Regional integration


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Regional integration

  1. 1. Title Regional Integration
  2. 2. Definition A number of groups ,societies or countries within an area joining together to cooperate and operate under one system or as one group
  3. 3. Blank Map of the Caribbean
  4. 4. Labeled Map of the Caribbean
  5. 5. Islands in the Greater Antilles
  6. 6. Islands of the Lesser Antilles
  7. 7. Factors Promoting Regional Integration There are many similarities among islands of the Caribbean.These similarities are the basis on which the islands saw it fitting to integrate with one another to achieve certain goals that they would not have been able to achieve by them selves.The slide after this one shows what these similarities are
  8. 8. Factors Promoting Regional Integration Limited resources Similar history Similar social problems Similar culture Effects of globalization Vulnerable to natural disaster Similar goals Similar language
  9. 9. Organizations Formed to Create and Foster Regional Integration West Indian Federation Carifta Caricom CSME OECS ACS 1995 to present 1981 to present 1989 to present 1972 to present 1968 to 1972 1958-1962
  10. 10. Systems That are Associated with Regional Integration The removal of quotas, taxes and regulations to allow goods and services to enter a country or countries freely A system in which countries in the world interact and trade with each other Free Trade Globalization
  11. 11. Benefits of Free Trade Allowing goods, services and labour to be exported and imported between and among islands means that citizens of member states will have A larger variety of goods to access and consume and at very cheap prices
  12. 12. An Illusrtration of How Goods and Services are Exchanged Among Islands In a Free Trade System Jamaica St. Lucia Trinidad Barbados
  13. 13. Eamples of Types of Products Exchanged Among Islands Food Minerals Marchine Parts Labour Information technology Entertainment
  14. 14. Benefits of Regional Integration Freedom of travel among islands and find work Improvement in the quality of life as a result of access to A variety of goods and services Been able to better compete internationally The development of various organization that Respond to the needs of each island Each island has more persons to sell its goods to apart from those within its own borders Increase cooperation among islands Reduction of the negative effects associated with globalization Able to better negotiate against rich powerful countries
  15. 15. Question? What are the factors that may prevent the islands from integrating with each other and if and when they do, what may influence them to terminate this system?
  16. 16. Factors that Hinder Regional Integration The island do not have the same economic policies Islands are at different stages of development so are unwilling to work togetherer Conflict between territorial and regional demands All islands do not have the same currency They do not have the same type and amount of resources There is conflict over how much to be contributed by each country They are all prodcing the same goods The islands are scattered all over the Caribbean
  17. 17. Problems Facing the Caribbean Region Islands do not have enough persons to sell to within there borders Islands do not produce a variety of goods There is high unemployment The islands do not produce enough goods to sell in order to make large profits
  18. 18. Continuatiobn Vulnerable to natural disasters Islands do not have enough money to spend to develop there industries They import more than they export They owe a lot of money as result of borrowing to sustain themselves They often prevented from selling there goods in rich countries
  19. 19. Continuation They do not often use adequate technology to increase production They lack sufficiently skilled persons
  20. 20. Blank Map of the World
  21. 21. Labeled Map of the World
  22. 22. Negative effects of Globalization and Free Trade Destruction of businesses as a result of an importation of cheap goods Destruction of the local culture Drastic reduction in the population as a result of migration Islands owing large sums of money to big rich countries as a result of borrowing