The and laid out on two levels in an ‘L’ shape, mall still has plenty of stores, but it seems Sebele is more a convenience destination visitors like to eat and then shop here rather than a place for a day-long shopping than the other way around. 13
  13. 13. Conferences GABORONE WINS TOP STATUS IN MEETINGS SECTOR I n a competitive market with some well facilities, the city is well able to host major, established players, Gaborone has come continent-wide conferences and exhibitions. to the fore as one of southern Africa’s leading convention cities. In addition, the city is a natural location for many of the country’s CAPACITY home-grown shows and exhibitions that now At the same time, Gaborone now has sufficient attract visitors from outside Botswana. hotel room capacity, with a range of categories to suit all budgets, from luxury five-star prop- Gaborone has a strong appeal for conference erties to comfortable and often family-run and incentive organisers, offering a range of lodges and guesthouses. Good food is widely sophisticated venues, the latest in audio-visual available, too, with a range of internation- aids and equipment and top-class banqueting ally recognised chain restaurants and those arrangements. With this superb range of offering the very best in haute cuisine. 14
  14. 14. Gaborone also scores highly in terms of its proximity to Johannesburg, its comparatively easy entry formalities for visitors from across Africa, its excellent security and its great spouse programmes with top-notch shopping. There is scope, too, for exciting add-on events and holidays; and the city is also a gateway for outdoor adventure and safari-based teambuilding events. Gaborone’s attractiveness as an international an altogether different scale from GICC. The conference destination is further enhanced by main conference hall, the Ditshupo, can seat good regional air connections, with a wider- 10,000 delegates while the smaller Boipuso than-ever selection of direct flights by the can accommodate up to 2,000 in theatre style. national carrier, Air Botswana, and foreign There are three smaller conference rooms for airlines such as Kenya Airways. up to 500 and even 13 break-out rooms for use as boardrooms for small-scale conferences CONFERENCE and seminars. Some of Gaborone’s largest hotels have The venue is fully provided with security separate conference facilities and much of and media facilities, ample parking and an their business is geared to this particular excellent à la carte restaurant. The Pavilion market. For example, the Peermont Walmont pub and restaurant has good food; the bar Hotel, which forms part of the Grand Palm area can be used for both formal and casual on Molepole Road, is located alongside the meetings; and the terrace offers an alterna- Gaborone International Convention Centre tive place to gather. (GICC), a truly world-class meeting place. Centrepiece of the GICC is the 1,550 square TRADE SHOWS metre Tsodilo Suite, which when used as a The Centre is the venue for the nation’s single venue can accommodate 1,040 guests biggest and most prestigious national trade in a banquet set-up, over 1,800 in cinema style shows, such as the Botswana Consumer Fair, and 1,550 for a cocktail reception. In fact, Global Expo Botswana, the ITEX information the Tsodilo Suite offers six configurations – technology exhibition and the FOBEX food and anything from banquets and conferences to beverage exhibition. concerts and major sporting events. Other suites within the GICC cater for smaller parties. Mention must also be made of Maun and Kasane. These frontier-type towns may seem For really big events, fairs and shows, there a long way from anywhere, but they attract is the Botswana Conference & Exhibition many locally based conferences and meetings Centre. Located close to the city centre on from organisers who want a non-Gaborone an impressive 50-hectare site and owned venue with exceptional add-ons in terms of jointly by the government and Botswana game viewing. In fact, HATAB always chooses Development Corporation, this facility is on Maun for its annual general meeting. 15
  15. 15. Airlink AIRLINK ADDS NEW SERVICE TO ITS BOTSWANA OPERATION T he privately owned South African carrier Airlink commenced its scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Kasane, Botswana, on 22 March 2013. The addition of this route brings Airlink’s route network to a total of 32 destinations, including 16 cross-border destinations. Airlink is pleased to have the opportunity to extend its operation within Botswana. The company launched its daily flights from Johannesburg to Maun on 15 March 2012. ©FransDely MILESTONE Airlink believes the opening up of the Johannesburg to Kasane route to a second carrier is a significant milestone for the tourism industry. It will not only complement the Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The town services of the national carrier, Air Botswana, lies on the south bank of the Chobe River, but will also open up additional source markets which forms the border with the extreme tip to the globally renowned destination of Chobe. of Namibia’s Caprivi Strip. Nearby, a second border post serves the road into Zimbabwe, Airlink will initially operate a service four days which runs 70 km east to Victoria Falls. a week from Johannesburg to Kasane. From August 2013 the service will operate daily. The Kasane service will use one of Airlink’s fleet of 12 Embraer ERJ 135 regional jets. EXPERIENCE The African safari experience is a product that is marketed globally. Botswana, Chobe Kasane is close to Africa’s Four Corners, and Zimbabwe feature a unique game-viewing where four countries almost meet: Botswana, experience. Airlink believes that its improved global connectivity and wide marketing reach will contribute to growth in the market. The company looks forward with enthusiasm to playing a role in the expansion of this market, which it believes will benefit all stakeholders in the tourism sector. Miles and convenient inter-line connections with South African Airways and its Star Alliance partner flights, both locally and globally. ©FransDely ©FransDely Benefits for Airlink travellers include Voyager 17
  16. 16. Wilderness Safaris ECOTOURISM SPECIALISTS WHO CARE ABOUT WILDLIFE W ilderness Safaris is a responsible luxury ecotourism company with a mission to protect pristine wilderness areas and the flora and fauna they support. Wilderness Safaris believe that communities are vital to achieving and sustaining their mission. Accordingly their goal is to share these and to partnership with the local communities in sharing the responsibilities and benefits of tourism. Through this mission and goal, ©DanaAllen wild areas with guests from all over the world Wilderness Safaris believes they are helping to ensure the future protection of Africa’s learning experience for guests, fair returns for spectacular wildlife heritage. shareholders and stakeholders, while ensuring that Africa’s pristine wilderness areas remain Wilderness Safaris offers its guests private protected. access to wilderness areas and wildlife Wilderness Safaris operates and markets in 1983, Wilderness Safaris operates camps over 70 camps in some 3 million hectares of and safaris in Botswana, Republic of Congo Africa’s finest wildlife reserves. The in-camp (Brazzaville), Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South experiences range from Premier to Classic to Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles. Adventures as well as a mobile operations. Each The company is run by a group of like-minded camp has its own identity and character and wildlife enthusiasts who came together to operating within a variety of biomes makes build a sustainable safari business, delivering a them able to offer and fulfil the expectations of ©DanaAllen experiences of unparalleled quality. Established every visitor. at a glance.. • Safari company with ecotourism at its core KNOWLEDGE • Conservation and community responsibility The company employs about 2,800 people • Established 1983 communities) in the camps, regional head (85 per cent of them from neighbouring rural offices and network of booking offices. This knowledge base enables Wilderness Safaris to provide guests with individual itineraries and personal experiences. Recognising that conservation is as much about people as about the environment, the ©DanaAllen its children’s programme “Children in the Wilderness” and through its research vehicle “The Wilderness Wildlife Trust”. ©Wilderness Safaris company has pursued important goals through 19
  17. 17. Air Botswana NATIONAL AIRLINE PLAYS A KEY ROLE IN BRINGING VISITORS TO BOTSWANA B otswana is an outstanding tourism and business destination. Air Botswana, the national airline, brings visitors to this special part of Africa from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Harare and Lusaka. Passengers arriving on long-haul flights in Johannesburg can readily transfer to Air Botswana for onward jet flights direct to Maun, on the edge of the Okavango Delta, or direct to Kasane, gateway to Chobe National Park. Air Botswana operates jet shuttle flights from Cape Town to Maun and from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Kasane, gateway to Chobe Gaborone, the Botswana capital. Only Air National Park, noted for its lions and its large Botswana links these two premier tourism concentration of elephants. destinations. Part of the great sanctuary is on the Chobe DELTA River and the dramatic riverfront is rich in birds and animals. On a sunset cruise, visitors The vast Okavango Delta, a protected World can watch animals coming down to drink, with Heritage site, is a wild and hauntingly beau- a chance to see a string of elephants crossing tiful place, with a myriad channels, reedbeds, the wide river. The river has a large population oxbow lakes and palm-fringed lagoons. The of hippos and crocodiles and a prolific birdlife. delta is rich in wildlife with an extraordinary number and diversity of animals and birds. REWARDING Another remarkable river is the Chobe, on A game drive from a riverfront lodge deep into Botswana’s northern border with Namibia. the national park is also a rewarding way to Air Botswana operates direct flights from see the wildlife. Air Botswana operates and maintains a fleet of Avro RJ and British Aerospace 146 jet aircraft, with ATR 72-500 and ATR 42-500 turboprops for the shorter routes. The airline’s busiest route is between Gaborone and Johannesburg. There are also direct services from Francistown to Johannesburg, Gaborone to Harare and Gaborone to Lusaka. Domestic flights link Gaborone with Francistown, Maun and Kasane. 21
  18. 18. Peermont Hotels GROUP OFFERS EXCELLENT CHOICE OF PROPERTIES IN BOTSWANA P eermont has an extensive portfolio of hotels, casinos, convention centres, restaurants, bars and other sports and entertainment facilities. The company operates 14 properties in Africa, including five in Botswana. THE GRAND PALM HOTEL CASINO CONVENTION RESORT, GABORONE The Grand Palm is in the grand tradition of Botswana hospitality. Located just 15 minutes from the city centre and international airport, it offers luxury accommodation, dazzling entertainment, an exciting casino, five diverse restaurants, a luxury spa and a world-class 188-room business hotel providing a superior conference facility, the Gaborone Interna- level of comfort. The hotel offers a full range tional Convention Centre. of services and facilities for senior executive business travellers, premium leisure travel- PEERMONT WALMONT lers, conference delegates and tour groups. AT THE GRAND PALM RESORT, GABORONE The five-star Peermont Walmont Hotel at PEERMONT METCOURT INN The Grand Palm is a contemporary, deluxe, AT THE GRAND PALM RESORT, GABORONE The Peermont Metcourt Inn is a modern at a glance.. three-star, select services hotel where guests • World-class gaming, lodging and convention facilities can decide what they need and pay nothing extra. This hotel offers cosy, comfortable and • Casinos affordable accommodation for business and • Well appointed conference rooms leisure travellers alike. PEERMONT MONDIOR, GABORONE The four-star Mondior, with its ‘African chic’ style, has the ambience of a boutique hotel. Accommodation consists of 67 stylish rooms. Guests can unwind at the pool, relax in the lounge or dine at the nearby News Café restaurant. PEERMONT METCOURT HOTEL, FRANCISTOWN The three-star Peermont Metcourt Hotel offers excellent value for money. It is a select-service hotel offering modern, affordable comfort and quality service. With 53 rooms, this newly refurbished hotel is ideal for stopover tourists and overnight business travellers. 23
  19. 19. Botswana Development Corporation A RELIABLE PARTNER FOR ENTERPRISES AND FOR CITIZENS B otswana Development Corporation Ltd (BDC) was established in 1970 as the country’s main agency for commercial and industrial development. The corporation is controlled by a board of directors appointed by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning. BDC invests in a wide range of projects in three divisions: Agribusiness and Services, Industry and Property. SERVICES The Agribusiness and Services division covers agriculture, hotels, tourism and financial services; the Industry division embraces construction, textiles, food and beverages, and at a glance.. furniture; and the Property division is divided • Invests in a wide range of projects into commercial, hotel, residential and indus- • Botswana’s main agency for commercial and industrial development trial portfolios. In the Agribusiness and Services division, • Duel listed on Botswana and Johannesburg stock exchanges BDC is involved in such businesses as Talana Farms, Cresta Marakanelo, Gaborone Private contribution to development, economic diversifi- Hospital, Information Trust Company and cation and citizen empowerment and treble the Investec Holdings. BDC balance sheet by 2015.” The Industry division includes major enter- BDC has made impressive returns over its 40 prises such as Kwena Rocla, Lobatse Clay years of existence. The corporation divested Works, Sechaba Brewery Holdings, Kgalagadi 29 per cent of its shareholding in Cresta Soap Industries and Abe’s Furniture. Marakanelo through listing to the public. It also consolidated its high value proper- PROJECTS ties into a special purpose vehicle, Letlole La Rona, which was then listed in the stock A key upcoming project for the Property market. BDC also disposed of all its invest- division is the Faiscape Precinct, which is ment in PPC Ltd, a dual listed company on the expected to be completed by the end of 2014. Botswana and Johannesburg stock exchanges. BDC’s has defined its aim as: “To invest in mega BDC has adopted ISO standard 9001:2008 to projects, primarily in the areas of communica- benchmark its quality management system, tion, transportation, infrastructure development, its approach to customer satisfaction and its energy and agriculture, that will enhance its handling of complaints and feedback. 25
  20. 20. Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel ELEGANT ACCOMMODATION ON A PREMIER GOLF ESTATE L ocated in the heart of Botswana’s premier golf estate, only 15 km from the centre of Gaborone, the Phaka- lane Golf Estate Hotel provides elegant and spacious luxury accommodation with firstrate facilities. A variety of accommodation is available at this four-star hotel. Built in a modern style, it contains 80 rooms, all decorated to a high standard. The hotel also has the Eagle’s Nest Villa, with beautiful views of the golf course. There is a choice of six four-bedroom units and six three-bedroom units. Each comes with en-suite bedrooms, a spacious lounge and a bathrooms, two parking bays, a fully equipped kitchenette as well as a patio with braai, a kitchen, a patio with braai, laundry facilities double garage, a parking area, satellite TV and and a communal swimming pool. air conditioning. Guests can also choose to stay in the Phaka- CUISINE lane Golf Chalets. These consist of eight Fine dining is available at Drotsky’s Restaurant three-bedroom self-catering units, perfect on the first floor of the clubhouse. External for businessmen and golfers. Each unit has seating is provided in the summer. In addition, spacious luxury accommodation with two Feathers Halfway House and Oriental Cuisine serves breakfast and light meals during the day, at a glance.. • Four star hotel • International standard 18-hole golf course • Fully equipped conference facilities • Fine dining available in Drotsky’s Restaurant while in the evening it offers delicious oriental cuisine and a sushi bar. Guests can also enjoy a relaxing drink in the cocktail bar. The hotel has a wide range of facilities including internet connectivity, a coffee bar, a health spa (to be introduced soon) and, of course, the international standard 18-hole championship golf course, designed by the DDV Design Group and completed in 2002. The pro shop has full retail services, including hire of clubs. All leading brands are stocked. There is a driving range, too. Phakalane also has fully equipped conference facilities for up to 300 delegates. In addition to formal dinners, barbecues and theme dinners, this is a perfect venue for weddings. 27
  21. 21. Flying Mission Services `FLYING DOCTOR' IS NOW A MAJOR AIR SERVICES PROVIDER F lying Mission (FM) has been providing aviation services for Botswana and its people since 1980. FM began as an air ambulance provider founded by Dr Malcolm McArthur and his wife Gudrun, who started the flying doctor service so that all Batswana could have access to health care. BRANCHING OUT As Botswana has developed and grown, so has FM. Specifically, through the company Flying Mission Services (FMS), the organisation has branched into all areas of aviation services including: FMS continues to develop its community • Corporate and tourism air charter projects by providing funds to Flying Mission • Air ambulance services Care Ministries, the non-profit-making arm of • Aircraft maintenance for all clients, the FM family, where the main focus is on life corporate and private skills training and capacity building. • Aircraft maintenance engineering training. In order to continue providing top quality TRAINING aviation services to southern Africa, FMS has In addition, FMS is proud to have established begun operating the brand BlueSky Airways, a fully Botswana accredited Aircraft Main- which operates the first-ever Boeing 737-200 tenance Engineer Training School (AMETS) to be registered in Botswana. The Boeing 737 in Gaborone. FMS assists the training school series is said to be the best-selling jet airliner by providing air crew to teach and train the in the history of aviation. With this aircraft, students, and also by offering maintenance BlueSky Airways can provide Botswana with internships for AMETS graduates. At the a better-than-ever choice of air travel. training school, students are prepared for immediate hands-on deployment in aircraft at a glance.. • Operating in Botswana • Air ambulance services • Aircraft Maintenance Training School • BlueSky Airways offer air travel choice maintenance shops and line services. Flying Mission operates in Botswana out of bases in Gaborone and Maun. The organisation has a fleet of aircraft covering half a million kilometres each year. Flying Mission provides a rapid link between major centres and distant, inaccessible areas bringing physical and spiritual help to people in need. 29
  22. 22. Mack Air RESPECTED AIR CHARTER FIRM OPERATES VERSATILE FLEET M ack Air is a well established and respected air charter company operating in northern Botswana. It was established in 1994 by Stuart and Lara Mackay, both of whom had been working in the Okavango for a number of years. Mack Air operates 19 fixed-wing aircraft SERVICES with 20 pilots and a total complement of over Operating opposite Maun International 50 personnel. The company’s versatile fleet Airport, the company offers a range of enables it to schedule the appropriate type of services: aircraft for the needs of each customer. • Game lodge and camp transfers for tourists • Medical evacuations as and when needed • Private and business charter • Scenic flights over the Okavango Delta • Supply runs to and from game lodges. From its base in Maun, gateway to the Okavango, the company serves destinations throughout Botswana and neighbouring countries as far as Lanseria Airport Johannesburg, Victoria Falls and Windhoek (Namibia). SKL Camps GROUP OFFERS CAMPSITES IN PRIME LOCATIONS T he SKL group has four campsites in NORTH GATE (KHWAI), Moremi Game Reserve Botswana. The company derives its The flood plains of the Khwai River are home to name from the initial letters of the a wide variety of animals and birds. SKL offers Savuti, Khwai and Linyanti camps. 10 self-sufficient camping plots, each with a direct water supply and cooking area. SAVUTI, Chobe National Park Savuti is famous for its excellent game activi- LINYANTI, Chobe National Park ties. Situated along the Savuti Channel, SKL has Linyanti is known for healthy populations of 14 campsites each with a braai stand, fireplace predators, particularly lion and hyena. SKL and a water stand pipe. The abundance of has five camp plots in Linyanti with clean and birdlife and wildlife such as elephants and honey at a glance.. • Campsites in prime location • Full ablution facilities • Campsites in four major game reserves modern facilities. • Solar lights, hot and cold running showers and flushing toilets badgers are common in the campsites. KUMAGA, Makgadikgadi National Park Known for the great migration of wildebeest and zebra, Kumaga also has flamingos and a resident population of rhino. SKL has nine camp plots in Kumaga. 31
  23. 23. Maun Lodge ROOMS AND CHALETS IN A RIVERSIDE SETTING L ocated on the Okavango Delta, only 4 TV, room service and laundry services. The 10 km from Maun International Airport deluxe riverfront rooms and two presidential and 2.5 km from the village centre, suites have private verandas. For those on a Maun Lodge offers luxury hotel accommoda- budget, the 12 thatched chalets, also air condi- tion and chalets perfectly situated for both tioned and with en-suite facilities, represent business and leisure travellers. Guests can enjoy a relaxing drink in the Pygmy Thamalakane River. All 30 rooms are fully air Goose Bar, while international and traditional conditioned with en-suite bathroom, satellite • Air conditioned rooms excellent value for money. Maun Lodge is nestled on the banks of the at a glance.. cuisine is available in the à la carte restaurant. • Conference facilities Maun Lodge has a variety of conference facilities. There is seating for up to 350 delegates and all conference rooms are fully equipped. Conference packages are also available, including accommodation and catering. Lansmore Masa Square LUXURY BUSINESS HOTEL IN A CENTRAL LOCATION L ansmore Masa Square is a businessfirst luxury hotel that redefines the hospitality experience of business and leisure travellers in Botswana. The hotel is committed to establishing luxury in Gaborone’s hospitality sector, shedding greater light on the kind of service offering that guests can experience and the kind of lifestyle that goes hand in hand with this. The hotel lies in the heart of Gaborone’s new COMMUNITY at a glance.. • Central business district location • Luxury hotel dedicated to community central business district, cascading into the piazza of Masa Centre. It is uniquely posi- At the same time, Lansmore Masa Square tioned, both literally and figuratively, to raise is dedicated to bettering the community in the bar of the service, cuisine and sense of which it resides, investing in the growth and luxury and convenience that Batswana expe- development of Botswana and in the future of rience, a kind of luxury previously unknown the nation as a whole. to Gaborone. 33
  24. 24. Sunbeam Hotel CITIZEN RESORT OFFERS GOOD CHOICE OF ACCOMMODATION L ocated in Mogoditshane, about 7 km rooms with double bed and minibar; clas- from Gaborone, the Sunbeam Hotel is a sical king/executive rooms with a king-sized wholly owned citizen resort enterprise. bed and minibar; classical standard suite with double bed and minibar; and sharing The hotel is a three-storey building with deluxe rooms with two single beds. Individual upstairs bar and balcony. It has 23 modern air rooms come with telephone, TV, free wireless conditioned rooms, plus a spacious reception internet access and electronic safe. room, a terrace balcony and a restaurant. Accommodation consists of standard single Guests can also enjoy the Snag Restaurant and on-site bar. The Sunbeam Hotel also has a range of conference facilities available, including a conference package, conference hire, projector hire and balcony hire as well as an outside catering team who can provide morning tea, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and a full English breakfast. Thamalakane River Lodge BEAUTIFUL LODGE IN AN IDYLLIC SETTING T Maun and en route to the famous Moremi Friendly staff can arrange special activity Game Reserve. programmes tailored to the specific inter- hamalakane River Lodge is a rambling safari lodge set on the banks of the Thamalakane River, just 19 km from ests of guests. Scenic flights are available on Blessed with an exceptional location, the lodge request. Other facilities include a pool and takes full advantage of the serene riverbank conference facilities. views. There are 18 en-suite stone chalets, some with private splash pools, positioned in the shade of the riverine forest. RESTAURANT The lodge’s magnificent à la carte restaurant at a glance.. All chalets and common areas have terraces is renowned for its high standard of cuisine • Wonderful views which take advantage of the serene 180-degree and service, appealing to Maun’s elite as well • Tailormade activity programmes view of the riverbanks. All rooms have tea and as to leisure visitors. There is an extensive coffee stations, ceiling fans and mosquito nets. wine list and a varied food menu. 35
  25. 25. Avis Botswana AFFORDABLE AND CONVENIENT A vis began operating in Botswana in at a glance.. 1974 and now has four branches, represented throughout the country. • Four branches throughout Botswana With its headquarters at Gaborone Airport, • Impressive choice of vehicles making it the only car rental firm Avis also has stations in Francistown, Maun and in Kasane, where it operates from the airport to accommodate clients as they fly in. Botswana to be connected to the International Avis Wizard computer network for instant Bookings and reservations are made simple with confirmations and bookings. a fast and easy-to-use online booking system. Alternatively, customers can call a branch and With a fleet of modern vehicles, customers can speak to a team member, who can answer any choose a car that best suits their needs From questions and offer helpful travel advice. people carriers to small five-door cars, there is something to suite everyone. For leisure Avis is ideally positioned to cater for all sectors travellers, the range includes multi-seat mini- of the travel market and has the infrastructure buses as well as 4x4 vehicles equipped with to provide the best possible service to clients. long-range fuel tanks. All vehicles are well Unbeatable modern technology enables Avis maintained and regularly serviced.
  26. 26. Cresta Hotels GREAT CHOICE OF HOTELS IN A WIDE RANGE OF LOCATIONS C resta is easily Botswana’s largest hotel group in terms of bed capacity and its properties are the most widely spread geographically. Within Botswana, Cresta operates nine hotels and one resort. The group’s flagship property is the 116-room Mowana Safari Lodge in Kasane, a perfect base for exploring Chobe National Park. Gaborone’s 160-room Cresta Lodge, just 2 km from the city centre, is convenient for business. Even more centrally located is the 93-room Cresta President Hotel, perfect for those Phikwe, gateway to the Tuli Block, famous for visiting Gaborone on business or to attend its abundant wildlife. a conference, seminar or trade show. Most government ministries are just a short walk The 51-room Cresta Botsalo Hotel is located in from the hotel. the town of Palapye, which lies in the hot, dry expanse between Gaborone and Francistown. The newly completed Cresta Mahalapye Hotel, a three-star property with 64 rooms, With 96 rooms, the four-star Cresta Thapama is conveniently situated on the A1 north- Hotel is the largest in Francistown and a south highway. All superior rooms come with natural meeting place for those on business en-suite bathroom, DSTV, private air condi- or passing through Botswana’s second-largest tioning, direct-dial telephone and minibar. commercial centre. The three-star, 52-room Cresta Bosele Hotel is located in the fast-growing town of Selebi- FINEST Perhaps the best located of the group’s proper- at a glance.. • Nine properties in Botswana • Excellent choice of locations • Exceptional service • Impressive conferencing products. ties is the 105-room Cresta Marang Gardens Hotel, just a few minutes from Francistown, in one of the finest natural locations in Botswana. In Maun, the 51-room Cresta Riley’s Hotel, known simply as Riley’s, offers an established base from which to explore the wonders of northern Botswana. Located on the banks of the slow-moving Thamalakane River, it is a perfect getaway location for work or play in peaceful surroundings and for safaris to Moremi National Park. Cresta Hotels also owns properties in Zambia and Zimbabwe, while the group’s head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa. 37
  27. 27. Gaborone Sun ELEGANT HOTEL OFFERS PERFECT ANTIDOTE TO CITY BUSTLE L ocated in the Botswana capital, the Gaborone Sun Hotel, Casino and Conference Centre offers a homely ambience to offset the bustle of the city, with soft African-hued furnishings and an air of sophistication. Dating from the 1970s, the hotel has 196 rooms which have been extensively refurbished. There are 38 air conditioned luxury rooms with king-sized beds, en-suite bathroom, minibar, safe, satellite TV, universal adaptor socket (220 volts), telephone and hairdryer included as standard. There are also paraplegic rooms, a luxury paraplegic room, three suites and a sump- can be taken in the Conservatory and Pool tuous presidential suite. Terrace where the tranquil and relaxing surroundings are just as enjoyable as the At Mahogany’s Restaurant, tastefully refreshments. decorated with natural wood and sepia photographs of Africa’s past, guests can sample the delicious menu in sophisticated and elegant CHOICE surroundings. For a less formal meal, the Residents also have a choice of four bars for a Savuti Grill serves English and Continental refreshing drink. The bustling Slots Cocktail breakfast and offers an extensive buffet and Lounge offers live entertainment, while the carvery for lunch and dinner. Light snacks Pool Bar has a tranquil garden setting and serves cocktails and other drinks from 10 am at a glance.. • Premium casino • Conferencing & meetings • Gym, tennis & squash courts • Child care & children’s activities to 11 pm. The Casino Walk-up Bar, which is open 24 hours, can be found in the smoking section of the casino and is exclusive to table and slot players. The Casino Bar, next to the slot, offers live entertainment. The Gaborone Sun is located next to The Gaborone Golf Club. The first tee box is less than five minutes’ walk from the hotel reception and the hotel can arrange tee-off times and book golf carts for guests. The hotel has a wide range of facilities including a fully equipped gym, squash courts, a casino, floodlit tennis courts, a swimming pool and a golf course nearby. The hotel can also provide extensive and fully equipped conferencing and meeting facilities. 38
  28. 28. The Botswana Tourism Organisation MARKETING BOTSWANA AS A DESTINATION OF CHOICE T he Botswana Tourism Organisation was set up by the government to market tourist products and grade and classify tourist accommodation as well as to promote investment in the tourism sector. With great success, the organisation is focused on providing high standards and tourism strategies that exceed customer expectations as well as building customer confidence internationally. INFORMATION Its stated aim is ‘to develop Botswana into a unique preferred tourism destination of choice, in order to increase the sector’s contribution to the nation’s economic growth’. As part of its efforts to reach this goal, the at a glance.. Botswana Tourism Organisation is constantly • Ecotourism strategies expanding and promoting the international • Visitor information image of Botswana. A good example is the organisation’s website, • International promotion • Useful website which contains just about everything that potential visitors need to know. The website Dedicated to preserving the heritage and envi- gives an insight into what’s on offer in ronment of Botswana, the organisation has Botswana as well as providing useful travel established several conservation policies and information and advice. The website even ecotourism strategies to ensure that tourism suggests a list of books to read for those is sustainable for its inhabitants and future visiting the country. generations while still contributing meaningfully to the national economy. COMPETITIVE Although relatively new in its development, the Botswana Tourism Organisation has already proved a well-run and fully functioning organisation, one that will continue to serve as a competitive front-runner in promoting Botswana as a destination of choice. 39
  29. 29. Desert & Delta Safaris UNRIVALLED CHOICE OF LUXURY SAFARI EXPERIENCES D esert & Delta Safaris operates seven luxury lodges and camps in Botswana and Namibia. Established in 1982, the company prides itself on offering a personalised service. All its lodges employ Batswana staff recruited from nearby villages. Game drives are conducted in comfortable Toyota Land Cruisers with removable canvas roofs to provide shade when necessary. CHOBE GAME LODGE Chobe Game Lodge is the only permanent game lodge within the Chobe National Park. This newly renovated lodge can accommo- SAVUTE SAFARI LODGE date 94 guests in luxurious and spacious Savute Safari Lodge, in the south-west of rooms and features a boardwalk overlooking Chobe National Park, is an intimate lodge the Chobe River. There are also four exclu- overlooking the Savute Channel. It accom- sive suites with their own plunge pools and modates just 24 guests in cool, thatched, separate lounges. Guests can explore the river timber-and-glass suites. and the abundant wildlife and bird species of this world-renowned park. CAMP MOREMI Camp Moremi is on the edge of Xakanaxa CHOBE SAVANNA LODGE Lagoon in the Moremi Game Reserve. It Guests can experience Namibia at its finest on accommodates 24 guests in newly rebuilt a safari at Chobe Savanna Lodge. Accommo- African-style safari tents, each sited on a dating just 24 guests, the lodge has a classic raised teak platform with a sundeck and savanna setting with sweeping vistas. Centre- plunge pool. piece is a thatched open-sided lodge with 270-degree views over the river and park. CAMP OKAVANGO Located on Nxaragha Island on the northeast fringe of Moremi Game Reserve, the enchanting Camp Okavango accommodates just 24 guests. XUGANA ISLAND LODGE Xugana Island Lodge, overlooking the spectacular Xugana Lagoon, accommodates just 16 guests in reed and thatch lagoon-facing en-suite chalets with private viewing decks. LEROO LA TAU Leroo La Tau has a majestic setting on high cliffs above the Boteti River, on the western border of Makgadikgadi National Park. 40
  30. 30. This is Botswana MEMBER INDEX Chitabe Camp & Chitable Lediba A 48 Game Trails 65 Chobe Explorations 63 Get Up & Go Safaris 65 Chobe Game Lodge 48 Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge 50 Chobe Marina Lodge 48 Gunn’s Camp 50 Chobe Safari Lodge 48 Gweta Lodge 50 Chobezi Safaris 63 Cresta Bosele Hotel 70 Cresta Botsalo Hotel 71 Cresta Lodge 71 71 &Beyond Chobe Under Canvas 61 &Beyond Expeditions 61 &Beyond Mobile Safaris 61 &Beyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp 46 &Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge 46 &Beyond Savute Under Canvas 62 &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp 46 Cresta Marang Gardens Cresta Mowana Safari Lodge 71 &Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge 46 Cresta President Hotel 71 Abu Camp 47 Cresta Rileys Hotel 71 Africa Under Canvas 62 Cresta Thapama Hotel 72 Africa Voyages 62 Curry Pot 75 African Horseback Safaris 47 Afrika Calls Cultural Tours & Safaris 62 D Afro Trek 62 Deception Valley Lodge 49 Air Botswana 79 Delta Rain 64 Airlink 79 Delta Sure Safaris 64 AON Botswana 74 Drifters Safaris 64 AT&T Monnakgotla Travel & Tours 77 Drumbeat Safaris 64 Audi Camp 47 Duba Plains Camp 49 Avis Botswana 75 Duma Tau Camp 49 Banoka Bush Camp 47 Botswana Development Corporation 75 Botswana Wildlife Management Association 78 Budget Rent a Car 75 Bush Ways Safaris 62 Bushlife Safaris 63 Bushtracks Safaris 63 C 47 Camp Moremi 47 Camp Okavango 48 Capricorn Safaris 63 Capture Africa 63 Caterplus Botswana 42 75 I Island Safari Lodge 51 J 51 Jack’s Camp 51 Jao Camp 51 John Chase Safaris 65 K Kalahari Air Services 79 Kalahari Holiday Tours 65 Kalahari Plains Camp Eagle Island Camp 49 Echo Lodge 49 Edo’s Camp 49 Elephant Back Safaris – Seba Camp 50 Elephant Trails Safari 64 Elephant Valley Lodge 50 Endeavour Safaris 64 51 Kalahari Skies 65 Kanana Camp 51 Kang Ultra Stop 52 Karibu Safaris 65 Kazuma Trails 66 Khwai River Lodge 52 Kings Pool Camp 52 Kitso Safaris 66 Kubu Lodge 52 75 Flying Mission Services 79 52 52 Kwetsani Camp F Kwa Nokeng Lodge, ML Koorts Kwara Camp Fairground Holdings Camp Kalahari Haina Kalahari Lodge/Green Bream 50 Jacana Camp E B H 53 L Lagoon Camp G4S Botswana 76 Gaborone Sun Hotel 72 53 Lansmore Masa Square G 72 Lape Lodge 72 Lebala Camp 53 Leroo La Tau 53
  31. 31. Letaka Safaris/Malachite Safaris 66 Peermont Mondior Summit 73 Southern Cross Safaris 69 Lewis Safaris 66 Peermont Walmont Hotel 73 Sunbeam Hotel 73 Linville Boutique Bed & Breakfast 74 Penduka Safaris 67 Sunrise Travel & Travel 77 Little Kwara 53 Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort 73 Swampland Safari Trails 69 Little Vumbura Camp 54 Planet Baobab 56 Planet Okavango 67 Planet Wilderness Safaris 67 Pom Pom Camp 56 Pony Transport 76 Pride of Africa Safaris 68 Protours Botswana 76 M Mack Air 79 Mankwe Bush Lodge 54 Mapula Lodge 54 Maroon Tours & Safaris 77 Masson Safaris 66 Maun Lodge 72 Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation 78 Mombo Camp Moremi Air Safaris Moremi Crossing 54 Moremi Safaris & Tours 66 Motheo Apartments 74 MRI Botswana 76 Muchenje Safari Lodge 54 T Tati River Lodge 59 Tau Pan Lodge 59 Thamalakane River Lodge 59 Thebe River Safaris 69 The Fitzwilliam Partnership 77 Tholo Safaris 59 Toro Safari Lodge 59 Travelodge 60 54 TRL Travel 78 80 Tubu Tree Lodge 60 Tuli Safari Lodge 60 Q Quadrum Safaris 68 R Real Time Safari 76 Roger Dugmore Safaris 68 Royal Tree Lodge. Wagon Wheel 56 Ulinda Safari Trails 67 Nguma Island Lodge 55 North Gate Lodge 55 Nxai Pan 55 Nxamaseri Island Lodge 55 O 80 Safari Destination 68 Safari Drive 68 Safari & Guide Services 68 Safari Life Africa 57 57 57 57 78 Uncharted Africa Safaris Exploration Services 70 69 San Camp Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero Ngamiland Adventure Safaris 57 Safari Air Sanctuary Chief’s Camp 55 Safari Africa Sanctuary Baines’ Camp Nata Lodge 70 Umpengu Tours & Safaris S N U Oasis Motel 72 Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp 57 Oasis Zanzibar 56 Sango Safari Camp 80 SATIB Africa Botswana 76 Okavango Horse Safaris 56 Savute Elephant Camp 58 Okuti Camp 56 Savute Safari Lodge 58 Orient-Express Safaris 67 Savuti Bush Camp 58 Seabelo Travel & Tours 77 Sedia Riverside Hotel 58 Shinde Camp 59 SKL Group 69 Somarelang Tikologo 60 W Wilderness Air 80 Wilderness Dawning 70 Wilderness Safaris Explorations 70 58 Selinda Camp Vumbura Plains Camp 58 Okavango Air Rescue V 78 P Papadi Safaris & Tours 67 Peermont Metcourt Inn 73 Peermont Metcourt Lodge 73 X Xakanaxa Camp 60 Xigera Camp 60 Xugana Island Lodge 61 Z Zafara Camp 61 43
  32. 32. LISTING INDEX PAGE 46 CAMPS & LODGES 61 MOBILE SECTOR 71 HOTEL SECTOR 74 SELF CATERING 74 GUEST HOUSES 75 SERVICES 77 TOUR OPERATORS 78 CONSERVATION & WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT 79 AIR CHARTER & AIRLINE SECTOR Star Grading System Grades awarded and supplied by the Botswana Tourism Organisation. The Botswana Star Grading System is used to differentiate the various quality levels of establishments, it provides judgements on the amenities, facilities and services of particular properties in a way that enables travellers to choose the quality of accommodation they want. The system applies objectivity obtained from the grading standards and subjectivity obtained from the grading criteria. 44
  33. 33. This is Botswana DESTINATION MAP Za m be o n n n nd ua Cu ZAMBIA SIOMA NGWEZI NATIONAL A PARK P ANGOLA Binga nga KASANE KA NE E NAMIBIA Ng ma Ngoma MUD MU MUDUMU NATIONAL NATIONAL A L PARK P Mukwe Kavango Kalomo mo o Katundu u Kati ti tima o Katima Mulilo PARK AME i vi IV IVI G Capr CAPR KASANE FOREST RESERVE ZAMBEZI ZAMBEZI ZI I N.P. MATETSI N.P. A I N.P SAFARI S SAFARI RI AREA AREA REA CHIZARIRA NATIONAL NATIONAL A AL L P PARK CHIRISA A SAFARI SAFARI F I EA AREA LIVINGSTONE ST TORIA F A VICTORIA FALLS i Zamb ez V Victor Victori Victoria Falls Hwange e KAZUMA P PAN N.P. P N.P. CHOBE FOREST RESERVE M MAMILI N.P. P Kar b A F R ILAKEAKariba C KARIBA Choma Mulobezi zi ZIMBABWE MAIKAELELO FOREST RESERVE CHOBE C h o b e NATIONAL PARK D i s t r i c t TSODILO HILLS KAUDOM KA KAUDOM GAME PARK P Matabeleland SIBUYU F.R. HWANGE W NATIONAL A P PARK MOREMI OKAVANGO GAME RESERVE DELTA AHA HILLS MAUN NAMIBIA Ngamiland District NXAI PAN NATIONAL PARK MAKGADIKGADI PANS MAKGADIKGADI NATIONAL PARK PANS Sehithwa Ngami Dam BULAWAYO BULAWAYO WA Nata KGWEBE HILLS Ntwetwe Pan MATOBO ATOBO O MATOBO NATIONAL A O NATIONAL P RK PARK R Sowa Central District TSAU HILLS BOTSWANA Tonata Mo t lo SELEBI PHIKWE Mogapi TULI BLOCK Lo ts o im ane Li Limpo p PALAPYE Hukuntsi MAHALAPYE M h ala tsw Makwale Dinokwe e KHUTSE GAME RESERVE Kgalagadi District Kgatleng District Molepolole Jwaneng KGALAGADI TRANSFRONTIER PARK Southern District GABORONE Ramotswa Kanye Au ob g Tsabong N o r t h -W e s t Major Roads Other Roads Railways Se hego Seshego P POLOKWANE W NE E POLOKWANE Mokop kop opane p Mokopane Mookgophong okg hab z Thabazimbi Modimolle e Bela-Bela MADIKWE MADIKWE K LOBATSE Groblersdal PILANESBERG AN ANESBERG NESBER Rustenb ste te tenburg Rustenburg o MAFIKENG MAFIKEN AFIKENG Limpopo SOUTH AFRICA MOCHUDI DI Zeerust Mo lo p T m Tom B Burke Lephalale Dibete Lethakeng Tshane Sherwood Marico aric Kang Kweneng District Sefo phe Sefophe Paje MOKGARE HILLS CENTRAL KALAHARI GAME RESERVE utse Serule Mmashoro SEROWE Ghanzi District t West olson n Nicholson FRANCISTOWN ORAPA Ghanzi MATOBO LLS A O MATOBO HILLS An ope Antelope nte p G Gwanda Dam am I Ingwezi Dam Sowa Pan Koster oster r Lichtenburg National Boundaries VentersdorpBoundaries District Brits Gauteng M MIDD MIDDELBURG R PRETORIA A National Parks Forest Reserves 45
  34. 34. CAMPS & LODGES WONDERFUL ACCOMMODATION IN PERFECT SETTINGS Botswana boasts some of the very best camps and lodges in Africa. Guided by strict controls on the construction of properties inside and close to national parks and reserves, Botswana has encouraged and maintained the very highest standards and ensured that visitor numbers are limited. While Botswana has tended to position itself as an upmarket safari destination, there are camps and lodge to suit all budgets from the truly extravagant to the merely humble. Many camps and lodges are run by internationally known safari companies with other properties beyond Botswana’s borders and with the experience to ensure that visitors enjoy the very best cuisine, accommodation and guiding. Others are owner run or independent. These offer a slightly different product – personal service and sometimes personal guiding from someone who not only operates the property but who takes guests with him or her each day to view game and who is there each evening to discuss the day’s sightings and to plan tomorrow’s new adventure. Most properties are located across Botswana’s north and are reached from either Maun or Kasane – often, but not always, via a short connecting flight. &Beyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp &Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 16 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world renowned. &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 16 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world renowned. Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp is on the edge of the Okavango Delta in a 7,000 hectare exclusive wildlife concession bordering the Moremi Game Reserve. Nxabega is ideally positioned to explore the Okavango. The camp consists of tented accommodation with views of the Okavango Delta. Nine exclusive tented suites nestle under a canopy of ebony trees, featuring private verandas overlooking the reeded molapo (floodplain). Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge is situated on a permanent channel of the Okavango Delta, next to the Moremi Game Reserve. The lodge was built with a commitment to “treading lightly on the earth” and consists of eight en-suite cottages. Private decks provide vantage points in this birdwatchers’ paradise. Guests can also experience game drives, mokoro rides, bush walks and delta cruises in an ‘eco-boat’. &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp &Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 16 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world renowned. &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 16 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world renowned. Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp enjoys its own Delta island within a 25,000 hectare wildlife concession. Xaranna is a camp with nine en-suite safari tents. All with sweeping views across the channels. Each tent has a sala, plunge pool, indoor and al fresco shower. The dining area features shady verandas leading out to a boma, where candlelit dinners are served. Guests experience walking safaris, game drives and mokoro excursions. Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge lies within an exclusive 25,000 hectare wildlife concession. Nine split-level safari suites feature large bathtubs and al fresco shower, plunge pool and a rooftop look-out with magnificent Delta views. Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979 Fax: +267 686 1972 Email: Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979 Fax: +267 686 1972 Email: 46 Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979 Fax: +267 686 1972 Email: Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979 Fax: +267 686 1972 Email: The guest areas boast panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness from decks, and the signature &Beyond interactive kitchen bustles with activity.
  35. 35. CAMPS & LODGES Abu Camp Private Bag 14, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Abu Camp set in a pristine riverine forest in a private reserve in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Six en-suite uniquely styled canvas and pole tents each distinctly furnished with private elevated desks overlook the Okavango Delta. Well-lit pathways link the tents with the main lounge, dining area, plunge pool and gym. The Abu Camp experience offers guests the ability to interact with the resident elephant herd, initiating a journey into the complex behaviour of Earth’s largest land mammal. Guests become a part of the elephant herd during their stay joining them on foot or riding as they move through the bush. Other activities include day and night game drives, walks and during the floods guests can also enjoy a mokoro experience. Audi Camp PO Box 21439, Boseja, Maun Tel: +267 686 0599 Fax: +267 686 5388 Email: Audi Camp, established in 1993, is located 12 km north of Maun on the road to the Moremi Game Reserve. It is situated on the banks of the Thamalakane River, the southernmost tributary of the Okavango Delta. Accommodation is in luxury en-suite tents on raised wooden decking overlooking the river. There are also many shaded camping areas, some with power points. A range of activities can be organised including mokoro tours to the Okavango, catered vehicle safaris to Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Nxai Pan, Makgadikgadi National Park, Tsodilo Hills and other destinations in Botswana. Audi Camp can also arrange half-day excursions and activities in and around the Maun area such as cultural village tours, the Maun Game Sanctuary and horse riding. African Horseback Safaris Town Office, Plot 1447, Sedie Ward PO Box 20671, Maun Tel: +267 686 1523 Fax: +267 686 4063 Email: African Horseback safaris ride with herds of giraffe or zebra across the plains and track elephant or buffalo from island to island. Travel with this unique herd through the lagoons of the Okavango Delta or simply watch the setting sun whilst listening to the calls of lion. Macatoo Camp features eight luxury en-suite tents overlooking floodplains where elephant, zebra and birdlife can be seen from private verandas. Centrally there is a mess tent and a private pool. Riding with wild animals makes this the ultimate African adventure. Qualified guides will share their knowledge, using the horses to best effect bringing guests closer to nature. Non-riding spouses, partners, friends and children can enjoy the many alternative activities on offer including game drives, seasonal boating, mokoro and fishing. Banoka Bush Camp 1 Mathiba Road Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Banoka Bush Camp, 100% solar powered, is situated in the Khwai Development Trust Community Concession, on the banks of the Khwai River in the north-eastern corner of the Okavango Delta adjoining the Moremi Game Reserve. Banoka Bush Camp is built overlooking a lagoon with all the rooms and main area raised off the ground. Accommodation is in ten en-suite tented rooms (two family) complete with private verandas. The main area consists of a bar, lounge, dining area, plunge pool and deck and an open area to enjoy the campfire. The camp is easily combined with the Linyanti regions and Central Kalahari Game Reserve to provide a comprehensive Botswana wildlife experience. Camp Kalahari Camp Moremi This authentic bush camp accepts children of all ages and is the best way to experience the Makgadikgadi in a fresh and adventurous way. Ideal for those wanting fun and action, without sacrificing comfort and style. Peering out beneath giant ebony trees, Camp Moremi brings true meaning to the word safari in the Xaxanaka area of Moremi Game Reserve. The main building comprising a main lounge, dining room and cocktail bar invites a true sense of the African wilderness. Other facilities include a swimming pool and thatched boma where brunch and high tea are served. PO Box 173, Francistown Tel: +27 11 447 1605 Fax: +27 11 447 6905 Email: Camp Kalahari’s ten tents are nestled amongst the acacias and Mokolwane palms of Brown Hyena Island. Activities on offer all year include: interacting with friendly habituated meerkats, walking with bushmen guides, game drives to experience desert wildlife, Chapman’s Baobab and night drives. Dry season: 16 April-31 October - Quad biking across the saltpans Wet season: 1 November-15 April - The zebra and wildebeest migration experience PO Box 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243 Fax: +267 686 1791 Email: Accommodating 24 guests in newly rebuilt African-style safari tents, each sited on a raised teak platform with private ensuite facilities and viewing decks. Guests can also enjoy frequent sightings of lion, leopard and cheetah on their morning and afternoon game drives by open 4x4 safari vehicles in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, or alternatively, they can explore the Xaxanaka Lagoon and surrounding Okavango channels by motorboat. 47
  36. 36. CAMPS & LODGES Camp Okavango PO Box 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243 Fax: +267 686 1791 Email: Camp Okavango sits at the heart of the Okavango on Nxaragha Island. Its main lodge building features a cocktail bar and lounge with the dining room leading to an open-air patio for evenings around the fire. Other facilities include a bird-viewing hide and a sundeck with a plunge pool. Accommodating 24 guests in African style safari tents on raised platforms with en-suite facilities and private viewing decks. For the ultimate in exclusivity, the Okavango Suite is a thatched cottage offering complete privacy – ideal for honeymooners. Game-viewing activities are conducted by experienced guides and include exploring the Okavango by mokoro, motor boat and tracking the larger game on nature walks on the surrounding islands. Chitabe Camp & Chitabe Lediba P Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Chitabe Camp and Chitabe Lediba are situated in a private concession on a beautiful island in the south-east of the Okavango. Chitabe Camp consists of eight elevated, Meru-style tents nestling among the trees, each with twin beds, en-suite facilities and an outdoor shower. The thatched dining area, pub and lounge area are built on decks with superb views across the floodplain. Chitabe Lediba comprises five spacious Meru-style tents, also on raised decks with luxurious interiors. It has two family tents, with en-suite bathrooms, making it the perfect camp for families and children. Both camps have been operating for over 16 years, with reputations for great game viewing with experienced guides, friendly staff and delicious food. Chitabe and Chitabe Lediba are owned by Flamingo Investments. Booking inquiries should be made through Okavango Wilderness Safaris. Chobe Game Lodge PO Box 32, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0340 Fax: +267 625 0280 Email: Situated 100 km west of Victoria Falls overlooking the Chobe River and the Caprivi floodplains, the iconic Chobe Game Lodge is the only permanent safari lodge within the Chobe National Park. The lodge accommodates up to 94 guests. Every room is river-facing with en-suite bathrooms. In addition, four exclusive suites have their own plunge pools and separate lounges. Other facilities include a conference room seating up to 90 people, broadband internet, a cigar bar overlooking the river, swimming pool and riverside boma. Game drives, game viewing by boat, sunset cruises and after-dinner stargazing are offered. Chobe Game Lodge is the first lodge in Botswana, with more than 10 rooms, to have been granted the Botswana Tourism Organisation’s full Eco Grading. Chobe Marina Lodge Chobe Safari Lodge Uniquely located in north-eastern Botswana where four African nations converge, Chobe Marina Lodge is surrounded by natural beauty. The Chobe River, Chobe National Park, Kasane Forest Reserve, the Caprivi Strip and the Zambezi River are all close to the lodge. Accommodation at Chobe Marina Lodge consists of 66 rooms. All have air conditioning, television, telephones, minibars and daily housekeeping. Chobe Safari Lodge is located on the doorstep of the Chobe National Park and offers luxury accommodation, camping facilities, river boat cruises, game drives and fishing trips. It is 3 km from Kasane International Airport and 80 km from Victoria Falls. Accommodation consists of luxurious twin-bed river rooms, individually decorated safari rooms, thatched rondavels and the Chobe Safari Lodge campsite. The world-famous Chobe National Park is just 10 minutes from Chobe Marina Lodge. Alternatively there are river boat cruises to the park. Other activities include a sightseeing cruise to Sedudu island, fishing and birdwatching. In addition there is a swimming pool and the Commissioners à la carte restaurant. The lodge also has a conference venue and conferencing equipment. Other activities and facilities include fishing, Victoria Falls day trips, swimming pool, beauty salon, internet café, river bar, restaurant and airport transfers. The Sedudu Sunset Bar overlooks Sedudu Island and is a perfect venue from which to view the magnificent African sunset, while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. P Bag K 83, Kasane Tel: +267 625 2220 Fax: +267 625 2224 Email: 48 PO Box 10, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0336 Fax: +267 625 0437 Email:
  37. 37. CAMPS & LODGES Deception Valley Lodge P Bag 114, Maun Tel: +27 117 067 207 Fax: +44 121 286 8393 Email: Discover an oasis in the Central Kalahari, this is Deception Valley Lodge, where you can relax in total luxury. The main complex has a dining room, lounge and bar area. From the deck, guests can view activities at the nearby water hole. A swimming pool, curio shop and small library form part of the complex. Accommodation consists of eight private units, each consisting of a twin-bedroom, lounge, Victorian-style bathroom with an outside shower. Each unit has a deck with views over the Kalahari bush. Duba Plains Camp P Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: In the remotest reaches of the Okavango Delta lies Duba Plains. One of the delta’s most remote camps, Duba Plains is on the Kwedi Reserve, a tree-filled island in a private 30,000 hectare concession famed for lion prides and buffalo herds. Accommodation is made up of six tents with en-suite bathroom, outside shower, and a veranda overlooking the floodplain. The thatch-roofed lounge, dining room and bar areas are raised on platforms along with a swimming pool, all providing a beautiful view. Activities include game drives in an open four-wheeldrive vehicle or on foot with San guides. There is a variety of activities including day and night game drives, often following the lion prides tracking the buffalo herds as they roam the vast concession. DumaTau Camp Eagle Island Camp Located close to the source of the Savute Channel, in the Linyanti concession in northern Botswana, this and other waterways lure a plethora of wildlife and birds, particularly in the dry winter months. On the island of Xaxaba, in the Okavango Delta, lies Eagle Island Camp. Access to the lodge is by light aircraft from Maun, a 20-minute flight transfer. The camp offers open-air and covered dining, a bar and comfortable lounge area. The viewing deck with swimming pool is ideal to take in the spectacular Delta sunsets. P. Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: DumaTau, recently rebuilt and 100% solar powered is a 10-room tented camp (one family room) overlooking a large hippo-filled lagoon. The canvas tents are stylish and spacious with canvas walls, en-suite bathroom facilities and a veranda overlooking the lagoon. The dining room, pub, lounge and swimming pool also look out over the lagoon. A stunning star deck floats out on the lagoon. Wildlife viewing is the primary activity with day and night game drives, walks, boating (levels permitting) and various platforms and hides. Echo Lodge Plot 106, Trans Kalahari Highway PO Box 81, Kang Tel: +267 651 7094 Fax: +267 651 7076 Email: Echo Lodge is located along the Trans-Kalahari road in Kang village and on the Hukuntsi road junction which is the gateway to Mabuasehube National Park which is located in Botswana midway between Namibia and South Africa. The animals found in Mabuasehube National Park are a variety of antelopes, predators and birds. There are 10 double bed rooms at the main lodge and a guest house with six rooms. There is a restaurant with a capacity of 60 people and the guest bar offers a variety of beverages. The conference facility, which is fully air conditioned, can seat 60 people and Echo Lodge caters for on or off site events such as conferences, outdoor shows and weddings. Wireless Internet, traditional Basarwa/San song and dance performances, braais and same-day laundry facilities are available on request. PO Box 100, Maun Tel: +267 686 0302 Fax: +267 686 0153 Email: The camp offers game viewing by mokoro, motorised boats and a 14-seater sundowner cruiser as well as guided walking safaris on the surrounding islands and spectacular helicopter excursions. The 11 luxury en-suite tents and one suite have private decks, while the interiors are luxuriously appointed with minibar, four-poster bed with mosquito netting and air conditioning, offering guests complete comfort all year round. Edo’s Camp PO Box 215, Ghanzi Cell: +267 7211 9400 Fax: +267 7280 0399 Email: Edo’s Camp is located in a 120,000 hectare private game conservancy in the Kalahari and can accommodate eight guests in four large, twin-bed safari-style tents. Each tent has its own private veranda with gorgeous views on a rocky waterhole. The setting around the camp is delightful and the presence of animals drinking at the waterhole makes it even more outstanding. Edo’s Camp offers a wide range of exciting and interesting activities. A special, unforgettable moment is represented by cultural tourism – that is, the visit to a San village nearby the camp. Moreover, tourists are offered rhino tracking on foot with San guides. The camp is host to seven specimens of this beautiful animal. The camp also has its own heated swimming pool. 49
  38. 38. CAMPS & LODGES Elephant Back Safaris - Seba Camp Elephant Valley Lodge Overlooking a perennial lagoon with prolific birdlife and resident pods of hippo, Seba Camp has eight wellappointed, spacious tents elevated from the ground, including two family suites each with two connected en suite double bedrooms. The suites include a built-in tree house an elevated deck – each has an en-suite bathroom and a private deck with magnificent views. The Chobe region is home to the largest population of elephant in the world. Often their daily passage takes them from Zimbabwe through the Chobe and on into Namibia before returning. Elephant Valley Lodge lies along one of these main routes and is situated in the Kasane Forest, which is adjacent to the Chobe National Park. Well-lit paths lead to the communal dining area, bar and a lounge-library. Seba Camp also has a secluded swimming pool to refresh and relax in after a game drive. A seasonal abundance of game graces the area; giraffe, zebra, impala, wildebeest, tessebe and lechwe. Lion frequent the greater area and herds of buffalo are also occasional visitors to Seba Camp. Aside from the main lodge area which lies beneath a forest of sturdy knob thorns, there are several other open guest areas, a secluded hide, a refreshing swimming pool and, in terms of accommodation, 20 Meru-style tents. 1 Mathiba Road, Private Bag 014, Maun Tel +267 686 0086 Fax +267 686 0632 Email: Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge c/o PO Box 259, Plot 119, Unit 2F Gaborone Tel: +276 620 0001 Fax: +27 86 554 1134 Email: Located on the ledges of the Ghoha Hills in the Savuti area of Chobe National Park, Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge offers a first-class safari experience with luxury and tranquillity in an eco-friendly environment that runs purely on solar energy. Accommodation is in 11 canvas chalets, all with en-suite facilities and magnificent vistas that can be enjoyed from individual viewing decks. The guest area comprises dining, lounge, bar and curio as well as relaxation areas, a rock pool and a traditional boma room. From both main area and guest room locations it is possible to view a productive waterhole that attracts many species including elephant, lion, jackal and zebra. PO Box 465, Kasane Tel: +267 620 0054 Fax: +267 620 0055 Email: Gunn’s Camp P Bag 033, Maun Tel: +267 686 0023 Fax: +267 686 0040 Email: Overlooking the legendary Chiefs Island and bordering the Moremi Game Reserve, Gunn’s Camp is one of the last few remaining luxury, vintage safari camps. This small and intimate camp has six, large, luxury vintage-style safari tents. Each with its own private lounge and veranda. All tents are discreetly set within the densely treed island thus ensuring privacy and tranquillity. The accommodation area is connected to the main camp via raised wooden walkway crossing the wetlands and magically lit by a series of fairylike lanterns. Guests have access to the elevated bar, lounge, dining room and swimming pool. Activities include morning and afternoon game drives, guided walks, birdwatching and stargazing. Activities on offer are half or full day mokoro trips with game walks, bush walks with picnic lunch, wilderness camping, sunset motorboat cruises and fishing. Gweta Lodge Haina Kalahari Lodge/Green Bream PO Box 124, Gweta Tel: +267 621 2220 Fax: +267 621 2458 Email: P. Bag BO 48, Maun Tel: +267 686 3469 Fax: +267 686 3469 Email: Set in the village of Gweta, 200 km from Maun and 100 km from Nata, Gweta Lodge is a gateway to the pans and a rare oasis in the desert. Set around the central pool, the lodge offers a high-class restaurant, relaxing lounge, excellent accommodation options and a range of activities and safaris to suite people of all ages. Haina Kalahari Lodge is located on the northern border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The setting of the lodge is classically African, relaxed and informal. The Main Boma consists of a lounge, dining room and bar area decorated in wood and thatch. The lodge offers opportunities for game viewing using several locations and camps in the area. Based within easy reach of the Makgadikgadi Pans, the lodge is ideally situated to take advantage of a gateway into the heart of the wilderness. It offers a vast range of excursions, activities and opportunities to guests and local communities. Gweta Lodge also has a strict environmental and conservation policy. 50 A swimming pool, sun deck, bar and a boma eating area are among the facilities available to visitors. The sundeck is a popular spot for social activities. The lodge accommodates up to 20 guests in tented accommodation that are all private with their own decks. Activities on offer include game drives, quad bike safaris and an unforgettable experience with the local bushmen people. Mobile overnight and day trip safaris are also offered into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
  39. 39. CAMPS & LODGES Island Safari Lodge Jacana Camp Despite many changes over the years, the spirit and character that defined Island Safari Lodge, as conceptualised and built by Tony Graham in 1973, still exists today. Jacana Camp, west of the Moremi Game Reserve, is an authentic delta water camp situated on a small island. Jacana offers mekoro and boating and game drives on the Jao floodplains (accessed by boat). Catch and release fishing is offered. Elephant are regularly in the area. Birdlife is abundant; enthusiasts can spot Pel’s fishing owl, rosy throated longclaw, pygmy goose and slaty egret. PO Box 116, Maun Tel: +267 686 0300 Fax: +267 686 2932 Email: For over 30 years the lodge has maintained its legendary status in Maun and return guests take as much pride in the renovations and refurbishments as the owners and management do – all in an attempt to keep facilities up to date with modern standards while retaining decades worth of irreplaceable charm. The meandering Thamalakane River forms a picturesque pastoral vista to the 12 cottage-style thatch chalets nestled under a lofty canopy of ancient trees. P. Bag 014, Maun Tel +267 686 0086 Fax +267 686 0632 Email: Accommodation is in five en-suite tents (one family) each on raised platforms with views over the lagoon. The main dining area is an elevated deck surrounded by wild date palms including a cosy pub and lounge, a large viewing deck, an open area to sit around the fire and a small plunge pool. Jack’s Camp Jao Camp Jack’s Camp is an authentic, 1940’s style tented safari camp, which houses a private museum, drinks tent and pool pavilion. Spectacular vistas, expert guiding and superb cuisine all come together to create an experience that is completely different to any other. Jao Camp, a Wilderness Safaris Premier Camp, is located on a remote island in a private concession west of Moremi Game Reserve. Habitats vary from floodplains, waterways, lagoons, islands and riverine forest to dry Kalahari sandveld. Activities vary, combining wildlife with culture, history, archaeology and geology. Activities on offer all year round include: interacting with meerkats, walking with bushmen, desert wildlife, game drives to see desert species, Chapman’s Baobab. Wet season activities: 1 November-15 April - Zebra and wildebeest migration Jao Camp has nine large luxurious en-suite tents (one family) each individually handcrafted and built on raised decks with a sala offering views over the floodplains. The camp features a wine cellar, curio shop, spa and gym. In addition to the dining room and lounge with pub area, a boma invites dining under the stars. Activities include mekoro, game drives, boating, fishing and birding. Herds of red lechwe seen as well as lion, elephant, buffalo, zebra, hippo, crocodile and the shy sitatunga. Kalahari Plains Camp Kanana Camp Kalahari Plains Camp is situated in a remote part of the diverse and productive Central Kalahari Game Reserve and offers some of the best summer wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa. Kanana is a hidden jewel set on the Xudum River in the southwest Okavango. The area encompasses a necklace of islands dotted with palms, figs, ebony trees and is home to a myriad of birds, plants and animals. Kalahari Plains Camp is perfectly situated overlooking an immense pan with each of its 10 en-suite canvas units having a roof top deck to sleep out under the stars. The main area consists of a lounge, dining area, swimming pool and deck area. The tents and main area are all raised off the ground to take in the sweeping views across the Kalahari. Activities include game drives and walks hosted by the bushmen. Kalahari Plains is 100% solar powered and with its water saving initiatives, holds the top ecotourism certification. At Kanana, guests are accommodated in eight spacious, twin-bed safari ‘Meru’ style tents, set on raised decks, offering breathtaking views across the waterways. Dependent on the annual floods, the water level transforms this dry camp into a water experience and in the early months of the year guests may enjoy the visible spectacle of the water rising around the camp. PO Box 173, Francistown Tel: +27 11 447 1605 Fax +27 11 447 6905 Email: Dry season activities: 16 April-31 October - Quad bike across the saltpans Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: PO Box 27, Maun Tel: +267 686 0375 Fax: +267 686 1282 Email: Kanana offers a wide variety of activities including game drives, exploring the waterways by mokoro or powerboats and enjoying the magnificent variety of birds, plant and reptile species found in the area. 51
  40. 40. CAMPS & LODGES Kang Ultra Stop Khwai River Lodge Kang Ultra Stop is situated on the Trans Kgalagadi Highway, halfway between Johannesburg and Windhoek/Okavango Delta. It offers air-conditioned rooms with DSTV, budget accommodation, camping, swimming pool, restaurant, sportsbar, supermarket, filling station, curio shop and conference facilities. The exceptional location of Khwai on the edge of the Khwai River floodplains in the eastern Moremi Wildlife Reserve makes it a regular host to elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dogs. PO Box 328, Kang Tel: +267 651 7294 Fax: +267 651 7292 Email: Kang Ultra Stop is an ideal sleepover and rest stop for holidaymakers and travellers. PO Box 100, Maun Tel: +267 686 0302 Fax: +267 686 0153 Email: Access to the lodge is by light aircraft from Maun, a 25-minute flight transfer. The lodge has a hide overlooking the floodplains, a swimming pool and a private spa for indulgent massages and treatments as well as a small gym. The camp offers a covered dining area as well as an open-air boma. Activities include game drives in open safari vehicles and guided safari walks. The 14 luxury en-suite tents and one suite are all raised on platforms, offering great views, and each tent has minibar, air conditioning and a four-poster bed with mosquito netting. Kings Pool Camp Kubu Lodge Kings Pool Camp, a 100% solar-powered Wilderness Safaris Premier camp is located in a private concession in northern Botswana, on the western boundary of Chobe National Park. The area is famed for its tremendous elephant herds during the dry season. The privately owned Kubu Lodge is set in 30 hectares on the banks of the Chobe River. It comprises 11 thatched chalets all raised on stilts on a shaded lawn that spreads beneath giant ebony and wild fig trees to the river’s edge. The rustic exterior belies the comfort within, which includes full en-suite facilities, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, tea/coffee making facility and comfortable beds. Other facilities available include a bar, curio shop, quiet reading lounge and a private secluded swimming pool. Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Nine luxury en-suite tents each have a bedroom area, lounge, private plunge pool, sala and twin bathroom facilities. Raised walkways connect the rooms and the main area and allows animals to wander freely through the camp. The main area includes a lounge, dining area, pool and an open-air kgotla for dining under the stars. Activities include day and night game drives, walks and boat cruises and visits to an underground hide at one of the elephants’ favourite water holes. Kwa Nokeng Lodge, ML Koorts PO Box 23, Sherwood Tel: +267 491 5908 Fax +267 491 5928 Email: Situated along the banks of the Limpopo River, Kwa Nokeng Lodge is an ideal stop-over for the tourist travelling to and from the North. Furthermore, being just four hours from Gauteng, makes it the perfect family weekend getaway, offering a variety of activities for all. Catering for local and international tourists, Kwa Nokeng Lodge offers a range of accommodation to make anyone’s stay memorable. Buffet meals are served around a crackling fire or on the deck under the branches of a Nyala Berry tree, with a spectacular view of the Limpopo. There are self-catering units for families that prefer to do their own thing as they unwind and relax. Guided tours into the vast Makgadikgadi Pans are also available from the camp. 52 PO Box 43, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0312 Fax: +267 625 1092 Email: Activities include three-hour game drives or boat cruises into Chobe National Park for a variety of big game and birdlife, a slow cruise to the confluence of the Chobe/ Zambezi Rivers, a visit to the crocodile farm or snake park, a nature trail walk on the property, fishing trips or a day trip to Victoria Falls. Kwara Camp PO Box 550, Maun Tel: +267 686 1449 Fax: +267 686 1457 Email: Kwara is situated on the edge of the permanent waters of the Okavango Delta and shares a common boundary with the Moremi Game Reserve. Owing to the specific location of the camp, Kwara is able to offer power boating, mokoro trips, walks and game drives all year round. In addition, Kwara is in a large private concession, enabling the game drives to operate both off road and at night. The camp consists of eight luxury tents accommodating 16 guests. There is one honeymoon suite. The camp setting is a tall treed island on the edge of the Okavango Delta. The teak furniture created by Zimbabwean master craftsmen is elegant, comfortable and simple. Most of the tents are raised on teak decks to afford views over the surrounding plains and lagoon with the resident hippos.